VCRMM: Chapter 48 Part 2

Xu Sili’s lips twitched and he stopped thinking about these silly things.

He might not go to the Star Network community for the time being but the virtual room was still available.

The milk tea store that he took a few days to start up was actually calculated against. He was still very upset when thinking about it.

He fell back on the sofa and ordered a cup of cheese foam mango milk tea. As he drank it, he asked Xiao Wu to open StarTune, ready to play some songs and adjust his mood.

His eyes inadvertently swept over the backend and Xu Sili almost choked on the milk tea.

In fact, he hadn’t looked at his StarTune balance for a long time. He never expected that after three days, the balance actually reached:


If he wasn’t mistaken, it was 2.58 million cosmic coins.

What was going on?

Xu Sili was a bit confused. He quickly put down the milk tea and read the backend notifications.

It was only after he read all of it that he got a general idea of what happened.

In the past few days while he had been frantically studying milk tea, someone gave him money and directly pushed him straight to a recommended position on the homepage.

This had always been the position for money people.

Xu Sili didn’t think about doing this because it was very expensive. It was half a million coins a day.

However, the traffic of this position was really fierce. In just one day, it brought him more than two million in income. It directly solved a quarter of the 10 million cosmic coins!

Who the hell was so rich?

Xu Sili frowned. Something had just happened and he was a bit sensitive.

He closed the backend and looked through the comment area.

In fact, he didn’t need to search through it. The comment about buying a recommended place was liked so much it was pushed to the top spot.

[Shu Shu Shu Shu Xiaolan]

[This album was recommended to me by my friend. Blooming is special and Roland’s Good Night Song is as good as its name. It makes you want to sleep when you listen to it (non-derogatory).]

[I won’t speak much nonsense. Push to the homepage!]

Xu Sili was originally a bit skeptical but his doubts were dispelled after seeing the comments under this message.

[A surprise rich woman!]

[Front row onlooker selling melon seed sodas.]

[His Majesty Roland, you are going to be hot. You have caught the attention of a rich woman.]

[Lanlan played a large role in Yu Yang becoming popular all over the universe. It seems that the next Yu Yang will soon be born.]

[His Majesty Roland, rush rush rush!]

Xu Sili stroked his chin.

So this Shu Shu Shu Shu Xiaolan had smashed the new singer Yu Yang onto the homepage? He had thought that Yu Yang started the popularity by himself. Still, being able to attract fans was considered a strength.

Xu Sili opened the backend to take another look and suddenly froze.

[Account balance: 5,081,065.60 cosmic coins.]


What happened? Was something wrong with his eyes? Wasn’t it just over two million? How did it suddenly change to five million?

At this time, he saw a message appearing in the system announcements.

[Audience member [Wood] has rewarded His Majesty Roland’s Sprouting with 5 million cosmic coins. Thank him for his support!]

It was solved!

Someone had just rewarded him with 5 million. After splitting it 5:5 with the platform, Xu Sili received 2.5 million.

Xu Sili felt some pain when thinking of the money distributed to the platform.

Just then, Xiao Wu’s voice was heard. “Brother, this Wood is asking to add you as a friend. Do you want to accept?”

Xu Sili paused before nodding.

Thus, the interface to add a friend appeared in front of him.

[Wood has requested to add you as a friend.]

[Note: His Majesty Roland, sorry to disturb you so presumptuously. You haven’t replied to any messages in the comments area so I can only contact you this way.]

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow and became a bit curious about this generous ‘Wood.’

He accepted the friends request.

The other person’s profile picture was a black cat with a pair of amber cat eyes that were bright and energetic.

Immediately after the request was passed, the other person sent a message.

[Wood]: Are you the singer of Sprouting?

[His Majesty Roland]: Yes.

Xu Sili’s reply was calm.

This person might’ve rewarded him with five million but he wasn’t a person who had never seen the world. This Wood clearly wanted to use the five million as a stepping stone.

Sure enough…

[Wood]: His Majesty Roland, hello!

[Wood]: I will get straight to the point. Are you interested in visiting the Flanders Interstellar Federation? I would like to invite you to sing your single, Sprouting. The performance fee can be discussed.

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow. This person actually came for Sprouting?

Did someone discover something special about Sprouting? Xu Sili thought for a moment before writing his reply.

[His Majesty Roland]: I’m not interested.

The other side suddenly became anxious.

[Wood]: Please don’t refuse in a hurry!

[Wood]: You don’t need to worry about the round trip costs. I can pay for it all. The reward just now was a small appreciation.

[Wood]: You can set a price for the performance fee. In any case, please think about it.

Xu Sili cocked his head. The other side was anxious but he wasn’t anxious.

The initiative was required in negotiations.

He didn’t reply immediately. He grabbed the milk tea on the table, bit the plastic straw and took a sip while thinking in his heart that he could give the recipe to Janice and let her make milk tea.

Then he could drink it in reality

He wasn’t in a hurry while the other party became less calm.

[Wood]: His Majesty Roland?

Xu Sili glanced at it and finally replied.

