VCRMM: Chapter 44 Part 1

“Brother, Xiao Wu welcomes you.”

The moment Xu Sili entered the virtual room, Xiao Wu’s familiar voice was heard. There was still a mechanical tone but Xu Sili could hear a bit of excitement in the voice.

Xiao Wu…

It seems that his consciousness was really waking up…

Now that the decision had been made, Xu Sili didn’t delay it. He directly said, “Xiao Wu, I’ll sing for you.”

The room was quiet. Then a small robot slowly floated through the empty air and landed on the coffee table, staring up at Xu Sili.

“Brother… sing… Sprouting…”

Xu Sili saw this and his mood relaxed a bit. Xiao Wu…

He shouldn’t go bad, right?

“Xiao Wu, I can sing for you. However, you have to promise me that you can’t do anything to hurt me in the future.”

It might not be useful to say this but it was always good to give a preventive shot in advance.

“Xiao Wu… can’t hurt… Brother…”

The little robot’s eyes flashed. His mouth opened and closed and his words were intermittent. It was different from the usual fluent mechanical sound.

Xu Sili saw this and couldn’t help reaching out a finger to teach Xiao Wu on his little head. Of course, it was still a metallic texture. He didn’t care about it. He called out the previously recorded song and started to sing.

Sprouting consumed 100 magic with each use. Based on his current magic value, he could only sing it 10 times a day.

He didn’t know if the song level would rise when the proficiency reached 100. If it rose to Lv 2 then the value should increase, right?

In fact, Sprouting was a very interesting skill. In addition to restoring health, it had a second function. When listening to it a certain number of times, the elemental affinity of the listener would be slightly enhanced.

A skill to enhance elemental affinity…

If he went to the Elementalist Academy every day to sing, could he enhance the elemental affinity of the students and improve their strength?

Xu Sili sang while thinking about this. He was too busy to have time to study the skill. It now appeared that in addition to being practical, this skill was very strategic. But…

Wanting him to use his magic every day to sing to students?

Xu Sili shook his head. He was the emperor.

The young man thought this way but his eyes fell on StarTune. The live version was no good but the recorded version could be heard by everyone.

After singing it once, Xu Sili downloaded the recorded version of Sprouting. He uploaded it to his communicator and sent it to Wen Jishan and Deputy Dean Chris. He now felt that…

Wen Jishan, this administrator, was really easy to use!

Si Sheng truly had a sharp eye to find his talent and recommend him to the former emperor.

On the other side, Wen Jishan was standing in the lobby of the headquarters of the Mercenary Association.

Due to the nature of the problem, the headquarters of the Mercenary Association was set up in Mercenary Town. He had brought over the 188 students to register as mercenaries.

It was actually for their own good.

After the reform of the elementalists in the guard army in the future, all elementalists would become mercenaries. Every year, they would have to fulfill certain tasks. The amount of points had to reach the standard for them to retain their original level or to upgrade.

Each level corresponded to different benefit allowances.

Elementalists on the front lines would also join the mercenary system but they were different from mercenaries.

They would receive a large amount of points as a bonus to ensure that the front line elementalists played a benchmark role. This would also inspire more elementalists to rise to being able to go to the front lines to fight.

Currently, the students working in Mercenary Town could also earn points and this was related to their future subsidies.

After a day of inspection, all the students chose to stay and Wen Jishan felt very satisfied. If this was the case, he shouldn’t let these children suffer too much.

“Chief Administrator, do we have to join the Mercenary Association?” Just then, a short-haired girl approached Wen Jishan and asked cautiously.

Wen Jishan looked at her. “Does your father work for the finance bureau?”

The girl nodded energetically. “Yes, Chief Administrator. My father is Dilly Oles.”

Wen Jishan nodded before speaking casually, “Then go register. It won’t hurt you.”

The girl wanted to get close to him but seeing his cold expression, she had to give up. She gave a gentle thanks and returned to her team.

“Hey, I’m not the first one to register?” A blue-haired boy at the front of the line exclaimed.

After registering successfully, they could see the real-time rankings of the mercenary points on their communicators.

Originally, there was only one overall list. Now there was an elementalists list and an ordinary mercenaries list.

The elementalists list already had two names. One was the blue-haired boy who had just spoken and the other was… Su Lin. Moreover, he had reached over 400 points and was ranked first.

“It is Su Lin! He came a few days early and got so many points?”

They were all F-grade mercenaries and could only accept F-grade quests. Of course, if there were special circumstances then they could apply for an evaluation with the Mercenary Association. However, this rarely happened.

For F-grade tasks, the points only ranged from 1 to 10 points. In other words, Su Lin had completed more than 40 F-grade quests?

The students questioned the staff.

The staff was a robot and part of the assistance provided by the Interstellar Alliance. Its intelligence wasn’t low.

It received complaints from the students so it made the points public.

“Elementalist Su Lin, number Y01. He has provided a total of 456 jin of Black Valley to Mercenary Town. In accordance with Lord Wen Jishan, 1 jin of Black Valley is converted to 1 point.” (1 jin= approximately 500 or 600 g)

“As a result, Mr Su Lin earned a total of 456 points.”

“That is it.”

The students suddenly fell silent.

