VCRMM: Chapter 52 Part 2

The players had a proper attitude but the soldier who just acted was very stunned.

He just lightly hit this person on the neck to try and knock him unconscious. How did he end up killing this person?

He tested it and the young man wasn’t breathing. The soldier turned pale and looked at Li Zhecheng for help.

Li Zhecheng also hadn’t expected this brave person to be so weak!

He was thinking about how to manage this but he paused slightly when he saw the expressions of the other brave people.

They all looked calm. There was no anger or sorrow about their companion being killed. There was just more vigilance.

Weren’t they together?

Li Zhecheng frowned and spoke in a somewhat puzzled manner, “He is dead.”

The players looked at each other. Death was death. It wasn’t like they couldn’t resurrect. However, their indifferent attitude made Li Zhecheng feel a chill.

Even if they aren’t a group, weren’t they people from the same place? Were these people so cold-blooded?

He was silent for a moment before looking at the soldier and waving his hand. “Drag him out and bury him.”

As he spoke, he deliberately observed the brave only to find that they really didn’t care!

In that case, it was none of his business.

Li Zhecheng thought up to here and cleared his throat. He looked at the strange group of people and said, “Go ahead. Pay attention to your words or else… it is the end!”

This was already considered a very bad threat on his part.

If this was a diplomatic mission between two countries, it was definitely a very serious accident. But…

The players nodded their heads in cooperation and some even excitedly promised.

It was because all of them received system notifications.

[Ding~ Successfully triggered the elite mission: Meet the emperor.

Description: The emperor of the Roland Empire wants to meet you. Please go to the imperial palace to meet the emperor.

Reward: Unknown.

To accept the mission, nod for yes. Otherwise, please reject Li Zhecheng.]

An elite mission with an unknown reward! It would be weird if they didn’t agree!

Li Zhecheng looked at the players’ excited eyes and once again felt that this group of so-called brave people were sick.

He noted it down secretly and prepared to give feedback to the emperor later.

After that, he took the players out of the summoning hall and directly boarded three floating buses that were waiting outside.

Nearly 200 people filled up three vehicles.

The players hadn’t expected that what seemed to be a Western fantasy style game would actually have a high-tech thing like floating vehicles.

Looking at the onlookers outside, all the onlookers were skilled and the players were unable to spy on their information. This made them feel heavy.

In the palace, Xu Sili sat on the throne and used his mental spirit to pay attention to the outside.

Suddenly, a blue light screen appeared in front of him.

[Ding~ You have met the conditions and the mission system is activated. The reputation exchange system is activated.]

Then a new interface emerged.

Xu Sili became interested. After carefully studying it, he found that he had an extra mission panel that allowed him to release missions to players.

Of course, publishing missions wasn’t unlimited.

Every release of a task needed to consume his magic. This was divided into five levels: myth, epic, legendary, elite and ordinary.

For the first four levels, the magic consumption decreased from 10,000 to 10. Meanwhile, ordinary missions didn’t require magic. The more advanced the mission, the higher the experience points that players could obtain.

As for the rewards, it was up to him.

Xu Sili touched his chin and immediately released the elite mission of ‘Meet the Emperor’. The set condition was that all players could receive it. There was no limit on the number of players and the reward was unknown.

He saw a mission description on the mission panel. It was in orange font and the number of those who received it was displayed in the upper right corner of the mission box.

Soon, the number soared from 0 before stopping at 325—because he ran out of magic.

Each elite mission required 10 points of magic. Ordinary missions might not require magic but it was ‘meet the emperor after all’. He couldn’t make it an ordinary mission.

He didn’t know if his second brother had received the mission…

Xu Sili clicked in to take a look. Suddenly, a long list of information appeared on the panel. There were over 300 people and he couldn’t finish it.

He had to stop and study the reputation exchange system.

The reputation exchange system was actually a subsystem of the faction system. It was equivalent to a faction warehouse and players could use reputation to exchange for things in the faction warehouse…

As for the faction warehouse…

Xu Sili looked strange. Wasn’t this his treasury?

The Roland Empire was very poor. There weren’t many things in the treasury but there were naturally some treasures, especially for players at this stage.

Still, wasn’t it a bit too much to open his warehouse to others?

Fortunately, Xu Sili quickly found out that he could control the settings so he hurriedly operated it.

First of all, he set it so that everything was invisible. Then he selected two two-star weapons. The exchange conditions were: Worship reputation level, 9,999 reputation points.

He lowered the reputation threshold for a few more outfits but the reputation level needed to at least be ‘Friendly’.

The more special thing was the Escher coin.

He took a rough look at a player’s ordinary mission in the Roland faction. They could earn 1 point of reputation. Meanwhile, elite missions were 10 points.

Most players could probably only accept ordinary missions.

Xu Sili thought about it before setting it so that 1 point of reputation could be exchanged for 2 Escher coins. The reputation level also needed to be ‘Friendly.’

The ‘Friendly’ level was actually very good. They only needed to accumulate 100 reputation points.

At this time, game currency was still important for players. It might be different in the public release but they definitely wouldn’t be able to charge money in the closed beta.

