VCRMM: Chapter 48 Part 1

Xu Sili walked through the light gate of the Star Network community and found himself on the food street of the E zone.

At this moment, the E zone had changed to daylight.

The starlight had disappeared and the neon lights had dimmed. There were just advertising spaceships with various banners filling up the sky.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, long banners flew past and hunting noises were made.

If they didn’t want to see these advertising spaceships, they could purchase an ad-free service. It was just that the cost wasn’t low. Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling that the Star Network really made money everywhere.

The food street was crowded and bustling. It seemed like nothing had changed since he left.

Xu Sili stood in the crowd and looked around for Roland’s Guardian.

He remembered that young man’s short and fluffy blond hair. It was eye-catching even among the Star Network tourists with various appearances. Moreover, there was the milk tea table accompanying the teenager. If he was nearby then Xu Suli would find him with one glance.

It was a pity that he didn’t see this person.

Xu Sili didn’t keep looking and directly sent this person a message. “Where are you?”

The moment the message was sent, a reply was received.

[Roland’s Guardian]: You stand still, I’ll come to you.

Then a team application was sent.

This Star Network was indeed like a large-scale interactive holographic game. They could even team up.

Xu Sili clicked to accept and waited in place.

The chat interface was still floating in front of him. His eyes fell on the chat history. Xu Sili sighed. This child was quite polite and kept talking in honorifics.

The possibility of him being a liar still existed but thinking back on the brief encounter and the surprise that the teenager gave him, Xu Sili felt that the possibility of this child being a liar was very low.

If he was a liar, why come to Xu Sili? What was the purpose?

He also didn’t think there was anything wrong with pulling people to work a part-time job at the first meeting. If it wasn’t convenient then he could refuse. Since the other person didn’t refuse, it meant he had time to do the part-time job.

Xu Sili thought this and closed the chat screen.

He happened to be standing under a streetlight and he looked at the pedestrians with some boredom.

A couple passed by him, holding cups of milk tea in their hands as they talked and laughed. It wasn’t known what they were talking about.

As they passed by, Xu Sili realized something. Weren’t they holding the Fox’s Milk Tea? In this world, only his milk tea had this packaging!

Xu Sili’s lips gently curved. It seemed that the child wasn’t idle and did his work properly.

He looked at the other passersby and was surprised to find that in the food street, almost everyone had a cup of Fox’s Milk Tea!

The eyes under the mask slightly widened and the purple pupils shone. Unexpectedly… he gave out so much?

How did this boy do it?

Xu Sili’s heart shook and he quickly opened the backend of the milk tea store.

During the time he was offline, Roland’s Guardian had given out a total of:

2,978 cups.

It was nearly 3,000 cups!

Xu Sili was stunned. Calculating it based on the hour, this was the rhythm of 50 cups per minute.

This meant that in a short period of time, Roland’s Guardian had gathered a lot of people and these people had a clear purpose. Otherwise, it would be impossible to reach this number.

After all, he had distributed the milk tea himself. The crowd was mobile and he had written a sign on the table to explain it but he still met people who needed explanation.

This wasted time and the efficiency would decrease a lot.

Xu Sili frowned. What was the identity of this Roland’s Guardian? If he had so much energy, why did he want Xu Sili’s 20 cosmic coins?

What was he plotting?

Xu Sili thought this as he scanned the revenue of the milk tea store. Then his expression almost collapsed.

Today’s revenue: 680,649.

Cost: 68,064.90

Profit: 612,584.10

Xu Sili stared at the string of numbers, wondering if he had misread it.

He remembered that when he went offline, the revenue of the milk tea store was only 20 or 30 cosmic coins.

In just over an hour, it created a profit of 600,000 cosmic coins. This number was also increasing and showed no trend of slowing down.

What the hell did Roland’s Guardian do?

“Xiao Wu.”

Xu Sili called for the little robot.

Xiao Wu was an artificial intelligence and was born on the Star Network. He could definitely tell Xu Sili what happened!

It was just that before Xiao Wu appeared, a calm and gentle young voice entered his ears.

“Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili looked over.

It wasn’t known when the young man wearing a white fox mask had come to him. This person was standing close and staring at him with gray-blue eyes.

It was a cool color that made it difficult for people to approach but at this moment, it shone with a soft light and was as beautiful as a galaxy in the middle of the night.

Xu Sili’s heart jumped and he instinctively took a step to the side.

The white fox teenager looked at him, red lips curled up slightly in a faint smile. “Your Majesty, I kept you waiting for a long time.”

Xu Sili stood on the street and watched the teenager’s smile. The red fox mask covered his face but he still showed some indifference and vigilance.

The teenager’s smile slowly decreased.

The gray-blue eyes flickered slightly, revealing a bit of incomprehension and grievance.


Why was Lord God looking at him like this? Why did it feel like they had returned to square one?

“I…” He muttered softly, “The task is completed.”

“Yes, you overachieved it.”

Xu Sili’s eyes narrowed slightly. His expression was strange but it definitely wasn’t kind.

The white fox teenager opened his mouth, his throat a bit dry. If this was the case, why was Lord God… not happy?

Xu Sili actually wasn’t someone easy to approach. It was only when he was close to people that he showed his softness. In front of strangers, especially those who made him feel threatened, he was very indifferent and even a bit aggressive.

“How did you do it?” Xu Sili stared at the teenager with sharp eyes.

He hadn’t forgotten the threat of the Bewatt Empire and he didn’t know if Roland had any other enemies.

In terms of government affairs, Snow Roland actually didn’t know that much.

Therefore, Xu Sili’s information was a bit lacking.

In addition, he was currently too weak. His mental strength was only F grade. Meanwhile, this young man…

He had just used Insight on him.

