VCRMM: Chapter 41 Part 1

The game cabin was still running slowly because the power wasn’t turned off last time. Xu Sili didn’t care and lay directly inside.

“Xiao Wu welcomes you, Brother.”

Xu Sili had just entered the virtual room when Xiao Wu’s cute voice was heard. He couldn’t help smiling. This little guy had made progress. It finally wasn’t ‘The Star Network welcomes you.’

“Xiao Wu, good morning.” He smiled and added, “Show me the backend of StarTune.”

“Yes, Brother.” Xiao Wu replied before a light screen appeared in front of Xu Sili.

It had been one night. It should’ve grown a bit, right?

Xu Sili thought so and glanced at the balance, only to find: 19,986.66.

There was more than 10,000 compared to what he saw yesterday! That number was also growing fast. This was a bit of a surprise to Xu Sili.

He opened the system messages to take a look and found that his album had increased in price from 1 cosmic coin to 15 because the number of subscribers had exceeded 10,000.

Moreover, it was on a new rankings list. It was the Weekly Potential list.

This ranking list was for new albums released within a week whose data growth was in the top 10. Xu Sili’s album had just managed to make it to 10th place.

It had to be said that StarTune made really great efforts to support newcomers. The speed at which he rose was faster than Xu Sili expected.

If it wasn’t for the burden of owing 10 million, he would consider making almost 20,000 cosmic coins in just a few days a really good income.

However, it wasn’t enough.

20,000 compared to 10 million was like a drop in the bucket.

Xu Sili shook his head, removed some of his anxiety and said, “Xiao Wu, help me withdraw 10,000 to my Star Network account.”

“Yes. Brother, please wait.”

Xu Sili finished this and looked at the song Sprouting that was just released yesterday.

The data of this song was growing. It wasn’t as much as the album but thanks to being pushed by the album, the numbers weren’t as abusive as it was in the beginning.

In just one night, more than 500 people subscribed. However, the release of this song was mainly to see if Sprouting also had a special effect.

Xu Sili glanced at the comments area.

[After Roland’s Good Night Song, it is another Roland folk song. It is really nice!]

[This song is different from the Good Night Song. If the latter is evening music to listen to while drowsy, this song is like the morning song. It makes you full of hope for life after listening to it.]

[I am curious about what type of nation Roland is. There are so many beautiful and moving songs. These two songs don’t lose to the current popular songs.]

[The nation is the world. This is a great song!]

[Today, I just learned that my grandfather was from the Roland Empire. Once he heard me playing this song, my grandfather suddenly cried. I was startled! Now the old man is playing it on a loop.]

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow.

Interesting. Were there still descendants of the Roland Empire on the outside? This grandfather was probably one of the elementalists that went out in the beginning, right?

After the natural disasters, if it wasn’t for this group of elementalists going out into space, the Roland Empire wouldn’t have received so much assistance from the Interstellar Alliance.

Unfortunately, the Roland Empire never rose again.

These elementalists grew older and could only play a smaller role. Their descendants would probably have a greater sense of belonging to the nation they immigrated to.

Xu Sili sighed slightly but he didn’t resent these elementalists who chose to immigrate.

After all, many of them weren’t born in the Roland Empire. There were many countries on Escher Star but only Roland was left after the natural disaster. The fact that they were willing to help the Roland Empire was already out of old feelings.

Xu Sili continued to look at the comments section. Compared to Roland’s Good Night Song, the response to Sprouting seemed a bit more flat. Was it because this song didn’t have any miraculous effect?

He was slightly disappointed. Then thinking about it, he already had the Good Night Song. He couldn’t be too greedy.

Xu Sili thought of this and didn’t continue to watch. In any case, he hadn’t expected the album to generate too much income from the beginning.

Xu Sili glanced at the balance of 10,000 cosmic coins and turned his gaze to the door of the virtual room.

He got up and walked over.

