VCRMM: Chapter 41 Part 2

“Hey, is this your first time on the Star Network?”

Xu Sili was in a daze when he suddenly heard someone talking.

He turned his head and saw two girls standing next to him. One of them had long hair and was talking to him with a smile.

Xu Sili paused but still nodded.

The girl covered her mouth and smiled happily. “I’m just talking. How come you look so silly? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone so cute. Did you change your age? Brother, are you only 12 years old?”

Xu Sili’s face was green. He watched the girl coldly and didn’t speak. The aura that belonged to a superior person made the girl slowly remove her smile.

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit awkward.

Ouya looked at the silver-haired young man in front of her and somehow felt a bit scared. He was very beautiful. In particular, the pair of purple eyes were very special and beautiful. They attracted her for a moment and she struck up a conversation with him.

She didn’t expect that this harmless-looking young man would give people such a terrible feeling. Now she didn’t doubt the young man’s age anymore. She even suspected that he made his appearance look younger. Yet if this was the case, why did he look like he didn’t know anything?

After seeing that the atmosphere was cooling down, the short-haired girl next to Ouya came out. “This little brother, don’t mind my friend. She has this personality but she has no malice. She is actually trying to remind you. Why didn’t you buy a protective shield?”

The coldness on Xu Sili’s face was put away. He answered in a hesitant manner. “This is my first time entering the Star Network community. What is a protective shield?”

He ignored Ouya and changed the subject.

“A protective shield protects you from those big, iron shells.” The girl with short hair answered. “The Star Network has basic protective measures but they are garbage. You can open the mall to take a look. There are many types of protective shields. Just like this…”

She touched the hairpin on the top of her head. “If I am attacked by a mecha or other types of attacks, it will backfire on the attacking party. In this way, the staying time of the attacker is reduced. This shield can protect human information, like so—”

As she talked, her facial features suddenly became blurred.

“Look, you can’t see me now, right?”

It wasn’t known how she set it up but her face gradually became clear again.

“You can also set up sound insulation…”

In the middle of the sentence, her voice suddenly disappeared. It was obvious that her mouth was moving but Xu Sili couldn’t hear her voice at all.

“Isn’t it fun?” On the side, Ouya had the support of her companion and was resurrected full of blood.

Xu Sili nodded. These functions were indeed very convenient and gave a real sense that he was experiencing future technology.

“You must’ve directly skipped the newcomer guide and entered. I remember there was such a guide the first time I went on the Star Network.”

“However, it was so bad I didn’t have the patience to look at it.” Ouya muttered.

Xu Sili realized it. No wonder why he didn’t know anything. It was probably skipped the first time Snow Roland entered. He could only stay for 10 minutes and the newcomer guide was too long, so it was skipped.

He thought this and was just about to express his thanks when he saw the long-haired girl suddenly approach. She looked up at him, her red eyes full of curiosity. “That means you didn’t change your appearance, right? Is this what you look like in reality?”

Xu Sili was forced to take two steps back. He didn’t like people getting so close. It made him feel uncomfortable.

“No.” He licked his lips and answered with some coldness.

“Wow, your voice sounds good as well!”

Ouya’s eyes widened and she asked suspiciously, “In addition… it seems a bit familiar?”

Xu Sili paused before his voice deepened. “You got it wrong. Thank you for telling me this. I have something to do and will leave first.”

Then he quickly called up the map, clicked on a shop and teleported over directly. Of course, this teleportation also required money. It cost 1 cosmic coin for each use.

Ouya was still frowning as the young man’s figure disappeared.

“Xiaolan, I really have heard his voice before!” She told her friend, Shu Xiaolan.

Shu Xiaolan shrugged. “You must’ve misheard. This is the first time he has gone on the Star Network. It is impossible for you to hear it in reality, right? Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?”

As she spoke, she opened a light screen. It was showing the StarTune interface and a song was playing. She had set it up for non-public mode so only the two of them could hear it.

“This Yu Yang’s song is good but after going back and forth on this song, I feel a bit tired of listening to it.”

Shu Xiaolan muttered somewhat unhappily as she looked at the playlist.

Ouya heard this and couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “Who told you to keep repeating a single song whenever you encounter a nice song? It isn’t strange to be tired of it after listening to it a hundred times a day.”

Shu Xiaolan shrugged. “So is there anything good to listen to recently?”

She switched to the front page of StarTune and spoke somewhat critically, “StarTune is really becoming worse. There aren’t many new songs on the home page. It is just the same ones over and over again.”

“Then go to the new songs area.”

“Where is the time for that? In addition, it is easy to step on mines.”

Ouya curled her lips and shared a song. “This is what my cousin recommended to me while saying that this is a seedling of a big god. He will definitely become hugely popular in the future.”

“Is it real or fake?”

Shu Xiaolan glanced at the song. “Roland’s Good Night Song? Is it a non-original track? Can this be popular?”

