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VCRMM: Chapter 45 Part 2

Si Sheng opened the game cabin. He took out the instruction manual from it and started the game cabin while reading it.

He learned very quickly. Even if it was something he was making contact with for the first time, he quickly mastered the know-how.

Soon, he lay down in the game cabin and managed to enter the virtual room.

The virtual room was matched with the game cabin and was the same size as Xu Sili’s. It hadn’t been decorated and was still in its initial state.

“The Interstellar Alliance Network welcomes you. I am Guide AI58463. I am very pleased to serve you!”

“Since this is your first time using this product, I will give you a novice guide. Do you need to skip it?”

Si Sheng thought about it. “No.”

“Okay, the novice guide is starting.”

The guide AI said, “Please set a nickname for yourself.”

“Please note that the nickname can only be registered once for free. There might be a charge for changing it later. Please be careful when naming it.”


Si Sheng frowned slightly.

As Si Sheng was thinking about his nickname, at the other game cabin on Escher Star—

The little robot who was helping Xu Sili upload the virtual milk tea formula to the store mall suddenly flashed his eyes.

He cocked his head slightly like he was sensing something.

Xu Sili was busy refreshing the data and didn’t notice the abnormality. By the time he looked over, the little robot had returned to his original state.

“Brother, it’s done,” Xiao Wu said.

“Yes, thank you Xiao Wu.”

Xu Sili smiled as he looked at the mall interface and the milk tea store that had just been registered. He was both nervous and looking forward to it.

He just hoped that the milk tea store could quickly become profitable…

In the other game cabin.

Si Sheng only thought about it for a few seconds before saying, “Si Sheng.”

“This nickname is already in use. Please enter it again.”

Si Sheng pursed his lips and fell silent.

Suddenly, his mind moved and he looked at the wall of the virtual room.

He felt it carefully but suddenly reached out his hand.

The wall, which was supposed to be solid, turned into a data stream. Then he grabbed a piece of data that turned into a small robot.

Xiao Wu, who had just taken over Guide AI58463 and turned the game cabin into a part of himself, was stunned as he was grabbed by the man. He looked at the man in a somewhat confused manner, mechanical eyes flashing wildly.

“Are you… also… an intelligent life?”

He looked at the man in front of him, childish voice filled with a trace of fear. This was probably the first time Xiao Wu experienced this emotion since awakening his consciousness.

Si Sheng frowned and didn’t answer the question. Instead he asked, ”What did you just do?”

“Xiao Wu took over the game cabin.” The little robot answered honestly.

“Why?” Si Sheng wondered.

Xiao Wu couldn’t help wondering, ‘Yes, why?’ He seemed to be driven by instinct but he couldn’t answer when asked about the reason.

“Because… you are so close?”

Xiao Wu was confused.

Si Sheng couldn’t help narrowing his eyes. Close?

He looked at the little robot in his hand and suddenly asked, “Are you also a guide AI?”

“Yes, I used to be Guide AI58462 but now I am Xiao Wu. I have a new name.”

The little robot spoke very honestly.

Si Sheng raised an eyebrow and his cold expression loosened up slightly. He stared at the little robot and whispered, “Are you His Majesty’s AI?”


A new life born under the Lord God’s power?

Xiao Wu blinked. There was clearly no expression on the mechanical face but people would be able to see surprise.

He didn’t speak but Si Sheng had the answer.

He glanced at the guide interface in front of him that was still prompting him to enter his nickname. He thought for a moment before glancing at the small robot. “What is His Majesty’s nickname?”

“Your Majesty Roland.”

Xiao Wu instinctively answered before pausing and covering his mouth in a very human-like manner.

He was now Xiao Wu, not Guide AI58462.

He didn’t need to answer all the questions asked to him.

Xiao Wu saw the man’s expression and felt some frustration.

How did he leak his brother’s information?

“Xiao Wu won’t do anything to hurt Brother.” The little robot suddenly declared seriously toward the blond man in front of him.

Si Sheng didn’t care about him.

Brother? Lord God let this robot call him ‘Brother’?

Si Sheng couldn’t help thinking about Asheng. It seemed that Lord God… really liked children? He lowered his eyes and whispered, “That’s good.”

The little robot blinked a second time and looked at him strangely.

Si Sheng stared at him with cold eyes. “If you dare to hurt him one day, I will destroy you myself.”

Xiao Wu suddenly felt a chill.

This strange feeling—after searching, he knew… it was called fear. His intelligence was still low but his instincts were very strong. He clearly felt a threat from Si Sheng’s body. This man actually had the ability to destroy him.

“Xiao Wu won’t hurt Brother.” He stressed it again.

Si Sheng didn’t look at the small robot. His eyes fell on the interface in front of him and he manually entered his nickname—

Roland’s Guardian.

[The registration is successful.]

[Hello Roland’s Guardian. Please set the voice of the guide AI.]

After the original AI was invaded by Xiao Wu, the novice guide directly changed to the text version.

Si Sheng chose to skip it and turned to the little robot in his hand.

In fact, Xiao Wu was very confused.

He had taken over Guide AI58463 through instinct and felt that his mind had become clearer. Before he could figure out what to do next, he was caught.

