VCRMM: Chapter 53 Part 1

The intense golden light made Xu Yuheng feel a bit uncomfortable. He instinctively closed his eyes and once he opened them again, the scene in front of him had changed.

This was an open-air square.

The blue sky extended from in front of his eyes into the distance. There was a refreshing and happy feeling compared to the skyline cut off by the towering high-rise buildings in a modern city.

Xu Yuheng retracted his gaze and looked around.

This was a Western-style town with low buildings. There were some desolate and dilapidated buildings and below him was a magic circle with complicated patterns that was still glowing.

One after another, players appeared around him.

The novice clothing worn by each player was similar to his but the details were changed. For example, he chose to wear a pair of glasses even though he had no vision problems in the world of the game.

At this moment, Xu Yuheng led the frame and looked at the world with the most critical eyes, only to find there wasn’t anything for him to pick out.

If it wasn’t for the interface in front of him, he would’ve suspected that he had traveled to another world rather than entering the game.

[Welcome to Orchid Moon City.]

[Ding~ The novice gift package has arrived. Please pay attention to check it.]

At this time, a small line of words appeared before his eyes.

Xu Yuheng was a bit leisurely and was about to contact a friend, only to suddenly become stunned.

Orchid Moon City?

The Xu family was the largest wealthy backer of the Starry Sky Age holographic game and held 80% of its shares. Therefore, he had received a lot of internal information before the closed beta.

Xu Yuheng had paid a lot for this game and he naturally studied it carefully. This meant he knew a lot more than other players.

Xiao Li was now the emperor and lived in Imperial City. The roads between Imperial City and the other four major cities were still blocked by a large number of interstellar beasts.

This would be the players’ future main plotline mission.

Therefore, he wouldn’t be able to go to Imperial City in the short-term if he was born in Orchid Moon City!

The players around him excitedly started to explore the new world. Only Xu Yuheng’s expression was gloomy.

He didn’t hesitate to quit the game and go offline. He came out of the game cabin and called the person in charge of Starry Sky Age.

“Old Wang, you need to give me an explanation.” Xu Yuheng spoke solemnly. “Why was my birth point Orchid Moon City after I entered the game?”

“How can I see my brother in Imperial City now?”

The person on the other end of the phone, Dr Wang, hadn’t expected him to encounter this problem. “Mr Xu, don’t worry, I will ask and give you an answer.”


Xu Yuheng waited patiently for a while before he heard Old Wang’s voice on the other end of the phone.

“Mr Xu, I have already communicated with the person in charge of you. This is what President Xu ordered. We can’t help it.”

“My older brother?”

Xu Yuheng frowned slightly. He was slightly puzzled but what he wanted now was a solution.

“Do you have any way for me to go to Imperial City?”

“Holographic games are different from other games. Once it starts, we can’t intervene any longer. You can only follow the game process and the roads will naturally be opened one day.”

Dr Wang patiently explained to him.

However, Xu Yuheng was skeptical about this statement. “How will you fix it if there are bugs in the game?”

“Mr Xu, I have told you this before. We use the main brain to detect and fix bugs. Of course, I am confident that the probability of bugs occurring in Starry Sky Age is less than 0.1%.”

“Since it can be repaired by the main brain, why can’t you give me a bit of convenience through the main brain?”

“It will cause confusion in the main brain and interfere with the entire game. We can’t do it unless it is necessary.”

“I think it is necessary now.”

Dr Wang sighed. “Mr Xu, perhaps you can discuss it with your brother. This matter also needs his consent.”

“Then change my account.”

“Accounts are bound to each person’s consciousness. Theoretically, a person has only one account.”


“It hasn’t been ruled out that people with schizophrenia can register for different accounts. There have been no tests in this regard.”

Xu Yuheng gritted his teeth. He knew that Old Wang wouldn’t do what he wanted and finally had to stop.

After hanging up, he directly called his oldest brother. The phone rang twice before it was answered.

“Ah Heng.” A man’s low voice was heard.

Xu Yuheng got directly to the point. “Xu Fengqing, are you f*ing sick? Why are you stopping me?”

“If I remember correctly, Mom is home today.”

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

“I am going to see Xiao Li! Do you know how long I have been waiting for this day?”

“Ah Heng, Xiao Li is gone.” Xu Fengqing lowered his voice. “That is just a piece of virtual data. Do you think data can replace Xiao Li?”

“Is that why you interfered with me?”

Xu Yuheng’s eyes were red but the corners of his mouth were pulled vigorously, revealing a row of neat teeth. “Don’t you know that it is virtual?”

“Ah Heng, no matter how real the virtual world, it is all fake. I don’t want to see you in despair.”

“Since you are so sober, why have you invested in the game all these years? President Xu, the great expert Xu, tell me!”

There was silence for a moment before a soft voice rang out, “This is Xiao Li’s dream, his… legacy.”


Xu Yuheng laughed crazily with tears flashing in his eyes. “F*k your legacy!”

“Xu Fengqing, this is the last time. If you dare to interfere with me in the future, don’t blame me for having nothing to do with you anymore!”

Xu Yuheng finished shouting and smashed the phone directly against the wall. He looked at the broken phone screen coldly before taking deep breaths and restoring his calmness.

Then don’t go into the game and see Xiao Li!

He gave a low snort before turning around and entering the game cabin again.

