VCRMM: Chapter 59 Part 2

Xu Sili had plans to change Doha Village to Doha Town but it was a bit misnamed.

He looked again at the panel of Doha Village.

[Conditions required for upgrading to Lv 2:

1. Main city level: Lv 2/ Lv 2

2. Population: 562/10,000

3. Special buildings:

Administration hall (0/1), academy (0/1), bank (0/1), guard barracks (0/1), shops (1/6), farmland (21/10), processing factory (0/5), sewage treatment plant (0/2), entertainment venue (1/1), carriage shop (0/1), clinic (0/1).

Store type: Grocery store (1/1), vegetable market (0/1), clothing store (0/1), hardware store (0/1), restaurant (0/1), pharmacy (0/1).

4. Residents’ food and clothing rate: 90%/100%.]

Doha Village was a veritable poor rural area.

The population was just over 500 and it was basically self-sufficient.

The special buildings weren’t too difficult. The key was the population of 10,000. This wasn’t possible with natural growth. He had to merge the nearby villages.

However, a larger population meant that problems would naturally follow.

For example, their food and clothing had to be resolved or the food and clothing rate would definitely be affected.

Alternatively, he could transfer all the remaining unreported local elementalists and set up a branch of the Mercenary Association there?

Xu Sili thought about these things.

He had planned to appoint Chi Yu as the chief engineer to let him build Doha Town but after all, Chi Yu was young and not an elementalist. He might not be able to convince the public.

Maybe once things on this side were over, he could send over Wen Jishan.

Xu Sili thought up to here before looking at the chief administrator with a trace of sympathy.

If he remembered correctly, this person’s original goal in life was to be a dessert store owner.

Now he was busy every day and turned like a spintop.

Perhaps Xu Sili needed to find more reliable talents.

Xu Sili looked down at the street and saw one or two players passing from time to time.

They were in a hurry and were apparently running on a mission.

For normal people, these trivial matters might be painful to do but for players, it was just a game. Thus, they were willing and even enjoyed it.

The players were easy to use but their number was too small.

It also wasn’t easy to manage them.

Xu Sili might be able to see the list of all the players who accepted the task but it was hard for him to identify who was his second brother just by the ID.

Xu Sili looked at the IDs of these players and his purple eyes flashed slightly.

If only there was something to help him integrate the player data and even monitor their movements.

Suddenly, there was a flash in his mind.

Xu Sili looked in the direction of the inner city. He seemed to think of something that could help him…


The castle on the outskirts of the inner city.

Xu Sili had gone out today and didn’t let Si Sheng follow him.

After all, something like that happened. He felt Si Sheng might need some time to digest it.

Thus, the idle Si Sheng returned to the castle. He lay in the game cabin and entered the virtual room.

Lord God was no longer worried about cosmic coins but Si Sheng always remembered that he was nearly unable to enter the interstellar community because of 10 cosmic coins.

He had to build up some wealth in order to follow the footsteps of Lord God.

At the very least, he would be able to help without hesitation when Lord God needed him, rather than falling into a tight spot.

However, earning cosmic coins was a bit difficult for Si Sheng.

Before he could call out, a little robot emerged.

“Roland’s Guardian, is there anything I can do for you?” Xiao Wu’s young voice was still cute.

Si Sheng glanced at him and didn’t speak.

Xiao Wu lowered his head. “I’m so bored. My brother hasn’t come to see me for a long time. Is he okay?”

Si Sheng retracted his gaze and said lightly, “I want a cup of boba milk tea.”

The little robot blinked before quickly responding, “Okay! I’ll be right there~”

He obviously just had to synthesize data yet he also produced a workbench and various materials. Then he mixed the ingredients together.

Five minutes later, the blond-haired teenager sat on the sofa with a cup of milk tea. He took an occasional sip from the straw and chewed on the boba while thinking.

The little robot sat on the coffee table while dangling his two metal legs. He was aware of the teenager’s absent-mindedness and asked, “What is troubling you?”

“You also haven’t answered me yet. How is my brother?”

“His Majesty is fine. Why don’t you go out if you are bored?”

“Go out? Go where?”

Xiao Wu’s tone was naive but his two lightbulb eyes spun guiltily.

Si Sheng sneered.

“You can come to me and control my guide AI. Are you saying you can’t hack into Escher’s network?”

The little robot lowered his head.

“But… according to the results of the calculations, there is an 80-90% chance that Brother will be angry with me.”

“Xiao Wu doesn’t want Brother to be angry.”

The little robot looked very depressed but Si Sheng nodded approvingly. If this robot dared to go out of control then he would have to take some measures.

He put down the milk tea and headed for the entrance of the interstellar community.

“Let’s go out for a walk.”

[You are entering the interstellar community and need to pay 10 cosmic coins. Do you want to continue?]

[Note: Your mental strength has reached SSS+ and you can stay in all major communities of the Star Network without restrictions. In view of the low comprehensive strength ranking of your homeland, you need to apply to join the Freedom League to enter zones above S level. You can only enter after obtaining the qualifications.]

