VCRMM: Chapter 57 Part 2

Next to him, Joan saw that Xu Sili’s attention was on Asheng and the yellow dog and he pursed his lips.

“Imperial brother, a strange group of people came to Mercenary Town today,” Joan suddenly said. “Administrator Wen said that they are the brave.”

“What are the brave, Brother?”

Xu Sili looked at him with a gentle smile. “The brave are those from another world who can save the Roland Empire.”

“Just them?”

Joan frowned. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but he wanted to talk before stopping.

“Do you think they are weak?”

Xu Sili sat down at the table and chatted with Joan in a good mood.

Joan nodded hesitantly.

They weren’t just weak, they were very weak.

It felt like even newborn babies were better than them.

The feeling was natural. After all, no matter how weak their physique, a born NPC would have at least one point i.e. 1,000 health.

Meanwhile, players who had 1 point of physique only had 100 health. Those who currently had more than 10 points were very rare.

Xu Sili shook open his napkin and tucked it in his collar. He said, “They might seem weak now but don’t look down on them.”

“I don’t expect salvation from them but I hope they can use their bodies to build a better empire.”

“They still have some good qualities. You can observe and learn more from them. Of course, don’t learn anything bad.”

Having said this, Xu Sili was a bit uneasy.

He said to the two little ones, “You’ve been in Mercenary Town for a while and Su Lin has already grown the Snow Valley…”

“It is better for you to go back to the academy to study.”

At this stage, the players were still exploring the rules of the game. Who knew what they would do?

He could ignore others but Joan and Asheng were his younger brother and sister. Asheng was also at the age to enter university and study hard.

Joan frowned slightly at his words.

He resisted at first but now he had adapted to life in a small town. Even if he had to follow Asheng around, he felt that training in the small town was faster than the academy!

He had an epiphany not long ago and now he had a vague feeling that he was going to break through again.

If Xu Sili knew what Joan was thinking then he would say, ‘Silly boy. You found it faster to train in the small town because there is a human elemental gathering circle right next to you!’

In addition, he sang Sprouting to them twice a day and their elemental affinity would improve.

“Okay, it’s decided.”

Xu Sili made a direct decision. There were two children, one 10 year old and one 8 year old. It was better for them to go to school.

“Asheng, I’m not asking you to train much but at the academy, reading and writing is necessary. I don’t want to see you be lazy.”

It was rare to see him with such a stern expression. Asheng quickly nodded and said seriously, “So my next job is to read and study at the academy.”

This little doll still remembered that she was working for Xu Sili.

Even in Mercenary Town, she wasn’t lazy and sang diligently every day by Su Lin’s farmland.

Xu Sili paused. He looked at her serious expression and nodded. “Yes, this is your job. I will take time to check it.”

Then he glanced at Joan. “Joan, you supervise Asheng. This task is entrusted to you. Can you complete it?”

Little Joan straightened his back.

He suddenly changed from a protective role to a supervisor so he had a sense of promotion.

“No problem! I will be sure to keep an eye on her.”

He promised very seriously and the loss of not being able to go to the town was forgotten.

Xu Sili was satisfied.

Looking at Ah Huang again, he would definitely follow Asheng. In any case, it was safer at the academy than Mercenary Town.

After all, there was a group of unscrupulous players.

Just then, Wen Jishan sent information over. Xu Sili glanced at it and wasn’t too surprised.

The administrator’s efficiency was very high!

Less than a day later, he found Chi Yu!

He was in Mercenary Town.


Going slightly back in time.

Wen Jishan was in his temporary residence, drinking tea while sorting out the list handed to him by his subordinates.

The military shuttle he was riding was relatively fast. He had just arrived at Mercenary Town when the emperor asked him to collect the list of widows, elders and orphans.

He didn’t quite understand why the emperor wanted him to collect this list.

In regards to poverty alleviation policies, he had always been implementing them.

The current food and clothing rate in Mercenary Town wasn’t 100% but it should be 99%.

After all, the arrival of more and more wood elementalists meant the grown Black Valley was enough to fill countless warehouses. They even had to constantly build new ones to store it.

It was so much that now the product had decreased in price. It was originally one point per jin but now it was one point per 5 jin.

However, there were so many people and time was short. There were some things that couldn’t be taken into account but he had people follow up all the time.

Could it be…

Was the emperor dissatisfied with him?

Wen Jishan shook his head. He didn’t understand so he didn’t continue to struggle over it. He just sent the list to that person.

In any case, these elderly people and children weren’t going hungry!

He was very confident about this and naturally wasn’t afraid. He continued to look at the financial report after sending it.

He reached an agreement with Niya.

She didn’t care if those who came to be treated were residents of the small town or not, as long as she could heal them. She also didn’t care how much benefit he got from it.

The water healer was treating injuries day and night.

