VCRMM: Chapter 46 Part 2

The Star Network community.

Si Sheng frowned as he watched the young man disappear. Then he looked at the floating table beside him.

“Xiao Wu, what are these?” He asked.

“The milk tea that Brother made.” Xiao Wu’s voice was heard before he suddenly fell silent.

Si Sheng looked at the cup of milk tea. “They are all made by His Majesty?”

This time, Xiao Wu didn’t answer him.

However, Si Sheng had a guess. So this was what Lord God had been busy with the past few days? His noble god…

Si Sheng clenched his fists.

This was why Lord God didn’t want to tell him? His heart was full of distress and helplessness but he could understand the mood of Lord God. If this was Lord God’s will then he would faithfully carry it out.

His face was cold as he started to walk through the crowd. Just then, Xiao Wu’s voice was heard again. “Brother sent you a message. Do you want to read it?”

Si Sheng scanned his friends list.

The profile picture of the red fox mask had gone dark, showing that the other person wasn’t online…

Si Sheng frowned slightly as he realized something. He whispered, “In addition to the Star Network, can you control Escher’s network?”

“No no.” Xiao Wu was discovered and he felt a bit guilty. “I just tried to connect. I didn’t control it.”

Si Sheng raised an eyebrow. Regardless of Xiao Wu’s words, he wondered, “What did His Majesty say?”

The interface of the communicator appeared.

[His Majesty]: Si Sheng, what are you doing now?

Si Sheng immediately typed the reply.

On the other side, Xu Sili waited a bit before feeling his communicator vibrate. Si Sheng had replied to him.

“I’m completing the task given by Your Majesty.”

He stared at this sentence and couldn’t help blinking.

What task had he given?

Xu Sili recalled that he had Si Sheng handle the military affairs.

Was he really just being paranoid?

Xu Sili cocked his head. He couldn’t understand it so he no longer cared. He just changed clothes to go out.

He hadn’t been outside in more than three days! He had been dealing with the milk tea store in the virtual room. Now that it was on the right track, he could relax a bit.

Now he was going to see Mercenary Town.

It was halfway through the deadline he set for Dean Justin and it was almost up.

During the three days he was shut up to make the milk tea, he had succeeded in gaining another level. He had reached Lv 11 and was just a bit short of Lv 12.

Dean Justin’s construction speed was very impressive!

In addition to the reconstruction, Xu Sili wanted to see how the apprentices were doing.

He should be able to get an idea of if he was just being whimsical or ingenious when making them mercenaries.

Then as he walked to the open space in the garden, Xu Sili remembered—Si Sheng wasn’t here! He couldn’t sit on the shadow leopard.

Xu Sili looked at the empty yard and felt a bit uncomfortable for a moment. Habit was a really terrible thing.

Xu Sili’s senses returned and he sent a message to Li Zhecheng to arrange a shuttle. Then he went back to the palace to disguise himself.

He didn’t have Si Sheng’s Passerby Halo so it was very dangerous for him to go out like this. He could be recognized at any time.

Thus, he had to do some disguise. Fortunately, he was used to it previously and just had to do the same thing.

He suddenly missed Si Sheng a bit. Many things were a lot more convenient with Si Sheng. Still, he knew that the two of them couldn’t be like Siamese twins. Si Sheng had his own things to do.

Xu Sili boarded the shuttle and stopped thinking about Si Sheng. He passed the array on the way and used Insight on the array.

The countdown was shortening.

This made him feel more at ease.

A few days after the alliance fee was due, the game would enter closed beta. At that time, he would be able to see his second brother…

Maybe he could see his oldest brother if he was lucky? No, his oldest brother was relatively stable. He would probably let their second brother explore the way.

Xu Sili felt a bit excited about seeing his family soon.

As for whether to prepare for the closed beta? He hadn’t thought about it yet. He wasn’t really worried about the stir the players would cause when they arrived.

These were things the game planners had already laid out. For example, the legend of the brave.

