VCRMM: Chapter 56 Part 2

“Didn’t you have to invest a lot of money in it every year? When will it be ready? I heard people say that holographic technology is very complicated. Maybe… it could take decades to achieve?”

At this point, her eyes dimmed again with loss.

Xu Yuheng squeezed his spoon tightly. His fingertips lost some blood but a gentle smile appeared on his face.

“Mom, it will be soon.”

He added, “It won’t be long until you can enter the game and see Xiao Li.”

“You aren’t lying to me?” Mother Xu looked at him suspiciously.

“Of course, I can’t lie to you about this.” Xu Yuheng’s voice was warm.

“In fact, the game is currently being tested but it isn’t stable enough. After officially passing the test, you can join me in the game.”

“Huh? Join you?” Mother Xu blinked.

“Yes.” Xu Yuheng couldn’t hide it any longer. “I was in the game just now. The big thing in my room is the game cabin. Holographic games can only be played using it.”

“Don’t worry. You can go in at once after the test is passed.”

Mother Xu smiled happily before asking, “Then did you see Li Li?”

Xu Yuheng paused.

If it wasn’t for his older brother, he would’ve already seen it.

He didn’t report it and only said, “I just entered the game today. How can it be so fast?”

“Xiao Li is the emperor in the game but the emperor lives in the palace. I have to do quests and try to enter the palace to see him.”

“Eh? It is so much trouble…”

Mother Xu murmured before looking at her second son and encouraging him. “Ah Heng is so smart. You can certainly do it.”

“Once you become a big official, Li Li will meet you. Jiayou!”

Xu Yuheng smiled and nodded lightly.

At this time, Mother Xu urged him. “Then you eat quickly. Finish eating and play the game. Become an official early on in the game!”

“Yes, would you like to eat in your room?”

Xu Yuheng, “……”

Xu Yuheng finished eating and was told to rush online. Then he found that he was still standing in the place where he went offline and his health was still full, so he couldn’t help sighing with relief.

He soon noticed that something was wrong.

He cocked his head to meet a pair of round, brown eyes.

The moment he looked over, the owner of the eyes was taken aback. This person held a wood-cutting knife in his hand and stared at him warily.

It was a skinny child around six or seven years old. He had short hair that was messy and tangled, his body was dirty and there was a faintly unpleasant smell.

Xu Yuheng frowned slightly and glanced at his friends list. Baifeng hadn’t gone online yet.

He stepped forward and the child shouted, “Don’t come here!”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help stopping in place. He looked at the child and waited for the child to speak.

“You… are you a ghost?”

The child’s voice was trembling but he still acted brave.

Xu Yuheng raised an eyebrow and understood after thinking about it.

It was estimated that this little guy saw the scene of him disappearing and reappearing when he went offline and online, so he misunderstood.

He looked at the child and remembered his brother when he was young. Of course, the child in front of him wasn’t as cute as his brother.

He pointed to the ground. “I have a shadow. See?”

The child looked at the ground and saw the shadow under Xu Yuheng’s feet. It was stretched long by the setting sun and extended all the way to the wall.

He sighed with relief and his eyes were less frightened.

Xu Yuheng continued, “What you saw was just one of my skills.”

The child’s eyes lit up slightly.

“Skills? You… are you an elementalist?”

Xu Yuheng paused. It wasn’t due to the child’s words but the game system’s notification.

[Reminder: Your ordinary mission – Respect the Old and Love the Young (1/6). There is a mission goal. Please complete it as soon as possible to avoid it lapsing.]

Xu Yuheng didn’t have to do the daily mission but he still accepted it. Now seeing the system notification, he couldn’t help looking at the mission panel.

[Respect the Old and Love the Young (1/6): Please accompany a little boy for dinner.]

If he remembered correctly, this daily mission was for widowed people, the old and the young. So the child in front of him…

An orphan?

Xu Yuheng glanced lightly at the little kid in front of him.

This was just an NPC.

He told himself that he should look for a way to go to the army, so as to return to Imperial City with them when the elementalist test was over.

Before that, he had to kill monsters and level up as soon as possible, instead of wasting time on daily tasks like this.

During the day, he helped Baifeng do the daily mission ring so he could only get 10 experience points.

The accumulation might seem good but it took them one afternoon to complete four rings.

For Xu Yuheng, the price/performance ratio wasn’t high.

If it hadn’t been for helping Baifeng gain legal residency, he might’ve already gone to the wild to kill.

However, seeing the child’s thin and yellow face and the knife that was thicker than the child’s arm, Xu Yuheng gritted his teeth and finally didn’t move.

“What’s your name?”

He looked at the child and asked in a low voice.

It was too tragic. Even if the child looked thin and small, his strength was higher than Xu Yuheng’s. Therefore, when checking the child’s information, he only saw ‘highly skilled.’

He also knew the reason. The NPC’s health volume algorithm was different from players. The game system looked at only health when evaluating the strength comparison.

The child looked at him and hesitated. “I… my name is Jayne.”

“Are you home alone?”

The child shook his head before suddenly saying vigilantly, “What do you want to do?”

Xu Yuheng took a loaf of bread out of his bag.

It was bought for him by Baifeng.

