VCRMM: Chapter 46 Part 1

Based on Snow Roland’s memory, Xu Sili knew that there was only one game cabin on Escher Star that could connect to the Star Network.

So when he saw Roland’s Guardian, the first thing he thought of was: Was this an elemental or descendant of an elementalist who was exiled from the Roland Empire?

Why else would they take such a name?

Xu Sili thought about it before clicking to accept the other person’s friend application. It was just an online friend anyway.

Even if his speculation wasn’t true, it could be deleted. There was no loss for him. Rather, it would be absolutely beneficial and harmless if he could develop a friend on an alien planet!

After accepting the friend invitation, a new interface popped up. It was a friends list and there was only one person on it, the one he had just accepted.

It seemed lonely and a bit deserted.

Xu Sili looked at the other person’s profile picture. It was the default picture set by the system and he didn’t see anything special.

He didn’t want to do that much so he directly sent a message.

The game cabin on the other side.

Si Sheng looked at the friend list interface in front of him, brow furrowed and expression a bit embarrassed.

A penny confounded a hero.

He didn’t have much and wasn’t even qualified to enter the Star Network community, let alone help Lord God solve the problem.

Suddenly, the friend list interface shook. The friend request he just sent had been accepted!

On the empty friends list, an image of a young man wearing a fox mask appeared. Immediately afterwards, the other person’s profile picture vibrated.

Si Sheng’s heart thumped and he clicked to view it.

[His Majesty Roland]: You are?

Si Sheng was a bit nervous.

He could be calm and not change his expression even in the face of the most ferocious interstellar beasts, but at this moment, his hands were slightly trembling.

He took a deep breath and replied to the message.

[Roland’s Guardian]: Your Majesty, it’s me.

Xu Sili blinked. 

He searched back through Snow Roland’s memory carefully but couldn’t find anyone he knew on the Star Network. He could only guess that this person might be an acquaintance of the old emperor.

After all, the old emperor was also called His Majesty Roland.

It couldn’t be a fan of his songs right? He didn’t know any fans that well. Or was it… a swindler?

Xu Sili was a bit wary.

There were too many online scams. He didn’t believe it could be completely eliminated even in the future interstellar network.

At this moment, he glanced at his stay time and an idea flashed through his mind.

Si Sheng looked at the sent message that showed ‘read’ and couldn’t help clenching his fists.

Lord God… what would he say?

He was thinking this when a new message appeared on the chat box.

[His Majesty Roland]: Yes.

[His Majesty Roland]: How long can you stay in the Star Network community?

Si Sheng was stunned before reacting quickly. He raised his hand and touched the entrance of the Star Network community.

[You are entering the interstellar community and need to pay 10 cosmic coins. Do you want to continue?]

[Note: Your mental strength has reached SSS+ and you can stay in all major communities of the Star Network without restrictions. In view of the low comprehensive strength ranking of your homeland, you need to apply to join the Freedom League to enter zones above S level. You can only enter after obtaining the qualifications.]

[Do you want to apply to enter the Freedom League?]

Si Sheng ignored the application prompt and responded to Xu Sili.

[Roland’s Guardian]: Unlimited.

Xu Sili’s eyes brightened. There was no limit!

He was somewhat curious about the other person’s mental strength level but this involved privacy. He smartly didn’t ask but…

[His Majesty Roland]: Do you have time next?

[Roland’s Guardian]: Yes.

[His Majesty Roland]: Are you interested in helping me? I will give you 20 cosmic coins per hour.

Xu Sili didn’t know the hourly salary of part time jobs on the Star Network. He felt that the offer was a bit low but he still sent it in a shameless manner.

If it didn’t work then the other side would naturally say it.

He had just given away 100 cups in 10 minutes and sold 18 cups. One cup was sold for 1 cosmic coin while the cost was only 0.10 coins.

Calculated at this rate, he still had some money left over at the price of 20 cosmic coins per hour.

As for making money by pushing the direct promotion?

Xu Sili couldn’t expect this. Right now, he wasn’t aiming to make money but to get word of mouth out as early as possible.

It was because he believed the milk tea would be successful.

In reality, milk tea had been developed for many years before its appearance and quality co-existed. Now he directly absorbed the essence and had Xiao Wu to help check it.

He was confident that he wouldn’t fail. However, could he achieve a few million profit within a few days?

To be honest, it was hard.

Xu Sili was chill about it. If he really couldn’t pay the alliance fee then he would just fight the Bewatt Empire.

There would be an undead army joining as soon as the players came. He believed that the Roland Empire wouldn’t lose.

However, this was the worst outcome.

Now he must try his best to fight for it. If the result didn’t come as expected, at least he had worked hard and there was no need to regret anything.

Just as he was thinking this, the other person’s profile picture shook again.

[Roland’s Guardian]: That’s fine. Pay an hour first.

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow.

This guy… he really wasn’t a swindler, right?

Still, it was only 20 cosmic coins when thinking about it. His album was now on the monthly charts. The ranking might be low but it brought him a good income.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to set up the milk tea store.

[His Majesty Roland]: Okay, find me at the food street in the E zone.

