VCRMM: Chapter 49 Part 2

“Okay, that’s probably it.” Xu Sili finished talking business and relaxed again.

The debt crisis had been half resolved. The pressure on him was much less and his nerves weren’t as tight as before.

He got up, raised his arms and did a big stretch. It was completely dark outside. Thanks to Si Sheng, he slept too long during the day and he wasn’t sleepy at all.

Xu Sili thought for a moment before using his communicator to video call Janice. He asked her to send someone to prepare the bath.

Once the call was over, he lowered his head to find Si Sheng staring at him.

Xu Sili couldn’t help blinking.

He wondered, “What’s the matter?”

Si Sheng lowered his eyes to cover the darkness in his eyes and asked in a hoarse voice, “Your Majesty, you are going to take a bath?”

“Yes.” Xu Sili nodded.

“This servant remembers that you fainted in the bath last time…” Si Sheng paused when he said this.

He recalled what happened that night and the ears hidden under his blond hair turned red.

Due to fainting, Xu Sili had no impression of that night and he couldn’t help pursing his lips.

“It was just an accident,” he muttered.

It was indeed an accident. He had only been in this world for two days and his physique was very poor. On that day, he recorded five songs and exhausted himself. He was so weak that he fainted.

Now he was strong. How could this type of embarrassing thing happen again?

He thought for a moment before suggesting, “Then do you want to come with me?”

Si Sheng was startled when he heard the words.

He abruptly looked up and stared into the youth’s pure eyes without any other thoughts. He couldn’t help pausing.

Si Sheng took a deep breath, his voice a bit dull. “Your Majesty… you are inviting this servant?”

Xu Sili scratched his head. It could be understood in this way.

In any case, the bath was so big. It was more than enough for two people to take a bath. In addition…

In case he really did faint, Si Sheng could help him. His embarrassment could be seen by Si Sheng but other people shouldn’t even think about it.

“Are you coming or not?” Xu Sili wondered.

Si Sheng lowered his eyes and nodded gently. “Okay.”

Lord God was so calm that he really didn’t think of Si Sheng like that. Even so—

Si Sheng couldn’t contain his desire.

It was despicable but he wanted to be closer to the person in front of him, to have a closer relationship…

“Then let’s go.” Xu Sili started walking.

It took time to prepare the bath so Xu Sili chose to walk, even though Si Sheng was there and flashing was much faster.

Si Sheng stood up and followed behind him.

The moonlight was very bright tonight and spread a silver veil over the ground.

Xu Sili walked slowly. Suddenly, he looked up at the bright moon in the sky.

He stood still, watching the moon as he remembered his family in reality. The game beta took place almost 10 years after his death, right?

His family… how were they?

Si Sheng watched the young man and saw that he was covered in a layer of melancholy. He couldn’t help raising a hand to rest it on the young man’s shoulder, only to take it back.

Xu Sili sensed something and looked back, asking casually, “Marshal, how do you see the moon?”

Si Sheng gazed deeply at him and replied softly, “The moon is beautiful tonight.”

He was clearly referring to the moon but he stared at the young man without blinking.

Xu Sili was taken aback before smiling.

He shook his head. “You can’t say that casually.”

He remembered that in his previous life, this sentence was often used for confessions, although he didn’t understand the connection.

“Let’s go, it should be ready.”

Si Sheng frowned in confusion. Seeing that the young man didn’t explain, he didn’t continue to ask but he was still filled with doubt.

Was there anything special about this sentence just now?

Why couldn’t he say it?

By the time the two of them arrived at the bath, the maids had prepared everything but the water temperature might not be hot enough.

Xu Sili had them leave as usual.

At Xu Sili’s command, the maids hung the clothes from the hangers and carefully exited the bathing palace.

It was only after closing the door that they looked at each other and exchanged gossipy looks.

The emperor and marshal were going to take a bath together!

Xu Sili took off his shoes and socks. He went to the bath, lifted his loose robe and poked his feet into the water.

It was warm but it wasn’t really hot.

He glanced at Si Sheng, who was standing like a piece of wood, and requested, “Marshal, can you heat up the water?”

He knew that Si Sheng could also control fire.

Si Sheng nodded. He didn’t look at the young man but exerted spiritual strength to touch the array under the bath.

The royal palace of the Roland Empire had been preserved for hundreds of years and the heating array was also intact.

Xu Sili used his feet to test the temperature of the water and once it was almost time, he called out for Si Sheng to stop.

Then he turned with his back to Si Sheng and started to undress.

The soft robe fell to the ground and he stepped into the bathtub. There was the sound of water splashing, eroding Si Sheng’s nerves.

Si Sheng had turned his back to the bath. It wasn’t until he had arrived here that he found he had overestimated his self-control.

