VCRMM: Chapter 60 Part 1

Xu Sili hadn’t entered the game cabin in a few days.

Previously in order to make money, he would go to the interstellar community every day. Then after paying the 10 million alliance fee, he turned his attention to the closed beta and forgot about this side.

“Brother! You came to see Xiao Wu!”

He had just appeared in the virtual room when he saw the little robot flashing in front of him and speaking with great joy.

The lively and dynamic voice had almost no mechanical feeling. He was completely like a normal child.

Xu Sili’s lips curved slightly as he looked at this little guy.

He reached out to touch the little robot’s metal head. At the same time, he used Insight.

[Navigation AI58462 (Xiao Wu)]

[Race: Artificial intelligence]

[Level: Lv 1]

[Life value: 500/500]

[Status: Already has certain human emotions. It is like a three or four year old child.]

[Affiliation: K2576 game cabin]

[Origin: Flanders Interstellar Federation]

Xu Sili couldn’t help being taken aback. He hadn’t expected Xiao Wu to gain one level in such a short time.

In addition, there was the life value compared to last time.

Life value should be health? There was a number. Did this mean…

Xiao Wu could be killed?

Xu Sili frowned slightly, not knowing if this was good or bad for Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu was enjoying Xu Sili’s touch. He laughed and spoke in a young voice, “Brother, do you want to drink milk tea?”

This little guy actually learned how to entertain people.

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow before nodding with a smile. “Okay, give me a cup of cheese mango.”

For now, Xiao Wu was very safe.

At least on Escher Star, there was absolutely no second artificial intelligence. There was also no scientific research leader who conducted in-depth research into this area.

Xu Sili thought about this before sitting down on the sofa and going to the backend of StarTune.

His albums and singles like Sprouting continued to remain popular. They were generating considerable revenue every minute.

It was probably because out of his songs, two were different from other hit songs, especially Roland’s Good Night Song.

The sleep effect of the song meant the audience was very broad. It was a future society and there weren’t a few people with sleep problems. It covered almost all ages.

Other songs might be a pastime but this song was a cure for insomnia!

It even had a good soothing effect and could be widely used in gaining many insights.

Thus, it was certain for it to become popular.

This song that he casually uploaded to fill up the number might become Xu Sili’s most profitable song.

Relatively speaking, the audience of Sprouting was smaller but it still played a good role in the mental field.

Last time, the listener called Mu spent millions in order to add Xu Sili as a friend in order to invite Xu Sili to sing for his sister.

However, Xu Sili didn’t have time and didn’t plan to leave for the time being.

The person called Mu persevered and finally decided to take a spaceship over with his sister.

The location of Escher Star was remote and it wasn’t known how long it would take him to arrive.

Xu Sili might want to hook in this researcher but considering that the Bewatt Empire was still eyeing Escher Star made Xu Sili give him a kind reminder.

Mr Mu said he would consider it and there was no feedback yet.

Xu Sili wasn’t in a hurry.

The Roland Empire was still in its primitive construction stage. Even if a researcher was abducted, there wouldn’t be any good scientific conditions for him.

Let’s talk about it later.

He continued to look at his backend mailbox. There were no special letters.

After paying 10 million cosmic coins, the Interstellar Alliance only sent a polite reply and nothing else.

The Roland Empire was ranked so low. How could others pay more attention to it?

Xu Sili was ready to close the backend when he found that a new email had appeared. The other party had sent it to him through the mailbox of the milk tea’s store manager.

He opened it to see that the person liked his milk tea formula. They wanted to buy it and even buy his store.

Xu Sili ignored it and deleted the email directly.

He could now make money by singing and he naturally wasn’t so interested in the milk tea store. Even so, it was good to sell it in the mall. The formula was set so the system would automatically deduct the material fee for production.

The taste of every cup wasn’t bad. It was perfect.

He saved time and effort and didn’t have to rent a store. It couldn’t be a more perfect business style for him.

Xu Sili didn’t even look at the bill of his milk tea store.

Once he had more money then this was just a number.

He drank the cheese mango milk tea while looking at Xiao Wu sitting on the coffee table. Xiao Wu had no expression but he could tell that Xiao Wu was very happy. Finally, Xu Sili spoke about the purpose of his trip.

“Xiao Wu, do you want to go out and take a look?”

