VCRMM: Chapter 59 Part 1

Xu Sili looked at Chi Yu’s attributes. He knew that Chi Yu was a special talent NPC but he never expected the attributes to be so good!

Construction time was shortened by 50% and production and management buildings could randomly gain a buff effect.

What type of fairy attribute was this?

Chi Yu was stared at by the emperor and was a bit overwhelmed.

He was just an ordinary civilian and grew up as an ordinary person for the last 20 years or so, just like all his civilian friends.

Chi Yu never imagined that one day, the emperor would appear at the construction site and it was for him!

“Chi… Chi Yu greets Your Majesty…”

He soon remembered that due to being stunned, he hadn’t even given a greeting. He hurriedly gave a lame bow.

Xu Sili looked at him and smiled faintly.

“Chi Yu, you are very good!”

The silver-haired youth didn’t have the air of a monarch at all. However, his innate noble temperament made people afraid to make a wrong move.

“I heard about you from Wen Jishan.”

Xu Sili looked at him and spoke softly, “I’m glad that a talent like you gave up a pleasant life in the inner city and took the initiative to join the construction of Mercenary Town!”

“Next, I have an important task for you. I hope you won’t let me down.”

Chi Yu was trembling all over.

He tried to control himself as he bowed respectfully and replied loudly, “Chi Yu will obey!”

“Yes. Then keep being busy.”

Xu Sili nodded. He looked at the project that had stopped due to his arrival and didn’t stay much longer.

The construction of Mercenary Town was related to the upgrade of Imperial City and it couldn’t be delayed.

Thus, Xu Sili left the construction site while surrounded by guards. Meanwhile, Wen Jishan patted Chi Yu on the shoulder before walking away with a smile.

There was no more interference from the guards and Su Mo finally squeezed his way through the construction site.

He hadn’t expected to see the emperor of the Roland Empire here. He couldn’t help taking a few more looks at the back leaving that was surrounded by guards.

Now he knew that the emperor was called Snow Roland.

After a day and night of fermentation, the emperor’s face wasn’t only widely circulated in the forum but also spread outside of the forum.

Even people like Su Mo, who didn’t care about gossip, had vaguely heard something.

The cause of everything was Ah Caizi’s livestream. She had asked the emperor if he ever heard of Galaxy. The video was edited and circulated.

Galaxy was Xu Sili’s famous song.

In the last 10 years, the people who had listened to Galaxy had grown up but as fans, many people hadn’t forgotten the star who had fallen at his peak.

Every year on that day, there were fans who organized mourning events. They still remembered him even after 10 years.

It was currently early August and it was less than a month from that day.

So when a game character that looked like the superstar appeared in such a real way, it was pushed through various marketing accounts and created a storm on the Internet.

Many people unfamiliar with the game watched the video and just thought it was similar at first.

It wasn’t until it was known that this was a character in a holographic game that the calm fans suddenly exploded.

Their idol had turned into a meteor and disappeared. However, there was always a place for him in the hearts of his fans.

It was unforgivable that someone would use his appearance and fame to do such blood-sucking hype!

For a time, there was a lot of criticism. Even some people who weren’t fans were vocal about it.

Consuming a person who had been dead for many years was too ugly to be tolerated by the domestic environment.

Fortunately, the game company didn’t pretend to be dead and soon issued a statement.

The emperor, Snow Roland, was indeed based on Xu Sili, the former superstar. However, this was his last wish.

He hoped to give his family this last hope when he left.

Finally, they hoped that the fans could treat this character rationally. Even players shouldn’t disturb the character’s life trajectory too much.

Just treat it as King Xu being reborn in another world where he started a new life.

Later, a photo of Xu Sili with Dr Wang as well as the Xu family’s shares in the Starry Sky Age holographic game was released.

Since then, the trend of public opinion changed dramatically.

More and more closed beta players also started to speak about this groundbreaking holographic game.

This wave brought enough exposure to the game.

In fact, the players also found it strange. It was clearly such a good product but they didn’t see any advertising for it.

Even the closed beta began quietly.

If it wasn’t for Ah Caizi’s livestream and the promotion of various professional gods, they were afraid that few people would know there was such a game.

Now the game’s official website was crowded.

Countless people left messages in the comments area, hoping that the game would go online as soon as possible. There were also those who offered a high price to buy the game cabin in the forum.

Finally, the official website had to come out and speak.

