VCRMM: Chapter 56 Part 1

Can players… be happy with NPCs? The story that had to be told about Master Mo and Master Architect Chi Yu?

Xu Sili was shocked to see the title.

He just thought there would be conflicts between players and NPCs. He never thought that there would be happiness?

Was it that type of ‘happiness’ he imagined?

For a while, he forgot to reply to Li Zhecheng. He clicked to open the post and read it with a slightly gossipy air.

[Starry Sky Small Reporter]:

“Lalala, it is time for this small reporter to report again! Today, let’s talk about the story between Boss Su Mo and architect Chi Yu~”

“Bigshot Su Mo, the super god who broke the level limit for everyone. He is certainly no stranger to everyone. Meanwhile, Chi Yu, hehe, has become the resident NPC of Boss Su Mo’s guild!”

“If you are fortunate enough to join Su Mo’s guild, Ink Dyed Red Dust, you will meet this master who is obsessed with architecture.”

Then the small reporter posted a gif.

It showed a handsome young man with red hair and red eyes. He held an architectural drawing in his hand and was standing in front of an unfinished construction site, looking down.

“This is Master Chi Yu~”

“The teleportation circle that everyone is using was built by him and Su Mo together!”

“Let me share a bit of gossip with you. Hehehe, the reason Su Mo is now obsessed with construction is due to Chi Yu~”

“It is said that the bigshot fell in love with Chi Yu at first sight. It is a pity that one side is willing but the other side remains indifferent. Master Chi Yu was so absorbed in construction that Boss Su Mo had to throw himself into construction and he even set up the Ink Dyed Red Dust Guild!”

He posted a lot of photos and arguments as supporting evidence and this led to a bunch of replies.

“The Ink Dyed Red Dust Guild are all life players. Many bigshots who played simulated cities have made great contributions to upgrading Imperial City.”

“Ultimately, Bigshot Su Mo persisted and never gave up. Chi Yu was fooled into the guild and became the resident NPC. They are now always together like an immortal couple, making people feel envious!”


Xu Sili read the post and was skeptical of the reporter’s account.

He had already thought about it. Chi Yu was a special talent NPC. Xu Sili met him last time but he ran away before Xu Sili could use Insight on him.

Now it appeared that Chi Yu’s special talent should be related to architecture.

It was a necessary talent!

He also presided over the construction of the teleportation circle. In other words, there was a high probability he would be able to build the teleportation circle if he had a blueprint!

Xu Sili was a bit excited.

It didn’t matter if Su Mo participated in the closed beta or not. The most important thing was to find Chi Yu.

Chi Yu was a master architect and was very capable in his own right. For example, he could hook up with Su Mo later on… it didn’t matter what the relationship between the two people was. This was very cost-effective!

Xu Sili hurriedly sent a message to Wen Jishan and had him help find Chi Yu.

He currently didn’t have much information about Chi Yu. He just hoped that his competent administrator could help him find this person as soon as possible.

As for the message that Li Zhecheng just sent him, Xu Sili thought about it before replying and asking Li Zhecheng to pay attention to this point.

Hua Sui.

The player’s name made him feel a bit familiar. It must’ve appeared in the post he viewed today.

Based on what this guy had done, he was likely to be among the players who would attack the city in the future. There was a high probability he was a core figure.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be mentioned in the post and seen by Xu Sili.

It was thanks to Li Zhecheng throwing him into the barracks for training that he could think of this person.

Still, Xu Sili didn’t care too much.

It was difficult for a person who didn’t get along with the crowd to make a difference.

As long as the remaining 99.9% of players were drawn together and made to live in harmony with the NPCs, there should be no mass killings of NPCs.

Next, Xu Sili continued to look through the posts on the forum.

It was to find information but these posts were actually quite interesting.

At this moment, only he and Si Sheng were in the bedroom.

Just after putting a blanket on Si Sheng, he had sat down next to Si Sheng. At this moment, Xu Sili was focusing on the forum posts and unknowingly adjusted to a comfortable posture.

He curled up his legs and sank into the sofa.

He also didn’t notice it but the tall figure beside him started to lean toward him bit by bit.

Finally, the man’s head rested gently on the shoulder of the silver-haired youth.

Xu Sili blinked and turned his head, causing his cheek to be scratched by the man’s soft blond hair.

The warm breath that belonged to Si Sheng directly hit his face.

He suddenly thought about that day in the bath. He was soft in Si Sheng’s arms and the breath he smelled when he was carried by Si Sheng out of the bath…

A rush of heat spread over Xu Sili’s cheeks. His milky white skin seemed covered with a layer of rouge and even his lips were rosy.

His heart beat quickly for a few minutes before being suppressed.

He had told himself he would no longer think about this.

Moreover, it was only an accident from his physique increasing too quickly.

Xu Sili thought so and took a deep breath, focusing again on the future forum.

It was quiet in the bedroom.

The blond man was covered with a blanket and he leaned against the slightly slender young man, his head resting on the young man’s shoulder and his light-colored eyelashes quivering slightly.

