VCRMM: Chapter 5

It was very quiet in the big bedroom. Only a few chandeliers were on and the moonlight poured in from the open window, covering everything with a thin veil. The silver-haired young man with a bright smile also became hazy in the moonlight.

Si Sheng frowned before shifting his gaze. He looked around silently. Wasn’t this the little emperor’s bedroom? Why was he here?

The memory of what happened before he fainted came to mind. It was a tender white foot enlarged in front of him and finally stepping hard on his face. Si Sheng squinted, anger and ice flashing in his eyes.

“Janice, I’ve changed my mind.” Just then, the young man’s voice came again and Si Sheng glanced over. The little emperor had removed his smile. He looked down at the woman in front of him and spoke slowly. This indifferent appearance was more unpredictable than his usual weakness and cowardice. Si Sheng’s mind moved and he raised his eyebrows slightly.

The maid lying on the ground had been desperate. Hearing this, she couldn’t help raising her head to look at him. Janice murmured, “Your Majesty means…”

“I’m not going.” The young man curled his lips slightly, his voice still lazy but full of power. “I will stay and solve all problems.”

Janice was startled. She was in a daze at first before bursting out into tears of joy. “Your Majesty, do you really want to stay?”

She was pleasantly surprised but she was soon worried. “Isn’t it too dangerous? Your Majesty has already promised the leader of the Bewatt Empire…”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about him. I’ve already rejected him. Tomorrow…” Xu Sili touched his chin. “Their starship shouldn’t come, right?”

It wasn’t that easy to come and go from Escher Star. Due to the natural disaster one hundred years ago, countless countries were destroyed and the Roland Empire suffered heavy losses. After another one hundred years of hardships, there were only five major cities left that survived.

The remaining 99% of the territory was occupied by interstellar beasts and became the habitat of various alien beasts. The interstellar beasts were alien to the people of the Roland Empire. They were a disaster but also a protective barrier.

Enemies from alien planets that wanted to cross through all the interstellar beasts and attack the remaining cities of the Roland Empire were just having a fool’s dream. Before they could even find a place, the overlords of the sky would let the invaders taste despair.

Xu Sili felt that perhaps the Bewatt Empire had never thought of attacking strongly. They probably planned to use it to convince Snow Roland to voluntarily hand over power. In this way, they could enter the Roland Empire through the safe passage laid down by the Interstellar Alliance, easily annexing the Roland Empire and becoming the master of Escher Star without losing a single soldier.

So even if he refused Arnauton, the Bewatt Empire shouldn’t take a strong offensive in the short term. Of course, if the Roland Empire really lost the asylum of the Interstellar Alliance in a month then the safe passage was likely to be controlled by the Bewatt Empire. Then everything would be hard to say.

“Your Majesty…” In front of Xu Sili, Janice was still kneeling on the ground. She looked up at the young man with very complicated eyes. There was both joy and a strong worry about the future. She was very clear about the situation of the Roland Empire so she could understand His Majesty’s desire to leave. It was just that it was hard to leave the homeland. At the last moment, Janice chose to stay.

As for His Majesty, she really hoped he could live freely. This old nation was too heavy for him. He was only 18 years old! He hadn’t enjoyed much of the treatment of a prince. How could he be forced to bear this responsibility that was like a mountain?

Janice hadn’t expected this young man to say something like this to her when she was about to say goodbye to him. He said he wouldn’t go. He would stay and solve all the problems. Janice couldn’t tell how she felt in her heart. She just thought that the prince she had watched grow up seemed to be slightly different. He might still be young but he didn’t escape anymore. Instead, he chose to bravely stay and bear it.

Janice’s thoughts surged and she suddenly raised her hand to wipe away the tears in the corner of her eyes. Her eyes became very firm. “Your Majesty, no matter what you plan to do next, I’ll always stand beside you. Even if I have to die, I will follow Your Majesty without hesitation!”

[Ding~ Janice’s favorability rating has increased to ‘Sworn to Follow You to Death’. The Roland Empire’s faction’s die-hard fan +1]

[Faction system is turned on.]

[The favorability system is turned on.]

Xu Sili stared at the light screen that suddenly popped up in front of him in a daze. Faction system? Favorability system? He had played games for many years and he naturally knew what these two things were. However, wasn’t it for players? Did NPCs have it too?

He tried to think about the faction system. Then a new light screen appeared in front of him. Xu Sili glanced at it briefly and then at Janice who was still kneeling on the ground. The label of a die-hard fan floated above her head, making him feel a bit strange. It was because there were brackets after the die-hard fan label that said: Mom fan.

Xu Sili, “……”

Forget it, a mom fan was a mom fan. He was currently short of manpower. At least he could be sure that Janice could be trusted. This was a windfall. Still, this label was so eye-catching…

Xu Sili’s mind moved and the label of the die-hard fan disappeared. He blinked and continued to try it, only to find that the label appeared again. It turned out to be controlled by brain waves?

Xu Sili looked at Janice again and his mood was a bit complicated. He collected himself and told her, “Good. Janice, thank you for your support. I hope you won’t let me down in the future.”

