VCRMM: Chapter 52 Part 1

Once the golden light appeared, the soldiers instinctively closed their eyes. Only Li Zhecheng’s eyes widened.

It was as the emperor said. No one could predict what the brave would bring to the Roland Empire.

He was vigilant as he stared at the summoning circle, his aura increased to the extreme.

So when the players arrived at the birth point, they saw a murderous man holding a sword handle in his hand and releasing strong pressure toward them!

Ah Caizi was one of them.

She turned into a star that fell. After a burst of golden light, she saw the scene in front of her and it had a huge impact on her. Because…

She found herself unable to move!

“What is this situation?”

The players around her were in the same situation.

At this moment, there were around 100 or 200 people in the summoning circle. Ah Caizi was standing in the last row and could see the IDs above their heads.

She took only one glance and could see many familiar professionals. It was probably close to half the number.

Looking forward, she could see a man with black hair and green eyes standing on the edge of the summoning circle. He was wearing armor and holding a heavy sword as he stared at them with a grim expression.

Even with the light behind him, Ah Caizi could clearly see his face.

“Oh my god, isn’t this Li Zhecheng?”

A female player next to her whispered, “Too cool! Can an originally gentle and loyal dog be this cool?”

“I really want to go over there and touch to check if he is real. This game claims to be 99% real right?”

“F**, why can’t I move?”

Ah Caizi secretly looked over and found it was a professional player with the name Qing Yan.

She pursed her lips but she felt less relaxed. She even felt uncomfortable like she wanted to cough up blood.

Then a line of notification popped up in front of her.

[Ding~ You are being suppressed by the level of the NPC Li Zhecheng due to your current high realism setting. In order to ensure your safety, it is recommended that you reduce the realism level to avoid being forced offline due to excessive pressure.]

Ah Caizi was stunned. She finally remembered that she didn’t change the realism percentage in order to better experience the holographic game during the novice guide.

She hurriedly called out the realism setting interface and found that it was divided into small parts such as sense of taste, smell, touch, pain and pressure…

In order to get rid of the discomfort as soon as possible, she lowered the overall thing to 10. This made her feel much more comfortable.

“Level suppression? It is so awesome?”

“Damn, the realism of this game is high enough to explode!”

Obviously, there were other players who had just discovered this.

Ah Caizi thought deeply. Then she remembered something and quickly started the livestream according to the tutorial she read last night. She connected to the Star Forum.

[Ding~ The live stream is turned on.]

[In order to not affect the other players’ regular gaming experience, you can switch the sound channel to a dedicated livestream channel. The surrounding players won’t be able to hear your voice after you switch.]

[You can also set a shortcut button to switch freely between the livestream mode and public mode.]

Ah Caizi was stunned before her heart was filled with joy.

The realism of the game was too high.

She was a homebody with social fear so to tell the truth, she was a bit scared to speak live in front of so many people. This setting eased some of her embarrassment.

Ah Caizi hurriedly chose to switch. She tried to say a few words and made sure that people around her couldn’t hear her. Then she wrote a title that was shocking enough and shared the livestream link on her social media platforms.

Many people clicked in the moment the sharing was a success.

The world’s only holographic game! This gimmick alone was attractive enough.

Ah Caizi exited the live room and found a small TV in front of her. Her live screen was playing and there was a barrage flying over it.

According to the tip, she could move the live TV to any location.

She happily moved the small TV to the upper right corner. This way, it wouldn’t affect her real-time monitoring or block her view. As she was busy setting up, the others weren’t idle.

“Brother Mu, what should we do now? Is this the opening scene?”

A tall, strong man with a relaxed expression was chatting with the people beside him.

They were professional players and were more stable than the average player.

Lin Mu shook his head. It was the first time everyone had contact with holographic games and no one knew what would happen.

Generally speaking, after just entering a game, there would be the novice guide first or as Wang Yang said, the opening plotline.

The situation was unclear so they all chose to stay still. This was what most professional players would do but the closed beta wasn’t only professional players.

The realism setting meant they couldn’t move but they weren’t so pressured that they couldn’t speak.

The players started to become active.

“Hey, Li Zhecheng. Don’t put on a bad face! Give me a smile!”

“Wow, these abs. Tsk tsk. I’m drooling!”

“What is the plot now? Are there no benefits for the closed beta? Will we receive divine-grade clothing at the beginning?”

“If you want to engage in the plot then hurry and speed it up. I want to raise my level soon!”

The summoning hall became chaotic for a time.

Li Zhecheng listened to the words of these so-called brave people. It was a strange language but he actually understood them. This made his expression even gloomier.

Plot? Benefits? What the hell was this? In addition, why did they know his name?

Looking at their laughing appearance, Li Zhecheng’s trust in the legend of the brave people decreased to the extreme.

Besides, these people were really too weak! They couldn’t even compare to ordinary people. He could kill them with one slap.

They were clearly so weak but they were still so confident.

They were initially suppressed by him but they seemed to recover soon and dared to tease him with a smile!

If it wasn’t for the emperor’s words about treating the brave with courtesy, he would’ve cut them with his sword.

It was a humiliation for the strong!

[Ding~ The favorability of Li Zhecheng has reduced by 1,000 and is in the ‘disgust’ range. He might kill you at any time. Please be careful.]

“Oh my god!”

Qing Yan, the female player who just made a joke, was confused when she saw the system notification.

She took a screenshot and sent it to the newly established team channel.

[Yishi Huan: Damn, Xiao Yan, what did you do to your husband?]

[Lie Xing: 66666, Sister Qing is mighty!]

[Yanhuo: cough cough, Qing Yan, please pay attention to safety.]

