VCRMM: Chapter 47 Part 1

The teenager wearing the white fox mask outside the cockpit felt too dangerous to him. The pressure instantly frightened Big Cute Meow.

“Don’t… don’t kill me…”

The experience between life and death was so real that he forgot that this was the Star Network community and he could escape offline.

Si Sheng looked down at him, eyes indifferent.

The little robot on his shoulder was moving its mechanical mouth. He was Si Sheng’s guide AI. Even if he appeared in an anthropomorphic form, other people couldn’t hear what he was saying to Si Sheng.

“That’s him! He stepped on Brother before!” Xiao Wu waved his two robot arms and spoke in a slightly indignant voice. “He dared to bully Brother. We must teach him a lesson!”

Si Sheng heard these words and his eyes became cold again.

He stared at Big Cute Meow and the cold feeling he gave off seemed to become a real substance that wrapped around the young man in the cockpit.

This was the Star Network. Si Sheng’s mental strength exceeded SSS. He would probably be a leader even if he went to the top S zone, let alone the second lowest E zone.

Very few strong people above S grade would come here. Even those who were above B grade wouldn’t come here unless it was really important.

Even if they did come here, these powerful people would keep a low profile. After all, if they had a conflict with the weak people here then it would inevitably feel like bullying with their mental strength.

Si Sheng didn’t understand these things and wouldn’t care even if he did.

All he knew was that the person in front of him dared to take advantage of Lord God’s weakness to humiliate him. He couldn’t forgive it!

The teenager’s young lips pressed together in a straight line and a strong killing intent slowly spread out from his body. Even the onlookers felt the pressure, let alone Big Cute Meow.

He was a novice or else he would know such simple mecha control and wouldn’t run wild in this zone all day.

Now he faced the white fox teenager and felt like he was seeing an ancient ferocious beast with a terrible sea of blood and corpses in the background.

This shocking scene directly impacted his fragile mental state and caused him to nearly collapse.

“Warning! Warning! Detecting a shock to Big Cute Meow’s spirit sea. Forcing disconnection immediately…”

Inside the mecha, the quiet electronic voice was heard again. Then quickly, the electronic sound stopped like it had run out of energy.

Xiao Wu’s eyes flashed.

Just like when he took over Si Sheng’s guide AI, he quietly took control of the mecha AI.

Perhaps it was because the game cabins of Si Sheng and Big Cute Meow were far apart but he felt the strain after successfully invading and controlling the AI.

It felt like running five kilometers with a weight on him. He couldn’t maintain his imitation body. The moment the AI’s electronic voice disappeared, the small robot also turned into a data stream and dissipated.

However, Big Cute Meow was awakened by the electronic voice and immediately realized it.

Yes, he could go offline! After going offline, he wouldn’t have to face such horror.

Hope was rekindled in Big Cute Meow. Yet he was soon horrified to find that…

He couldn’t go offline! Was it malfunctioning? Why wasn’t the guide AI responding? Why couldn’t he withdraw from the interstellar community?

He looked up at the blond teenager in front of him and was truly terrified. Wasn’t the Star Network the strongest network in the universe?

This guy was so powerful that he could dismantle mechas with his bare hands. Could he also control the Start Network? What type of scary bigshot had he provoked?

“You… you…”

Seeing the teenager raise a foot like he was going to step on him, Big Cute Meow immediately cried with fear.

This guy had blasted through the cockpit with one punch. Wouldn’t Big Cute Meow be killed if he was stepped on?

“Don’t kill me! Woo… I’ll give you anything you want! Don’t kill me, please…”

Big Cute Meow wailed. It was worthy of being the Star Network. Even the tears and snot were simulated.

Si Sheng looked at this person with a trace of disgust in his eyes.

He didn’t want to talk nonsense with Big Cute Meow. He planned to end this person with one move when he saw a table heading toward him.

It was the milk tea table Xu Sili gave him.

Just now, the wind from Big Cute Meow caused it to be overturned. It had automatically straightened and there was no big problem apart from the cloth on it being slightly crooked.

Meanwhile, the milk tea on the table was generated automatically after the table was rightened according to the order Xu Sili previously set.

Si Sheng looked at the milk tea table and finally remembered that he was still serving milk tea. He had been disturbed by Big Cute Meow and a lot of time was wasted.

30 minutes was almost over and there were still more than 400 cups left before reaching his quota of 500 cups.

Si Sheng was a bit nervous.

He looked down at the teenager huddled in the cockpit and his eyes narrowed as he suddenly thought of something.

“Can you do anything?” His voice sank low, like a devil.

Big Cute Meow shivered but for the sake of his life, he quickly nodded. “Yes, I am willing to do anything as long as you can let me go!”

Previously, he hadn’t felt anything when stepping on others. In any case, they couldn’t do anything about it. He never expected that retribution would come today.