He had asked many people and even a three year old child knew about it. This was obviously to pave the way for the players.

Xu Sili looked at the lively inner city. He had to say that after spending so long in the interstellar community, he could feel the backwardness when looking at Roland’s buildings.

Of course, this type of special humanistic style wasn’t comparable to the Star Network community. Still, if he had to choose then Xu Sili would still choose the Roland Empire. It was probably because…

He had a sense of belonging here.

It was very small but the seeds had started to take root. It might one day grow into a big tree or it might wither and die.

Xu Sili didn’t know what the future held but he was still looking forward to it.

He stared at the scenery of the inner city and started to think about what he could improve.

There were so many nobles in the inner city. It was unreasonable not to collect more from them.

The shuttle carried him past the inner city.

He was just about to arrive at Mercenary Town when Xu Sili inadvertently scanned the panel of the small town and became stunned.

[Mercenary Town Lv 1]

[Financial expenditure: 257,684 Escher coins.

Financial revenue: 12,500,000 Escher coins.

New immigrants: 128 people.

Special status bonus: Resident’s hunger and cold rate 15% (construction speed -15%)]

Too much!

He hadn’t watched it for a few days. Why did Mercenary Town suddenly generate income? In addition…

Xu Sili counted carefully and found he wasn’t mistaken. It was indeed more than 10 million profit! The 200,000 financial expenditure was nothing in comparison.

What did Wen Jishan do? Robbery?

Earning more than 10 million in three days… was money so easy to make? Xu Sili thought about it for a long time before realizing something.

Was it… Niya?

He had hinted a bit that Wen Jishan could arrange for Niya to heal others. Did Wen Jishan make such a big thing out of it?

The biggest change in the past few days seemed to be Niya and the elementalist apprentices going to Mercenary Town.

Apart from these two, Xu Sili couldn’t figure out what Wen Jishan relied on to generate income.

It was worthy of being a special talent. Xu Sili was impressed once again. He even wondered if he should let Wen Jishan go online to sell milk tea.

Milk tea was barely a dessert. If he sold it, there would be a 150% profit bonus!

Soon, he thought about it again.

Wen Jishan was an ordinary person. Even if he could go on the Star Network, he could only go to the F zone. It wasn’t known if he could get things from the E zone and sell them in the F zone?

Xu Sili would go back and study it.

He thought so and glanced at the upgrade interface of Mercenary Town.

[Mercenary Town Lv 1]

[Conditions required for upgrading to Lv 2:

1. Main city level: Lv 2/ Lv 2

2. Population: 52668/10000

3. Special buildings: Administration Hall (1/1), academy (0/1), guard barracks (1/1), shops (9/5), farmland (5/10), processing factories (3/5)…

4. Residents’ food and clothing rate: 85%/100%.]

Xu Sili pondered on it before sending a message to Wen Jishan to ask about the amount of farmland currently owned by Mercenary Town.

On the day he had gone to see Su Lin, the farmland area he saw was definitely more than five acres.

He soon got the data.

20 acres.

In other words, Mercenary Town needed to reclaim another 20 acres of land in order to reach the conditions to promote it to level 2.

There were processing factories, forest management, breeding farms, etc., but they didn’t meet the requirements.

Xu Sili thought about it and gave Wen Jishan another order. Apart from the residential buildings, the livelihood buildings should also be put on the agenda.

In any case, Wen Jishan had just earned a large amount of money and there was no need to worry about not having enough money.

Then he didn’t care about how Wen Jishan received the message. He put on his hat, tucked away his silver hair and left the shuttle.

The tents in front of the small town had been reduced by more than half. As more and more houses were built, many of the healed wounded had been arranged to move in.

On the contrary, there was no one missing from the students’ open space.

Xu Sili nodded with satisfaction. Under the nervous escort of Li Zhecheng, he headed straight to the headquarters of the Mercenary Association in order to learn more about the apprentices.

Of course, there was Su Lin’s Snow Valley. Wouldn’t it be more efficient when new students joined? He entered Mercenary Town with great interest.

