VCRMM: Chapter 54 Part 2

He sent Li Zhecheng a message.

Before returning to his bedroom, he had asked Li Zhecheng to take all the players to Mercenary town. He originally wanted to let them live or die by themselves. There were many tasks there and it was enough for them to level up.

Now he had changed his mind a bit.

Li Zhecheng quickly replied to him. They were still on the road and would probably arrive in the afternoon.

Xu Sili was relieved.

Now the expansion plan of Mercenary Town was in full swing. The local elementalists had to join the Mercenary Association and complete tasks so Mercenary Town wasn’t lacking any houses to live in.

Still, he wasn’t going to simply arrange places for players to live.

He sent a message to Wen Jishan and asked him to pick 200 households with no pillars to support them. There were only widows, the elderly or children.

According to the population composition of Mercenary Town, there should be many such people. The casualty rate of mercenaries was very high and even if the young men were still alive, they might have to work hard all year round.

Wen Jishan didn’t ask any extra questions and arranged it directly.

Once Xu Sili received the reply with the information, he opened the mission panel and started to edit a new mission.

He had no magic power right now so he was only going to release ordinary missions.

Ordinary missions gave players 1 point of reputation and 10 points of experience. If the completion was high, they could gain up to 8 points of reputation and 89 points of experience.

It was very small but the rewards were still good if it was done as a daily and weekly serial mission.

Xu Sili recalled the previous game missions and started to edit them.

First of all, the daily mission was six rings.

The name of this mission was very casual. It was called ‘Respect the Old and Love the Young.’ In terms of mission content, Xu Sili compiled 20 in one breath.

It included playing with children for 10 minutes, brushing their teeth and washing their faces, telling stories to put children to sleep, healing the elderly who had reduced mobility to buy food, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the elderly, helping to cut firewood…

These missions appeared randomly when players were running around to ensure they wouldn’t be repeated in a short period of time.

Every time they completed one ring, they would get the basic rewards.

In addition to the basic reward, the condition for the increased rewards was that the assisted NPC had an increased favorability toward the player.

It didn’t matter how much it increased by as long as it increased.

The first five rings were randomly assigned on a daily basis while the last ring was fixed and very simple.

Just smile at the last NPC they helped and say, “I’ll be back tomorrow!” Then they could get 50 points of experience.

In general, they could get at least 100 experience points and 5 reputation points from a single daily run.

It was still very attractive to players at this stage.

After all, Xu Sili had also experienced this period. At that time, meditation gained him 30 experience points in one night and this made him happy for a while.

Then there were the weekly missions. After completing seven daily missions, they could obtain 99 experience points, 9 reputation points and 500 Escher coins.

This was an expenditure of up to 100,000 Escher coins per week.

Xu Sili thought of Wen Jishan’s ability to make money so he felt there was nothing to worry about.

In the end, he set the pick-up conditions so that all players could pick it up. However, for players in Imperial City, he kindly gave a reminder.

After checking it and finding there were no errors, Xu Sili clicked to publish.

Based on this guidance, it should help promote the relationship between NPCs and players more quickly, right?


The main road to Mercenary Town.

All players were arranged to sit on the floating buses. They were full of anticipation and excitement for the next journey.

Some of them were enthusiastically talking in the team channel, some were whispering in small parties, some showed off on the forum that they had met the emperor and some had been studying the game to find violations or bugs.

In short, there was no panic or fear.

At this moment, everyone suddenly stopped.

A system notification popped up in front of them and they saw a light blue screen.

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the ordinary mission – Respect the Old and Love the Young.]

[Description: The Roland Empire is in a period of great need. The wars over the years have caused countless elderly people to lose their children and countless children to lose their parents. They are in need of the help of the braves!]

[Quest content: Help the lonely old and young people left in the Roland Empire. This task is a serial mission and can be completed once a day.]

[Reward: A large amount of experience points, reputation and Escher coins.]

There was also something else!

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the ordinary mission – Constant Perseverance Yields Success.]

[Description: Your perseverance has touched His Majesty the Emperor and he has decided to give you a reward.]

[Quest Content: Complete the mission ‘Respect the Old and Love the Young’ seven times and be rewarded with 99 experience points, 9 reputation points and 500 Escher coins.]

[Reminder: The braves in Imperial City can go to Mercenary Town and look for Wen Jishan. He can give you hints.]

A daily and weekly mission!

The players who received the notification weren’t too excited. After all, they had just completed an elite mission easily and their appetites were raised.

This daily mission seemed very troublesome…

Just then, another system message popped up.

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the ordinary mission – Recognition.]

[Description: You need to use actual actions to prove your identity as a brave. If you can’t prove your identity, you might become a wanted criminal. You will be wanted throughout the empire and hunted down.]

[Quest content: Complete the Respect the Old and Love the Young mission.]

