VCRMM: Chapter 53 Part 2

In fact, the livestream had already started.

At this moment, Baifeng said something but Xu Yuheng didn’t hear it. He clicked on the post and ended up directly in a livestream room.

A girl appeared on the livestream. She was standing in the corridor, watching the heavily armed soldiers and the background buildings. She seemed to be in the palace.

“Ohh, I am so excited!”

It was obviously a super excited voice but the girl on the screen had a very calm expression. Even her mouth didn’t move that much.

This picture was a bit weird.

“Is the streamer stuck?”

“Why do I think that the audio and video are out of sync? Is my Internet speed the problem?”

“Hahahahaha, Ah Caizi is so cute!”

Ah Caizi felt helpless. “I don’t want to do this. Do you see Li Zhecheng behind me?”

She adjusted the camera angle so it captured a guard with a very dark expression.

“This guard is very fierce! It is easy for his favorability to decrease. Just now, someone was directly killed for making noise!”

“Then not only did the mission fail but his experience and reputation were gone. He also has to wait 30 minutes to be resurrected. He is too miserable! I have to use ventriloquism to save my life.”

The barrage paused before a row of 666 appeared.

These years, a person couldn’t be a good streamer unless they had unique skills.

“If you don’t want to see my face, I will adjust it to the first person perspective. In any case, I would’ve adjusted it anyway later.”

Ah Caizi once again spoke.

“It hasn’t been long since Lin Mu came out. He said that the emperor’s modeling is very beautiful and is like an elf king. I’m looking forward to it now!”

Xu Yuheng watched the livestream and didn’t speak for a while. However, Baifeng could talk to himself and it didn’t matter.

Ah Caizi talked a lot. He thought she might have a lot in common with Baifeng.

The players lined up to enter the hall one by one. It was very fast. At almost the same time that the last person entered, the guard called for the next one.

Finally, it was Ah Caizi’s turn.

The audience followed her perspective and walked into the hall. First, they saw all the guards with unfathomable strength. Then there were a dozen NPCs who were clearly different from the guards.

Ah Caizi’s gaze frequently landed on someone in the front row.

He had gray hair, green eyes, round-framed glasses, a pale complexion and was tall and slim…

“Ahhh, it is Wen Jishan!”

“My husband is looking at me!”

“I want to play this game as well! How can I play? Set a price!”

“Wait, there is the little angel Qiu Zheng!”

“Wow, the streamer must be happy to be able to see them so close! The modeling is too good to look at 55555.”

There was a small peak in the barrage.

However, the moment Ah Caizi slightly raised her perspective up the stairs and saw the silver-haired young man leaning lazily against the armrest of the throne, one hand supporting his chin, the barrage paused.

It was as if they were all frozen.

Xu Yuheng also choked up. Because…

They were too similar. Apart from the hair color and eyes, the young man in the video was almost the same as his brother.

Xu Yuheng saw this young man’s expression and smiled softly.

Was this impatience? The tiny little movements were still exactly the same as before.

He looked at it again and his eyes turned red.


He cursed in a low voice and raised his head slightly, vigorously blinking to suppress the sudden emotions.

As Xu Yuheng was calming down, the silver-haired youth who was as beautiful as an oil painting raised his hand and waved.

The soldiers intended to take Ah Caizi to leave.

It was less than 20 seconds after entering.

Before being taken away, Ah Caizi suddenly said, “Excuse me… have you heard the song Galaxy?”

The silver-haired young man suddenly stopped. His purple eyes looked over and slightly narrowed.

The barrage came alive and was full of licking the screen.

Ah Caizi’s camera flickered a bit. It wasn’t known if it was due to fear or excitement.

“Just… Galaxy…”

She gently sang part of the chorus. “This is what my idol once sang. You… have you heard of it?”

The silver-haired young man quietly watched her and there seemed to be emotions flowing in his beautiful purple eyes.

He was so much like a real person.

No one could treat him as an NPC in a game.