He didn’t dare look back or use his spiritual power for observation.

He feared that he would make an irreversible mistake.

It was just that the rustling sound of the water kept hitting his eardrums, constantly washing away his sanity. Finally, he turned around uncontrollably.

However, there was only white fog coming from the steaming water. There were no signs of Xu Sili.

Si Sheng frowned.

It wasn’t known what he had found but he suddenly panicked and strode toward the bath. He threw off his cloak and jumped into the water without taking off his clothes.

He was just about to dive into the deep water to save this person when the young man suddenly broke out of the water and appeared in front of him.

The young man was as beautiful as an elf with his long, silver hair completely soaked in water. After leaving the pool of water, it fell down obediently and drops of water dripped from it.

The water fell on the young man’s smooth and fair skin like dropped pearls.

The hazily light covered him like a layer of tulle but it didn’t completely cover his good body.

Si Sheng froze and stared blankly at this person.

Xu Sili emerged from under the water. As he wiped the water off his face, he took deep breaths to relieve his lungs that were uncomfortable from holding his breath.

It was an indescribably cool feeling.

Then he soon noticed that something was wrong.

He quickly wiped his face. The water over his eyes was removed and his vision became clear.

Then he saw Si Sheng standing blankly in front of him.

This man still wore his military uniform. The water in the pool reached his waist and his blond hair was moistened by the steam. Some of it stuck down.

Due to the action he had just done, water had splashed on his face. At this moment, the water droplets fell from his handsome face down his neck and into his collar.

Xu Sili was also a bit stunned.

The two of them stared at each other for a while before he finally managed to open his mouth. “Si Sheng, you… why didn’t you take off your clothes?”

His question made Si Sheng’s mind return from its stunned state. It was just…

Take off his clothes?

His gaze couldn’t help lowering and sliding over the pointed chin, graceful and slender neck, delicate collarbone and…

 Si Sheng’s Adam’s apple moved as a part of his body started to react.

Si Sheng suppressed it and turned away, not wanting his ugliness to be seen by the god he regarded as his faith.

Yet even if he closed his eyes, the shocking scene just now clearly appeared in his mind.

Si Sheng clenched his fists and opened his eyes again. His nerves were tense and he tried to control his voice.

“This servant thought something happened to you…”

Remembering the young man’s appearance of floating motionless in the water, all the thoughts in Si Sheng’s heart disappeared and were replaced by fear.

He turned sharply to look at Xu Sili, serious and angry. “Your Majesty, please don’t do this again in the future. It is dangerous!”

Xu Sili was startled by the sudden anger.

He just…

He didn’t do anything, right?

It was just a normal dive. He could still control it.

However, seeing the anger burning in Si Sheng’s eyes and the real worry in his expression, Xu Sili’s mouth twitched and he nodded obediently.

It was rare for him not to retort back.

Seeing the response, Si Sheng took a deep breath and prepared to leave.

He couldn’t stay any longer, at least, not with this young man.

It was too dangerous. If this went on, he might…

“Okay, I won’t dive. You come and scrub my back.”

Xu Sili swam to the edge.

He picked up the scrubbing towel and threw it over. Then he lay on the edge, showing his back and waiting for Si Sheng to come over.

Si Sheng caught the towel that was thrown. He couldn’t go over but he couldn’t not go over.

In the end, he had to admit his fate.

However, he stiffened again when he got closer.

The young man was lying in an unsuspecting manner in front of him, his body not covered at all. The skin on his back was delicate and dyed red by the hot water.

This was too much…

Si Sheng finally couldn’t control himself. He raised his hand in a pious manner and carefully touched the young man with his fingers, as if dealing with a fragile treasure.

Xu Sili had his eyes closed while waiting for Si Sheng’s service. Suddenly, he trembled all over as he felt something slightly chilly touch his back.

It was like… a man’s finger?

Then a whole palm touched his back, gently caressing and stroking.

Xu Sili felt the hand. Was this giving him a back rub?

The man’s palm was a bit rough.

He could feel the thick calluses on it and it reminded him of the scars he had seen before.

He frowned slightly.

He felt the palm caressing his entire back before slowly moving down, getting closer and closer to his waist.

His body shivered.

Suddenly, Xu Sili opened his eyes in horror. He whispered in a somewhat bewildered manner, “Stop!”

Si Sheng stopped his restless palm. It was just about to reach the young man’s waist but it didn’t continue to advance.

He saw the young man’s trembling body and panicked as he realized what he had done.

“Your Majesty…I..”

“Shut up!”

Si Sheng tried to explain but Xu Sili stopped him.

He was embarrassed right now, very embarrassed.

Because… he actually stood up.

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