VCRMM: Chapter 44 Part 2

Xu Sili ignored it after he gave an order to Wen Jishan.

He sang to Xiao Wu the live version of Sprouting several times. Under the influence of magic, this live version was incomparable to the recorded version.

He sang it five times and successfully raised the birth rate of Xiao Wu’s consciousness to 100%.

After the last time, the little robot sitting on the coffee table lowered his head and remained motionless.

Xu Sili didn’t dare touch him and used Insight on him.

[Navigation AI58462 (Xiao Wu)]

[Affiliation: K2576 game cabin]

[Origin: Flanders Interstellar Federation]

[Special status: Intelligent consciousness is about to be born (sleeping).]

It was still dormant.

Xu Sili shook his head but he didn’t have to accompany Xiao Wu. He opened the backend of StarTune and glanced at the data as usual. It was still growing steadily.

This potential weekly chart was very impressive but unfortunately, his album would run out of time in two days. He hoped to make more profit while it was on the chart.

In this way, Xu Sili manually transferred 15,000 cosmic coins to his Star Network account.

Then he got up and entered the Star Network community. This time, Xiao Wu wasn’t following him. He wasn’t used to it but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

The place where he appeared was still in front of the mecha store.

Xu Sili opened the map, selected the food street and teleported there directly. Then he wandered around the street.

He finally had time to take a good look at the community.

The streets were crowded with people coming and going. Some people turned on protective shields and their faces were unclear, while others didn’t care.

Many of them couldn’t be called human.

There were lizards, octopuses, big roosters… creatures of all shapes and sizes. There were those with an alien appearance, which was very challenging aesthetically.

Xu Sili also bought a mask to wear to cover his face.

There was no other way. The protective shield to hide his face was too expensive.

The fox mask had no special function. It was just for appearance and he didn’t feel like he was wearing anything.

He wandered around the entire food street and tasted every street. This meant there was only 1,102 cosmic coins left in his account balance.

Xu Sili hadn’t expected to spend over 10,000 on just eating.

However, he gained some knowledge of the food industry in the E zone. Of course, there were other stores not opened in the food street but that wasn’t his goal.

After careful consideration, Xu Sili felt that the plan to develop food on the Star Network to make money was feasible.

The reason why he didn’t want to do it in reality was because he wasn’t short of Escher coins at present.

He had to first distinguish between the priorities when doing things. Improving his strength and the popular support rate were already in progress. At present, he hadn’t made much of a dent in the most troublesome 10 million cosmic coins.

It was too risky to put all his eggs on Su Lin’s side and the coins earned from his album were too small.

Therefore, he needed other baskets.

After investigating that entire food street, Xu Sili found that the E zone of the Star Network community didn’t have…

Milk tea. Of course, it had the traditional Hong Kong milk tea but the taste and texture were very ordinary. There was no comparison to what he was used to drinking in reality.

Xu Sili didn’t know if it was because the game developers weren’t interested in the food system or would they continue to develop it later? Or… perhaps this itself was left to the players.

He decided to try it on the Star Network first.

After all, milk tea was easier to make than other delicacies and it was extremely popular in reality. Xu Sili had experienced it.

However, he didn’t have enough money to open a store in the Star Network community, let alone the popular food street.

It didn’t matter. He could open one in the system mall.

It was like the Hong Kong milk tea he ordered last time. He could buy any food in the Star Network community from the system mall and it was super fast.

It was because essentially, they were all composed of data.

The biggest problem was that there was no brick-and-mortar store and no signboard. In the system mall, it was easy to be submerged among a group of peers.

Still, these questions weren’t worth considering right now. He had to make a cup of milk tea with decent taste on the Star Network first.

The virtual raw materials of the Star Network community were very cheap. Xu Sili bought a bunch of things and spent less than 50 cosmic coins.

It was just that these things weren’t convenient to carry. He chose to send them all to the virtual room.

Then he wandered around the Star Network community for a while. He didn’t return to the virtual room until the 30 minutes were used up.

The corner of this originally small room was filled with the raw materials he just bought. It included milk, tea, sugar, red beans, flour, tapioca powder, grapes… they were all the materials he could think about.

Tapioca powder was used to make pearls.

Fortunately, his mother liked to drink sugar water and she often asked the cook at home to make it. He occasionally listened and knew that pearls were made of tapioca flour.

Otherwise, he would be really doing this blindly.

In fact, he was now acting very blindly. He didn’t know the ratio of water to powder so he could only experiment slowly.

Fortunately, he was alone in the virtual room. No one could come in and they naturally couldn’t see his messy appearance. Until…

“Brother, what are you doing? Do you need any help from Xiao Wu?”

The cute voice was heard. Xu Sili glanced sideways and saw that the little robot had woken up. He was blinking his mechanical eyes at Xu Sili.

Xu Sili looked at the messy table in front of his eyes.


It was these sweet potato powders that were disobedient and scattered everywhere. This had nothing to do with his actions.

Xu Sili calmly called up the cleaning function and cleaned the stains on his body in a second.

Everything was very convenient in the virtual room.

“Xiao Wu, are you awake?” He looked at the little robot and asked.

“Xiao Wu woke up, Brother.”

The little robot blinked and answered seriously.

“Very good.” Xu Sili nodded. “How does it feel now?”

He was curious. What was the consciousness of an artificial intelligence like?

“It feels… good.”

The little robot answered in a vague voice.

Xu Sili hesitated before using Insight.

[Navigation AI58462 (Xiao Wu)]

[Race: Artificial intelligence]

[Level: Lv 0]

[Status: Newborn consciousness, full of curiosity about everything (learning ability +100%).]

