VCRMM: Chapter 6

The night wind roared, causing the curtains to fly up. The clouds in the sky were completely blown away, revealing a silver moon. The quiet light shone brightly on the palace. In the moonlight, the man hidden in the shadows revealed a handsome face. It could be called perfect facial features and he was extraordinarily handsome. Unfortunately, the faint gray footprint on one side of his face destroyed this beauty.

Currently, the man was holding the young man’s foot, gray-blue eyes staring coldly. He didn’t say a word but this was even more shocking.

Xu Sili’s mind returned. Wait, why did the light rope suddenly disappear?

Xu Sili’s heart was shaken. Had the skill failed or was it successfully absorbed? The system didn’t give him any prompts and he couldn’t judge for a while. He barely managed to maintain the composure on his face.

In the cool white moonlight, the young man’s purple eyes were cold as he confronted Si Sheng without showing any weakness. It was just that there was no way for him to get rid of his embarrassment right now. Currently, his leg was still raised. His ankle was held tightly by Si Sheng, similar to the act of kicking only for it to be stopped halfway.

Xu Sili gritted his teeth. “Let go!”

His voice was cold and his expression was fierce, but his tone was very low. He obviously didn’t want to alarm others. Si Sheng just raised his eyebrow slightly. Instead of letting go, he even took a step forward.


Xu Sili cursed and was forced to raise his leg even higher. This difficult action meant the ligaments of his inner thighs experienced a tearing pain. He couldn’t stand it! There was no way. He didn’t care about the unsightly posture and started to jump back on one foot. On the one hand, it was to relieve the pain. On the other hand, he wanted to break Si Sheng’s restraint. As a result, he had just jumped back when the man held his foot and pushed forward.

Xu Sili felt a huge force coming. He lost control of his body in an instant and fell back under the influence of inertia. He instinctively waved his arms to find balance but he couldn’t stabilize his body as his legs hit the edge of the bed. Thus, he fell backward directly. His long silver hair flew as Xu Sili fell on the bed like this, making him dizzy.

“Fu*k yo…” The swear word wasn’t completed. He covered the back of his head and opened his eyes to see the blond man quietly approaching the bed. The blue-gray eyes were indifferent and quiet as they looked down at him condescendingly.

Xu Sili’s heart beat wildly again. He felt the danger and quickly turned around, crawling forward to try and escape from the other side of the bed. Sadly, the moment he had just climbed out a bit, he felt the man’s hand grabbing one of his calves. He had rolled up his pants when washing his feet. Now he was caught by the calf. The man’s hand touched his cold skin and it was burning.

Xu Sili looked back, gritted his teeth and glared at Si Sheng. Si Sheng ignored his gaze and slowly dragged his body back with slight force. Xu Sili grabbed the edge of the bed and tried to break free, but the level difference between Snow Roland and Si Sheng made him unable to resist.

In this way, Xu Sili was forced to return to the man. He saw Si Sheng kneel on the bed and lean over. The sense of oppression was becoming stronger. Xu Sili turned red. He couldn’t help gritting his teeth and raised his free leg to kick at the man’s chest. However…

It hurt! Xu Sili sucked in a breath. Damn, why was it so hard? It felt like his leg was going to break!

At this time, Si Sheng paused. He released Xu Sili’s calf only to grab the foot that was against his chest. He pressed forward, leaning down to get closer. This was a difficult movement that tested Xu Sili’s flexibility more than the high leg raise just now.

Snow Roland obviously didn’t exercise much at ordinary times. Xu Sili felt like his ligaments were going to tear. Tears filled his eyes at the pain. Damn, he had never been so wronged! Even so, he refused to show weakness. He gritted his teeth tightly and didn’t let himself scream.

The blond man stared at him. Then Si Sheng tilted his head slightly and his thin lips opened. “Was it this foot that stepped on me just now?”

The deep, magnetic voice was familiar to Xu Sili but at this moment, it gave him the creeps. He saw the man’s eyes fall to the sole of his foot while talking. Si Sheng’s palms gently rubbed against the foot and caressed the back.

This slow and gentle movement made Xu Sili get goosebumps all over his body. What did this pervert want? Was it to crush his feet? Xu Sili fully believed that Si Sheng could do it with his power and cruelty. Previously when Si Sheng was a slave, he had bitten the slave owner who beat and abused him the moment he was rescued, let alone now!

What should Xu Sili do? Why did he even think about asking the doctor to load Si Sheng’s data into Starry Sky Age? Xu Sili regretted it now. He was very regretful! Should he reveal his identity and let Si Sheng know he was the ‘god’? However, he didn’t know if this Si Sheng had any memories related to the game. If not, wasn’t it seeking death even more?

Xu Sili was at war in his heart and he was unable to make a decision for a moment. Just then, a blue light screen finally appeared in front of him belatedly.

[Ding~ The energy intrusion is complete. The skill Capture has been completed.]

[The captured target ‘Si Sheng’ is about to bind to you and become your puppet. Please make a decision among the following options.]

[1. Eliminate consciousness. The puppet will lose autonomy and be fully controlled by the master. It will obey all of the master’s instructions.]

[2. Retain consciousness. The puppet will maintain its original independent personality and self. It is uncontrolled and has the right to disobey orders. However, it can’t do any actions that will harm the master.]