It was just a while. He had been waiting for nine years. What was a short time?

Xu Yuheng opened the game.

There was a gentle beeping sound and once he opened his eyes, he found himself in the place where he had gone offline. There was no longer any need to fall from the stars.

He had gone offline for a while and the surrounding players had disappeared. At this time, a friend request was sent.

[Player ‘Baifeng’ has applied to add you as a friend.]

Xu Yuheng clicked on the button in the air and accepted Baifeng’s friend application.

Once accepted, the team application was also sent.

Xu Yuheng accepted it again and the voice of Baifeng was heard in his ears.

“Wow, Brother Yu, you are also in Orchid Moon City!”

“After I entered the game, I realized that the birth points were randomly assigned. Based on the news I got from the forum, there seems to be five main cities in total.” Baifeng told him.

“If we were in different main cities then we might have to develop separately.”

“By the way Brother Yu, were you offline just now? I searched many times and it only showed that you were offline.” Baifeng grumbled.

Xu Yuheng listened to his chattering and slowly let out a breath. The cold and gloomy expression on his face eased a bit.

He followed the system prompts and switched to voice output in the team voice channel. Then he answered, “Yes, there was something I had to temporarily do.”

“That’s fine. Brother Yu, just wait, I’ll look for you now. I will look at the map…”

Baifeng muttered to himself.

“Ah, you’re still at the birth point. Then I’ll teleport back.”

“I saw it on the forum. You can be transmitted back but it needs one Escher coin for every use. Wow, this game is too profitable.”

He babbled on. Xu Yuheng was used to his words and didn’t care about it at the moment.

He said, “You run back. I will use this time to look at the forum.”

“Ah, that’s it! Okay, I’m running back now. Brother Yu, wait for me. I’ll be there soon.”

Baifeng replied before continuing, “Oh, I just passed by and saw a bakery. Do you want to taste the bread in the game? I’ll buy it.”

“Okay, don’t buy anything too expensive. Keep some spare funds.”

Xu Yuheng glanced at the system records.

He remembered that when he first entered the game, he had a novice gift pack. He clicked to open it and gained 100 Escher coins and 100 Roland Empire reputation points.

Baifeng spoke as he ran, his voice panting. “Brother Yu, have you opened your novice gift pack? How many reputation points did you get?”

Xu Yuheng glanced at the record again. “100.”

“Wow! You’ve made a fortune!”

Baifeng screamed with excitement. Just listening to the sound, Xu Yuheng could imagine him bouncing in place.

“What do you mean?” Xu Yuheng asked as he explored how to open the Star Forum.

“This novice gift pack gives a random amount of game coins and reputation points. I got 10,000 game coins but only 1 reputation point.”

Baifeng continued to run. “You weren’t online just now so you might not have seen the system announcement. Players can exchange reputation points for good things in the faction warehouse!”

“Most importantly, you have to accumulate 100 reputation points and have your reputation level reach ‘Friendly’ before you can exchange it.”

“Brother Yu, don’t look down on these 100 reputation points. You only get 1 reputation from completing an ordinary mission and the elite missions only give 10 points.”

It was only 30 minutes since the service opened and a lot of information had been explored.

“Those born in Imperial City have good luck. I heard they received the elite mission of ‘Meet the Emperor’ the moment they went online. Not only could they see the emperor but they also got 100 experience and 10 reputation points. Don’t you feel unhappy hearing this?”

“Meet the emperor?” Xu Yuheng was startled.

“Yes. In fact, I also accepted this mission but I can’t go to Imperial City!”

“I asked an NPC and he told me that I can’t go to Imperial City now. The road is blocked by monsters. We can only wait for the annual testing day.”

“Testing day?”

“Yes… Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hit you? Sorry, I didn’t see the road! I will pay attention just now.”

Something seemed to happen on Baifeng’s side but it was soon resolved.

“Brother Yu, let me tell you that I almost ran into an auntie just now. Fortunately, I braked in time… Hey, where was I?”

Xu Yuheng sighed. “Why don’t you wait until you arrive?”

“Ah, it is boring not to talk.”

“Then tell me.”

“Okay!” Baifeng continued. “The testing day. It is the day the city lord will gather together all the five year old children so they are tested by the elementalists sent from the Imperial City.”

“If they are detected to have a talent, they will follow the army and be escorted back to the Elementalist Academy in Imperial City to study.”

“If I want to complete this elite task, I might have to rely on this method in the short-term.”

Baifeng was worthy of being an intelligence expert. In just half an hour, he had already obtained so much information.

There were some things that even Xu Yuheng didn’t know.

Xu Yuheng slightly lost his mind hearing Baifeng’s words. Then he asked, “How long is it until the testing day?”

“10 or 20 days?” Baifeng answered. “It seems uncertain. It depends on when the elementalists of Imperial City will arrive.”

Xu Yuheng nodded.

By this time, he had opened the Star Forum.

Compared to the other game forums, the newly opened Star Forum seemed a bit deserted.

Another reason was that the Star Forum was connected to Starry Sky Age. It wasn’t the same as the original official website.

The moment he opened it, a post floating on the homepage attracted Xu Yuheng’s attention.

“Do you want to see the true face of the emperor? Do you want to see what a real-life version of an elf king looks like? Come and take a look at Ah Caizi’s livestream!”

7th anniversary Event Page

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