At present, the 1,000 game cabins released were bound to the first closed beta players and couldn’t be traded with anyone. At present, all sales information on the market was false so be careful of being cheated.

The game would conduct a second closed beta and 5,000 places would be distributed at that time. The specific time wasn’t set and the channel had been opened. Reservations would be accepted.

Due to the large number, the second closed beta would no longer distribute the game cabins for free. A reservation needed to pay a deposit of 20%, a full 10,000 yuan.

In other words, a game cabin was sold for 50,000 yuan.

Even after the deposit, it wasn’t certain if they could buy it. If they didn’t get to buy it in the end, the original deposit would be refunded.

The price of 50,000 yuan per cabin was too high for 70-80% of ordinary people.

Fortunately, the officials also said in a statement that more convenient and affordable helmet-style game devices were already under development.

It was just that this type of game device came at the expense of experience. As for which type to buy, people should consider their financial ability.

Of course, there was no shortage of rich people in the game circle. There were only 5,000 places and this wasn’t enough.

Just a minute after the channel opened, tens of thousands of people paid a deposit and the number was still rising.

Su Mo had heard these things from Jianyu Xingchen but he didn’t pay attention to them.

He gazed at the emperor’s back before retracting his gaze and setting his eyes on Chi Yu.

The handsome young man’s face was slightly red and it was filled with unspeakable excitement. Su Mo couldn’t help pursing his lips while feeling bad in his heart.

“Su Mo!”

At this time, the young man called out to him with a red face, grabbing his arm uncontrollably.

“Did you hear it?”

“His Majesty praised me and said he would give me a task!”

“Ahh, I’m so happy!”

Chi Yu’s eyes were shining and he seemed to want to bounce around in place. There was a sense of succeeding in chasing a star.

Su Mo saw Chi Yu’s happy smile and scratched at his cheek, looking away with some embarrassment.

Then he couldn’t help glancing back.

“How about… I give you a hug for you to vent?”

Unfortunately, he spoke too quietly and Chi Yu didn’t hear it at all.

He had already turned around and ran to an elementalist on the construction site. He borrowed a communicator and called to share his excitement with his family.

Su Mo pouted before his eyes fell onto Chi Yu’s architectural drawings, his eyes flashing slightly.

Wasn’t it just playing construction?

How hard could it be?

He immediately connected to the external network and bought relevant courses. Then he thought about it and contacted several bigshots who loved playing simulation city games.

The game and reality were probably different or the two things could be combined.

As for Chi Yu being an NPC…

Who cared!

For the first time in 25 years, Su Mo met someone who made his heart throb. Su Mo wasn’t an old-fashioned person and decided to chase Chi Yu first regardless of anything else.

In the morning, Mercenary Town was bustling with people coming and going, shouting constantly.

It could be called earth-shaking changes compared to a month ago.

Xu Sili didn’t disturb the residents. After leaving the construction site, he went to the tallest building in the town.

It was a small house with four floors.

This beautiful private residence was built by Chi Yu and allowed Xu Sili to see his talent.

He went up to the attic and looked down at the increasingly prosperous street downstairs. Then he stared at the blue sky and white clouds without any pollution in the distance.

He felt relaxed and happy.

Xu Sili smiled slightly as he started to think about the arrangements for Chi Yu and Su Mo.

He had thought about it for a night and developed a general idea of the next construction direction.

There were three necessary conditions to upgrade the main city to level 3.

1. The total population had to reach 5 million. This was more than enough based on the population of Imperial City.

2.  There were three urban areas that were level 2.

3. There was a level 3 energy stone.

He currently didn’t have a clue about the energy stone and could only continue to look through the forum to see if there was any relevant information. 

As for the three level 3 urban areas…

The inner city was counted as one and it was superior in all aspects. Meanwhile, Mercenary Town was just missing a little bit to reach level 2.

Therefore, the most important thing was to build a third urban area as soon as possible.

Yesterday, Xu Sili had looked at the panel of Imperial City several times. He compared the maps and finally selected a small village called Doha.

The small village was located between Mercenary Town and the inner city. It was closest to the main road and formed a precise triangle with the other two urban areas.

The small village was well located against one of the largest rivers in Imperial City, the Nehido River.

The tributaries of the Nehido River were dense and flowed through almost half of Imperial City. It even extended to the front lines.

If it was developed as a port and connected to the main roads of the inner city and Mercenary Town, it would become a true golden triangle.

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