VCRMM: Chapter 49 Part 1

In less than two minutes, Si Sheng flashed from the castle to the outskirts of the palace.

Outside the emperor’s palace, two rows of guards stood.

The door was closed and looked solemn.

Si Sheng suddenly appeared in the corridor and immediately attracted the attention of the guards. They didn’t dare show neglect and shouted in unison, “I greet the marshal!”

As for the sudden appearance or disappearance of the marshal, everyone had already seen it and wasn’t surprised.

Si Sheng’s face was expressionless but in fact, some inexplicable emotions flashed through his eyes as he looked at the closed door.

It was longing and the desire to shrink back.

Finally, he clenched his fists and walked into the emperor’s palace.

The next second, he appeared at the door of the bedroom. The moment he raised his eyes, he saw the teenager on the couch. Or he should use young man to describe him.

In just over 10 days, the changes in the little emperor were enormous.

Not only had the cowardice and weakness faded away but the change in temperament was drastic. Even the height and shape of body changed every day as his physique increased.

Xu Sili felt it himself. His clothes were noticeably much tighter. In particular, the pants that had originally reached his ankles had become half-length pants and were now developing into quarter-length pants.

Janice wanted to tailor new clothes for him again but Xu Sili refused.

He leveled up quickly and grew taller every few days. The size measured now might not be suitable in a few days. It was better to wait until it was almost stabilized before making it again.

After all, his height couldn’t grow endlessly. It would probably automatically stop when he got to the most complete state.

He could obviously feel his strength and aura had increased from the reaction to the changes in his body of the people around him, from the initial surprise to the later numbness.

The emperor had grown too fast!

In just a few days, he went from having no stars to being one star in strength. He completed the journey that elementalists took several years to do.

What was so strange about such a person growing taller and stronger?

Elementalists couldn’t be commented on using common sense.

In addition, Xu Sili had leveled up again just after sending the message.

He reached level 12 and his physique had broken through 60 points. He also got over 60,000 health which strengthened his body again.

He secretly touched his lower abdomen and could vaguely feel some muscles.

It was a wonderful experience to get a perfect body without exercising.

Currently, he was lying on the couch on his side, head supported by one hand.

His long, silver hair hung down and the loose, soft robes also draped. It was pulled up by his bent knee to slightly reveal the smooth skin of his legs.

He looked like a bored cat, lazy and casual.

Xu Sili wasn’t surprised by Si Sheng’s arrival. He had apparently heard the voices of the guards outside.

“Marshal, you came quite quickly.”

He took the milk tea on the small table and sucked slowly, chewing the few boba that entered his mouth.

Si Sheng stood in his original position, staring at the young man from a distance with some obsession in his eyes.

He remembered what happened on the Star Network and didn’t dare approach until Xu Sili looked at him strangely.

“What are you doing over there?”

Si Sheng’s mind returned and he lowered his eyes. “Your Majesty… did you summon this servant for an important reason?”

Xu Sili put down the milk tea. “It isn’t a big deal…”

Then he suddenly frowned. “Don’t stand so far away. Come and sit down.”

Si Sheng pursed his lips before raising his feet and walking over. He sat down on the sofa opposite Xu Sili.

He lowered his eyes and never looked at the young man opposite him.

It was just that Xu Sili’s every move entered his eyes when he used his spiritual power.

Due to the huge hierarchical gap, Xu Sili didn’t realize this.

He raised his eyes and his gaze fell on Si Sheng’s body.

This man was still in his snow-white military uniform. He sat upright, back straight. He gave people a rigorous and meticulous feeling.

Xu Sili’s eyes moved up and finally fell on the man’s beautiful face. Then his eyes gradually became dazed.

Xu Sili remembered Roland’s Guardian again.

If he covered Si Sheng’s eyes and nose, the lower half of the face really looked like the guardian, apart from being more mature, tough and masculine.

He thought for a moment and couldn’t help asking, “Marshal, do you know the Star Network?”

Si Sheng’s heart shook slightly.

He knew that Lord God was doubting him. Apart from covering the top half of his face and lowering his age, the image on the Internet looked 90% like him.

It was normal for Lord God to doubt him. But…

After experiencing the scene in the Star Network community just now, Si Sheng no longer dared to reveal his identity.

Lord God’s orientation was normal.

Would Lord God hate him and see him as a heresy after knowing his wild hopes?

Would he still be qualified to stay with Lord God?

Si Sheng was overwhelmed in his heart but fortunately, he had an iceberg face and rarely showed his emotions.

In the face of Xu Sili’s question, he calmly said, “I know. It is similar to the network on Escher Star, except it can connect to other nations. Why are you asking about this? Did something happen?”

Xu Sili watched Si Sheng suspiciously. He really didn’t see any clues on this person’s face and eventually had to shake his head.

He couldn’t say that someone was using Si Sheng’s face to seduce him, right?

Yes, he was now more inclined to believe that these malicious people stole Si Sheng’s facial features and used Si Sheng to approach him.

