VCRMM: Chapter 54 Part 1

Xu Sili looked at the release time of the forum post and suspected that the forum had a bug.


He clearly remembered that he died in a plane crash in September of X026. In fact, that was just over a month ago for him.

Xu Sili realized something and his heart jumped wildly. He remembered the forum he saw before he crossed here when he was still in the soul state. It was this forum that let him know what would happen in the future and that Snow Roland had died before the closed beta opened.

No way?

Xu Sili turned off the forum before opening it again. He found that it was still the same interface and posts were constantly refreshing. It could be seen that the daily activity was very high.

He couldn’t help gulping.

“Your Majesty?”

Si Sheng became aware of his strange appearance and came up to him with a frown.

Xu Sili’s mind returned and he shook his head at the other person. His mind was on the forum but Si Sheng was here and he couldn’t study it.

He thought about it before opening his mouth.

“The brave are currently weak but they have great potential. In addition…”

He hesitated to tell Si Sheng directly before finally saying, “They seem to possess a special racial talent, or skill.”

Si Sheng nodded but his eyes lingered on Xu Sili’s face.

Xu Sili was about to say that the players could be resurrected when he noticed the other person’s actions and frowned. “What are you looking at?”

“You are very special today.”

Si Sheng looked at him, gray-blue eyes affectionate and gentle. The corners of his lips were slightly curved and his smile was charming.

Xu Sili blinked and looked at him vaguely, “What do you mean?”

Si Sheng approached him and raised a hand. Seeing that the young man didn’t avoid it, he dared to gently hook the silver hair that was like silk behind his ear. “You are very beautiful.”

Xu Sili’s heart jumped. The man’s cool fingertips touched his ear but it made him feel like he had been scalded. The roots of his ears were a bit hot.

He hurriedly looked away.

Of course he looked beautiful. He had carefully selected this outfit. How could he not look good?

He pursed his lips and covered his mouth to hide his smile. He rolled his eyes and said curtly, “I’m talking to you about business. Don’t flatter me.”

Si Sheng nodded. He placed his hands behind his back and looked serious.

Xu Sili glanced at him before ignoring him. He turned around, untied his cloak and threw it on the sofa. Then he dropped down to sit on the sofa and crossed his legs.

He had met nearly 200 people in one breath. The time wasn’t long but he was still very tired.

“You should pay more attention. The brave aren’t that simple.” He finally decided not to say anything about the resurrection ability of the players.

After all, he felt that Si Sheng didn’t care much.

It seemed that there weren’t many things that could make Si Sheng worry. Obviously, he had been quite cold before but now his mouth was like honey.

Xu Sili shook his head and asked again.

“You said you wanted to see me so you came back early. Did something happen?”

Si Sheng heard these words and looked up. He couldn’t help feeling helpless. He thought about it before finding a reason casually.

“The brave came and this servant worried about Your Majesty’s safety.”

Xu Sili’s lips curved. Regardless of whether it was true or false, the feeling of being remembered was very good.

He just wanted to say that the players weren’t something to worry about now. Then on second thought, he said, “Okay, you should stay and don’t run around.”

Si Sheng looked at him helplessly. “Your Majesty, this servant was carrying out the task you gave.”

He wasn’t running around.

Xu Sili’s mouth twitched. “Now that it is done, don’t go out.”

The young man’s voice was slightly soft and there was a coquettish tone that he didn’t notice.

Si Sheng watched this person and his heart throbbed slightly.

He smiled gently. “Your Majesty, do you want this servant to stay with you?”


Xu Sili had already re-opened the forum and nodded absent-mindedly. “If you aren’t here, I can’t go out and play.”

It was really inconvenient to go out without Si Sheng’s Passerby Halo. He might be able to use his skill but the magic consumption was too high.

Si Sheng paused. “It is only this reason.”

“Well…” Xu Sili thought about it in a distracted manner. “If you are here then I will feel at ease.”

Si Sheng realized that he was wandering again.

In fact, he had noticed this a long time ago. Lord God occasionally stared into the void like he was reading something.

Perhaps in the eyes of Lord God, the world was different.

Si Sheng didn’t speak any longer and instead poured a cup of tea for Lord God. He placed the pastries next to the young man and sat to the side, quietly watching.

He was actually satisfied as long as he could watch Lord God this way.

Meanwhile, Xu Sili’s attention had completely shifted to the forum and he frowned in contemplation.

He found that… the activated forum seemed to be the original timeline forum. He had found the previous Snow Roland post that he saw.

So he was seeing the parallel space-time forum of the future?

Xu Sili was initially at a loss when he came to this conclusion. Then it slowly turned into excitement.

This was equivalent to having a golden finger that allowed him to know the future of the game?

It was estimated that many things had changed due to his arrival and the information obtained should only be a reference, but… it was still useful!