The game was very real. Players could become hungry and if their hunger value accumulated to a certain level, they would lose health.

After knowing this information, the rich Baifeng went to buy a large package of bread and stuffed his initial backpack so it was full.

“If you have only one person, I have only one bread for you. If there are two people, I’ll give you two,” Xu Yuheng said.

Little Jayne looked at the bread in his hand and swallowed frantically.

“What if there are three?”

Xu Yuheng was startled before smiling. “Then I will give three.”

“I…I also have a younger brother and sister!” Little Jayne said. “They are in there.”

He forgot all vigilance in front of food.

It was too real.

Xu Yuheng looked at the desire revealed in the child’s eyes and couldn’t imagine that this child was really made out of data.

Even if he knew it was false, he couldn’t help being soft after facing such eyes.

He sighed as he threw the bread in his hand to the child. Then he brought out two more from his backpack.

He wasn’t in a hurry to give it but little Jayne was already satisfied.

He held a piece of bread around the size of his two fists and ran happily into another room, not even caring about the knife.

“Jamie, Lily! We have bread to eat!”

He ran into the room and Xu Yuheng followed after him.

Two children smaller than Jayne crawled out from under the bed. They were happy until they saw Xu Yuheng. Then they quickly hid behind their brother.

If Jayne was a little radish head then these two children were little beans.

Based on their similar size and facial features, they should be twins.

Jayne comforted his siblings and divided the bread between them.

The twin brother and sister took the bread and took only one bite before handing the rest to their brother, asking him to eat together.

Jayne took a bite as well and the two small beans smiled.

Xu Yuheng saw this scene and his lips pressed together in a straight line. His eyes under his glasses were a bit dark.

Just then, there was a noise from the direction of the window.

He looked over and saw two slender legs appearing through the window. Then there was a loud bang as Baifeng jumped in flexibly through the narrow window.

“Hey Brother Yu, I’m here!”

Baifeng smiled. Then he saw the three children in the room. “Wow, so cute! Are you eating? Won’t you be thirsty just eating bread?”

He pulled out a bottle of water from his bag. “Come come, I will give you some water.”

Xu Yuheng shook his head at this familiar appearance.

This had always been the case with Baifeng.

In other games, they had to eat food when hungry or they would lose health. Every time this guy saw that someone was experiencing a health debuff from hunger, he would give them some steamed buns.

That was how they met.

Presumably, Baifeng’s smile was more friendly. The three children weren’t afraid of him and quickly finished the bread.

[Ding~ Jayne’s favorability toward you +10.]

[Ding~ Jamie’s favorability toward you +10.]

[Ding~ Lily’s favorability toward you +10.]

Xu Yuheng blinked. The system’s favorability reminder made him realize once again that the three children in front of him were NPCs, not real people.

His first daily mission was completed like this.

[Ding~ Congratulations on completing the ordinary mission ‘Respect the Old and Love the Young (1/6). The basic rewards are +10 experience points and Roland Empire reputation points +1.]

[Due to your excellent performance, bonus experience points +89 and Roland Empire reputation +8.]

Xu Yuheng was taken aback.

Next to him, Baifeng had already laughed. “Wow, Brother Yu. I gained 99 experience points this time. I leveled up!”

These rewards couldn’t be called generous.

Looking at the daily mission panel, Xu Yuheng was still a bit hesitant. Then he heard Baifeng say to the three children with a smile, “I will come tomorrow!”

Xu Yuheng, “……”

Xu Sili didn’t know that his second brother was struggling with the daily tasks he had posted. At this time, he was on the sofa and sitting a bit stiffly.

He had maintained this position for a long time.

When exactly was this guy Si Sheng going to sleep until? He had been resting for so long. Shouldn’t it be enough?

Just as he couldn’t hold it in, the man with closed eyes finally gently opened his gray-blue eyes.

Si Sheng had actually woken up a long time ago.

It was just that he pretended to be sleeping to stay close to Lord God for a while.

However, he could feel that Lord God was gradually approaching the limit.

In fact, Si Sheng was already surprised that Lord God could indulge him in this way. This made ripples occur in his heart.

He wasn’t willing to give it up but he couldn’t bear Lord God feeling any pain.

Lord God was currently very weak, just like ordinary beings. He couldn’t withstand it so Si Sheng should restrain himself…

He pursed his lips and got up slowly.

He was just about to open his mouth when he heard the young man say happily, “You’re finally awake!”

Then the warmth around him suddenly left.

The young man couldn’t wait to get up.

Before Si Sheng had time to feel the loss, the figure who stood up suddenly fell back. He sat down tremblingly.

Si Sheng’s eyes flashed.

His figure suddenly disappeared and when he reappeared, he had already moved to where Xu Sili had been in order to catch him.

Xu Sili’s handsome face distorted in a mask of pain.

He felt his entire lower body becoming numb.

Having said that, he had clearly fallen onto the sofa. Why did he feel a bit strange?

He reached out and touched under his butt. The more he touched, the more wrong he felt.

Just as he endured the first wave of leg numbness and wanted to look back, a pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

The man’s scorching breath sprayed against his ear and the low voice was somewhat restrained and helpless.

“Your Majesty, don’t move.”

If you move again, something will happen.

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