VCRMM: Chapter 47 Part 2

Xu Sili didn’t know what was happening in the Star Network community.

Currently, he was walking into Mercenary Town and looking around while listening to Sprouting on the radio.

This town was much livelier than it used to be.

Originally, the existence of the beast fighting arena meant it was a small tourist town.

Due to the series of measures announced by Xu Sili and the broadcast of the TV station, it wasn’t just the workers coming to find jobs. The number of tourists traveling for sightseeing had also increased.

The tourists were basically from the inner city.

Wen Jishan didn’t turn them away. Rather, he released tickets and set the workplaces of the elementalists as attractions. Once the tourists paid, they could watch, take photos and film a bit further away from the elementalists. All of this was on the premise of not disturbing the work of the elementalists.

Xu Sili had found it incredible when he heard Li Zhecheng talk about this new policy.

Would people still come for this?

Yet as he moved through the small town, he couldn’t help falling into contemplation when he saw the people walking who were dressed distinctly different from the residents of the small town.

Li Zhecheng saw his doubts and explained. “Your Majesty, you might’ve underestimated the longing of ordinary people for elementalists.”

The chief guard took him past the construction site and looked at the tour group in the distance.

“Even if they can’t communicate with the elementalists, being able to see them up close like this is an unforgettable experience for a lot of people.”

“Not to mention, it is a rare opportunity to see an elementalist casting a spell.”

He was a powerful warrior but yearning filled his tone when he talked about the spiritual elementalists.

“Still, I have to say that Dean Justin can’t compare to you. There are few geniuses like Your Majesty in the world!”

He couldn’t help exclaiming. He had no choice but to do so.

After detecting the talent for the sound element, the strength of the little emperor was growing every day. This growth rate was frightening.

Li Zhecheng could vaguely feel that the emperor had surpassed Janice and was steadily approaching him. Unlike Janice’s joy, Li Zhecheng felt anxious and expectant.

If one day the emperor caught up with him, would he still be useful as a guard?

It was just that no matter how hard he tried, he stopped moving forward once he reached two stars.

It felt like something was blocking him, preventing him from improving any further. This was a curse that every elementalist had to face.

Li Zhecheng was very anxious and at the same time, he couldn’t help looking forward to it. Could a talent as powerful as the emperor break through the shackles and become one of the strongest like Marshal Si Sheng? Was he going to witness the birth of another Marshal Si Sheng?

Xu Sili faced Li Zhecheng’s eager gaze and couldn’t help his mouth twitching. “Guard captain, do you want me to be surrounded by onlookers like Dean Justin?”

Li Zhecheng’s mind returned.

He hurriedly waved his hands. “This servant absolutely doesn’t have that meaning!”

Then he hurriedly continued the topic just now. “For this Mercenary Town, it isn’t just watching the elementalist’s magic from a distance. They can also buy the Black Valley planted by the elementalists.”

“Many people have the mentality that perhaps letting their children eat Black Valley would increase their chances of becoming an elementalist.”

“In any case, it isn’t expensive regardless of whether it is the ticket or Black Valley.”

After listening to Li Zhecheng, Xu Sili understood why Mercenary Town could attract so many tourists. He could only feel that—

Wen Jishan… was really a talent!

He looked sympathetically into the distance. Not only did Dean Justin have to build houses but he also had to be watched by people like he was a monkey. Xu Sili couldn’t help shaking his head.

Then he left without a conscience.

It wasn’t stealing or robbing and he could promote the exchange between the inner and outer cities. This type of income generating method was very powerful just listening to it!

It was okay to wrong Dean Justin for the time being, right?

In a few days, Dean Justin would complete the task originally set and return to the academy. However, weren’t there the elementalist apprentices?

Xu Sili came to the headquarters of the Mercenary Association. It was obviously different from what he saw last time.

He saw that the wooden board for handwritten tasks had been replaced by a huge screen. The screen was divided into three parts.

The left-most part showed the top 100 real time points. The middle section showed the new points added to mercenaries and the far right was tasks to be picked up.

Xu Sili didn’t see any acquaintances on the top 100 points chart but he saw many familiar names in the newly added points chart which refreshed every minute.

Su Lin, Su Ye, Gu Lie…

They were basically elemental apprentices with some ordinary mercenaries in between. Their names were also distinguished by color.

“Your Majesty, you can import the mercenary platform to your communicator.”

At this time, Li Zhecheng introduced it to him.

Xu Sili raised his wrist and after importing the mercenary platform software, he immediately saw more detailed information.

He looked at it carefully and found that in just a few days, the platform was built to such detail. This was beyond Xu Sili’s expectations.

The number of tasks done by the apprentices was already considerable.

There were 189 people and they were all listed as mercenaries of the elementalist division.

Even the lowest ranked person had 50 or 60 points. Su Lin was at the top of the list with second place still far behind.

Moreover, the scoreboard changed very quickly. It refreshed every minute and there were changes with every refresh.

Xu Sili could imagine the pressure of being last place.

They were all students of the same age who started at around the same time. Yet they were so far behind. It wasn’t surprising that the students at the bottom of the rankings were anxious.

