VCRMM: Chapter 57 Part 1

“Si Sheng?”

Xu Sili felt a bit unsure until the numbness of his body faded and his senses started to recover. Then…

He also froze and his face slowly turned red.

After a full 10 seconds, Xu Sili gritted his teeth, veins faintly bulging on his forehead.

“Let go,” he whispered. These two words seemed to be squeezed out of the cracks in his teeth.

Si Sheng, who was usually obedient to him, used his arms to circle Xu Sili. Si Sheng’s chin rested on Xu Sili’s shoulders and his eyelashes drooped, forming a dark shadow on his eyelids.

The sofa where the two of them were sitting was facing the French windows. The beautiful glass was as smooth as a mirror, reflecting their figures.

The blond man hung his head slightly and his whole body was filled with a pitiful grievance.

“I don’t want to be seen by you.”

The low voice was in the man’s consistent cold voice but at this moment, it was filled with an inexplicable sense of shame.

Xu Sili paused. It could be imagined that the other person’s ears were red.

Thinking back just now, it seemed that he did touch…

He started to reflect on it without understanding. He had been sitting on the sofa. How did he end up in Si Sheng’s arms?

Xu Sili looked back with some curiosity in order to see what Si Sheng looked like in this moment. However, his face was pressed against the side of the other person’s head and his waist hugged tightly.

He couldn’t help his lips twitching.

Previously, he was seen by Si Sheng. Now that it was Si Sheng’s turn, why couldn’t he see it?

Xu Sili vaguely felt like he had suffered a loss and wanted to get up again, but he was caught in a tight grip.

The other person was using strength. It wasn’t to the extent of hurting him but it wouldn’t let him break free.

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Xu Sili went to the dining room and found that Joan and Asheng had returned. They were sitting at the table and waiting for him.

“Imperial brother!”

Joan was the first to find him. Then Asheng cried out, “Your Majesty brother!”

Finally, Ah Huang whimpered.

After coming back from the town, the ancient beast, the silver wolf, had become dirty again. Janice frowned when she saw it.

Still, there was no way. Ah Huang didn’t like to take baths and when vigilant, she couldn’t catch him.

“You can eat straight away next time. Don’t wait for me,” Xu Sili said.

Asheng nodded obediently. It was Joan who frowned slightly but he didn’t say anything to refute his imperial brother.

At this time, Xu Sili suddenly thought of something when he saw Ah Huang. He walked over to Ah Huang and crouched down.

Ah Huang shook his tail happily.

Then he remembered something and backed away with some alertness.

“Don’t worry, I have no idea of acting against you.”

Xu Sili told him. “It’s just… have you ever been to another city?”

Ah Huang blinked and cocked his head ignorantly.

Xu Sili felt it was a bit difficult to handle.

He didn’t know if Ah Huang’s IQ could understand his words but if it was the main consciousness, Chamo should be able to understand.

After all, Chamo even made September suffer.

However, Chamo was still in a state of being seriously injured and his consciousness was sleeping.

Maybe he should think of a way to cure Chamo?

“Ah Huang, have you been to any other cities besides Imperial City? Orchid Moon City, Twilight Frost City, Seizing Star City or Glass Sea City?”

He paused every time he said the name of a city but Ah Huang still looked confused.

Thinking about it, Ah Huang might not know the name of the cities even if he had gone to other cities?

“I’ve been to Orchid Moon City.”

At this time, a young girl’s clear voice was heard. “Chamo took me. The cream buns there are delicious!”

Then she gulped.

Xu Sili’s eyes lit up and he stood up to walk to Asheng.

“Ah Sheng, are you telling the truth? You’ve been to Orchid Moon City before?”

Seeing him so excited, Asheng blinked and nodded a bit uneasily.

Xu Sili saw that she was frightened and hurriedly suppressed his mood. Then he smiled softy, “Asheng, when did you go to Orchid Moon City?”

Asheng thought about it before shaking her head. “I don’t remember.”

“So how did you get to Imperial City?”

“That…” Asheng recalled it. “Chamo cut a hole in the air and we came over quickly.”

It was the space skill!

Xu Sili was a bit excited.

“What about Chamo? How do you get him to wake up?” He kept on asking.

Little Asheng shook her head.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him for a long time. He said he wanted to sleep. Then when he woke up, he came to see me and told me not to be caught by bad guys.”

Xu Sili sighed. He knew that he couldn’t ask anything and didn’t ask any more questions.

It seemed that he really had to heal Chamo!

Nevertheless, this was actually good. The teleportation circle needed to be built and Chamo needed to be healed. He needed to develop in multiple directions, just like when he was trying to earn cosmic coins at the beginning.

Xu Sili smiled at the still confused Ah Huang and told Janice to feed more meat to the big yellow dog, no, the ancient silver wolf beast.

Eat more to recover well!

He would look for someone tomorrow to heal Chamo. As for who to find? Well, just Niya!

Xu Sili could imagine what type of wonderful expression this noble water healer would show after receiving this order.

It was just that he didn’t care too much.

Chamo must be healed. If someone dared to delay him from meeting his second brother then they wouldn’t end up well!

In front of him, Ah Huang couldn’t help shrinking back. He felt that this human’s expression was a bit terrible.

Stay away from him!

Yet when Janice brought a big pot of meat, Ah Huang completely forgot everything else. He shook his big tail and ate happily.

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