VCRMM: Chapter 58 Part 2

Ah Caizi was looking at Yishihuan’s post when she heard a notification from the team channel.

Qing Yan: [Picture]

She posted Yishihuan’s conclusion on the public screen so that players who didn’t read the post would know the strategy.

“You should all take a look at this. The game is still in the exploratory stage. We might have a competitive relationship in the future but for now, we had better get to know each other to quickly understand the rules of the game.”

Qing Yan’s remark resonated with the players. It especially increased goodwill with the non-professional players.

“Thank you Goddess Qing Yan, we will pay attention!”

“I am going to the east street now. Is anyone going the same way? Would you like to go with me?”

People slowly withdrew from the public team channel and formed new teams.

Upon seeing this, Qing Yan pulled people into a group chat channel and disbanded the team channel.

The game was user friendly in this respect and various functions were convenient.

Vaguely, there was a tendency for Qing Yan to be a leader.

After all, there was no one like her who added 200 friends at the beginning of the game. This included Hua Sui who was taken away by Li Zhecheng.

However, when she sent an invitation to the group chat, the other person didn’t agree. The message was like a stone sinking into the sea.

Qing Yan curled her lips and no longer cared about this little kid.

First, attract all the non-professional players in Mercenary Town. Her task in this game was to explore while also preparing for her future team.

At the very least, it was necessary to gain the power of a guild.

“Boss Su Mo, where are you going? Do you want to team up to do the mission?”

Su Mo was walking down a path next to the central square. He heard these words and paused, looking sideways.

He had a tall, thin body and a cool and handsome face. He looked a bit impatient and there was a type of unruly arrogance.

“Do I know you?” Su Mo frowned. He raised an eyebrow with a lollipop in his mouth as he examined the other person.

The man who stopped him couldn’t help freezing.

“F**k, I’m Dafeng. Boss, don’t you recognize me? Didn’t we agree to play Starry Sky together?”

The man looked sad and Su Mo was stunned.

“You changed your name?”

“Yes, isn’t this very cool now?” Jiangyu Xingchen said.

Su Mo rolled his eyes. “You do the mission yourself. I will walk on my own.”

“Wait, don’t go. Let’s add each other as friends first!”

Jianyu Xingchen hurriedly caught up. “It is fate that we are assigned to the same main city!”

“Boss, where did you buy this lollipop? Give me one too.”

“Get lost!”

Su Mo accepted the friend request before ignoring this person. He continued to walk along the selected path.

He was just an ordinary player and didn’t have any KPIs to complete. He preferred to explore on his own rather than doing missions based on strategies.

Su Mo walked through the streets and couldn’t tell if he was playing games or visiting a small town in a foreign country.

He had the lollipop in his mouth as he explored along the way until he finally found a mission target.

It was a little boy crouching on the side of the road. He was drawing on the ground with a branch.

Su Mo’s first mission was to give the little boy a snack.

The mission target had been found so the snack… he took out a lollipop from his pocket.

He just bought this on the way to the central square and it tasted pretty good.

He came to the little boy and crouched down.

The little boy playing with the branch stopped and looked up at him.

Thinking of the strategy post, Su Mo squeezed out a ‘kind’ smile and handed out the lollipop.


The moment he spoke, the child started crying.

Su Mon couldn’t help being stunned.

No, crying about eating sugar? What was there to cry about?

His expression stiffened and the little boy cried more fiercely. This immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Su Mon couldn’t help feeling a bit of pressure when he received the attention of the pedestrians.

He hadn’t set his realism to zero so he could still feel so much pressure. In addition, most of the pedestrians around him were elementalists…

Su Mo pursed his lips as he looked at the crying little boy. He opened the lollipop packaging with some irritability and wanted to put it directly into the child’s mouth.

If the child ate the sweets then he would probably stop crying, right?

“What are you doing?”

A clear voice was heard beside him.

Su Mo looked sideways and saw a red-haired young man with a pile of things in his arms. He had walked out of a nearby store and was frowning slightly at Su Mo.

Su Mo’s eyes stayed on this face for a while. He withdrew his impatience and silently lowered his head to unwrap the candy wrapper.

It was just that the candy wrapper seemed to be a bit hard to tear apart. It couldn’t be opened for a while.

Chi Yu looked down at him with a frown. Then he glanced at the scared little boy and crouched down, smiling softly.

“Little Cam, why are you crying? How has your grandmother been lately?”

The little boy who was crying stopped. He noticed Chi Yu’s arrival and hurriedly threw away the branch. Then he ran behind Chi Yu and looked at Su Mo in fear.