After a moment of silence for them, Xu Sili shifted his attention. He looked at the colorful names on the rankings and couldn’t help asking, “Are these colors their affinity?”

For example, Su Lin was green and Gu Lie was red.

Li Zhecheng nodded. “Yes, every registered elementalist has to fill in some basic information, including the element they have an affinity to.”

Xu Sili glanced at it and found that he could switch to administrator mode.

After switching, the interface didn’t change much. There were just some small details that appeared, such as statistics. He chose to count the number of elementalist apprentices.

A new interface popped out.

“The statistics are as follows:

The association currently has a total of 189 elementalist mercenaries including 43 wood types, 39 metal types, 38 earth types, 29 water types, 24 fire types, 9 wind types, 4 thunder types, 2 light types and 1 dark type.”

“There are 189 spiritual elementalists and no warrior elementalists.”

Xu Sili blinked. This was so convenient! He didn’t know much about the talent composition of the apprentices but now he could find out with one glance.

Unexpectedly, there were still rare elements. Judging from the quantity of wind, thunder, light and dark, he could see which one was the rarest.

According to rumors, the light elementalist had very good healing abilities and could fight at the same time.

For example, there was the blinding effect of light, extremely high temperature light that can melt things and light that purified all darkness.

Unfortunately, the inheritance of the light elementalist was broken and the healing techniques weren’t passed down.

Still, it was better than the sound elementalist. There were few people with this talent but it wasn’t like the sound department where only two had been born in so many years.

Xu Sili looked at the ranking list.

Sure enough, the last ones in the rankings were all apprentices of the light, thunder and dark elements. The last person happened to be from the dark element. The wind element was a bit better. At least it had some practical value.

As for the other three, Xu Sili couldn’t figure out what they could do apart from fighting.

He thought for a while before clicking on the task release function.

Wen Jishan had given him the highest authority and he could directly issue tasks to designated mercenaries.

Moreover, the mercenaries issued the task couldn’t refuse for any reason, unless they failed. If they failed, double the points would be deducted.

This was the privilege of being the superior!

Xu Sili issued a guard mission to the light, dark and thunder elementalists, asking them to first protect Asheng starting from today. It was protection in name but it was actually taking the opportunity to improve their strength.

After all, they were rare elements. If they could be strengthened then it would be a great fighting force.

In addition, Joan was next to Asheng. He could communicate with the apprentices and they could progress together.

However, for the thunder element, he only sent the task to the last ranked one. Add the light and dark elementalists and it was exactly four people.

After all, resources were limited. It wasn’t good if there were too many people and the goal was too big.

As for the other three thunder elementalists, Xu Sili thought about it before sending them to the power plant. The power plant should be rich in the thunder element and it was convenient for them to train.

He hesitated before posting a task to the apprentices of the metal department.

Xu Sili wanted a new weapon. Currently, the most powerful weapon in his hand was Si Sheng’s Glorious Radium 4000.

In fact, the elementalists had special weapon makers but he knew that no one could make a weapon for the sound system. It was because for a hundred years, the sound elementalist was so rare that no one had studied it.

Xu Sili had a simple idea. If they hadn’t studied it before then let them study it now.

The best time to plant trees was 10 years ago, followed by now. The research would start from now on.

After posting the task to the metal apprentices, he once again sent a message to Wen Jishan asking him to transfer the weapon masters living in the inner city to Mercenary Town.

The inner city was full of ordinary people. Wasn’t a small Mercenary Town full of elementalists suitable for studying?

Later, there would be more elementalist mercenaries coming. The demand for these weapon masters would be great. Why not do it now? As for whether they were willing to come or not, Xu Sili didn’t consider it.

If he asked them to come then they had to come. He was so overbearing!

After all of this, Xu Sili looked at the time.

It had been almost an hour since he came out. He could go back and see how Roland’s Guardian was doing.

He hoped this person didn’t run away halfway through.

Just as he was preparing to leave, he abruptly stopped and looked at Li Zhecheng suspiciously. “Speaking of which, since when did you study Mercenary Town so much?”

Li Zhecheng’s eyes dodged his and he gave a dry laugh. “I took the time to understand it. After all, Your Majesty is concerned with it.”

As he spoke, his expression became serious. “This way, I can answer Your Majesty’s questions.”

“Is that so?”

Xu Sili cocked his head. He still thought this guard captain couldn’t be so reliable.

“Of course!”

“Then you continue to learn about it. I’ll check later.”

Xu Sili ignored Li Zhecheng’s collapsed expression and continued to study the mercenary platform while walking outside the town. He got on the shuttle and returned to the palace.

Before entering the palace, he looked left and right. He didn’t see the shadow of Si Sheng.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. He ignored the disappointment in his heart and went straight to the dark room in his bedroom. He lay down in the game cabin.

It was just over an hour since he went offline.

The moment he entered the virtual room, he opened his friends list and took a look. On the friends list, there was only Roland’s Guardian but his picture had changed.

It was a blond teenager wearing a white fox mask.

It was a match with his profile picture.

Xu Sili didn’t think much of it. He saw this person was online and quickly entered the Star Network community.

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