After around 10 seconds, the young emperor suddenly spoke softly, “You sing so badly.”

Then he waved his hand again and the soldiers took Ah Caizi away.

The barrage started to frantically discuss the scene just now.

“F*k, f*k! This voice is too good, right? Which great god did it?”

“What song is Galaxy? Did Ah Caizi cry?”

“It is Xu Sili’s song! 555555.”

“Ah, it turns out to be his song? Then why did Ah Caizi suddenly ask the emperor if he had heard of it?”

“Maybe it is because the emperor looks like him?”

Just as the barrage was discussing it, Ah Caizi left the hall and a system notification popped up.

[Congratulations on completing the elite mission ‘Meet the Emperor.’ Experience points +100, Roland Empire reputation +10. In view of your excellent performance, you will get additional rewards. Experience points +899, Roland Empire reputation +5.]

[Please keep working hard!]

There were also other players watching Ah Caizi’s livestream.

They watched Ah Caizi directly gain 999 experience points and gain three levels!

She shot up like a rocket. Over half an hour since the server opened, she surpassed a group of professional players to become first in the rankings.

What was this?

Even the great god Lin Mu only got 100 experience points! How did the rewards mechanism of the game work? What did these additional rewards mean?

In any case, Ah Caizi’s adventure made many players red-eyed with jealousy.

Ah Caizi herself was also stunned. A pie suddenly fell from the sky and smashed directly into her, making her forget the sadness just now.

She wanted to jump with excitement but dismissed the idea due to the powerful soldiers.

The barrage continued to scroll. There were congratulations as well as some strange, jealous words. Everything pushed up the popularity of Ah Caizi’s streaming.

Xu Yuheng saw up to here and didn’t look any longer.

The game developers were really hard-working.

He could feel that the mission of ‘Meet the Emperor’ was tailor-made for him.

Unfortunately, he was disturbed by his older brother.

Still, it didn’t matter.

Xu Yuheng clenched his fists, his eyes behind his glasses gloomy. Then it was gradually replaced by warmth.

‘Xiao Li, your second brother will go to see you soon. Wait for me…’


In the bedroom, there was silence.

The wind blew in from outside the window and moved the curtains. In between, two figures could be seen standing close to each other.

Xu Sili hugged Si Sheng and buried his face in his person’s shoulders, as if his feeling of loss could only be comforted in this manner.

Si Sheng was initially stunned. Then once his mind returned, his expression became a bit dull.

Lord God…

Took the initiative to hug him?

Was he dreaming?

He couldn’t believe it but the body temperature from the young man and the breath that haunted him all told him—

Everything was real.


The crown that he had just caught fell onto the carpet and made a muffled noise. It rolled to the side and hit the leg of a chair before stopping.

This loud move made Si Sheng’s heart jump.

He was worried that it would disturb the young man and wake him up. Then the young man would push him away.

However, his worries didn’t happen.

The young man dressed in a formal outfit was originally supposed to be full of energy but at this moment, he was like an abandoned puppy. His entire body exuded a low and sorrowful air.

Si Sheng felt a bit of pain in his chest.

He was no longer stiff and motionless. Instead, he raised his hand and touched the back of the young man’s head. Seeing that the other person didn’t resist, Si Sheng tentatively touched the smooth and fluffy hair.

There was still no movement.

The young man was as good as a cat but it wasn’t because of food.

This made Si Sheng sigh with relief but at the same time, he couldn’t help frowning.

What happened to make Lord God like this? Lord God seemed to have just summoned the so-called ‘brave’?

Si Sheng didn’t hesitate any longer. He reached out to hold the young man’s waist and firmly gave him a hug.

Xu Sili felt his strength and pursed his lips.

A lot of the feeling of loneliness and sadness disappeared in this moment.

At the very least, he still had Si Sheng.

Xu Sili didn’t find anything wrong with this idea.

Before he knew it, Si Sheng had become his most powerful support in this world. It wasn’t just military support but also mentally.

