VCRMM: Chapter 58 Part 1

Ah Caizi mixed in with the group and her livestream camera was aimed at the players competing for the mission target.

The one presiding over the distribution was Wang Yang, who was also a professional player. Apart from Lin Mu, he was the most prestigious one among the nearly 200 people.

Ah Caizi watched them compete for the list and thought it was interesting.

On the small TV in her upper right corner, all sorts of barrages scrolled past.

“Surprise! Some people actually did such a thing for an old lady and old man…”

“Hahahahaha, it’s too bad!”

“Above person, the UC shock department needs you.”

“This game is so fun. When is the next closed beta? I want to play too!”

Ah Caizi was surprised at the sudden surge of data. It was only through that later barrage that she found her link was forwarded to the public platform and went on the hot search.

After all, it was the first holographic game that claimed 99% realism. The attention was quite high once this spread.

It also brought the first wave of traffic to the Star Forum.

The forum was now quite active.

There were only 1,000 closed beta players but those who could be selected were basically veterans. They didn’t mind sharing their various discoveries during the early days of the game exploration.

This allowed for a quick exchange of information.

Ah Caizi didn’t go to grab the list. She aimed the camera at the players and Wen Jishan while looking through the posts on the forum.

They had lost time because they were sent to Mercenary Town. Now players from other main cities had finished their daily missions.

In addition, the players shared their completion process.


“Hello everyone! Yes, I’m the one who loves blooming flowers, Yishihuan of the Magic Box Team!”

“I will record the process of playing Starry Sky Age in this post. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message or discuss it under the post.”

Wow, it was the great god Yishihuan!

Ah Caizi hurriedly read it. The great god was somewhat fond of bragging but there was no need to talk about his skills. He also had a cute personality and she quite liked him.

“I entered the game on time when the server opened at 10 o’clock in the morning. I have been in the game for two hours now. This game gives me the feeling of: it’s cool!”

“There is absolutely high realism and a high degree of freedom. It can almost be said that everything you can do in reality, you can basically do in the game. What you can’t do in reality, you can do in the game.”

“Of course, undressing won’t work.”

“Try it if you don’t believe me.”

Ah Caizi felt that a person around her must be reading the post as well. It was because she saw a male player next to her actually start to take off his clothes.

In the past, the online game characters were 2D people. Now this was a holographic real game!

She felt sick. Fortunately, the sight that made her eyes hurt didn’t appear.

The initial beginner’s clothes couldn’t be taken off at all!

In addition to the shoes, only a few accessories could be taken off.

Ah Caizi was relieved. She silently blacklisted the face of the sad-looking male player and continued to read Yishihuan’s post.


“My birth point is Glass Sea City. Look at the scenery here.”

Then he sent many landscape photos. Of course, each one showed his black hair, red clothes and extremely shameless back.

“None of these photos have a filter added. It is a 100% real game screenshot! Tsk tsk tsk, look at my gorgeous face. It’s so great!”

Glass Sea City should be a city close to the sea. The summoning circle that summoned the brave should be on the beach. Thus, Yishihuan could take so many photos of the sea.

It was beautiful.

Ah Caizi looked at the photos of Glass Sea City and couldn’t help yearning for it.

Be sure to go there to play in the future!

“I have introduced the degree of authenticity so let’s talk about freedom.”

“To be honest, I’ve never played a game where the novice guide is so bad. It has no novice guide at all!”

“Apart from giving a novice gift pack at the beginning, it didn’t explain anything. It was hard for me, who is used to these game routines in the past.”

“Then I soon received an elite mission!”

Yishihuan posted a screenshot of the mission.

“It was to meet His Majesty the Emperor!”

“I was thinking, ‘My god, the emperor must’ve heard about my beauty so he couldn’t wait to summon me!’”

These words attracted countless complaints.

However, Yishihuan turned a blind eye to it and even felt that the netizens were jealous of his beauty.

“Then my family’s Yanyan sent me a photo of the emperor. She was in Imperial City and met the emperor first.”

“Yes, my family’s emperor looks like this.”

Next, there was a wave of beautiful photos.

On the throne, a handsome young man wore a crown. His long, silver hair hung down and made his careless look colder and more indifferent.

Even though Ah Caizi had already faced this shocking beauty, she saw the photo again and couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed.

She saved the photos and couldn’t help leaving a message.

“Ba! How did the emperor belong to your family?”

Many people had the same opinion as Ah Caizi but they were directly ignored by Yishihuan.


“What should I do in order to see the face of my family’s emperor and gain 100 experience points and 10 reputation points? I have to go to Imperial City!”

