VCRMM: Chapter 55 Part 1

Teleportation circle?

Xu Sili was stunned. He naturally knew what the teleportation circle was but he knew full well that there was no such thing in Imperial City.

In the past month or so, he had traveled through the streets or alleys of the inner city. He might’ve only been to Mercenary Town in the outer city but his territory panel must show if there was a teleportation circle.

In other words, the teleportation circle was likely to… appear in a later update?

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

He thought about it with a serious expression before typing a reply to Paddling is All About the Waves.

He knew how to deal with an old player who liked to bring new players.


“Where is the teleportation circle?”

The moment he sent the message, he got a reply in less than a second.

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“Oh, my apprentice is so cute~ Where is your birth place? What main city is it?”

Xu Sili was expressionless as he continued to reply.


“Big expert, I was born in Imperial City~”

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“Ahahahaha, Brother, you are so cute!”

“In this way, walk out of the gate at the birth point. Then walk two meters to the right and turn right. In front of you will be the teleportation circle!”

Xu Sili blinked. 

In short, the future Imperial City’s teleportation circle was next to the players’ spawn point? His question was indeed too new for a newcomer.

He soon frowned.

Based on this, the teleportation circle was likely to be the result of a version update. The version update… who knew how long it would take to be updated?

He thought about it before asking directly in the post.


“Wow! I see it! Thank you, big expert~”

“Can I use this teleportation circle to go to the other main cities? Are there any restrictions for going back and forth?”

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“Haha, you’re welcome!”

“There are no restrictions on going back and forth but you need to be level 10 or above and your faction reputation level should be Friendly. Most importantly, it costs 100 Escher coins every time.”

Xu Sili silently noted down the information.

Then he kept talking.


“Wow, that’s great! I’ll try to level up!”

“By the way, was this teleportation circle there in the beginning? I saw people on the Internet say that it is hard to get to the other main cities.”

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“They must be old players. I remember that this teleportation circle was built almost a year after the open beta started. Before that, the road was blocked by interstellar beasts.”

“If you wanted to go to the other main cities, you could only rely on the mercenary groups to clear the way before dying again and again.”

Resurrection in place 10 times a day!

He understood this method.

Xu Sili’s attention was soon attracted by the word ‘built.’ Could it be that…


“Was the teleportation circle built by players?”

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“You happen to be asking the right person! Your master is one of the first batch of players in the open beta.”

“In this game, there is nothing I haven’t witnessed!”

“The teleportation circle was indeed built by us. The freedom of Starry Sky is so scary. There was a powerful guild president at the time who didn’t like fighting and loved to drag the people under him to build houses everywhere.”

“This is a hot-blooded game but he unexpectedly played it as a large simulation city. As a result, he accidentally upgraded the level of Imperial City!”

Xu Sili was startled.

Upgrade Imperial City?

He had seen the upgrade panel before but it was too cumbersome and required too many buildings. He temporarily didn’t have time so he put it aside while thinking about taking his time.

He didn’t expect that upgrading Imperial City would have something to do with the teleportation circle.

As he was thinking, Paddling is All About the Waves continued to reply to him.

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“At that time, everyone had been stuck at level 20 for a long time and our resentment was heavy. There were posts every day scolding the game developers for delaying progress but the game team pretended to be dead and refused to respond.”

“Can you imagine the despair of being stuck at level 20 for almost a year?”

“However, the dog officials just didn’t respond! If it wasn’t for this holographic game being really unique and there being no substitute for it, everyone would’ve abandoned the game.”

“Who knew that the moment Imperial City was successfully upgraded by that guild president, everyone’s level restrictions were directly solved?”

“I remember the game announcement that day and I filled the screen right away.”

“Not only were the level restrictions released but the richness of the elementals also increased. Then within two days, new career NPCs appeared one after another and blueprints poured out in various ways.”

“I can’t talk enough about how much fun that time was!”

“There had always been a health potion and magic potion formula but no one could make it. After the levels were unlocked, an elemental pharmacist appeared.”

“Don’t you think the game team should be scolded? Such important information points were never revealed. Who knew we would need to upgrade the main city?”

Xu Sili saw this message and his doubts were finally solved.

