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VCRMM: Chapter 55 Part 2

This argument ended when the teenager was arrested by two soldiers on the spot.

“Da*n, what bad luck. I was discovered!”

The boy curled his lips and handed over the wallet when the soldiers came to catch him.

After all, NPCs were so strong. He didn’t want to be slapped to death like that unlucky guy before.

Li Zhecheng stared at the teenager, his expression as black as the bottom of a pot.

He was a man of integrity and hated this type of petty thief the most. In particular, this child looked so young but he did such a thing so easily!

“Is there nothing you want to say?”

“Say? What are you talking about?”

The teenager was stunned before he said with a smile “I was just joking with the uncle and borrowed it for fun. Didn’t I return it now?”

[Ding~ The favorability of Li Zhecheng has reduced by 1,000 and is in the ‘disgust’ range. He might kill you at any time. Please be careful.]

The teenager looked at the notification and then curled his lips at Li Zhecheng.

If favorability was decreased then let it decrease. Not everyone wanted peace. Even if the worst result was to become a wanted criminal, this was also an alternative way to play!

Life was to pursue stimulation!

Li Zhecheng saw the teenager’s rebellion and took a deep breath. He threw the wallet to the driver before looking at the soldiers. “Take the others to Wen Jishan.”

“Yes, Guard Captain!”

The soldiers let go of the teenager before looking at the other players and bringing them inside the town.

If they had any curiosity about the brave before then, after experiencing the teenager’s matter they just felt contemptuous.

This made the other more sensitive players, especially the professional players, become furious.

They usually thought highly of themselves but now they were despised by the NPCs. It naturally wasn’t good to say anything.

This made their hearts feel blocked and stuffy.

Many people looked at the ID of the teenager.

On the outside, the biggest difference between players and NPCs was probably the ID name hung above the player’s head.

Hua Sui. 

Very good, they would remember it!

The teenager called Hua Sui didn’t care. He received the attention of the group and just waved at them with a smile like he wasn’t the one who was caught.

After everyone left, the teenager looked at Li Zhecheng and started to observe him. “Are you called Li Zhecheng?”

“Too bold!”

Some soldiers saw him acting so frivolously and couldn’t help wanting to teach him. However, they were stopped by Li Zhecheng.

These so-called braves were too fragile. They might die with the slightest tap.

The previous incident was an accident. It would be a bit awkward if it happened again.

After all, stealing wasn’t a crime with the death sentence.

Li Zhecheng stared at the teenager in front of him and raised an eyebrow. “Do you know me?”

He had already discovered that these braves seemed to know his name as soon as they met. They also said some inexplicable words.

“Hey, not only do I know you but I also played you.” Hua Sui spoke casually.

Li Zhecheng frowned.

He didn’t really understand the words and he finally decided… forget it. They weren’t people from the same world. Why bother?

“If you repent then I will let you go.”

He looked at the teenager. He hated stealing but he was forgiving of children.


“Hey, what else?”

Hua Sui laughed. “I told you that I was just joking with that uncle. Why don’t you believe me?”

He was still a child. It might be different in reality but he acted quite freely in the game.

Li Zhecheng looked at him before glancing at the soldiers expressionlessly. “Take him to the new barracks and give him to Hamm.”

“Tell Hamm to train him in the strictest way.”

“In half a month, I want to see a whole new side to this child.”

The soldiers who were looked at by Li Zhecheng shuddered and suddenly glanced at Hua Sui. In addition to contempt, there was a bit of sympathy in their eyes.

Ordinary people who joined the army weren’t sent to the front lines as soon as they were enlisted. They needed to go through training at the new barracks and were only sent to the front lines after reaching the standard.

Hamm was the head of the barracks.

He was also a nightmare for all recruits and most ordinary soldiers on active duty.

Hua Sui didn’t care.

An NPC training him? Oh, he had the realism adjustment system. Why did he need to worry about this?

[Ding~ Successfully triggered an elite mission – Recruit Training.]

[Description: You have angered Li Zhecheng and he has decided to hand you over to Hamm at the new barracks for half a month of devil training.]

[Quest content: Complete all training within the specified time. The reward is unknown.]

[Note: If you give up halfway, you might be subject to certain compulsory measures.]

Hua Sui saw the notification and raised an eyebrow.

So good? It turned out to be an elite mission!

Hey, he said that the game group encouraged players to explore their own way!

If he hadn’t stolen the driver’s wallet just now, he would have to do the daily task of Respecting the Old and Loving the Young. Now…

It was an elite mission. The rewards must be very generous and he would naturally pick it up.

Hua Sui said cheerfully, “Okay, let’s go to training. I’ll be able to leave in half a month, right?”

He was going to the barracks and unlocking a new map. This was treatment that no one else received!

The soldiers saw that Hua Sui couldn’t wait and found it strange.

Maybe this was the fearlessness of the ignorant!

They hoped he would still be there in half a month.

Li Zhecheng didn’t feel much. This was his punishment. If this brave couldn’t endure even this bit of hardship then go back to the other world as soon as possible!

Their world was very dangerous.

Next, Hua Sui happily waved goodbye to Li Zhecheng and followed the soldiers to the new barracks.