So if they wanted to earn money, work for him!

As for the faction warehouse, it was geared toward players. As long as they were within the rule of the Roland Empire, they could see it.

After finishing the setting, Xu Sili spent 10 Escher coins to make an announcement.

It would let all players see it.

If they didn’t follow the law and didn’t use etiquette then they couldn’t exchange things in the faction!

By the time he finished setting it up, Li Zhecheng had sent him a message saying that they were on the floating vehicles and would arrive in five minutes.

Xu Sili felt a hint of excitement.

However, his bodyguard seemed to have something else to say. It was always showing ‘the other person is typing.’

He raised an eyebrow. After waiting a while, he saw what Li Zhecheng had carefully edited and found out about what happened on the side of the summoning circle.

He couldn’t help shaking his head. This group of sand sculptures was just like he guessed. (Sand sculptures: Slang that can be humorous or offensive. Can mean stupid, idiots, fools or more offensive version).

Still, this was good. It would deter them from being lawless and think this was another game where they could just run wild.

Xu Sili calmed down the poor guard captain. He probably didn’t know he was the husband of so many brave people.

The player who was killed would also be resurrected in the future. He just hoped the guard captain wouldn’t be too frightened.

Before long, Li Zhecheng led the group to the palace and waited outside the hall to be called.

Xu Sili had long explored it with his spiritual strength.

Just then, he slightly frowned.

It was because he only saw nearly 200 players but the system showed there were 1,000 people. Then he quickly realized the answer. He had ignored the other four major cities.

The main city was a novice village.

The other players were presumably assigned to several other cities. This made Xu Sili’s expression a bit ugly.

He suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Your Majesty, the brave are already waiting outside the palace. Do you want to call them?” At this time, Grand Duke Felton gave him a reminder.

Xu Sili controlled his expression and nodded. “Let them come in one by one.”

The first person to come in was Lin Mu, the professional player nominated by everyone. He had the highest qualifications and the greatest strength. Everyone was convinced by him taking the lead.

Under the guidance of the guard, Lin Mu walked into the hall somewhat cautiously. Once he saw the silver-haired young man on the throne, he couldn’t help being stunned even though he was a man.

He seemed to be seeing the real life version of the elf king—elegant, noble and with a type of alienated indifference.

It wasn’t until the guard next to him gave him a reminder that his mind finally returned. He bowed awkwardly according to what he had just learned outside.

At the same time, he inwardly sighed once again that the game’s modeling was truly amazing!

It was just that the emperor was very cold to him.

He glanced at Lin Mu before looking at the guard. The guard immediately understood and led Lin Mu out the other side door.

Lin Mu was a bit at a loss but soon discovered that his mission was over! He gained 100 experience points and 10 reputation points.

These 100 points of experience directly let him rise from level 0 to level 1. It was like a free gift.

Someone asked him about it on the team channel. He quickly switched to text input and told the group the news.

Xu Sili watched Lin Mu leave with a strange expression in his eyes.

This Lin Mu’s initial attributes weren’t low. He had a physique of 9 points and was a good warrior seedling but…

He had only 900 health.

In other words, NPCs got 1,000 health for every point in physique while players only got 100 health?

This discovery left him somewhat confused about what to say.

In fact, it could be understood. After all, players had the infinite resurrection skill. If there were no restrictions, could NPCs still have a way to survive?

Xu Sili didn’t keep focusing on this problem. It was for certain that players had unlimited potential. Currently, he wanted to know more about the situation of his second brother.

As a result, the next meetings left him very disappointed. His second brother wasn’t in this group of players…

By the end, Xu Sili wasn’t in the mood to speak at all.

He ordered Li Zhecheng to take the players to Mercenary Town to fend for themselves. Then he went straight back to his bedroom.

He didn’t know what went wrong but the birthplace of his second brother wasn’t Imperial City.

Roads between Imperial City and the other four major cities hadn’t been opened. He couldn’t go there and his brother couldn’t come.

The only way possible was to send an army to force it.

However, he didn’t know the precise city his brother was in. Forcibly sending an army to escort all those people over would definitely cause major damages to the soldiers.

He couldn’t do this as the emperor.

Inadvertently, Xu Sili caught a glimpse of himself dressed up in the mirror and suddenly found himself ridiculous. He saw the crown on top of his head and feelings of irritability suddenly poured into his heart.

He took off the crown, turned around and threw it at the wall to vent his emotions. As a result—

It was caught by a hand.

Xu Sili watched the man catch the crown before walking toward him.

He was a bit taken aback and murmured, “Weren’t you coming back tomorrow?”

Si Sheng’s lips curled up slightly and he softly replied, “I wanted to see Your Majesty a bit sooner so I rushed back ahead of time.”

“Your Majesty, are you unhappy?”

Xu Sili bit his lip. The embarrassment of that night had been forgotten and an inexplicable emotion spread in his heart.

He looked at the man who appeared in front of him and reached out his hand. As Si Sheng made a stunned expression, he impulsively hugged this man.

“Your Majesty…”

“Don’t talk.” Xu Sili buried his head in this person’s shoulder and whispered, “Just give me a hug, a hug…”

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