VCRMM: Chapter 42 Part 1

Xu Sili blinked when he heard Xiao Wu’s words. Xiao Wu wanted to hear him sing Sprouting? He frowned slightly as he vaguely felt that something wasn’t right.

He might’ve accidentally regarded Xiao Wu as a real child but in his heart, Xiao Wu was just a guide AI. His voice was very cute but it inevitably contained a mechanical feeling. Meanwhile, the sentence just now—

Xu Sili frowned as he vaguely became aware of something. He was just about to speak when a light screen popped out.

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has transformed a wooden house into a two-story wooden house, experience value +200.]

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has transformed a wooden house into a two-story wooden house, experience value +200.]

[Ding! Imperial City-Mercenary Town has transformed a brick house into a two-story brick house, experience value +400.]

There were 800 experience points gained. Combined with the previous 276 and his experience bar filled up again.

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 9 to Lv 10, all attributes +1, free points +10.]

This was what Xu Sili had expected. In his calculations based on Dean Justin’s construction speed, it was indeed time to level up today. However, there was still more.

[Ding~ Your personal level is Lv 10. Unlocked the leadership skill—Guide.]


[You will be able to specify a person to strengthen one of their attributes for a short time. The strengthening lasts for 10 minutes.

Special effect: Ignore the level gap.

Magic consumed: 500]

Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned at the emergence of the new leadership skill. He had expected the previous matter but he hadn’t expected this!

Guide… strengthening attributes…

It was a support skill. He just didn’t know how much it could strengthen it by? It consumed 500 magic for each use. Based on his current magic, he could cast it three times at most…

Xu Sili routinely assigned the 10 free points to physique and spirit. Then he looked at his personal panel.

[Snow Roland]

[Personal level: Lv 10

Distance to level up: 76/2000

Health: 51,000/51,000

Magic: 1,900/1,900

Physique (51), Intelligence (38), Strength (11), Spirit (44), Agility (10), Defense (10)

Elemental Affinity: Sound]

He finally reached the one star strength and all his attributes had risen to the double digits! But…

Xu Sili looked at his experience bar that directly lengthened by half and couldn’t help being stunned. The experience required for the next level directly rose from 1000 to 2000!

Sure enough, one star was just the beginning. Leveling up was expected to be more difficult later on.

Nevertheless, Xu Sili wasn’t discouraged at all because… he had a construction team. He could level up even if he lay down!

He thought so and pulled up the town panel again.

[Mercenary Town Lv 1]

[Status: Under construction and upgrade.

People in charge: Justin, Wen Jishan (100% increase in revenue)

Completed: Wooden house x1, two-story wooden house x3, two-story brick house x1.

Under construction: Two-story wooden house (90%), brick house (10%), wooden house (5%), wooden house (5%), wooden house (1%).

Financial expenditure: 157,684 Escher coins.

New population: None.

Special status bonus: Resident’s injury rate 1.7% (construction speed -8.5%), resident’s hunger and cold rate 25% (construction speed -25%)]

In addition to the new construction, the injury rate and hunger and cold rates of the residents had also declined. Niya and Wen Jishan were very strong!

Xu Sili closed the light screen with satisfaction. He saw the virtual room and remembered Xiao Wu’s request. He hesitated before asking, “Xiao Wu, why do you want to hear Sprouting?”

After waiting a while, Xiao Wu’s childish voice was once again heard. “It is good to hear.”

Xu Sili smiled. “Can you tell me what is good and what is bad?”

“Xiao Wu… doesn’t understand… just wants to hear…”

The originally fluent speech became stuck.

Xu Sili frowned again. It was weird.

Xiao Wu, had something really changed?

Xu Sili touched his chin and looked around the virtual room before quietly using Insight.

[Virtual Space]

[Affiliation: Interstellar Alliance Network]

[Level: Normal]

[Area: 30 square meters]

[Price: 89,999 cosmic coins]

[Owner: His Majesty Roland (Snow Roland)]

Xu Sili originally wanted to check Xiao Wu. He hadn’t expected such information to pop out. 30 square meters was really small.

He felt a bit of loss that 90,000 cosmic coins were used to buy such a small virtual space. However, it was okay if it was the old emperor’s money.

“Xiao Wu, do you have your own body? I want to see you.”

Xu Sili didn’t try a sneak move again. He directly asked Xiao Wu. The guide AI… there should be a body, right?

“Yes, Brother. Please wait.” Xiao Wu responded obediently.

In front of Xu Sili’s expectant eyes, a small pocket-sized mechanical person slowly appeared, suspended in mid-air.

The appearance reminded Xu Sili of the service robot he had just seen on the Star Network community but many times smaller.

“I am the body of Xiao Wu, Brother.” The little robot’s mouth opened and closed. It gave off a mechanical feeling but there was also an unexpected cuteness.