The barracks weren’t far from Mercenary Town. They arrived after driving the floating car over two mountains.

The thing that made Hua Sui surprised was that the head trainer called Hamm was thin and tall. He wasn’t the muscular man Hua Sui imagined.

Once the soldiers expressed their intentions, Hamm looked at Hua Sui and grinned widely.

“A brave? Then we should have a good competition.”

The soldiers quickly reminded him that Hua Sui was very fragile and one slap could kill him.

“Yes, I have a sense of proportion.”

Hamm waved his hand casually.

The soldiers didn’t want to stay too long because they couldn’t help thinking of unbearable memories when seeing Hamm. They handed the teenager to Hamm and ran away.

Meanwhile, Hua Sui had turned on the video recording function to take in all the sights of the barracks.

He felt there must be something good here because the defense was so tight!

In the last game, Hua Sui had played it as a thief.

He was also a very talented player. Many teams had thrown olive branches to him but he always refused.

He preferred to play games the way he wanted and he didn’t like being bound by rules.

Just like before. Was he the only one curious if he could act against the things in the car?


It was just that professional players couldn’t put down their reputation and old players were afraid of the death penalty so they didn’t dare to act.

So now this opportunity belonged to him!

Later, he would write a post to show off. His style wasn’t to amass wealth while keeping a low profile.

Hamm glanced at him. “You can actually make Li Zhecheng, this good old man, be so cruel. You are quite capable.”

“Come on and start your life for the next half a month. I will train you according to the most stringent requirements. Even if you want to give up in the middle, you will have to grit your teeth and endure it!”

“The words ‘give up’ aren’t in my dictionary!” Hua Sui exclaimed.

The teenager looked complacent and didn’t care about Hamm’s words at all. For him, NPCs were just AIs with no feelings. Why care so much?

It was just that Hua Sui quickly couldn’t smile once the training started.

[Ding~ Since you have accepted the elite task ‘Recruit Training’, your overall setting has been adjusted to 70% realism during the training period. It will be adjusted based on your actual situation.]

Hua Sui was immediately shocked.

He clicked into the settings and found that his realism setting was frozen and he couldn’t control it any longer.

Oh my god!

The first time he had entered the game, he had felt Li Zhecheng’s pressure. This might be lowered by 30% but it was still hard to handle!

[Ding~ Please follow the instructions of head trainer Hamm to complete the 1,500 meters load-bearing run within five minutes. If you fail to complete it on time, you might encounter an electric shock.]

[Note: The electric shock only works on the mind. It stimulates the feelings after the body experiences an electric shock. It won’t cause any harm to the body, please rest assured.]

Rest assured?

How could he rest assured?

Who would want to experience an electric shock? It was also with 70% realism. This was very uncomfortable even if it was a game.

Hua Sui wanted to run away but Hamm grabbed him by the collar from behind and lifted him directly.

“The track is over there,” he kindly reminded.

“If you don’t complete the task… hehehe!”

Hua Sui felt that this NPC’s laugh was abnormal. Once he was put down, he ran directly to a group of soldiers passing by instead of going to the track.

The soldier didn’t understand the situation. He raised his hand to block and Hua Sui was thrown back.

It was okay if he died!

As Hua Sui thought like this, he felt himself flying through the sky and falling heavily to the ground.

It wasn’t known what he hit but when he fell to the ground, it was so painful he wanted to cough up blood. However… he didn’t die?

Then a system notification appeared again.

[Ding~ You are in a special state and your health bar is temporarily locked. Any damage you receive during training won’t be able to kill you.]

Hua Sui, “……”


By the time Xu Sili received a message from Li Zhecheng, he found that it had already become night time.

He picked up the teacup and found that the tea was gone.

The snack plate was also empty.

He raised his eyes again to find Si Sheng leaning on the sofa on one side, eyes slightly closed like he had fallen asleep.

Xu Sili felt a touch of novelty seeing Si Sheng’s slightly exhausted look.

In his impression, Si Sheng had always been invincible and there had never been such a fragile moment.

It turned out that this person would become tired too?

Xu Sili blinked and got up cautiously. He grabbed a blanket from the bed and draped it over this person lightly.

Then he sat down beside Si Sheng in a slightly distracted manner.

He had spent one day on the forum and got a bit of effective information.

The vastness of posts was a great asset for him but it also increased the difficulty in screening information.

For the future forum, this was almost 10 years ago. The teleportation circle wasn’t like the health medicine formula. Everyone could use it so no one uploaded it as a dry goods post.

Even so, Xu Sili learned some special information from a few words.

For example, the name of the guild that liked to engage in construction and the ID of the guild president. Based on the forum, this was a powerful construction boss in reality.

He just didn’t know if this bigshot participated in the closed beta.

Xu Sili was struggling over whether to contact the bigshot when he received Li Zhecheng’s message.

He was just about to reply when he saw an 818 post with a name that made him feel familiar. (818 = gossip)

“Can players be happy with NPCs? The 818 stories that have to be told about Master Mo and Master Architect Chi Yu!”

Rainbow: After this chapter, I will be taking a pause from updating for a bit. I don’t know how long it will be. It will be between one week to the end of November, depending on how things go.

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