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VCRMM: Chapter 45 Part 1

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…”

Xu Sili was sleeping soundly when he heard someone making a noise in his ear. The voice was low and the volume wasn’t loud, but he was annoyed by the noise. He muttered to himself and ignored it.

“Your Majesty, it has been half an hour…”

The man’s gentle voice entered his ears and Xu Sili finally opened his eyes slightly in a reluctant manner.

It was dark all around him.

The curtains of the bedroom were firmly drawn and there was no light in the room, plunging the room into complete darkness.

Xu Sili, who was still sleepy, didn’t want to get up even more. He closed his eyes again and his voice was unusually soft. “Um… sleep a bit longer…”

“Just let me sleep for 10 more minutes…”

He clung to the man’s coat, his forehead against the man’s chest without being aware of the ambiguity of this position.

Si Sheng stiffened before slowly relaxing. He lowered his eyes and looked at the back of the young man’s head.

Listening to the coquettish words, he really wanted to raise the young man’s face to see what his expression was right now.

Lord God was actually acting spoiled with him…

Si Sheng’s lips slightly curved as he felt ripples of waves in his heart.

His hand gently stroked the young man’s soft hair and he couldn’t help lowering his head, approaching the young man carefully and sniffing. There was the smell of the milk he just drank…

“Lord God, you are the one who wanted to continue to sleep…” Si Sheng smiled softly and placed his chin on top of the young man’s hair. He was finally…

Hugging Lord God like this…

The man felt the young man’s hair against his cheeks and a satisfied smile appeared in the darkness.

The blue pendant inadvertently fell out of his collar and glowed slightly in the dark room, becoming the only light source.

Si Sheng looked at the blue stone. He thought of the day when the young man gave him this item and warmth surged in his heart.

He picked up the blue stone and lowered his head slightly. Since the young man was asleep, Si Sheng released the hand holding his shirt and pulled his clothes away.

His eyes inadvertently fell on the young man’s lips.

The blue stone glowed, bringing a trace of light. He could see the young man’s beautiful lips that were still seductive in this dim light.

Si Sheng’s eyes became a bit dark. He raised his eyes and looked at the young man’s closed eyes. Then he lowered his body uncontrollably.

He was just about to touch the softness when he gripped the luminous pendant tightly and plunged the palace into darkness…

Xu Sili had a rare full sleep.

Perhaps making milk tea for the past few days had made him a bit crazy but he even dreamed of milk tea when asleep.

He dreamed that he made the best milk tea in the world. After only one taste, he felt that there was nothing more delicious in the world.

He sucked on the straw, imagining how he would become rich overnight. Then he woke up happily.

Xu Sili pursed his lips only to suddenly realize—Huh? Why was he asleep?

He opened his eyes sharply and looked left and right.

Fortunately, he was still in his bedroom and he was the only one present.

Xu Sili sat up and his memory soon returned. He recalled the scene that occurred before he fell asleep.

In fact, Si Sheng’s concern was actually quite useful. It was just that Xu Sili exploded when he saw the time displayed on the communicator. He actually slept into the afternoon! How much time had been lost?

Xu Sili hurriedly jumped out of bed and opened the curtains. He saw that the sun was already starting to tilt westward.

“Si Sheng!”

He gritted his teeth. That guy… didn’t wake him up? Where was Si Sheng now?

He just had this thought when the door of his bedroom slowly opened.

Xu Sili glanced sideways and saw the blond man coming in with a tray. Si Sheng paused slightly when he saw Xu Sili. Then he strode quickly in front of Xu Sili.

“Your Majesty, are you awake?” Si Sheng placed the tray on the coffee table and spoke warmly.

Xu Sili pouted, not giving this person a good expression.

“Didn’t I tell you to wake me up in half an hour?” His expression didn’t look good.

Si Sheng blinked before smiling slightly. “This servant called you several times but you said you wanted to sleep longer. Did Your Majesty forget?”

Xu Sili, “……”

Was it real or fake?

He touched his chin. He did have a small impression of this…

He glanced suspiciously at Si Sheng. Xu Sili pursed his lips together and finally didn’t say anything. After this sleep, he did feel much better. He had benefited so it would be a bit unreasonable to blame Si Sheng.


Xu Sili decided not to waste any more time. He wanted to drive Si Sheng out to go back to the milk tea store when he heard Si Sheng’s gentle voice.

“Your Majesty, have some afternoon tea first.”

Xu Sili saw the biscuits and tea on the tray. He did feel a bit hungry so he didn’t refuse.

He sat down at the small round table.

Si Sheng stood beside him and took off the white gloves. Then he grabbed a teacup, placed it in front of Xu Sili and gently poured out a cup of tea.

His movements were elegant and skillful. They were inexplicably very attractive.

Xu Sili watched without blinking.

It wasn’t until Si Sheng put down the teapot and looked down that Xu Sili reacted. He uncomfortably shifted his gaze away and looked at the tea in front of him.