On the other side, the Star Network community’s E zone.

Si Sheng was walking around the food street. He was diligent in distributing milk tea but the results weren’t ideal.

Perhaps his aura was too powerful. Even if he wore a mask, it didn’t make people want to get closer.

Of course, there were still many young girls and boys secretly taking photos of him but they stayed far away and didn’t dare approach him.

So after 20 minutes, Si Sheng had only managed to give out dozens of cups. It was no match for Xu Sili’s efficiency.

Si Sheng felt a rare anxiety. It would soon be an hour. If he couldn’t finish the task…

Si Sheng clenched his fists at the thought of Lord God being disappointed in him. The pressure of a strong person emanating from his body made people afraid to get closer.

What should he do?

Under the white fox mask, Si Sheng’s expression became a bit distorted. Just then—

Thump, thump thump!

Heavy footsteps quickly approached.

Si Sheng looked back only to see a 30 meter tall mecha running toward this side. The people around him were quickly running away. Some gave him a reminder. “Hey, Mr White Fox, run! That is the roadkiller, Big Cute Meow!”

“He is a novice who just learned to drive mecha but he is rich and is operating a newly developed mecha. Your shield can’t protect against him!”

“Yes! Don’t be trampled by him or your stay time will be shortened!”

It might be shortened by only 10 minutes but most people in the E zone could only stay for 30 minutes. Suddenly losing one-third of the time was a loss no matter how they thought about it!

Si Sheng didn’t understand but he stared straight at the mecha running at him and didn’t move.

Just then, a small robot appeared on his shoulder. Its mouth opened and shut but it wasn’t known what it said.

The originally quite peaceful person slightly narrowed his eyes.

The moment the heavy mecha foot lowered, Si Sheng looked up and his gray-blue eyes turned a dark gold.

Many people around him stared at him in disbelief because—

The big mecha’s foot stopped!

Rather, it stopped in mid-air like it was stepping on empty air. Due to this sudden change, the huge mecha lost its balance and suddenly fell forward.


There was a loud sound and the mecha fell awkwardly to the ground.

Pieces of houses became shadows. Buildings might have no stay time but they had durability. If the durability was gone, they would have to pay the rent!

This was a food street and most of the buildings were shops.

The owners of the shops ran out. Some of them had ugly expressions while others cursed at Big Cute Meow.

Big Cute Meow, who had always relied on the performance of his mecha, fell flat this time.

The teenager in the cockpit stared at the console in a confused and disoriented manner.

“Xiao Qi, what just happened?”

The AI’s electronic voice was heard. “Calculation and analysis are in progress. Please wait…”


Suddenly, a loud noise was heard again.

“Warning! Warning! The mecha leg has received an unknown attack. The extent of the damage is 40… 60… 100%!”

“The mecha leg is out of control and unable to move!”

“Trying to open the shield…”

“The shield has failed to open!”

“Warning! Warning! The back of the mecha has received an unknown attack. The extent of the damage is 70%!”

“Warning! Warning! The mecha is flipped over by an unknown creature. The enemy is approaching the cockpit. Danger! Danger!”

“Please get offline and escape as soon as possible! Please get offline and escape as soon as possible!”

The AI’s electronic voice went crazy and the alarm in the cockpit roared.

Big Cute Meow was very, very confused.

There was a loud bang that caused his ears to buzz. He felt dizzy with the bumps of the mecha.

Then in his vision, the cockpit’s outer shell was broken.

In this violent impact, a fist appeared in front of him and quickly approached. It finally stopped less than a centimeter away from him.

Big Cute Meow stared at this fist, his heart beating wildly. His face was as white as paper and he really felt the threat of death.

Then the fist slowly retracted.

Light poured in.

Through the hole in the cockpit’s outer casing, he saw a blond-haired teenager in a white fox mask, a small robot on his shoulder.

The blond-haired teenager stared down at him with gray-blue eyes, his eyes cold like he was looking at a dead object.

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