Then he sent her away. He watched Janice leave and close the door of the bedroom behind her. Then Xu Sili put down his legs and gently rolled up his trousers, revealing a pair of lotus-like legs. It was ivory white skin that was as smooth as jade, without any blemishes. The legs were very similar to his original appearance. The hands and feet were also familiar. It was just…

It was too white! He poked his head out and looked at his reflection in the basin. Apart from the color of his hair and his eyes, the young man with silver hair and purple eyes was 90% similar to his original appearance, but younger.

18 years old… he hadn’t expected to become younger after he died.

Xu Sili shrugged and placed his cold feet in the basin of hot water. The soles of his feet touched the surface of the water and the hot temperature rose to the top of his head, making him shiver. He slowly soaked his feet in the water, closing his eyes and sighing comfortably.

Xu Sili felt like his whole body was wrapped in warmth and all the cold was dispelled. He fell back on the bed, slowly opening his eyes. He thought about the faction system in his mind and a light blue screen appeared in front of him.

[Snow Roland]

[Identity: NPC faction leader

Faction: Roland Empire, Interstellar Alliance

Territory: Escher Star]

The words ‘Escher Star’ were protruding as if there was more content if he clicked on it. Xu Sili’s eyes fell on ‘Escher Star.’ He focused on it and indeed, a more detailed introduction rose.

[Escher Star]

[Affiliation: Roland Empire

Land Area: Around 1 billion square kilometers.

Land development rate: less than 0.12%

Population: + 90 million

Cities: 5 (Imperial City, Orchid Moon City, Seizing Star City, Glass Sea City, Twilight Frost City)]

The five cities in brackets weren’t much different from Snow Roland’s memories. Xu Sili touched his chin and looked at the introduction of the cities. Apart from the Imperial City that was level 2, the other four major cities were level 1. Each city had a panel introduction which updated the various values in real time.

Xu Sili focused on the land area. The combined area of these five main cities was more than 1.2 million square kilometers. He saw these values and barely grasped the reality of ruling a country and a planet.

As for the low level of the main cities, Xu Sili wasn’t too surprised. The five main cities were obviously novice villages in the game. Since they were novice villages, the level and specifications couldn’t be too high. It was estimated that there would be city upgrades in the future.

Xu Sili thought this and continued to look down.

[Number of troops: + 1 million.

Army combat power: 2 stars.

Personal reputation: Respect.

Popular support rate: 52% (If it is less than 50%, it is likely to trigger a civil commotion.)

Die-hard fans: 2]

Xu Sili saw the 52% popular support rate and froze for a moment. He hurriedly looked at the explanation for a civil commotion.

[Civil commotion: Once the popular support rate is lower than a certain value, the people of the faction will have a chance to take drastic measures to overthrow the rule of the faction leader. The lower the popular support rate, the more likely it is that a mass uprising will occur and the more intense the measures taken.]

Oh, so it was raising weapons to fight? Was Si Sheng’s rebellion a type of civil commotion? However, the support rate wasn’t below 50%…

Xu Sili pursed his lips and his happy and relaxed mood dissipated a lot. He originally wanted to earn 10 million cosmic coins. Then after paying the alliance fee, he would be able to reunite with his family in the closed beta. He didn’t expect that there could be a civil commotion. Xu Sili suddenly had the feeling that his small life was in danger.

The number of die-hard fans was also raised and he should be able to see the specific information. Sure enough, the moment his thoughts focused, a new interface appeared again. This was an interface with photos. The words ‘die-hard fans’ were written on top and there were two profile pictures below. Their names were written under the profile pictures.

At the front was a short-haired child with black hair and purple eyes while Janice was at the back. Joan Roland. Looking at the photo and name, memories appeared in Xu Sili’s mind. This was Snow Roland’s half brother who was only 10 years old this year. This child was pushed to the throne after Snow Roland’s death.

Xu Sili frowned slightly with a bit of surprise. In Snow Roland’s memories, his relationship with his younger brother wasn’t good. Joan was actually a die-hard fan of Snow? The system couldn’t be wrong, right?

Xu Sili opened Joan’s profile.

[Joan Roland]

[Identity: The younger brother of the new emperor

Faction: Roland Empire

Age: 10 years old

Personal level: Lv 5

Health: 7000/7000

Magic: 600/600

Attributes: Physique (7), Intelligence (12), Strength (7), Spirit (12), Agility (9), Defense (5)

Elemental Affinity: Dark]

Xu Sili blinked. As an older brother, he was eight years older than Joan and he was only level 2. Meanwhile, this little guy was already level 5? He took a look at his own attributes again.

Physique (3), Intelligence (12), Strength (3), Spirit (12), Agility (2), Defense (2)

Okay, except for intelligence and spirit, everything else was crushed by his little brother. However, this made it clear that Snow Roland’s initial intelligence and spirit were very high. There was a three level difference but he could be equal to his younger brother.

Xu Sili was a bit speechless. Then after thinking about it, he didn’t care too much. This was his own brother. It was fine to be stronger. He used to be the youngest in his family and everyone had treated him as a child. Now he had a convenient younger brother and Xu Sili was quite happy. Of course, he also had to improve his strength as soon as possible. No matter whether it was reputation or to save his life, having more strength was the best.