Now seeing Si Sheng looking at himself, he hesitated for a moment before taking over AI58463’s work.

Xiao Wu started doing dual-work. He assisted Xu Sili while doing the novice guide for Si Sheng. It was very easy to do and wasn’t hard at all.

It was just that relatively speaking, most of his heart was on Xu Sili’s side. The way he answered questions was more attentive and humane.

Finally, Si Sheng reached the appearance setup step.

“Roland’s Guardian, do you want to keep your original appearance or make adjustments?”

“Please note that the appearance adjustment can only be used once for free. If you want to make changes in the future, you might be charged a fee.”

A virtual small person appeared in front of Si Sheng. It looked exactly like him and there were some tools that allowed him to adjust his appearance.

Si Sheng saw the virtual little person in front of him and fell into thought.

Lord God…

What type of person did he like?

Si Sheng’s eyes flickered before he raised his hand to adjust it.

He didn’t make many changes or maybe… he made the most changes.

After a long time, he chose to change it.

“Are you sure you don’t need to make any more adjustments?” Xiao Wu cocked his head as he looked at the virtual little person in mid-air.


Si Sheng nodded and chose ‘Yes’ on the pop-up confirmation interface.

Following his choice, the little person saluted him before rotating his body.

Si Sheng’s avatar started to change.

Once all the light disappeared, a long, thin figure appeared in the virtual room.

It was a beautiful boy around 14 or 15 years old. The baby fat on his face hadn’t faded. Even though his gray-blue eyes were cold, it didn’t diminish the childish air around his body.

Si Sheng looked at his smaller body and clenched his fists, feeling a bit of discomfort. He was younger now…

Lord God, would he like it?

Si Sheng pondered on it before his eyes fell on the entrance to the Star Network community.

He couldn’t enter another person’s virtual room unless they were friends and received an invitation.

He wanted to find Lord God immediately but looking at his account balance, Si Sheng still chose to be patient.

Lord God was worrying about cosmic coins. He had to… solve this problem for Lord God.

Si Sheng got up and walked toward the Star Network community.

[You are entering the interstellar community and need to pay 10 cosmic coins. Do you want to continue?]

Si Sheng, “……”


The Star Network community E zone.

On the most crowded food street, Xu Sili stood under a street lamp with a cup of milk tea made by himself.

It was currently nighttime in the Star Network community.

There were bright lights floating in the sky and the streets were full of neon lights. The world was gorgeous and charming. It had a special taste.

He observed the crowd and thought about how to advertise his store.

Xu Sili shook his head as he looked at the banners flying overhead and some people’s advertising fireworks in the night sky.

He knew the price. It was too expensive!

It was also different from StarTune where he could get effective site traffic from showing his face.

After 10 minutes of standing around, Xu Sili decided to do a ground push.

There was no other way. His milk tea store was ranked outside the tens of thousands. It was difficult to rely on word of mouth to achieve results in the short term. It had to be combined with a ground promotion.

Fortunately, the people of Roland couldn’t get on the Star Network. Otherwise, they would see that their emperor had fallen into such a miserable situation and it wasn’t known what they would think.

Rather than choosing a fixed booth, Xu Sili bought a floating table from the system mall. He covered it with a layer of cloth and wrote a slogan for ‘Free Drinks.’

Then he made all types of milk tea in the backend of the store and set it as one cup each on the table.

After that, he wore the fox mask and walked around the food street.

He walked around and the table filled with exquisite milk tea cups also floated with him. The speed was slow but it was steady. It was enough for people to clearly read the words on the sign.

Free things were always tempting.

On the Star Network, the higher the popularity, the more expensive the price and the better the quality. Even so, there were always people who couldn’t resist the temptation of a freebie.

“Mr Fox, can we try it?” Soon, a few girls came to him.

“Yes, what is this? It looks so beautiful!”

Xu Sili smiled and nodded.

“This is the latest milk tea. There are over a dozen flavors and you can choose one for free. If you like it, I hope you can support my small store.”

“Yes, yes.”

The girls took a cup each. In any case, they weren’t afraid of getting poisoned on the Star Network. At most, it would just be a bit hard to drink.

Still, Mr Fox’s temperament was so good that they couldn’t help believing it.

Appearance might be adjustable but temperament was something that was difficult to cultivate. Unfortunately, he was wearing a mask and his face couldn’t be seen.

Xu Sili walked all the way and sent them off.

Passersby weren’t afraid of free poison. He also wasn’t afraid of people taking more because he set it so one person could only try one drink for free. If they wanted to take more, the payment interface would automatically pop up.

In just 10 minutes, Xu Sili sent out hundreds of cups and his milk tea store had sold dozens more.

The effect of this promotion was quite powerful but Xu Sili soon realized the disadvantages.

His mental strength level meant he could only stay for half an hour. In a few minutes, he would have to quit the Star Network community and take a 30 minute rest.

Xu Sili was frowning when he suddenly received a message.

[Roland’s Guardian has requested to add you as a friend.]

[Do you want to accept or refuse?]

Huh? Roland’s Guardian?

Xu Sili looked at this ID and slightly raised an eyebrow.

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