[Affiliation: K2576 game cabin]

[Origin: Flanders Interstellar Federation]

Xu Sili was taken aback.

Lv 0? Then this little guy could level up? This was interesting. He just didn’t know how it was upgraded…

Xu Sili looked at the raw materials in front of him and thought about it. “Xiao Wu, help me mix this tapioca powder with brown sugar water according to the right proportion. Then roll them into balls, put them in hot water and cook them.”

“Yes, Brother.”

The little robot nodded in a naive way. Then he started operating on the raw materials.

The Star Network’s computing function was very powerful. Many things that weren’t possible in reality could be achieved on the Star Network, let alone simple food production.

Xu Sili nodded in satisfaction when he saw the busy little robot and prepared to study the ratio of milk to tea.

“Brother, leave this to Xiao Wu as well.”

He had just started when the cute voice was heard again.

Xu Sili immediately followed the sound and found two small robots in the virtual room at this time.

He blinked and thought it was reasonable.

Xiao Wu might be only Lv 0 but this virtual cabin was originally his home. Here, he should be considered the master.

It wasn’t strange to be able to clone himself.

Next, Xu Sili simply had Xiao Wu do all the operations. He was only responsible for recalling the production method. It wasn’t too difficult.

However, Xiao Wu’s current computing power was still limited. It wasn’t possible to complete Xu Sili’s sudden whims in a short period of time.

Xu Sili wasn’t in a hurry. He issued all the instructions before leaving the game cabin.

He left the dark room and unknowingly found that the sky outside was already bright.

He went out to wash and eat. He chatted a bit with Joan and Asheng before sending them away. Then Xu Sili returned to the palace again.

He wasn’t going out today. Now that Mercenary Town and the Elementalist Academy were on track, he was freed to do other things. He had to get the recipe finished as soon as possible or days would pass, leaving him with less time…

For three days in a row, Xu Sili buried himself in the game cabin.

Thanks to Xiao Wu’s help, he figured out the best ratio for pearl milk tea. It was worth mentioning that after determining this ratio, the Star Network gave him a reward.

It was only 1,000 cosmic coins but this was equivalent to being recognized and protected by the Star Network. If someone else used the same formula, they would have to pay Xu Sili the patent fee.

It was very efficient and simple to execute protection of intellectual property rights in the virtual world. This became one of the means of generating income on the Star Network.

Nevertheless, only one type of bubble tea wasn’t enough. He needed more types, such as grape, custard milk tea, fruit teas, etc. The variety of milk teas in reality was unimaginable.

He also had to think about the design of the outer packaging and the brand logo.

On this day, Xu Sili and the two small children ate breakfast. He watched them and Ah Huang leave before returning to the bedroom again. He headed straight to the dark room.

The door in the wall opened slowly. He had just raised his foot to enter when he hit something.

Xu Sili was a bit confused and instinctively raised his head to look into a pair of familiar gray-blue eyes.

The vigilance that had just emerged in his heart disappeared. He relaxed and muttered with a frown, “Si Sheng, what are you doing acting like a ghost?”

He glared at the man and wanted to move away. He was unprepared for the man to abruptly reach out and wrap his arms around Xu Sili’s waist.

Xu Sili looked bewildered as he felt the sky spinning. By the time he came to his senses, he was already—

Lying on the bed?

Xu Sili stared up at the bed curtain above him and was stunned. He had thrown himself into the milk tea store these days and hadn’t slept much. At this moment, his thinking was very dull.

A shadow blocked the light in front of his eyes. He saw a man in a white military uniform standing by the edge of the bed, looking down at him with a bit of anger in the gray-blue eyes.

Xu Sili’s heart jumped and a thought flashed in his mind.

This guy finally couldn’t help but rebel? He was here to kill Xu Sili again?

“Si Sheng…” Xu Sili struggled to get up but he was pressed back onto the bed by a palm.

Immediately afterward, the man pressed one knee on the mattress and leaned over.

The violence that Xu Sili expected didn’t happen. Si Sheng’s hand rested on top of his head and stroked his hair lightly. “Your Majesty, you need to rest.”

The caring words that softly entered his ears caused Xu Sili’s tense muscles to relax. But… rest? There were 10 days left until he had to pay the alliance fee. Time was too tight. How could he rest?

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Xu Sili wanted to push this person but he wasn’t able to. Then… he felt his vision become dark as something cold covered his eyes.

It was the palm of Si Sheng’s hand.

The palm was a bit cold but the temperature was slowly rising. The palm was rough and slightly prickly, but it also gave people an inexplicable sense of peace.

“Si Sheng, what are you doing…” Xu Sili spoke weakly.

“This servant said that you need to rest.”

Si Sheng leaned toward his ear, greedily smelling him. The voice was low and gentle, with a seductive sexiness.

Xu Sili couldn’t help licking his lips and his voice became a bit hoarse.

“I can rest in the game cabin…”

He still wanted to struggle.

“You are tired.”

It was a very definite and sure sentence.

Xu Sili sighed.

Perhaps it was because his eyes were covered or the atmosphere was too reassuring but he did feel a bit sleepy.

He didn’t resist again.

In his dazed state, he reached out for the man’s waist. “Then I will sleep for half an hour… half an hour, remember to wake me up…”

His voice became lower and lower until it was vague and soft.

Si Sheng slowly let go of his palm covering the young man’s eyes when he noticed the even breathing sounds.

Sunlight came in through the open curtains and fell on the young man’s face. His light eyelashes were curled up and almost transparent in the light. His often furrowed brow was also smoothed out.

Seeing this peaceful sleeping face, Si Sheng couldn’t help the throbbing of his heart. He slightly lowered his head and pressed a kiss to the young man’s forehead in a pious manner.

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