Then Xu Sili glanced at Janice’s information. The surprising thing was that the maid was already level 15. The data was frighteningly high compared to him and Joan Roland.


[Identity: Maid

Faction: Roland Empire

Age: 41 years old

Personal level: Lv 15

Health: 40000/40000

Magic: 650/650

Attributes: Physique (40), Intelligence (13), Strength (28), Spirit (12), Agility (20), Defense (30)

Elemental Affinity: Water

Occupation: Warrior]

Xu Sili blinked as relevant memories came to mind. As mentioned earlier, Escher Star was the origin of elementalists. Elementalists could be subdivided into two categories.

One was a warrior who improved their individual strength by tempering themselves with the elements i.e. a physical elementalist. The other was a magician who released skills by manipulating the elements i.e. a spiritual elementalist. They had different talents which were divided into the five regular talents of metal, wood, water, fire and earth as well as the five rare talents of wind, thunder, light, dark and sound.

Due to the natural disasters a hundred years ago, Escher Star’s elements were now thin. Only people with extraordinary talents could grow into truly powerful elementalists. Elementalists were often called up by the army to resist the invasion of interstellar beasts. The existence of an elementalist was sometimes comparable to an army.

Xu Sili pondered on the memories he received and probably understood that this was the class system of the game. His elemental affinity was sound and his talent skill was ‘Singing.’ This should be related to sound. He just didn’t know how to practice it…

As an NPC, could he level up by killing monsters like players? If so, it could be his advantage.

Xu Sili looked at the night sky and suppressed the idea of going out and trying it. It was too late now. He would wait until tomorrow. Xu Sili glanced back at Janice’s panel again and couldn’t help grinning.

Unexpectedly, Janice who looked weak was actually a warrior elementalist of the water type! It was a surprise. At least with her by his side, his safety during this time would be guaranteed. Of course, he was still in danger if he encountered an abnormal person like Si Sheng. Tonight, it was blind luck that he activated the Capture skill. What about next time? Capture might be a powerful skill but it used up all his magic value!

Xu Sili frowned with some annoyance and sat up from the bed. He had soaked for a while but the water in the basin was still warm, as if it had a constant temperature function. However, his skin would be wrinkled if he soaked for too long. He retracted his legs. One leg hung over the edge of the bed while the other one curled up. He wiped it with a towel while thinking about what he needed to do next.

First was to improve his strength and keep his life. Second was the alliance fee of 10 million cosmic coins. Finally, he had to increase the popular support rate. There was no rush for the popular support rate. In terms of strength, he would try it out tomorrow to see if he could fight monsters and level up. If not, he would find an elementalist to teach him how to practice.

The biggest headache was the 10 million cosmic coins. Escher Star had its own currency system known as Escher coins. However, the Roland Empire was so weak that the Escher coins had no value in the stars. The Interstellar Alliance didn’t accept it. He could only find ways to earn cosmic coins on his own to fill this hole.

In the real world, Xu Sili never worried about money at all. It was only 10 million. Don’t mention the Xu family. He could earn that much himself with a few concerts. However, this was Starry Sky Age. He was unfamiliar with this place. Even though he had the memories of Snow Roland, there was very little information about alien planets, let alone how to make money. It was so difficult…

Xu Sili was a bit worried. He was thinking about things when he felt that something was wrong. Xu Sili looked up keenly and met a pair of gray-blue eyes. He didn’t know when but the man sitting by the window had woken up. His hands and feet were still bound.

Moonlight came in from the open window while the curtains were blown by the wind. Half of the man’s face was hidden in the shadows and made the cold and violent gray-blue eyes seem more demonic.

Xu Sili’s heart beat wildly. This was fear. Then after a while, there was a wave of anger mixed with depression and grievance. He had totally devoted himself to taking care of Si Sheng, this paper person. Now that they entered the game, this person didn’t assist him and even came to kill him? The negative emotions exploded in an instant. He couldn’t help tossing down the towel and getting up to approach Si Sheng.

Si Sheng gazed at the young man in the distance. He saw this person get off the bed and come to him step by step. Moonlight shone on the young man’s face, outlining the icy lines of his handsome features.

Xu Sili stared at Si Sheng coldly. He put so much effort into the man in front of him only to get death threats. How could he swallow this anger?

Seeing the footprints on one side of Si Sheng’s face, he squinted and raised his foot again to step on the other side. Stepping on the face wasn’t very harmful but it was extremely insulting and humiliating. Xu Sili might not be able to kill this person but he could vent his anger in another way.

However, this was when the accident happened. Just as he was about to step on Si Sheng’s handsome face, the light rope tying Si Sheng disappeared and a large palm lifted and held him firmly. The palm of the hand was hot and thick while the calluses were a bit rough. The palm wrapped around his foot and his foot was firmly stopped. Then the man held his foot like this and slowly stood up.

The tall figure enveloped Xu Sili with a sense of oppression. Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Cub Si: Caught my wife’s jiojio (≧▽≦)/

Xu Bao: Get lost!

Proofreader: Purichan

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