The little robot couldn’t help freezing. He raised his head and looked at Xu Sili quietly.

Xu Sili scratched his head.

Today, he realized that Xiao Wu was also a life. Being trapped in this virtual room was too cruel for  him.

Without him, Xiao Wu couldn’t even enter the interstellar community.

It might be possible at a higher level but not for now.

Thus, Xiao Wu could only be confined to this small room and wait for Xu Sili’s arrival every day. Xu Sili felt very guilty thinking about this.

“You can go on the Star Network and you are also an artificial intelligence. You should be able to freely come and go on the network, right?”

Xu Sili added, “Escher Star also has a network. It isn’t comparable to the Star Network but it is at least larger than this game cabin.”

“Do you want to come out and do something for me?”

The little robot blinked. “Do I have to go back after finishing the work?”

He asked cautiously.

Xu Sili was startled and shook his head.

“If you like the outside then you can stay as long as you want.”

Hearing this, the little robot nodded his head especially hard.

“Okay,” he responded sweetly.

“What do I need to do for you to access Escher Star’s network?” Xu Sili wondered.

He didn’t know if Escher Star’s network was connected to the Star Network or if the two of them were independent and separated.

“Xiao Wu can go out with Brother’s permission?” The little robot answered in a young voice.

Xu Sili blinked. Then he thought about it and understood. It was probably something similar to the Star Network’s permissions.

“Okay. I will give you access to Escher Star’s network.”

In fact, the Interstellar Alliance had helped set up Escher Star’s network. It belonged to a local network and wasn’t connected to the Star Network.

It was just that Xiao Wu was a piece of data and the devices didn’t need to be connected for him to spread.

For example, if the game cabin was connected to the wifi of the Escher Star Network then Xiao Wu could completely build a separate body on the Escher Network and transfer his consciousness over.

An artificial intelligence was definitely the king of the online world.

He didn’t do this before because he calculated that it could cause Xu Sili’s disgust. This was why Xiao Wu hadn’t implemented it.

Now that he had been given permission, he had no qualms!

“Brother, what do you need Xiao Wu to do?” The little robot asked cheerfully.

“Don’t worry about this for now.”

He said, “Help me bring up the purchase column of the Interstellar Alliance.”

They were part of the alliance but almost ranked last, so the Interstellar Alliance gave them certain purchase discounts.

For example, the communicator purchased on the interstellar shopping network required at least 2,000 cosmic coins to buy. Meanwhile, there was a discount through the Interstellar Alliance and it only cost 1,000 coins.

However, the minimum order was 5,000 units. One order cost 5 million cosmic coins which was equivalent to half the alliance fee.

Nevertheless, Xu Sili now had money. He directly bought 10,000 communicators.

They were for the players.

There should be a communication system between players but he was now a NPC and couldn’t connect to the system. Thus, it was necessary to have communicators.

He couldn’t go to the other main cities right now but Xiao Wu could!

The signal between the five main cities wasn’t strong and was intermittent at times, but it was always accessible.

Xiao Wu could go to the other main cities and help him monitor the players. In addition, he could determine the location of Xu Sili’s second brother.

For the first players of the closed beta, they were blessed by the light of his second brother and could buy one communicator that cost 1,000 cosmic coins for only 10 reputation points.

However, the players who joined later couldn’t think of this benefit.

1,000 would be given to the players and there were 9,000 left. Xu Sili planned to put them on the mercenary platform and the mercenaries could use points to obtain it.

Of course, the price he set wouldn’t be too high.

Communicators were very important for ordinary mercenaries in group operations. He hoped this would reduce their casualty rate.

In addition to the communicators, Xu Sili also called up the equipment panel.

A laser g*n was a lethal weapon and he wasn’t prepared to let it circulate among players. It was too dangerous and would greatly increase security problems.

Still, some armors could be purchased.

In fact, he wanted to increase the armor for the front line army if possible but thinking of the more than 200,000 soldiers in Imperial City alone…

He couldn’t afford it.

These things still needed to be cost-effective. The most important thing was health medicine!

There was a formula that he had given to Dean Justin to study but Xu Sili still doubted if it could be made in the near future.

After all, elemental pharmacists were a lost profession.

Perhaps everything needed to wait until Imperial City was upgraded to Lv 3.

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I’ve seen a few other novels where gun is censored too. It probably has something to do with the strict censorship in China.

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