This was more useful than looking at the new forum in the current timeline.

10 years of posts was huge wealth!

Of course, he had to choose some old posts to gain something. The too new ones were of little value.

Xu Sili hurriedly explored it.

He was mainly thinking about the formulas for various medicines. The current Roland Empire was probably lacking this the most.

Obviously, it was a game with a magical background. It was too unscientific to have no health or magic recovery potions.

He entered the ‘health medicine’ term in the search bar and set the conditions in an ascending manner.

The earliest post was during the closed beta. Some people complained that it was inconvenient to have no health medicine. They also complained that the death penalty was too heavy and so on.

Xu Sili only just discovered that once players died, they would have to wait 30 minutes before they could resurrect.

This was a very important piece of information.

If he wanted to let the players fight for him in the future, he needed to be careful to control this time.

He silently noted down a complaint post from a long time ago. He read it with great interest and received a lot of information.

For example, the player’s death penalty like the number of in-place resurrections every day as well as the time flow rate between reality and the game. When the server was opened, it was 1:1 but it was 1:6 when the server was off.

In other words, once the server was closed, a month had passed in the game while it might only be five days in reality.

There were also complaints about NPCs being too strong. One accidental slap could wipe out half their health or directly kill them.

In other words, the early game didn’t have the same faction protection strategy. NPCs could kill players and players could also kill NPCs.

Xu Sili was slightly worried when he saw this complaint.

It was because he knew the players’ mentality very well.

They were here to play games. If they were played by the game, they would either give up or return it by several times!

It didn’t matter if they were NPCs. The players’ revenge mentality was very strong, especially if the NPC had a health bar!

The green-named NPC were NPCs and the red-named ones were monsters i.e. bosses!

At the back, Xu Sili did see that a conflict broke out between players and NPCs.

A month into the open beta, a large number of players flooded into the game. There was a very bold player who organized a city attack. He wanted to take advantage of the communication inconvenience between the major cities to take down a major city!

In the end, they almost succeeded.

For this group of wicked things, they destroyed the protective circle of a level one main city. The interstellar beasts blocked outside the city broke through the protective barrier.

In order to block the invasion of the interstellar beasts, a large number of NPCs went to the front lines to fight. Meanwhile, the players in the rear stole their homes!

Many of these players were old players from the closed beta.

NPCs couldn’t travel to and from major cities but these players had no restrictions. They planned carefully.

In order to concentrate the old players in the major cities, they used the 10 in-place resurrections a day and spent a whole month gathering all of them in the city with the weakest defense, the Twilight Frost City.

Then they destroyed the defense formation and wanted to take advantage of Twilight Frost City’s birth point as a home base for players.

This move was undoubtedly met with passionate abuse from new players in other major cities.

This was too wicked!

Nevertheless, the big players still did what they wanted. The temptation of a major city was too great. They even learned about the slavery system abolished by the empire and wanted to enslave NPCs.

Xu Sili searched for related posts from that period and even saw the livestream posts, making him feel numb.

These players were too courageous!

Si Sheng suppressed them in the end but the NPCs who were killed by the invasion of interstellar beasts or by players couldn’t be resurrected!

Originally, he was only searching for the health potion formulas. He didn’t expect to see such a cruel post and Xu Sili was in a bad mood.

He thought about it before going over the posts in that period.

In fact, there were no irreconcilable contradictions between players and NPCs that led to the final rebellion. It was just that resentment built up due to no proper guidance from the beginning.

He had to put in a mechanism that allowed for a good relationship between players and NPCs.

He couldn’t underestimate these 1,000 closed beta players. There would be a second closed beta in the future and many more players would enter at that time.

They were the pathfinders for the gameplay. Many of them would become guild leaders in the future and they were directly related to the players’ attitude toward NPCs.

Players were a group that did what they wanted but they were also very emotional people. If they were valued then they were willing to create benefits for you. They were even happy to do labor.

For example, the tedious daily tasks. If a few items were given then they would spend a lot of time clocking in every day to do these tasks.

Xu Sili fell into contemplation.

Rather than rushing to search for information on the health potions, he thought about how to guide the players.

Currently the closed beta had just started. With his presence, he should be able to avoid a tragedy on this timeline.

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I’m wondering for what the company was responsible in the previous timeline(?)? Not even having a tutorial :’D

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There was no guidance in the other parallel world, the main brain doesn’t/wouldn’t consider players as bugs nor control their actions… so yeah, the game must’ve developed that way because of the degree of freedom they have 🤔 and their strong desire to be the best/strongest/richest player there is

Thank you for translating this (人*´∀`)。*゚+ such a big comfort to the eyes compared to reading raws in MTL… (ー_ー゛)
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Jiayou! Little emperor, you got this!

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