[Do you want to apply to enter the Freedom League?]

Last time, Xu Sili suspected he was an enemy and returned all the money in order to draw a line with him.

Therefore, Si Sheng now had no shortage of start-up funds.

He looked at the Star Network’s prompts and naturally chose to apply.

He had a hunch that in these top regions, he could quickly find ways to accumulate wealth.

The moment he applied, someone on a distant planet was immediately informed.

“A mental strength of SSS+?”

“Wow, how long has it been since a newcomer appeared? Or are they from a country lower on the overall power rankings?”

“Come on, find out what country they are from! I will give you two minutes. I want to know everything about this person!”

The little robot sitting on Si Sheng’s shoulder immediately sensed something.

“Guardian, someone is looking for your information.”

“Can you block it?”

“Of course!”

“Can you tell who the other person is?”

This was difficult for the little robot and he scratched his head in a human manner. “Please give me a bit of time.”

“Based on the other person’s account chat messages and transactions as well as other clues, it can be inferred that his real name is Reia Klein from the Flanders Interstellar Federation.”

“He seems to be the son of a general and has a mental strength of SSS.”

A light screen appeared in front of Si Sheng that contained the data collected by the little robot.

“He is too far away so I can’t control his AI. I can only get this much information.”

On the other side, Reia Klein was waiting for the results of the investigation and received feedback.

“You can’t find it? The information is encrypted?”

He frowned. “Is the other person’s authority higher than me? This is unscientific. It is impossible for them to apply for the Freedom League if the power of their nation is high.”

Reia looked at the footage. The blond-haired teenager called ‘Guardian’ wore a white fox mask and the initial clothing of the interstellar community.

He didn’t look like a bigshot…

Reia looked into the gray-blue eyes and silently remembered this teenager.

He would be sure to go and greet this teenager once this person came to the S zone.

It was so interesting that he couldn’t find out what nation this teenager was from.

A person with a mental strength of SSS+? Only three people in the entire universe had received this rating!

Reia had no doubt that the teenager’s application to the Freedom League would pass.

As long as he wasn’t blind, the president of the Freedom League would definitely try his best to keep this person.

After all, the Freedom League had lost two top-class combat powers and was at the bottom of the rankings this season. They would have to withdraw if they couldn’t counterattack.

Then the Freedom League’s share of resources would be split with the other ten major powers next year.

The so-called Freedom Alliance was made up of talents from small nations. It was called freedom but how could it achieve real freedom?

At this moment, it wasn’t only Reia. Many people outside the Freedom League learned the information of the white fox-masked teenager and he attracted a lot of attention.

Si Sheng didn’t know any of this. Even if he did, he wouldn’t care.

His application was approved in less than a minute.

Si Sheng paid 10 cosmic coins and entered the S zone.

The first thing he saw was a building that rose straight into the sky. It was full of science and technology and there was a sense of cool beauty.

He looked to the left and right.

Roughly 1,000 meters around the building was empty and silent while beyond that was a war zone.

He extended his mental strength and silently observed the world.

The sky was full of warships and mecha. Fights were taking place almost everywhere. Every second, warships and mecha were turning into data streams.

Obviously, the S zone wasn’t a place for people to relax and have fun. Perhaps for such people, fighting was indeed a form of leisure and entertainment.

Si Sheng looked at it before withdrawing his gaze with little interest.

He remembered his purpose in coming here.

It was just that currently, there wasn’t a channel for him to get access to information.

At this point, the little robot started to perform his duty as the guide AI.

“Welcome to the S rank combat zone where you can conduct simulated warfare, combat with mecha, battleship exercises, mental strength training…”

Halfway through, the little robot stopped abruptly.

Si Sheng was just about to frown when the little robot shouted with surprise, “Brother came to me! I’ll go first! Play by yourself!”

Then in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from Si Sheng’s shoulder.

Si Sheng, “……”

Fortunately, the little robot remembered to leave a panel with categories for him to choose from before leaving.

Even before leaving, he came back quickly and stuffed a cup of milk tea into Si Sheng’s hand before disappearing again.

Si Sheng took the milk tea and wasn’t disgusted at the abandonment. He sipped from the straw while falling into thought.

Lord God had come back?

He immediately lost interest in the panel in front of him.

So by the time Reia and the others determined Si Sheng’s location and rushed over, they found that the white fox-masked teenager holding the milk tea didn’t even give them a look as he disappeared in place.

On the other side, Xu Sili had just entered the virtual room.

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Everyone else eager to see this newcomer: There he is!
Si Sheng: Lord God came online! *sips milk tea while logging into the other server/zone*
Everyone else: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

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I actually quite baffled. Didn’t they see his username “Roland’s Guardian”?? No matter how remote the nation/empire is, won’t they just needed to input “Search Roland” to find the answer 😅😅.

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