Meanwhile, the young man with long silver hair had a flushed face but his eyes focused on something in the air.

He seemed to be reading something but he was distracted from time to time. Still, he was always quiet and motionless, never waking up the man who was sleeping.

The two people leaned together like this as the sun slowly set outside and dyed the sky red.


Orchid Moon City, the central town.

On the roof, two figures stood together and overlooked the small town rendered orange by the sunset clouds.

“The view of this game is really good!”

Baifeng spoke emotionally, “What type of genius created such a real game? I wish I could meet them in the future.”

Xu Yuheng nodded before speaking lightly, “You go to dinner first. I will also be offline for a while.”

“Okay! I will later go online to complete the daily mission!”

They were all given the daily and weekly missions.

However, Xu Yuheng opened the novice gift pack and gained 100 reputation points. He was considered to be the first player to have legal residency in the whole server so he didn’t have to do the mission for the time being.

Baifeng was a vigorous and resolute person. He immediately went offline after speaking.

Xu Yuheng was just about to go offline when he found that Baifeng’s body was still displayed there despite the system notification telling him ‘your friend Baifeng has gone offline.’

It was like… hanging up.

Xu Yuheng frowned. He reached out to put a hand on Baifeng’s shoulder and found that this person could still be touched.

He patted Baifeng hard.


A damage figure suddenly emerged on top of Baifeng’s head.

So they could be attacked even offline?

Xu Yuheng pursed his lips and felt a trace of solemnity. He didn’t go offline but waited in place.

It was around 10 minutes before Baifeng’s body slowly disappeared.

This discovery was a relief to Xu Yuheng.

If the body stayed here after being offline and could be attacked then the restrictions could be even greater.

Now that this was the case, it was best to not go offline in the wild or if you went offline, you should have someone to watch you.

Xu Yuheng wanted to wait for Baifeng to return but at this time, he received a game notification again.

“Hello, you have received an external call. According to the name in the address book, the call is from-Mother. Would you like to answer?”

Xu Yuheng had to choose to answer.

A phone appeared in front of him.

Xu Yuheng put the phone to his ear and suddenly heard a gentle voice.

“Ah Heng, the meal is ready. Come out and eat.”

Before Xu Yuheng could explain, Mother Xu continued to nag. “Work is important but your body is also important. If you don’t eat on time then you will become sick.”

“Mom, wait a minute. I’ll be out soon.”

Xu Yuheng looked left and right for a hidden place suitable to go offline. As a result…

“You say that every time but aren’t the dishes cold when you come out? Well, you and Ah Feng have grown up. I can’t control you.”

Mother Xu’s voice became a bit choked up.

“When you were born, you were all healthy. How come you are like this now…?”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help having a headache. Ever since his younger brother died unexpectedly and his medical records were seen, his mother became a bit nervous.

He wasn’t good at saying anything heavy so he could only coax her.

“Okay, I’m going out to eat right now. Give me two minutes, okay? I’ll be out in two minutes.”

“You said it,” Mother Xu replied.

“Yes, I said it. If I don’t go out in two minutes, you can let Uncle Liu kick down the door, okay?”

“Old Liu is getting older. He can’t kick it.”

“Then you let him take a kitchen knife and chop at the door.”

“Pfft! How can you come up with this idea?” Mother Xu laughed and scolded. “Yes, if you don’t come out in two minutes then your father and I won’t eat.”

“Okay, I’m coming out now.”

Xu Yuheng was relieved after finally coaxing this person. He couldn’t find a hidden place so he jumped from the roof to the second floor. He hid in a corner and directly went offline.

He just hoped that when he went online, his character was still intact and unharmed.

This was a dilapidated wooden house with a balcony on the second floor.

The sunset glow shone and spread on the wooden boards.

In the light, the balcony door suddenly opened. A figure peered out from behind the door and carefully looked around.

Xu Yuheng went offline and went out to the living room.

Seeing that he really came out on time, Mother Xu smiled. Father Xu glanced at his son but didn’t say anything. He continued to read the newspaper in his hand.

It was just that they really hadn’t eaten the food in front of them.

“Come on, Ah Heng. Have a mouthful of soup first.”

Mother Xu placed a bowl of chicken soup in front of him and smiled. “I have spent all day boiling it. Drink more.”

Xu Yuheng sat down politely opposite the two of them. He lowered his head, took a sip and smiled at her. “It is delicious. Everything you cook is delicious.”

Mother Xu smiled more happily.

“Out of the three brothers, you are the one who is best at coaxing.”

“Your older brother is a stuffy gourd and he could go half a day without saying a word. As for Li Li… Li Li likes playing music and games…”

As she spoke, her voice became smaller and her eyes turned red.

Xu Yuheng felt helpless while Father Xu had an ugly expression as he frowned. “It was a good atmosphere. Why mention the third child?”

“He is my son. Why can’t I mention him?”

Mother Xu was agitated.

Then she thought of something and suddenly looked at Xu Yuheng. Her voice softened and filled with careful anticipation.

“Ah Heng, you said that in the game… you can see Li Li in the game, right?”

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