It was light green tea with a few small tea leaves floating in it. It made people feel relaxed just looking at it.

Xu Sili took a sip of the tea before nibbling on the biscuits. It was true that work should be combined with rest. He had been a bit too stressed these days.

He was just thinking so when he heard Si Sheng ask, “Your Majesty, do you have… any troubles recently?”

Xu Sili sipped the tea and looked up at the other person.

Si Sheng was also looking at him, gray-blue eyes filled with inquiry as well as a bit of concern and worry.

Xu Sili’s thin lips pressed together. He picked up a biscuit again and said as he ate it, “It’s nothing.”

What could Si Sheng do even if Xu Sili said it?

Si Sheng sensed the distrust and frowned. “Your Majesty…”

“It is no use telling you.”

Xu Sili shook his head. “You should manage the army and do a good job in the defense deployment. I won’t be going out for a while so there will be no danger to me.”

“Defense deployment?” Si Sheng raised an eyebrow.


Xu Sili nodded and put down the teacup. He grabbed a handful of biscuits and headed to the dark room.

“Have someone tidy this up.”

In any case, Si Sheng’s mental power meant he must know about the dark room. There was no need for Xu Sili to hide it.

The door on the wall slowly opened and Xu Sili entered, ready to continue working.

Today, he was going to serve the new milk tea. It cost more than 10,000 and Xu Sili needed to get some of it back.

Xu Sili lay in the game cabin, closed his eyes and entered the virtual room.

“Brother, you are here.”

The words that rang in his ears were no longer the previous mechanical welcome message. It was Xiao Wu’s cute and playful voice that contained a bit of joy. It still sounded a bit unnatural but it was a lot better than before.

“How is everything going?” Xu Sili smiled.

“It’s fine, Brother.”

The little robot appeared, the mechanical eyes flashing with a bit of cuteness.

Xu Sili nodded. “Xiao Wu did a great job.”


The little robot actually let out a child-like laugh. It was innocent and soft when listening to it. After these past few days, Xiao Wu’s intelligence had made great progress. Xu Sili felt a bit emotional. He only hoped that Xiao Wu could maintain such innocence in the future.

“Take them all out. I want to taste them.”

“Yes, Brother.”

Cups of virtual milk tea appeared in front of Xu Sili. He picked up one of them and took a sip.

This might be a virtual reality but the taste was no different from reality. Sometimes it was magical to think about.

Xu Sili was in the virtual room and tasting the homemade virtual milk tea while in his bedroom, Si Sheng frowned slightly as he watched the young man disappear into the dark room.

“Defense deployment…”

He murmured as his eyes flashed. Was it… the Bewatt Empire?

In his mind, the conversation where the young man refused Arnauton in the great hall reappeared. Could it be…

Si Sheng pursed his lips and turned to leave. Suddenly, he stopped. In the empty bedroom, the blond-haired man looked down at the used refreshments on the table.

He suddenly reached out, held the handle of the cup with his long fingers and lifted the teacup. He placed his lips on the rim of the cup and drank the rest of the tea.

Then he turned away from the emperor’s palace.

Later, the maid came in to clean up the things and found…

Huh? Where was the teacup?


“Lord Marshal!”

Si Sheng returned to his castle on the outskirts and was about to step into his room when someone called out to him.

He glanced back at the end of the corridor.

Qiu Zheng, his adjutant, looked at him with surprise before running over quickly.

“Lord Marshal, you came back!” Adjutant Qiu came to him and exclaimed happily.

Si Sheng looked at him and frowned.

“You should be dealing with government affairs at this moment.”

Adjutant Qiu was stunned before his expression collapsed.

He was the adjutant of the marshal, not the emperor’s chief of state! These things weren’t what he should be handling!

“Lord Marshal, this…”

“Go to work. I’ll call you if I need anything.” Si Sheng ordered with a blank face.

At this cold and majestic appearance, even Adjutant Qiu was flustered and couldn’t speak for a while despite serving the marshal for many years.

Adjutant Qiu saw Si Sheng enter the room and slam the door shut and couldn’t help sighing.

He didn’t know when the marshal would become more humane…

He sighed and left, resigned to his fate of handling a mountain of government affairs.

In the room, Si Sheng listened to the movement outside the door and nodded in satisfaction. Then he no longer paid any attention to it.

He walked deep into his bedroom and entered a room that had been idle for a long time.

The room contained many high-tech products and even several communicators.

Si Sheng followed his memory and headed to the innermost side, standing in front of an oval box.

If Xu Sili were here, he would find that…

This was a game cabin, exactly the same as the one he was using. It seemed to be the same model. It was just that the cabin was covered with dust.

Si Sheng raised a hand and pressed it to the game cabin. As he pulled his hand, all the dust turned into yellow earth elements and dissipated in the air.

The game cabin, which had been dusty for a long time, revealed its true appearance.

This was given to him by the old emperor but Si Sheng had never used it. He wasn’t interested in these high-tech products. Actually, he originally wasn’t interested in anything but now…

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