Su Mo was speechless.

Wasn’t it just inviting him to eat candy to complete the task? Why did he seem like a trafficker?

He tried to justify himself but his eyes fell on the face of the red-haired youth and he became stuck again.

Chi Yu could actually see that this man wasn’t a bad person. He took the lollipop from Su Mo, carefully unwrapped it and handed it to the little boy.

“Little Cam, here. This older brother gave you something to eat.”

The little boy sniffed. He glanced between Su Mo and the lollipop before finally grabbing it and whispering, “Thank you, Brother.”

Then he picked up the branch on the ground and ran into the alley.

Su Mo saw the mission completion prompt and didn’t care. His eyes narrowed and fell from time to time on the red-haired youth.

Chi Yu didn’t notice. He stood up while holding his pile of things and smiled at Su Mo.

“Thank you for inviting little Cam to eat sweets. It is just that next time, it is best to smile and look kind. Then the child won’t be afraid of you.”

Su Mo curled his lips. Didn’t he clearly smile? Just…

His eyes fell on Chi Yu’s face again.

It was just that he didn’t smile well.

He looked at the top of the young man’s head. There was no game ID. The young man in front of him was an NPC, not a player.

No, if it was a player then this appearance might’ve been adjusted. Meanwhile, this red-haired youth…

Su Mo licked his lips. Once the young man was about to leave, he couldn’t help asking, “Hey, what is your name?”

Chi Yu looked back at him in a puzzled manner.

“Are you asking me?”


Chi Yu frowned unhappily. “This gentleman, if you want to make friends then the basic politeness still needs to be observed.”

Make… friends?

“Cough cough cough…” Su Mo coughed before whispering, “I am just like this… I apologize. What is your name?”

“Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first before asking someone?”

“Yes. My name is Su Mo.”

“I am Chi Yu.” 

Chi Yu finished talking and continued walking.

He was busy right now and had no time to chat with a stranger.

Facts proved that his decision to come to this town was correct.

Due to his early arrival, he was lucky enough to see Wen Jishan and the fruit basket his mother gave him was sent out.

In short, he was reused.

In the project of expanding the town, the addition of an architect was undoubtedly significant.

Chi Yu might be young and it hadn’t been long since he graduated but he received enough attention from Wen Jishan. Now many of the town’s buildings were his own design.

Due to the presence of elementalists, he was able to realize his vision in a very short period of time. This was a speed he had never dreamed about before.

It was both pressure and motivation. He had made great progress in just one month.

Now Chi Yu was firmly convinced that Mercenary Town would definitely get better in the future under the emperor’s joint construction.

Chi Yu walked a short way before stopping.

He turned his head and looked back. “Why are you following me?”

Su Mo scratched his head. “That… isn’t it about making friends? I think you seem to have something to do. Can I help you?”

Chi Yu looked at this person suspiciously before finally nodding gently.

Naturally, the more people to build the small town, the better.

Thus, Su Mo followed Chi Yu to a construction site and saw the busy elementalists.

It was the first time he had seen a supernatural power in the game.

However, his attention was more focused on the red-haired youth than upgrading his skills.

Unfortunately, Chi Yu didn’t look at him at all. He kept holding blueprints in his arms and writing and drawing. Su Mo wanted to help only to find that he couldn’t understand the architectural drawings that he had never studied.

Then Su Mo was sent to move bricks.

He, Su Mo, a famous bigshot in other games, was asked to move bricks?

Chi Yu just glanced at him. “Aren’t you moving them?”


The next day, Xu Sili came to the construction site under Wen Jishan’s guidance to find Chi Yu and saw a player with a game ID moving bricks in the distance.

He couldn’t help finding it a bit strange. He hadn’t released any construction-related tasks?

At this time, shouldn’t the players be busy doing the daily task?

Then Xu Sili understood when he saw the player’s ID.

Su Mo.

The future construction bigshot!

Xu Sili couldn’t help nodding after seeing his enthusiasm when moving bricks. This person really loved construction.

Then he wouldn’t stop it!

He shifted his gaze to one side and it fell on the somewhat confused Chi Yu.

Xu Sili had felt some regret about not being able to use Insight on Chi Yu last time. Now he used Insight the moment they met.

[Chi Yu]

[Identity: Special talent NPC

Personal level: Lv 5

Health: 10,000/10,000

Elemental Affinity: None

Special talents: Construction (when participating in construction activities, the construction time will be shortened by 50%. When participating in the production of faction buildings, the building will get a random buff effect).]

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