[P.S. The above is an irreversible operation. Please make your choice carefully.]

Xu Sili was stunned and joy filled his heart. The skill was successful!

Si Sheng didn’t realize that a catastrophe was imminent. He was staring at the young man beneath him. He was lying on the soft and fluffy bed, his handsome face flushed red and his eyes covered with tears. However, he was still gritting his teeth and glaring at him like a defiant small beast who refused to admit defeat. How could one person’s change be so big? Snow Roland…

In his impression, when had Snow Roland ever not cringed or evaded him when they met? He was a noble prince but he didn’t dare look directly at a chancellor. Today, not only did Snow Roland use a mysterious skill to resolve his killing move but this person also dared to step on his face again and again. Now after being caught by him, the young man still dared to stare at him so fiercely? Did he really make an error of judgment before?

Si Sheng narrowed his eyes and was opening his mouth to ask a question when he suddenly paused. The next second, he stretched out his long arm and grabbed the Glorious Radium 4000 laser g*n that Xu Sili had placed at the end of the bed.


The trigger was pulled, energy quickly accumulated in the barrel and it instantly became dazzling. It all happened so fast. Xu Sili’s eyes widened and his heart was in his throat. He was just about to operate the light screen only to find…


A light flare shot out through the air with a soft noise, quickly hitting the shadow under the window without any errors.

“Um…” A pained groan was heard and it was especially clear in the silent palace.

Xu Sili was startled and glanced at the shadow. There was someone! His thoughts moved and above the fuzzy shadow, a health bar that had been decreased to three-quarters and a label appeared.


There was really someone there! It was also an enemy with a favorability rating of ‘Disgust’!

Xu Sili’s mind was spinning around like electricity. If there wasn’t a critical strike, the maximum damage of the Glorious Radium 4000 was 4000 damage. A quarter of the blood was removed in one blow, which meant that the health of this shadow was around 16,000. It was lower than Janice and the level should be below 15. Then who the hell was it? An NPC? Or some monster?

Under Xu Sili’s vigilant gaze, the shadow wriggled like it was going to flee.


Before Xu Sili could give a reminder, Si Sheng fired twice in a row with his cold face. Each one accurately hit the moving shadow. This time, Xu Sili was looking closer and saw several numerical values popping up above the shadow.





There was a critical blow! The last damage directly hit four times! The moment these two shots were fired, it was accompanied by two heavier muffled groans. Then the shadow was left with only a trace of health. This groan sounded like a woman’s voice.

The shadow was seriously injured so her movement speed slowed down and red blood flowed on the ground. The bloody smell was blown by the wind, causing Xu Sili’s brow to slightly furrow. He felt a burst of physiological discomfort.

The shadow was still crawling away from him but Si Sheng didn’t give it a chance to escape. He let go of the little emperor’s foot and flashed to the window, quietly standing beside the shadow.

Xu Sili saw this and could feel the despair of the shadow. Si Sheng didn’t care too much. His ears moved like he was sensing something. He didn’t find any other abnormalities so he looked down at the shadow at his feet and kicked her. It was an ordinary kick but a number appeared above the shadow.


The already dangerous health bar was decreased again. After this, the shadow finally seemed unable to hold it. The darkness faded quickly, revealing a woman in a maid’s outfit. Her face was pale as she held her bleeding abdomen. She stared at Si Sheng with fear and kept backing away until she hit the wall, unable to retreat any further.

Suddenly, she glanced at Xu Sili and showed sorrow and pleading on her face. “Your Majesty, spare me!”

Xu Sili saw her face and found her in Snow Roland’s memories. Mary. Wasn’t this the maid who just brought him water? It was her!

Xu Sili was in a daze but the maid called Mary was anxious. “Your Majesty, please help me! It was wrong of me to break into your bedroom late at night but I have no malice! I am willing to accept punishment. Please forgive me and let Lord Marshal spare my life!”

No malice? Xu Sili looked at the ‘Disgust’ label on her head and didn’t believe her nonsense. In the middle of the night, she ran to the emperor’s palace while feeling full of disgust toward him, but she didn’t want to do bad things? Who would believe this?

Xu Sili didn’t speak and Mary’s eyes showed desperation. She was about to say something else when the muzzle of the laser g*n touched her forehead. She paled and her lips trembled as she looked up at the man pointing the g*n at her. The blond-haired man was bright and charming in the moonlight but in Mary’s eyes, he looked like a devil.

“Lord Si Sheng…”

Without waiting for her to justify herself, Si Sheng’s gray-blue eyes suddenly turned dark gold and shone slightly. Mary stared into those eyes and the clarity in her eyes became blurred. Her frightened face instantly calmed down. This scene was so strange but Si Sheng was indifferent.

“Who sent you here?” he asked.

Mary replied mechanically, “Lord Arnauton.”

“The leader of the Bewatt Empire?”


Xu Sili watched Si Sheng’s interrogation with a complicated expression. He knew what skill was just used. This was a special skill from Game of the Gods: all questions must be answered.

Xu Sili had gone through a long and stinky side story to get it. Once he got it, he let Si Sheng learn it. Now…

Damn, would Si Sheng use this skill on him after interrogating Mary?

Xu Sili frowned. His gaze shifted toward the light screen in front of him. The two options were still there, waiting for his confirmation.

Proofreader: Purichan

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