Most of them didn’t work hard but they could feel that this amount was enormous and recognized the calculation of the points.

After all, they could eat for a long time with over 400 jin of Black Valley!

“Then I have to do a task quickly. It is too uncomfortable to see zero points! Why am I on the list without any points?” The blue-haired boy muttered.

“Yes, hurry and register us! We have to catch up with Su Lin quickly!”

“Yes, Su Lin is too cunning. He was brought in a few days early and stole the advantage. This doesn’t mean he is better than us.”

“Sign me up quickly! I am going to be on the rankings list too.”

The group of teenagers had been training in the warrior system for many years and it was already in their nature to strive for victory. They saw that Su Lin was so far ahead and cried out to catch up.

Wen Jishan nodded with relief.

A series of tasks were released on the Mercenary Task panel on the communicator.

The newly built mercenary system was very convenient.

The mercenaries in the past had to come to headquarters and register to receive a task. Now those who had a communicator could directly access it on the Mercenary Task panel.

At the same time, people who weren’t mercenaries could also post tasks.

It was just that there was no widespread promotion just yet. After all, communication devices weren’t available to everyone.

As for elementalists, everyone basically had a communicator so there was no need to worry about this.

At this stage, it was being promoted among elementalists.

Later, it would expand gradually to the nobles and front line troops. This way, the types and number of tasks would increase. Then the Mercenary Association would draw a certain commission as management fees.

It just had to work well and it would be a stable channel to generate income!

This was a concept provided by the emperor. Wen Jishan had to admit that it was very strong.

Wen Jishan hadn’t thought about it before but the scope of business of ordinary mercenaries in the past was too narrow. Now with the joining of the elementalists, this matter was possible.

In the final analysis, the idea of making elementalists become mercenaries was absolutely brilliant.

Wen Jishan was issuing a few long-term F-grade tasks when his communicator rang. He knew the emperor had sent it so he quickly opened it and took a look.

The first message was an audio file.

He raised his eyebrow slightly. Then he saw the text message that followed.

“Apart from break time, play this song on a loop in Mercenary Town so it can be heard by all people. In addition, post it online so it can become the most popular music of the future.”

Wen Jishan blinked. What was this strange request?

He was stunned as he mechanically replied. Finally, he clicked to download the audio file and chose to play it.

The melodious prelude was heard, followed by a clear and gentle voice that was lovely and lively. The whole song was full of vitality.

Wen Jishan listened to the song and couldn’t help being infected by the song. He felt like there was some type of power in his body that rejuvenated him.

It was a good song! It was just that… why was the singer’s voice so familiar?

He thought for a moment but couldn’t remember where he had heard it from. He didn’t think about it any longer and instead asked, “Your Majesty, what is the title of this song?”


After getting an accurate answer, Wen Jishan pondered on the title of the song and listened to it as he walked to the mayor’s office.

Soon, a broadcast was heard everywhere in the quiet Mercenary Town.

The inhabitants of the town thought that the mayor had something big to announce, only to hear a beautiful song.

The song rang out in various places in the town and it seemed like something was quietly happening…

Dean Justin, who was mechanically synthesizing materials, suddenly stopped.

He listened to the familiar young man’s song and his heart was shaken. In this small town, he was undoubtedly the strongest person.

He had been stuck at two stars for many years and couldn’t break through but he had accumulated more experience than anyone.

He switched to the perspective of mental power and quickly noticed the sound elements in the air had become extremely active.

Under the tune of the song, the sound elements were carrying out a type of regular tremor.

This type of tremor was extremely subtle and it might be difficult to detect if it wasn’t for a strong person like him.

Dean Justin felt it carefully and was even more shocked to find that these sound elements were affecting his body

It was very very subtle and almost negligible. The range of the impact seemed to be… his attraction to the earth elements?

He looked around at his colleagues, who stopped and listened for a while before continuing to work. He hesitated for a moment before finally holding back the shock in his heart.

At present, the only sound elementalist throughout the empire was… His Majesty. This song also made him feel familiar, like it was the voice of the emperor.

For this little emperor, Dean Justin felt both guilty and deeply afraid.

In just a few days, Mercenary Town had changed his eyes.

Niya’s arrival sounded the alarm for him. This girl was probably pitted by the emperor. She hadn’t said a word but it couldn’t escape from his eyes.

Nevertheless, Dean Justin didn’t care about it. He couldn’t protect himself. How could he manage others?

He just wanted to quickly complete the reconstruction plan before going back to the academy to deal with the group of spiritual department students who had just been tested. He also wanted to experiment with new testing methods to see if it could be improved.

As for the new thing that the emperor had developed… perhaps it could be broadcast at the academy as well?

This was an enhancement of the elemental affinity. The effect was very subtle but there would always be benefits when it accumulated over time.

Dean Justin started to act again and his speed of making bricks was much faster.

He had been using magic to synthesize bricks day and night and he now felt that his manipulation of the elements was much more comfortable.

At the same time, television stations across the empire, including the other four major cities, received orders from their superiors. During the commercials, they played a folk song.


People who liked it liked this action. People who didn’t like it couldn’t help it. This song was played almost everywhere they went and it was hard not to hear it.

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