Xu Sili couldn’t help reaching out and touching the robot with his fingers. It was metallic and icy.

He felt it was a bit magical and directly threw an Insight over.

[Navigation AI58462 (Xiao Wu)]

[Affiliation: K2576 game cabin]

[Origin: Flanders Interstellar Federation]

[Special status: Intelligence awareness is being nurtured]

[Success rate: 56%]

Xu Sili looked at the detected information and couldn’t help being stunned.

“Intelligent awareness being nurtured?”

What did this mean? He thought about it. Then there was a flash through his mind and his eyes widened. Xiao Wu’s self-awareness was being born? F*ck! Artificial intelligence! Fu*k! Was this true or false?

Then the words ‘56% success rate’ calmed Xu Sili down.

The success rate was a bit more than half and it was easy to follow. In this way, Xiao Wu’s self-awareness should only be sprouting…

Wait, Sprouting?

Xu Sili suddenly realized something. Surely it couldn’t be what he was thinking, right?

He looked at the little robot in front of him, his mind in a chaotic state.

Did Xiao Wu start to develop self-awareness after listening to Sprouting? If so, the song Sprouting was amazing!

He frowned and thought about it for a moment before suggesting tentatively, “Xiao Wu, how about I go to StarTune and play Sprouting for you?”

“I want to hear… Brother… sing…”

The small robot’s mouth opened and closed and his enunciation was very slow. He was like a baby learning how to speak.

Xu Sili looked over and had a guess in his heart.

Life was always good at seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. Xiao Wu wasn’t a life at present but he should have instincts.

His instincts told him that listening to the song Sprouting was useful! The recorded Sprouting should have no effect or a poor effect?

Xu Sili looked at the small robot suspended in the air and touched his chin. In any case, he would know when he tried it!

He took another sip of milk tea. Then he brought out a virtual guitar and as the accompaniment played, he sang softly in the virtual room.

The song Sprouting was one of Xu Sili’s favorite songs so far.

The melody let him feel like he was in the green fields, experiencing the vibrant energy and vitality of the wind and rain.

Perhaps it was this that gave rise to self-awareness in an AI?

Xu Sili soon dispelled all distractions. As he received the notification that 100 magic was consumed and one proficiency was gained, he also ended the sound.

The moment he looked up, he saw the little robot staring at him blankly. Xiao Wu’s eyes seemed to be glowing a bit more.

Xu Sili’s mind moved and he once again checked Xiao Wu’s information.

[Navigation AI58462 (Xiao Wu)]

[Affiliation: K2576 game cabin]

[Origin: Flanders Interstellar Federation]

[Special status: Intelligence awareness is being nurtured]

[Success rate: 66%]

Xu Sili blinked and felt like he read it wrong. The success rate went up by 10%? Yes, there was no mistake! It had been a bit over half but now it had risen a lot!

“Xiao Wu, how are you feeling now?” He asked cautiously.

The little robot’s mouth opened and closed. “Brother, Xiao Wu feels… very good…”

Xu Sili looked over with a complicated expression. He thought about it before continuing the experiment just now.

He opened StarTune and played a recorded version of Sprouting.

The moment the song was over, he used Insight on Xiao Wu again and couldn’t wait to check the information.

[Navigation AI58462 (Xiao Wu)]

[Affiliation: K2576 game cabin]

[Origin: Flanders Interstellar Federation]

[Special status: Intelligence awareness is being nurtured]

[Success rate: 66.1%]

This time it was 0.1! Sure enough, the effect of the recorded version was much less. It was directly a 100 fold gap.

Moreover, Xu Sili felt there might be other reasons for the birth of Xiao Wu’s intelligent consciousness.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he just have to listen to the recorded version 1,000 times and a consciousness could be born? It definitely couldn’t be that simple.

Xu Sili looked at the little robot in front of him.

Artificial intelligence…

Was he going to develop a self-aware artificial intelligence? Would this cause any trouble?

Escher Star’s level of technology meant there might not be any major damage if an AI went out of control, but if it went to the Star Network…

Xu Sili was hesitant. In the face of the unknown, he felt there was no harm in maintaining a certain degree of vigilance.

Xu Sili hesitated and didn’t make a decision at once. “Xiao Wu, you stay here by yourself. I’ll come back to see you in the evening.”

“Yes, Brother.”

Xiao Wu was as well behaved as ever and this made Xu Sili feel guilty. He suppressed this strange mood, exited the virtual space and left the game cabin. This time, he cut off the power supply and put the game cabin to sleep.

Xu Sili felt like a bad person preventing the birth of a new life. He frowned and walked out to his bedroom with great concern.

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Anon A
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My thought was more ‘if the ai awakens then couldn’t the ai help him solve his money issues since he wouldn’t have to give as direct commands and the ai could look for more solutions.’

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