[Qing Yan: I casually teased him with a few sentences QAQ. Isn’t Li Zhecheng a gentle and loyal dog? He is too fierce!]

In addition to Qing Yan, several of the more aggressive players also received warnings.

For a moment, everyone was quiet.

Qing Yan took the opportunity to add everyone present as friends and pulled all of them into the team channel.

After exchanging information with each other, the others knew what happened. Qing Yan also found out that she had the most severe drop in favorability!

No one dared to talk nonsense any longer and could only complain in the team channel.

Ah Caizi was also worried.

The barrage in front of her was filled with a large amount of ‘Husband 666’ and ‘Li Zhecheng love love’.

This was related to her fanbase. They also played Game of the Gods and Li Zhecheng was actually quite popular.

Li Zhecheng had no idea about any of this. He just thought the brave people in front of him were strange.

It was noisy before and now they were collectively silent.

Still, he could clearly see their mouths opening and closing. The look in their eyes was also very strange, making him feel uncomfortable.

Li Zhecheng was an honest person. He couldn’t express what was in his heart but he would… decrease favorability!

As a result, the players standing in front and had their faces seen by him all received system notifications.

“F***, I lost 500 favorability. In addition to Li Zhecheng, the surrounding soldiers are also dropping!”

“Damn, me too. Mine dropped by over 400!”

“What is the situation? You didn’t talk to him, right? Why did you lose favorability? Does the NPC have a sick brain?”

There were ghostly howls in the team channel and it was a mess.

As a small player, Ah Caizi was naturally unable to speak. However, seeing Li Zhecheng’s expression become darker, she couldn’t help taking advantage of the gap to make a suggestion.

“Why don’t you be quiet first? I think he has something to say.”

“He can’t hear us when we talk!”

“Even so, he can see our faces. He must know if we are listening or not.”

“The intelligence of an NPC can’t be so high, right?”

Finally, Qing Yan said, “Let’s listen to her first. Don’t talk and look at Li Zhecheng. Wait and see how he reacts.”

Qing Yan was quite famous and the team channel was currently her group. Now it was the exploratory stage of the game and everyone basically obeyed her command.

This time, everyone really fell quiet.

Li Zhecheng also felt this. His expression was a bit strange but at this time, the adjutant next to him reminded him of the time. He nodded before looking at the players in front of him and finally saying his first sentence. “Brave people, welcome to the Roland Empire. I am the captain of the royal guards, Li Zhecheng.”

The players saw that this method worked and happily continued making listening expressions.

Li Zhecheng was very satisfied with this. He solemnly said, “His Majesty the emperor wants to see you. Please follow me to the palace.”

“F**, we’re going to see the emperor!”

“Who will the emperor be? Will it also be a character from Game of the Gods?”

“Hahaha, brave people from another world. This setting is too rustic!”

The players frantically spoke in the team channel. Li Zhecheng couldn’t hear it but he could see their expressions.

His face became gloomy.

The players were still affected by his pressure and could only stay where they were. However, some body movements were still possible, such as laughing.

Step, step, step.

Li Zhecheng approached a laughing young man step by step and stood in front of him. He asked gloomily, “Excuse me, brave man. What is so funny about what I just said?”

The young player’s face turned white.

The sense of realism might be lowered and he couldn’t feel the pressure but Li Zhecheng’s expression was too scary.

Li Zhecheng’s spirit had been sharpened by seeing blood and going through countless battles. It wasn’t something that ordinary people could resist.

The young player didn’t resist and Li Zhecheng ignored him. He just ordered coldly, “Soldiers, arrest him! Wait until I finish reporting to His Majesty and I will deal with him.”


The two closest soldiers stepped forward and held the young man. Novice players were only level 0 and he was a lamb to be slaughtered in the hands of the soldiers.

The young player’s expression didn’t look good.

Why only arrest him and not others? It was too disgraceful! It was also in front of Goddess Qing Yan!

The captured player struggled violently.

The soldiers of the royal guards weren’t weak.

It would be okay if he was strong but someone so weak dared to provoke their Captain Li and be openly disrespectful to His Majesty? He still expected them to have a good attitude?

One of the soldiers didn’t even think about it and directly hit the player’s neck with a hand knife. He only intended to make the young man settle down but in the end—


All the players watched as a critical strike value appeared above the young man’s head.

The young man’s health bar emptied and he fell to the ground.

No one expected that the players’ first death in the game would happen so dramatically.

Oh my god! Wasn’t this NPC too awesome?

Some people wanted to check the soldier’s information but they only saw the word ‘Unfathomable.’ Meanwhile, Li Zhecheng was ‘Extremely Dangerous.’

The players gulped.

Someone whispered in the team channel, “That brother just now, can you still talk when you are dead?”

Currently, they had too little information and they could only explore it slowly.

No one spoke. After a while, Qing Yan whispered, “I asked him in a private message. He is currently in a soul state and he can’t speak. He can only type out private letters.”

“There is a time limit for the resurrection. It takes 30 minutes.”

“You can choose between resurrecting in place or resurrecting nearby. There is a limit to the number of resurrections in the same spot and there are only 10 opportunities per day.”

Everyone sucked in a breath.

30 minutes was too long!

They were currently in the pioneering period and time was precious. They had only been in the game for a few minutes but everyone was aware of the potential of this game.

It had a 99% realism and it was absolutely amazing!

They had also received some internal news. This was a closed beta without deleting any files. This meant that the level and treasures they obtained could be brought to the public release!

Now even the most casual players restrained their attitude.

They started to realize that the game was different from what they used to play.

The realism exploded and the NPC’s strength and intelligence also exploded!

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