Si Sheng murmured, “Your Majesty…”

“I’m fine,” Xu Sili whispered.

At the same time, he released his arms.

Si Sheng pursed his lips when he felt this and somewhat reluctantly let go. He lowered his eyes and looked at the young man.

He had regained his composure. He was pale but well-dressed, handsome like a real god.

No, he was a god.

Facing Si Sheng’s fiery gaze, Xu Sili scratched his head. He wasn’t embarrassed but he was a bit shy.

He thought about it before seriously telling the man, “Si Sheng, once I’m strong, I will fulfill your wish.”

Once he was strong enough, he would find a way to release Si Sheng’s puppetry and return his freedom.

Si Sheng frowned.

His intuition told him that the ‘wish’ in the young man’s mouth differed from his true wish.

It was just that…

He couldn’t say a single word.

At least he got a promise.

“Your Majesty, have you just summoned the brave?” Si Sheng asked.


Xu Sili nodded. He walked to the table to pick up the crown and walked back. Then he suddenly thought of something and called up the read messages to take a second look.

[Ding~ The conditions are met and the Star Forum is successfully activated. You can go to the forum to register and use it.]

Yes, he could go to the forum!

Perhaps his second brother would post something on the forum? At the very least, he might find out what main city his brother was in.

Xu Sili hurriedly called out the forum and clicked to enter it.

It was just that he found something wrong when seeing the lively front page.

Wasn’t this forum a bit too active?

It also didn’t seem new.

Xu Sili frowned. Once he reached the date of posting, he suddenly paused. He saw that the date was:

August 9th, X046.

7th anniversary Event Page

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2 years ago

I have a question…
Doesn’t Si Sheng have the ability to teleport? So why can’t they just teleport there?
Or is there something limiting them that I skipped???
And can I ask what’s up with the date?

Last edited 2 years ago by Nobody
Passerby no.4
Passerby no.4
2 years ago
Reply to  Nobody

Hi, I’m not sure but I’ve seen a few people asking and thought maybe I could share my reasoning.

I think, regarding the date, it is the forum from the twentieth anniversary of the game. Remember how when he first died, before becoming an npc, he looked at the forum? I think that is the forum he has access to, not the current forum being used.

also the thing about the teleport. People don’t know the extent of SS’s powers and he never cared to use them to their full extent. The way Snow has seen his teleport work before is that you teleport in sections – not directly to the destination – and that SS uses up a lot of power to do so and he may get tired and have to stop halfway – because when they did it last time SS wanted to hug him longer. So snow probs won’t think of it as a possibility.

but then again… why can’t they just fly over it on September? Or there may be flying beast that could get in the way? In any case it is the authors job to make things logical and sometimes stories simply aren’t. We can’t do much about it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Nobody

Maybe because he didnt know what city his 2nd brother end up to or there is a limit on howwl far Si Sheng could teleport to.

The game opened August X025 so the forum date is in the future.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jwel
2 years ago

so i skimmed the early chapters for dates if anyone’s curious— i found an august 18 and 10 years after he died, but the brother said it had been 9 years since he saw him

2 years ago

ah! see! i just refreshed the page and somebody asked about it 8 minutes ago!
well, not somebody. nobody. no one asked XD

2 years ago

Poor little emperor and poor second brother :((

2 years ago

Sweet how his big bro clearly recognizes his behavior. Can’t wait until they meet. And the Forum, is this like looking into the future now? Since it is pretty active even thought it shouldn’t be.

2 years ago

»He could feel that the mission of ‘Meet the Emperor’ was tailor-made for him.« Yes, bc it is xDD

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

2 years ago

ok author, i dont want to think about this weird time distortion thing you’ve got going on. but if it means xu sili will get summaries for future plot points i suppose i can accept it. thanks for the chapter! hope they can clear the roads and rebuild checkpoints/outposts along the roads so the roads will be safer

2 years ago

Thank you for your hard work!

1 year ago

Awwwww, and XY is totally right that XS really did make their mission just to reunite with his family.