After all, the boy wore a mask. There were probably flaws and he didn’t look particularly similar, so he covered it up with a mask.

As for why the image of a thin teenager was used, he probably thought that a peer would allow Xu Sili to more easily let down his guard?

It was just that the boy did a bit too much in the first mission.

Giving out 3,000 milk teas in an hour and earning a profit of 600,000 cosmic coins—anyone would find it strange.

In addition, after thinking about it, Xu Sili felt that Si Sheng had no reason to make himself look like that even if he could get on the Star Network.

Xu Sili dispelled his doubts and at the same time, he frowned. Why did these people want to use Si Sheng’s appearance to lure him?

As he thought about this, he raised his eyes and his gaze inadvertently fell on the man’s neck.

The buttons of the military uniform done up to the top were neat and clean. The clothing lay on the man’s cold and white neck. His neck wasn’t thick or thin. The lines were smooth and the sexy Adam’s apple was slightly raised.

Looking up, there was an exquisite and tough chin and… bright red lips.

Xu Sili suddenly felt his throat tighten. He hurriedly retracted his gaze and took a sip of the milk tea.

He thought about it and spoke to the maid, asking her to give a cup of milk tea to Si Sheng.

He ignored the abnormality just now as he watched the maid place the milk tea in front of Si Sheng. He lay on the couch with one hand on his chin and told Si Sheng, “Taste it. It is something new I’ve made.”

The purple eyes were full of laughter and warmth.

Si Sheng felt that this young man should be looking at himself.

It was just that he couldn’t help glancing at the maid beside him.

He remembered correctly that the maid’s name was Jenna.

She was close to the original little emperor but… there was no way Lord God would like her!

Jenna could clearly feel something different.

A woman’s keen consciousness caused her to be a bit alert.

She didn’t know what happened but out of an instinct to survive, she put down the milk tea and quickly retreated. She didn’t dare stay a moment longer.

Si Sheng was satisfied with her knowledge. Once she left, he raised his eyes slightly and met the young man’s still scorching gaze. His tense nerves relaxed and the hostility surging in his eyes disappeared.

That’s right. Lord God was looking at him and smiling at him.

It had nothing to do with the maid.

Si Sheng thought this way as he picked up the cup of milk tea and gently held the straw.

The diameter of the straw was slightly larger, which was different from the previous ones.

The milk tea had a mellow scent. There was the mellow taste of milk, the freshness of tea leaves and…

He sucked up a few soft and slippery things.

Xu Sili couldn’t help laughing as he watched Si Sheng drinking the milk tea.

To tell the truth, it kind of ruined Si Sheng’s image.

In particular, his cheeks bulged slightly when sucking up the milk tea and boba. He no longer looked cold but a bit cute.

Xu Sili supported his chin and watched this person. He couldn’t help quietly turning on the shooting system and taking a photo of this scene.

He hadn’t used this function much and he just suddenly remembered it. It just happened to come in handy.

After sneakily taking a few photos of the marshal’s black history, Xu Sili couldn’t help smiling. There was a gleam in his purple, glass-like eyes.

Si Sheng was actually paying attention when the other person was secretly shooting. Of course, he only dared to pay attention using his spiritual strength.

Looking at this smile, he clearly felt—

Lord God was completely different from the one on the Star Network who rejected people. It also reminded him of how tense their relationship was before.

At least now, Lord God was willing to let down his guard in front of Si Sheng.

Xu Sili didn’t know Si Sheng’s thoughts, nor did he realize that his psychology and attitude toward Si Sheng had changed unknowingly.

He took a few more secret photos before drinking his milk tea and thinking about what to do next.

“Mashal, we must find the remnants of the Bewatt Empire as soon as possible.” Xu Sili suddenly put down the cup and sat up in a serious manner.

“These guys in the darkness will be a hidden danger one day.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help suspecting that this was deliberately placed in the game settings to add more gameplay to the players.

After all, if players could join the Roland Empire faction then they could naturally join the enemy faction.

He couldn’t expect anything from this group of players.

This was something Xu Sili absolutely didn’t want to see.

In fact, Si Sheng had felt that something was wrong.

The remnant group suddenly seemed to disappear. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find them.

It was impossible to erase all traces as long as they were still staying in the Imperial City.

Yet in the past few days, no traces of them had indeed been found.

His lips pressed tightly together and he replied solemnly, “This servant understands. I will add additional people to clear up all the remaining traitors as soon as possible.”

Xu Sili nodded. “The reform of the elementalist system of the local army can also be put on the agenda. I’ll have Wen Jishan let out the news first. If there is a riot in the local army then I will have to bother you.”

“Your Majesty, rest assured that they won’t dare.” Si Sheng replied, eyes glowing with icy coldness.

In the army, he had absolute authority.

The elementalists who hadn’t even reached one star couldn’t make any waves. The only ones who really deserved attention were on the front lines.

Nevertheless, Si Sheng didn’t worry too much. The strength gap was too great. He wouldn’t take it seriously even if thousands of elementalists on the front lines united.

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