“It is said that someone lucky gained 999 experience points and is now on top of the rankings list. That person is probably reading my posts right now.”

“Well, there is no way. Handsome people will be the center of attention no matter where they go.”

Ah Caizi gave another ‘bah’.

She was indeed first in the rankings but she felt she would be overtaken soon.


“Unfortunately, after many inquiries from this handsome man, I finally got an important clue. Right now, the roads between the major cities are blocked by the interstellar beasts!”

“This leads to the game’s story background and even the future main storyline.”

Ah Caizi blinked. The story background and the future main storyline? It was worthy of a great god. The server had only opened for a few hours and he already figured this out?

She was still in the clouds.


“Right now, the map we are on is called the Roland Empire! I don’t know how big the territory is because… the game has no map! It doesn’t have any navigation!”

“This is a friendly tip. Friends with a poor sense of direction might not be fit for this game.”

“Of course. It doesn’t rule out that the game will be updated later. In any case, there is none now. The map is a very simple paper map that a kind-hearted grandfather gave me.”

“The AI of this game’s NPCs is almost the same as that of a real person. I even have to wonder if these NPCs are played by real people!”

“It is really hard to imagine based on our current technology level that we can have such rich emotional expression and harmonious body movement without a rigid AI.”

“I chatted with the old man and he gave me the feeling that he was a real person. If it wasn’t for the favorability reminder, I would’ve forgotten that I am playing a game.”

“Isn’t this scary?”

In the post, many onlookers who didn’t play the game expressed their doubts but the closed beta players said that Yishihuan’s words were true.


“So when interacting with an NPC, it is best to pay attention to your words and deeds. This game is very different from traditional games in the past.”

“Poor Xiao Yanyan. She verbally teased her husband Li Zhecheng and favorability was lowered by 1,000. She was in danger of being killed.”

Below, he posted a screenshot of Qing Yan’s previous words in the team channel.

Then he continued.

“Let me tell you the unfortunate news. Players who first enter the game are very weak. One hit from an NPC and our health bar will become empty.”

After that, he mentioned the death penalty.

“So if you don’t want to wait 30 minutes after death to continue playing the game, possibly missing out on important missions, be careful when speaking.”

For example, the player who was killed by the soldier. He was judged to have failed the elite mission of meeting the emperor and he had to walk to Mercenary Town by himself.

It was miserable.

The player was still optimistic and shared these things on the forum.

In short, Yishihuan’s popular science made some players wake up.

Soon, people reminded him that he was getting off track.

They wanted to hear the story background and main plotline!


“Well, this is a bit complicated.”

“In short, this is a story with an interstellar background. On the planet where the Roland Empire exists, civilization was almost destroyed due to an unknown natural disaster a hundred years ago.”

“The rebuilt nation had a very low level of civilization and life was miserable. The five main cities are in danger of being wiped out by the interstellar beasts at any time.”

“So our future plotline is to revive the empire, destroy the interstellar beasts and finally enter alien civilization!”

There were some screenshots. Many insider players replied to the post and the discussion was in high spirits.

The starry sky of the universe was always the yearning of humanity.

Look at the realism of the game. The thought of an interstellar map coming out made people’s blood boil!


“Okay, I won’t mention that anymore. I’ve just received a few more missions.”

Then he posted screenshots of the daily, weekly and recognition missions.

“The mission trigger mechanism of the game is very casual,” Yishihuan continued to complain.

“I was walking down the street when the mission popped up.”

“There is nothing to say about these three missions. They must be completed once a day. I’ll finish them first and then come back to tell you about them.”

Ah Caizi scrolled down. She ignored all the waiting posts and finally saw Yishihuan’s update.

Looking at the time, he just wrote it a minute ago.


“Okay, this handsome guy is back.”

“I won’t speak much nonsense and will go directly to the mission feedback.”

“The daily task is Respect the Old and Love the Young. It is a serial mission and each ring is an ordinary mission. The basic reward is 10 experience points and 1 reputation point. The last ring directly gives 50 experience points.”

“After going through the six rings, you can basically get 100 experience and 5 reputation.”

“It is worth noting that if you increase the NPC’s favorability in the process, there will be extra rewards. It is 89 experience and 8 reputation!”

“Together, it is 99 experience points and 9 reputation points. This might be the upper limit of rewards for ordinary tasks.”

“So theoretically, as long as you increase the NPC’s favorability in each ring and get the highest score in the 6th ring, you will gain 594 experience and 54 reputation!”

“So it is as I just said. It is important to pay attention to your words and deeds in front of NPCs!”

“The game group is guiding us in this regard.”

“Okay, I will share up to here today. I am going to play around in the city. This game is really interesting.”

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