He encountered such a hard person and didn’t even have the courage to call people over to save him. He even worried if he would cause trouble to his family…

Si Sheng slightly cocked his head and thought about it. “Call out the system mall.”

Big Cute Meow was startled. Then he saw Si Sheng’s eyes and hurriedly nodded.

“Right away!”

He opened the system mall and under Si Sheng’s command, he entered ‘Fox’s Milk Tea’ into it.

He glanced at the mall interface, the white fox mask on the teenager’s face and the floating milk tea table and couldn’t help blinking.


Was this a store opened by the bigshot?

He was a bit dazed but he couldn’t raise the slightest thought of getting back at Si Sheng. “I… I opened it. What next?”

Si Sheng glanced at his account and ordered, “Buy whatever you want and use up all your balance.”


Big Cute Meow dutifully did as ordered. It was just that he had a balance of over half a million coins. Meanwhile, these milk teas… one cup only cost one cosmic coin. He could only buy 99 cups at a time!

How long would it take to spend his balance? Moreover, what should he do with so much milk tea? Wait for it all to expire?

Big Cute Meow operated it mechanically.

Si Sheng didn’t care about him anymore. Instead, he raised his eyes and coldly scanned the crowd of onlookers.

“Have you seen enough?” He asked coldly.

The volume of his voice was obviously very small but everyone could hear it clearly.

The scene was quiet.

His unarmed mecha dismantling performance had shocked many passersby. Some people posted about it in their circle so that more people came later to join the fun.

There were thousands of people around the mecha, not to mention the crowds still coming from behind.

At this moment, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

Immediately afterward, the teenager in the white fox mask said in a deep and solemn voice, “Since you are here, don’t leave.”

A turmoil occurred in the crowd.

This teenager who could fight against a mecha alone, did he still want to go on a killing spree? If he dared to do it, they…

Would go offline!

The teenager jumped off the mecha’s chest and walked toward the crowd. Everyone looked at him and kept backing away.

It was E grade against SSS grade. No one could bear such a large level of suppression.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and stood still. He stared coldly at the crowd and spoke softly, “Everybody, come and get a cup of milk tea.”

His volume was small but it clearly entered everyone’s ears.

Upon hearing this, the crowd stared at each other.

This… are you kidding me?

Then they heard the white fox teenager continue speaking. “If someone wants to leave without getting milk tea…”


He punched the leg of the mecha next to him and directly went through the hard steel plate.

“You can give it a try.”

Their hearts thumped.

Si Sheng used the power of one person to deter everyone.

He nodded with satisfaction when he saw everyone standing in place without running around. Then he casually pointed to a boy standing in front to let him get the milk tea first.

The boy who was pointed out turned pale. Still, he was brave enough. He walked over in a trembling manner, stood on tiptoe and picked a cup from the milk tea table.

After White Fox nodded, he quickly turned and ran into the crowd, soon disappearing.

Seeing that Si Sheng didn’t stop him, the crowd exchanged looks. Finally, some had the courage to step forward boldly, grab a cup of milk tea hesitantly and run away.

Si Sheng was too lazy to care about them. He just watched the others indifferently. Those who received his gaze were shocked.

Soon, more and more people were queuing up to obediently grab a cup of milk tea before leaving.

The scene was very orderly and harmonious.

The store owners and employees from the food street thought they were seeing a ghost. It was the first time they had seen such a big, forceful promotion!

In any case, the Fox’s Milk Tea store became famous in the E zone in just one day.

Everyone knew that this store was opened by a very powerful man who could take down the latest mecha with his bare hands!

There was no danger and there was free milk tea. Everyone’s mood slowly relaxed.

There were even some people who were scolded by those behind them because they hesitated over which cup to choose and wasted time.

“If you want to drink another flavor then go buy it. It is only one cosmic coin per cup. You can’t even afford all of this? Poor ghost!”

“F*ck, you’re a poor ghost! I’m just picking. What’s wrong?”

“If you aren’t a poor ghost then buy it.”

“I’ll buy it!”

The man simply bought all the milk tea flavors on the milk tea table in one go. There were a dozen cups in total and each cup had a different flavor. It wasn’t expensive. Even if he bought all of them, the total wouldn’t reach 20 cosmic coins.

There was an example and many people followed suit.

It was because this milk tea had a high appearance value and looked delicious. It was difficult to choose one.

Only children would do multiple choice questions. Adults would choose all of it! In any case, this was the Star Network and they wouldn’t become fat.

Si Sheng crossed his arms and stood expressionless to the side.

The mask covered half his face. Combined with the lowering of his age, the aura of his body had weakened a lot. Nevertheless, there were many people who didn’t dare look directly at him.

He didn’t care and just quietly watched the queue for milk tea.

In the empty air in the upper right corner of his vision, there was a number that kept growing. It was the number of milk teas he had distributed for free.

He couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

The task Lord God gave him was completed. Maybe… it could be exceeded?

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