[Roland’s Guardian]

[Species: Human

Gender: Male

Physical Ability: SSS+

Mental Strength Level: SSS+

Game Cabin Model: K2576.

Star Network Area: Atena Galaxy]

Xu Sili felt numb.

In the past few days, he had been exploring the Star Network and knew that Insight could only measure people’s account information here.

For example, if the person used the system’s protective shield then he could only know their ID name and some simple information.

This teenager in front of him had SSS+ physical and mental strength. Xu Sili knew he had encountered someone difficult, even if he didn’t know the Star Network’s power system very well.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and was silent.

He didn’t want to mention the mecha, which should be an unpleasant experience to Lord God.

He didn’t want Lord God to think about it again.

Xu Sili quietly watched this person. He saw that Roland’s Guardian was silent and said no more.

He once again called up the backend of the milk tea store, transferred all the profits to his Star Network account and transferred it to Roland’s Guardian.

“I promised you that there would be rewards for over-fulfilling the task. I won’t break my promise.”

He spoke while observing the teenager’s reaction.

Xu Sili saw that this person wasn’t pleasantly surprised but only showed confusion and chagrin. He became more and more convinced that this person had a problem.

He didn’t understand. Why did a SSS+ strong person approach him so weakly? What was the purpose? However, he didn’t want to know.

Fortunately, they were on the Star Network at the moment. No matter what the conspiracy, he wouldn’t be threatened as long as he left the Star Network.

Xu Sili didn’t want to risk himself.

The power gap was too large and he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t be overturned. Who knew what means aliens had that he didn’t understand?

“This is your reward.” Xu Sili spoke in a deep voice. “Don’t show up again. I don’t know what your plot is and I’m not interested in knowing! If you push me, at worst it isn’t a life or death struggle!”

In any case, there wasn’t anything about the Star Network that was impossible to give up.

At most, he could no longer earn cosmic coins and would have to retreat back to Escher to continue the slow development. Even if the Bewatt Empire attacked, he found that the Roland Empire could resist.

Si Sheng heard Xu Sili’s words and was startled. He finally realized the problem. Lord God… didn’t recognize him and even regarded him as a malicious person.

“I’m not…” He was about to explain when he suddenly stopped.

Maybe… this was good.

Si Sheng raised his eyes and stared deeply at Xu Sili. “I just…”

His voice was hoarse but full of sincerity.

“I love you.”

He finally expressed what was buried deep in his heart and what he had never been able to say. Si Sheng felt that his heart had never beaten so fast.

He gazed greedily at Xu Sili.

He imagined the expression under the mask at this moment.

Xu Sili thought the teenager wanted to say something but he hadn’t expected such a confession.

He smiled softly.

Originally, it was just a suspicion but now he was 100% certain.

He wasn’t tempted at all by the teenager’s confession. Rather, he felt a chill in his heart. What type of purpose would let a strong person tell such a lie?

Xu Sili pursed his lips and his voice was full of coldness again.

“If you think I will believe your nonsense, you are very wrong. I don’t know who you are but if you want to seduce me, you should investigate it in advance. I have a normal orientation and I’m not interested in young people.”

Xu Sili no longer wasted time. After he finished his words, he simply exited the Star Network community and ran away directly.

Si Sheng watched the figure disappear. He reached out but finally caught nothing.

He lowered his eyes and stared blankly at his palm.

Finally, he squeezed it strongly.

He didn’t blame Lord God for the rejection. He had been too impulsive just now. In such a situation, he would feel shocked and strange if Lord God accepted him.

However, Lord God said…

He had a normal orientation? Did Lord God like women?


Xu Sili quit the Star Network and returned to the virtual room. He looked at his friends list, gritted his teeth and pulled this person onto the blacklist.

He had quit so quickly that he had forgotten to check the favorability system. There were too many people on the food street and it wasn’t convenient to keep the favorability system on, so he had turned it off.

The hurt eyes of the teenager appeared in his mind and Xu Sili pressed his lips together.

Forget it, it didn’t matter if he confirmed it or not. If this person really loved him then it would be even more terrifying!

Xu Sili knew that he was a bit too cautious.

However, he hadn’t forgotten the successive death threats he received on the night he had just crossed over. He cherished this life and didn’t want to die. He especially didn’t want to die due to his own negligence.

Of course, Xu Sili felt a bit pained thinking about the 600,000 cosmic coins he had just transferred to the teenager. In fact, he shouldn’t have been so impulsive and transferred the entire balance.

He was just a bit too attentive in front of the strong SSS+ person.

This money should come from the organization behind the teenager right?

Xu Sili was a bit annoyed. If it was really the enemy, how could he afford their good intentions if he didn’t swindle some money from them?

Still, he planned to not enter the Star Network community anymore. He would move positions and not mix into the E zone. Later, he would change his ID.

It was just that this would have to wait until he raised his level and his mental strength reached the D grade.

It should be very fast based on the construction speed of Mercenary Town.

The teenager’s eyes appeared before him again and the confession rang in his ears. Xu Sili shook his head.

This method was too clumsy. As a top superstar, he had received many confessions previously from men and women. It was almost any type of person.

It was just that Xu Sili wasn’t interested in love.

No matter how beautiful the men and women, how could they compare to the virtual people? Of course, the virtual man he once liked the most was now a three-dimensional one.

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Instead he opened up a bubble tea store. Sure, the profit margins on bubble tea are good, but when you consider that a) he has to spend time giving out free samples and explaining the product, b) the shop works like a physical store so different customers can’t buy tea at the same time, and c) he can only be on the star network for half an hour at a time, that’s a really ineffective way to make money.

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