[Reward: 10 experience points, 1 reputation point, temporarily obtained the right to legally reside in the Roland Empire (valid for 7 days).]

“F*ck! These dog planners! They aren’t human!”

The players cursed once the third mission appeared.

This was forcing them to run everyday!

However, there were female players who didn’t care and just read the reminder over and over again.

Wow, they could see Wen Jishan soon!

Wen Jishan, the representative of the black-bellied scum, was more popular than Li Zhecheng.

This holographic game was simply a gospel for those who played Game of the Gods. It was currently only a closed beta so the proportion of such players was relatively small.

It was just that such female players could exert a huge amount of energy.

At the very least, the grand occasion during the public beta could be imagined.

After the players passionately greeted the planners for the 300th time, some of them found that the faction warehouse had been updated.

Once their reputation level reached ‘Friendly’, they would automatically obtain the right to legally reside in the Roland Empire.

This update made it easier for the players to accept.

In other words, they just needed to gain 100 reputation points and they wouldn’t have to care about the daily missions, right?

The players quickly accepted the daily and weekly missions.

They wanted to know how to learn skills but this was a closed beta after all. Many imperfect places could be understood. They would post feedback on the forum later for the game developers to optimize and improve.

Once Xu Sili finished issuing the daily and weekly missions, he also activated the residential rights to ensure that the players had to do the daily missions. Then he left it behind.

He didn’t forget that he had originally been looking for health medicine.

Then he discovered that this health medicine wouldn’t appear until after the open beta.

For Xu Sili, that was too long.

He simply searched for the health medicine formula.

He should be able to make it as long as he had the recipe, right? At the very least, there wouldn’t be so many detours.

He did find a post for the health medicine. There was only one. However, when he clicked in to read it, a notification popped up.

[This post type is a dry goods post. You need to pay 10 points to read it. You haven’t logged in yet. Please log in and read it.]

Xu Sili blinked. 

Log in? How was he going to log in? He glanced at the registration in the upper right corner of the page, gritted his teeth and clicked to register an account.

Then he found… it was possible?

Xu Sili was stunned. He, a person from a parallel time and space, was able to register for the forum of another time and space?

It went smoothly all the way down. He filled out all the verifications and the registration was successful. He also received 10 bonus points.

Then he checked in and got another 5 points.

Xu Sili read the forum rules.

He could send various types of posts and reply to messages. Dry goods posts generally required points to read them. The points ranged from 10 to 1000 and were set by the poster.

If you wanted to post a question, you needed to pay 1 point and set the number of bonus points to receive the best answer. The ordinary posts didn’t need points.

The posts he also saw before were ordinary posts.

There were many ways to earn points but they were mainly check-ins, fan rewards and read posts.

Xu Sili felt somewhat helpless but he also understood that knowledge couldn’t be free, let alone knowledge that could create great benefits.

He clicked in and paid 10 points.

The owner of this post was very simple and directly gave the screenshot of the game.

[Elementary Health Returning Agent]

[Description: Medicine that restores health and energy.]

[Materials needed: 100g of Snow Valley, 5g of dragon blood grass, 15g Siberian cocklebur, 500L of dew.]

[Operation guide: First boil the Snow Valley into a paste along with the dew. Add the dragon blood grass and Siberian cocklebur and quench it with elemental flames.]

[Restricted occupation: Elemental pharmacist.]

Xu Sili quickly copied down the formula.

Sure enough, one of the raw materials needed was Snow Valley! However, he was a bit confused when he saw elemental pharmacist.

There was no information about this profession in Snow Roland’s memory.

He had to send a message to Dean Justin to ask about it.

The old man didn’t reply for a while but he didn’t care. Instead, he searched through the faction warehouse and found that there was dragon blood grass and Siberian cocklebur.

It was just that the number was very scarce because they were the companions of some interstellar beasts. It required troops or mercenaries to collect them.

Perhaps later when the level of the players rose, he would release a large number of quests to collect dragon blood grass and the Siberian cocklebur.

For the moment,  he could let the elementalist mercenaries do it…

Suddenly, Xu Sili realized something.

His eyes lit up and he quickly typed on the forum: A quick way to travel between main cities.

As a result, he didn’t find anything. He gritted his teeth and while pretending to be a cute newcomer, he spent 1 point to post a question post, offering a reward of 5 points.

It wasn’t known if anyone would reply for so few points…

[Ding~ Someone has replied to your post. Go check it out.]

Xu Sili’s heart beat faster.

Would there be one? A quick way to travel between main cities…

If he could avoid the interstellar beasts and quickly travel to and from the main cities, he would be able to find his second brother!

[Paddling is All About the Waves]:

“Haha, in this era, there aren’t as many cute newcomers as the poster. Are you interested in being my apprentice?”

“If you want to quickly travel between main cities then you should naturally use the teleportation circle~”

7th anniversary Event Page

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