It turned out that this was why all the NPCs were stuck at the two star level except for Si Sheng!

Maybe it was also the reason why so few children tested for elemental talent every year.

There were other good things related to this such as medicine and the professions… it turned out that these things would appear when Imperial City was upgraded!

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“Do you know what the biggest pit was?”

“After Imperial City was upgraded to level 3, there was no need to build anything in the secondary main cities. Just insert the key energy stone into the city’s base circle and it will be directly upgraded to level 2!”

Xu Sili could understand this setting.

Imperial City was the symbol of imperial power.

The secondary main cities could only be lower than Imperial City. Once Imperial City rose to level 3, the other level 1 main cities who completed the conditions would naturally follow it in increasing.

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“The teleportation circle was built during that period and later played a big role.”


“Yes! Big expert, you are great. Your answers helped me a lot. Thank you!”

Xu Sili paid him 5 points before carefully reading the replies of Paddling is All About the Waves and analyzing them.

The first closed beta was at least one year from the open beta.

Then relying on the players to upgrade the city to level 3 would take at least another year. According to the normal speed, he might not see his second brother for two years!

Xu Sili didn’t want to take that long.

In any case, he had the territory panel and knew the conditions for upgrading the main cities. In addition, he now had the efficient elementalist construction team!

As long as Imperial City and the four major cities were upgraded, the strength of the citizens could be improved. The construction drawings of the teleportation circle would be obtained at the same time so that major cities could directly communicate with each other.

In this way, he could go to whatever main city he wanted and no longer have to worry about not being able to return in the short term, leading to unrest and chaos.

The previous rebellion might’ve been suppressed but Xu Sili knew that his current throne hadn’t been secured. He only had a 60% popular support rate. This meant that one-third of the people weren’t loyal to the emperor.

Therefore, he didn’t make a request even though he knew that Si Sheng could take him to other main cities.

Still, it was fine now.

Xu Sili’s heart was full of excitement and enthusiasm again.

He understood. In this game, everything was inseparable from infrastructure. He had to increase his efforts in this area.

By the way, what was this key energy stone?

Xu Sili frowned. He asked Paddling is All About the Waves but there was no reply. Perhaps the person was gone. He waited again but no one else replied. Perhaps it was because this question post had already been answered.

Xu Sili had no way.

He only had four points left from the registration and check-in. It would be gone if he sent another question post and he might not necessarily get the answer he wanted.

He had to open the search bar, type in ‘teleportation circle’ in the box and start to search for information related to the teleportation circle among the old posts.

It would be cool if he could directly find the construction blueprints!


It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

The three floating buses arrived at Mercenary Town. Under the command of the soldiers, the players got out of the vehicles one by one.

Li Zhecheng’s impression of these braves was very poor.

In particular, he saw a teenager around 17 or 18 years old touching the driver’s bag secretly. It wasn’t known what he had stolen.

His expression darkened and he stared at the teenager coldly.

The teenager didn’t notice it and posted the information in the team channel to show off.

[Bulging Wallet]

“Hey, look at the good thing I’ve obtained! There are a full 20,000 Escher coins in it. Hahaha, I’ve developed!”

People in the team channel became envious and jealous.

During the current closed beta period, the recharge service hadn’t been opened yet. There might’ve been the novice gift packs but most of them only gave 100 Escher coins.

20,000 coins was definitely a huge sum of money at this time!

“F**k! Can you still steal something?”

“Hey, stealing is illegal!”

“What nonsense. This is a game. It might claim to be 99% authentic but a game is a game. The game group acquiesces to this type of gameplay and won’t call the police.”

“Stealing things is wrong even in the game!”

Two groups of people suddenly quarreled on the team channel.

Some people had a high sense of morality and empathy and thought they shouldn’t steal the property of the driver. This person worked hard and might not even earn a few hundred coins.

Now 20,000 coins were directly stolen. It wasn’t known if it was urgently needed and it should be returned.

The other group purely treated this as a game. They thought that it was a gameplay developed by the game team and they could play like this.

Not only could they steal but if their strength was enough, they could directly rob people. This was their usual style.

Playing games was to have fun!

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