It wasn’t known why her personality changed but he knew it was probably related to the emperor.

If he knew that Niya had been ordered to heal 10,000 patients to regain her status as a noble and royal healer, he would’ve probably understood her urgency.

In short, Wen Jishan had made a lot of money recently.

The emperor would be surprised when he saw the financial report, right?

He thought about it with some pride and looked forward to seeing the emperor’s shocked expression when that time came.

Putting aside other things, Wen Jishan was the best at making money.

Just then, his communicator rang.

Wen Jishan lowered his head and glanced at the order given by the emperor before frowning.

Let the brave take care of these old people and children?

These people looked unreliable in his mind. Wen Jishan found it hard to imagine that they would be willing to do this type of caretaking work.

In particular, a large number of them definitely didn’t have gentle personalities.

Still, they weren’t dangerous either. 

After all, he wasn’t an elementalist but he could still feel that these brave people were really weak!

He also heard news that one of them was slapped to death by a soldier.

They didn’t even make a fuss about it.

Despite his doubt, Wen Jishan obeyed the emperor’s will.

He had now become a loyal supporter of the emperor. Since the emperor had chosen them, there was no reason to question it.

What’s more, the emperor hadn’t let him down yet.

It wasn’t long before he heard from Li Zhecheng that the brave had arrived.

He packed his things and headed to the central square of Mercenary Town.

Today’s Mercenary Town could no longer be called a small town.

The population had risen from 50,000 to 70,000 with the continuous influx of local army elementalists and migrant workers. This number was still increasing.

The large population movement and booming infrastructure meant the facilities here were constantly being improved.

The old, low-rise bungalows were being demolished and built into two or three story wooden or brick houses.

The small grocery store had also expanded into a large shopping mall. Through action, it was leased to the nobles and merchants who smelled business opportunities and came from the inner city.

These guys were only interested in profiteering but it had to be said that they managed the mall in a vivid and colorful manner.

After all, elementalists weren’t omnipotent. Some things couldn’t be produced in a short period of time.

It saved a lot of work to have these businessmen transport things from the inner city.

Moreover, as the road from the inner city to Mercenary Town was fixed and rebuilt, not only was the road leveled and more spacious but the distance was also shortened.

Ordinary people used to take two days and two nights to walk it. Now it was shortened by half. This was the contribution of the civil engineering elementalists.

These elementalists might be below one star but they were from the academy and had the ability to control the elements.

Let’s not talk about the warrior department. There were many spiritual elementalists in the local army who were delayed due to testing errors.

It was corrected but this didn’t mean they advanced by leaps and bounds. Still, there was nothing wrong with controlling elements to build roads.

The speed might be slow but there were many people!

There were more than 30,000 elementalists in the local army. More than 10,000 had come and it was scary when thinking about it!

Fortunately, there was the Black Valley. Otherwise, Wen Jishan would be worried about not having enough to feed them.

The town was thriving and almost every pedestrian was busy. It was very busy but very fulfilling.

Even the originally reluctant elementalists in the local army couldn’t help falling in love with the life in the small town after coming here!

For those who were used to comfort, they didn’t need to go to the front lines and fight for their life. They just had to finish the construction work according to their responsibilities.

For elementalists who weren’t willing to be ordinary and wanted to advance, the atmosphere here and the daily work was actually a type of training.

Since coming to the town, there had been breakthroughs every day.

This progress was updated in real time on the mercenary point list. It was because an increase in strength also gave points!

Wen Jishan looked at these unfamiliar faces wearing elementalist uniforms and sometimes couldn’t help feeling envy.

It would be great if he could also train.

However, he was currently too busy and had no time to ponder the basic training techniques.

He went to the central square and finally saw the group of braves.

The first impression that these people gave him was sloppy.

In addition, some of the women looked at him with feverish eyes and he couldn’t help stopping.

Fortunately, these people still had good manners.

Wen Jishan cleared his throat and said, “Welcome to Mercenary Town.”

Then before he could continue speaking, he heard a big man shouting, “Don’t talk nonsense. Where is an old lady with reduced mobility? I’m in a hurry to cook for her!”

Wen Jishan was stunned and looked at him suspiciously.

“What’s the matter? I am proficient in all types of cooking! Isn’t it just making a meal? Don’t talk nonsense and hurry!”

How long had he been in the game?

He still had to level up so things couldn’t be delayed too much!

Wen Jishan had no choice but to say, “Here is the list.”

Then he stared blankly as a large group of braves swarmed over and started to scramble for the papers.

However, there was soon a brave person who stood up to maintain order.

“Don’t grab it, don’t grab it! One by one according to your needs!”

“Who needs an old lady?”

“Me, me, me!”

”I want it too!”

”Give it to me!”

”Give me one!”

“Who wants an old man?”

“This way!”

”I want the old man!”


Wen Jishan was confused. Were these people crazy?

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