Si Sheng was slightly relieved seeing the message from Xu Sili. In fact…

He didn’t want to take the money but without cosmic coins, he couldn’t even enter the Star Network community. At least in this way, he could speak without any shame.

He saw the 20 cosmic coins that had already arrived and then the fox mask picture of Lord God. Si Sheng thought about it before opening the appearance interface.

He browsed through the system mall and finally exchanged 1 cosmic coin for a white fox mask.

After wearing it, he walked into the light gate of the Star Network community. He clicked on the option that popped up and chose the E zone.

The white light dissipated and he was randomly teleported to the food street.

People were coming and going. Then a figure suddenly appeared in the crowd, wearing the initial casual clothes first distributed by the Star Network.

He was around 178 centimeters tall. It wasn’t a standout but his body proportions were very good and his long legs were very superior.

The slender back revealed a youthful air while the short sleeves exposed the arm muscles full of strength.

Si Sheng chose a direction and quickly walked forward. He had gone a certain distance when he suddenly stopped and stared in a daze at the figure not far away.

The silver-haired young man had his back to Si Seng but Si Sheng recognized him instantly.

He was standing next to the floating table where cups of exquisite milk tea were placed. The words ‘free tasting’ were written on the cloth.

At this time, the young man picked up the matcha milk tea and handed it sideways to a girl.

The red fox mask made him look like he was smiling.

Si Sheng saw this scene and couldn’t help pressing his lips together tightly.

As the young man picked up another cup and handed it to another girl, Si Sheng raised his feet and walked over.

“Mr Fox, your milk tea is really delicious! It tastes much better than the Hong Kong style milk tea and it is so cheap!”

The Hong Kong style milk tea cost 5 cosmic coins while Xu Sili’s milk tea was only 1 coin. This could be called a really cheap price.

In fact, his cost was only 0.10 cosmic coin! It had to be said that virtual products, especially food, were really profitable.

Xu Sili wore a red fox mask that only showed his purple eyes.

At this moment, his eyes curved in a smile as he said, “Fox’s products must be high-quality goods! However, now is the discount period. It is recommended to buy a few more cups as the price might increase in the future.”

Yes, his milk tea store was called Fox’s Milk Tea.

He had designed both the sign and the logo.

In the future, there might be other products and a chain brand would emerge. Of course, this would take some time.

The girl smiled at the red fox’s words. “No problem. I think it is worth it even if it is 10 times more expensive! Not only is it delicious but it is also beautiful! I just took a photo and posted it on my Star Network circle. Many people are asking me about it. Perhaps soon, your store’s business will increase. Let’s see how you will thank me another day.”

Xu Sili was very satisfied and took a cup of milk tea. “No need to wait for another day. I’ll buy you a drink now. You drank the green milk tea before. Now try this succulent grape milk tea? It is also the signature of my store.”

The girl stared. “Wow, you remember what I drank!”

Xu Sili just wanted to say something when a hand reached out and grabbed his wrist.

The slightly cold temperature on his skin made Xu Sili shiver.

He blinked and looked sideways.

This person had short blond hair and wore a white fox mask on his face. It only covered the upper half of his face so his cold white skin and thin, sexy lips could be seen.

Xu Sili was slightly startled. This person looked familiar…

Where had he seen him before?

In particular, he could never forget these gray-blue eyes.

Si Sheng! Was it him?

Then Xu Sili compared the body shape and hesitated again. How could Si Sheng be this tall?

Yes, Xu Sili might’ve become taller as his physique grew but the data in the Star Network wasn’t updated. He remained at 178 centimeters.

Meanwhile, this person who suddenly appeared in front of him…

Looking at his thin waist, it was full of strength but he wasn’t as masculine as Si Sheng, whether it was in shoulder width or body height. He gave off the feeling of youthfulness.

Xu Sili felt that this person wearing the white fox mask was definitely not over 18 years old.

He didn’t speak for a moment. Then he saw the ID of the white fox mask.

Roland’s Guardian.

Xu Sili blinked before saying, “So it is you.”

Si Sheng stared at the silver-haired young man and for a moment, he couldn’t tell if the young man’s surprise was false or not.

He hesitated before answering, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Xu Sili looked at this person a few times before nodding. “It is just right. I happen to be wearing a fox mask too.”

He glanced at the time. There was one minute left.

Xu Sili hurriedly seized the time. “I won’t talk nonsense. Your task for this hour is to distribute these cups of milk tea for free.”

“You must give out… at least 500 cups in one hour.”

“If you go beyond this quota then I will give you a bonus.”

“Your Majesty, why are you doing this?” Si Sheng frowned in a confused manner.

For a moment, Xu Sili felt that he was facing Si Sheng. However, there wasn’t just the problem of body shape and appearance. Si Sheng didn’t have a game cabin at all.

How could he get on the Star Network and know Xu Sili’s ID?

Xu Sili shook his head. “Of course, it is a business strategy! I don’t care why you added me as a friend. If you do well then you will get benefits later.”

He casually talked about the benefits but time ran out before he could finish. He could only wave before he was forced offline.

After leaving the Star Network community, he needed to rest for 30 minutes before going online again.

Xu Sili didn’t stay in the virtual room. He instead quit the game cabin and sent a text message to Si Sheng.

It was also the first time he had sent a message to Si Sheng.

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