“It is a magical song. I heard it can cure insomnia,” Ouya said. “I really felt sleepy after listening to it.”


Shu Xiaolan felt it was very unreliable. “Are you sure this song isn’t too boring?”

“Of course not!” Ouya shouted. “Wasn’t my mecha exam two days ago? That night, I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep. As a result, I fell asleep after listening to the song. I woke up the next day with high spirits!”

Shu Xiaolan was curious.

“Okay. Write down the song first. I’ll go back and listen to it this evening. If it really has such a magical effect, I’ll spend money to push it to the home page.”

Ouya shrugged. In any case, Shu Xiaolan was rich and regularly spent money on her favorite singers. She was used to it.

“Okay, keep shopping!”

“I heard another cake shop has opened recently. It tastes pretty good.”

In any case, they couldn’t get fat in the virtual world.

On the other side, Xu Sili fled from the two girls. He didn’t know that the two girls behind him were discussing his song.

At this moment, he appeared in front of a store. The store was lined with tall mechas of various shapes and sizes that looked particularly cool.

Xu Sili’s eyes were attracted. He walked in and came to one of the most striking mechas in the middle. This was a silver-grey mecha around 30 meters high. He stood in front of it and seemed particularly small.

He glanced at the price. It was 180 million cosmic coins.

Xu Sili silently retracted his gaze. Okay, just one was enough for him to pay the alliance fee for 18 years. He couldn’t afford it.

He took one last look before turning around and leaving the mecha store. Mainly, he didn’t have the time to hang out now. He recalled the words of the two girls and couldn’t help calling out, “Xiao Wu, help me open the system mall.”

“Yes, Brother.”

A light screen appeared in front of Xu Sili. The home page of the system mall appeared with a dazzling array of goods. To sum it up…

They were all expensive.

For example, the protection shields mentioned by the two girls. The cheapest one was 5,000 cosmic coins and it only had the most basic anti-injury function.

Xu Sili also saw the short-haired girl’s hair clip.

This model was chic and cost 50,000 cosmic coins. In addition to those she introduced, there were other small functions that weren’t described in detail.

Xu Sili was speechless and could only spend 5,000 cosmic coins to buy the basic protection shield.

He looked at the balance that was reduced by half and couldn’t help feeling that the Interstellar Alliance was too good at making money.

Entering the Star Network community required money, map teleportation required money and purchasing a protection shield also required money.

The first two items seemed cheap but they were used by many people and a lot of money would accumulate.

“You have successfully purchased the Protection Shield function. Do you want to wear it?”

“Wear it.” Xu Sili responded and he saw a white halo appear around his wrist.

After studying it, he found that it was an ordinary bracelet apart from the glow so he stopped paying attention to it.

By this time, he had the last two minutes left in the Star Network community.

Online shopping really killed time.

Xu Sili took advantage of the last two minutes to take a quick look at the nearby cuisine. It turned out that there were basically cake shops and coffee shops. There were no special snacks.

He had to order a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea from the coffee store.

Perhaps because it was a virtual product but there was no need to wait or queue. Once the purchase was successful, a packaged milk tea appeared in front of him.

Xu Sili reached out to hold it. The next moment, a countdown interface appeared in front of his eyes.

“The countdown has started. 3, 2, 1. The stay time is over and the return will begin.”

Xu Sili felt a blur in front of his eyes. Then when he saw the surrounding scene clearly, he had already returned to the virtual room but he had a cup of milk tea in his hand.

He looked at the light door behind him again and a message appeared on it.

[For safety reasons, you need to wait 30 minutes before you can re-enter the interstellar community.]

Xu Sili shook his head and went back to the sofa to sit down.

He opened the outer packaging of the milk tea, inserted the straw and started to enjoy the first food he tasted in the virtual world. The taste was very real. It was too…

It was very ordinary.

He was used to drinking a variety of milk teas in real life so this Hong Kong-style milk tea was really too plain.

Xu Sili couldn’t help sighing. Should he really be self-sufficient? If he could open a store in the Star Network…

At this time, Xiao Wu’s voice was heard again. “Brother, why are you sighing?”

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow. Why did he seem to have heard this question before?

“Naturally, I am sighing because I am worried.” He shook his head. “Enough about this. Say, Xiao Wu. Are you usually allowed to go to the Star Network community?”

“Xiao Wu can only follow when Brother enters.”

“In other words, you can only stay in this game cabin at ordinary times and can’t go to the Star Network?”

“Yes, Brother.”

“Isn’t that boring?” Xu Sili felt sympathetic. “Is there anything you want? Brother has money now. I can buy it for you. Of course, it can’t be too expensive.”

Xiao Wu’s voice was so cute that Xu Sili couldn’t help regarding him as a real child. He waited and heard Xiao Wu say, “I… I want to hear Brother sing… sing…”


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