[His Majesty Roland]: Yes.

[Wood]: You agreed?

[His Majesty Roland]: No. I’m just a bit curious. Why do you want to listen to the live performance of Sprouting? It shouldn’t just be because you like it?

After Xu Sili’s message was sent, the other side was silent for a while before continuing to reply.

[Wood]: You might not know it but there is a special power in your singing. I felt it when I listened to Roland’s Good Night Song.

[Wood]: I was actually troubled by insomnia for a long time and needed a lot of sleeping pills to fall asleep.

[Wood]: Now as long as I listen to your Good Night Song, I can easily fall asleep and no longer need any medicine.

Xu Sili nodded. Roland’s Good Night Song was indeed very powerful and the hypnotic effect was first-class even with the recorded version.


What did this have to do with Sprouting?

[Wood]: After listening to it many times, I let my sister listen to your song. However, it wasn’t the Good Night Song because…

[Wood]: My sister was seriously injured a few years ago. Her spiritual sea collapsed and she has been in a coma for many years.

Xu Sili sighed slightly.

The spiritual sea…

This strange noun was probably related to the power system of the aliens. He silently noted it down.

The other person continued to send him messages.

[Wood]: I let her listen to Sprouting because this song gave me a vibrant feeling of vitality. I hoped she could feel it and cheer up.

[Wood]: I didn’t expect that her spiritual sea that was quiet for so many years really reacted!

[Wood]: It was weak but at least there is some hope of her waking up again. Thus, I would like to invite you to sing Sprouting for her in person.

[Wood]: She is my only relative and I really can’t lose her. I hope you can fulfill my wish. No matter how much it costs, I will find a way to satisfy it!

The other person sent a series of messages. Xu Sili read them and sighed.

He found that the other person might actually be an honest person.

Almost all the information was given and he repeatedly stressed how much money could be paid. Wasn’t this writing ‘I am a fat sheep’ on his face?

Xu Sili felt a bit embarrassed.

He thought for a moment before writing a reply back.

[His Majesty Roland]: Can I ask what profession you work in?

[Wood]: I work at a research institute.

No wonder why he was so rich… Xu Sili continued to ask.

[His Majesty Roland]: What direction are you studying?

[Wood]: There is no special focus but I have been involved in weapons design, mecha manufacturing and research on new materials.

Xu Sili’s eyes lit up.


The research might be of little use to elementalists but don’t forget that there were only a few thousand elementalists fighting on the front lines. The rest were ordinary people.

The weapons design alone…

He didn’t know the level of this Wood researcher but Xu Sili decided to bring the other person over first.

He was thinking but the other person couldn’t wait.

[Wood]: His Majesty Roland, have you thought about it?

[His Majesty Roland]: I have.

[Wood]: Really?

[His Majesty Roland]: However, I can’t go anywhere. If you want to listen, you can bring your sister here in person.

Xu Sili replied.

He didn’t say how long this trip would take.

[Wood]: I can’t just walk away…

[His Majesty Roland]: It doesn’t matter.

[His Majesty Roland]: Think about it for yourself. I’ll go first.

Xu Sili mercilessly closed the chat window and stretched out lazily, feeling good.

A researcher who brought himself to the door!

He didn’t expect that Sprouting would actually have such benefits?

Xu Sili happily said goodbye to Xiao Wu and exited the virtual room. He opened his eyes and saw the top of the game cabin.

The Flanders Interstellar Federation…

He had heard of this nation many times.

He didn’t know when Roland would be able to catch up with a superpower like this.

Xu Sili shook his head and got up from the game cabin, walking out very briskly.

In any case, five million cosmic coins were here!

It was halfway to 10 million. This was definitely good news to celebrate.

Xu Sili left the dark room and called out to Janice.

He wrote down several formulas for milk tea and asked her to prepare it according to this proportion.

Then he lay down on the couch and read a book to pass the time.

Janice was very efficient.

Xu Sili waited a while and saw her come back. She was followed by a few maids who were each carrying a cup of milk tea.

He instructed her to place the milk tea on the coffee table. Once the maids all retreated, he slowly put down the book and walked over.

Xu Sili tried each of them. In the end, he left only the boba milk tea with the closest taste and gave the rest to the maids as a reward.

He returned to the sofa and sat there alone. Then he couldn’t help raising his wrist to look at his communicator.

Si Sheng… should be finished? Even if he wasn’t finished, it was time to take a break. Si Sheng had said to combine work and rest.

Xu Sili thought this way and sent a message.

Not long after Xu Sili left, Si Sheng didn’t stay in the Star Network community for long. There were people who stopped him and tried to talk to him, but he didn’t care.

He sat up from the game cabin, his firm and handsome face looking colder. It revealed a somewhat sinister air.

Just then, his communicator vibrated. He pursed his thin lips. He didn’t want to pay attention to it but in the end, he lifted his wrist to take a look.

He was startled when he saw the sender.

[His Majesty]: Come to my bedroom.

Si Sheng’s cold heart instantly jumped wildly again. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Then the next second, he disappeared from his room.

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