[You are entering the interstellar community and need to pay 10 cosmic coins. Do you want to continue?]

[Note: Your mental strength is below E-level. It only supports staying in the interstellar community for 30 minutes. If you don’t exit before that time, you will be forced to leave.]

In addition to the virtual room, the Star Network had a large virtual community that connected all the nations in the Interstellar Alliance and it could be accessed for as little as 10 cosmic coins each time.

Of course, Snow Roland had only gone out once due to the old emperor leaving so few cosmic coins.

In Snow’s memory, his mental strength was the lowest F-level and he could only stay for 10 minutes. These 10 minutes opened the door to a new world.

It filled him with a yearning for the high-tech world outside and was one of the reasons he promised the Bewatt Empire to give up the throne in exchange for a Flanders Federation green card.

Xu Sili’s eyes flickered slightly when seeing the E-grade evaluation. Snow Roland’s original spiritual attribute was only 12. It had risen to 39 but he was only E-grade?

He didn’t know what the power systems of the planets were…

According to the history he learned, an elementalist was a special occupation born from the planet Escher Star. In the entire universe, only Escher Star produced them.

In fact, it was understandable from the perspective of a game.

Escher Star was a novice planet and the five major cities were the novice villages. It was estimated that the maps of the outer planets wouldn’t be opened until players finished exploring Escher Star. As for the outer planets…

The gameplay would definitely be different from the novice planets.

Xu Sili had this thought and felt some expectation for the Star Network community.

It might take a long time before he could get involved with the Interstellar Alliance. However, he had already joined it and had to pay the high alliance fee. He should fight for some benefits.

Let’s consider it as taking a look in advance.

Xu Sili glanced back at the virtual room and smiled. “Xiao Wu, let’s go out and play.”

The room was quiet before Xiao Wu’s childish voice was heard.

“Yes, Brother.”

There was a bit of imperceptible excitement in the voice.

Xu Sili paid 10 cosmic coins and saw the transparent barrier in front of him flashing. The thing blocking his way seemed to have disappeared.

He tried stepping across the door.

Xu Sili felt like he had stepped into a light gate. There was white light in front of him and the moment the light faded, he had come to a new world.

There were many tall buildings with all types of flying shuttles in the air. He could even see mechas dozens of meters high, chasing and fighting against each other.

On the ground, passersby appeared and disappeared constantly. They should be logging into and out of the interstellar community.

“Brother, you have come to the Star Community’s E-Zone. If you have any needs then you can call Xiao Wu at any time.”

Xiao Wu’s cute voice was heard in his ears.

Xu Sili thought about it and asked, “How many regions are there in this interstellar community?”

“Brother, there are six general A-F zones, three high level zones of S, 2S and 3S and the top zone of SP,” Xiao Wu replied.

Was it 10 zones?

Xu Sili raised his eyebrow and asked, “Are there any special features of the 10 zones? How can I enter the high level or even the top zone from the ordinary zones?”

Xiao Wu explained, “The access conditions of each zone are different and they have different resources. For example, the E-Zone is most suitable for people with a mental level of E to play.”

Xu Sili nodded.

“In other words, the ten zones are divided according to the level of mental power?”

“It can be understood that way.” Xiao Wu added, “However, the access standards for the high level zones and top zones are more than that. It is only when the overall strength of the nation is among the top 10 countries of the Interstellar Alliance that you are eligible to enter.”

Xu Sili paused. He didn’t feel hopeful but he still wondered curiously, “What is the Roland Empire ranked?”

“Brother, the Roland Empire’s comprehensive national strength was ranked 265th in the Interstellar Alliance’s nation evaluation last year.”

Xu Sili suddenly had an ominous hunch.

“How many nations are in the Interstellar Alliance?” He couldn’t help asking.

“266, Brother.”

Xu Sili, “……”

Okay, it was second to last. He was mentally prepared but he still felt it was too miserable.

“What about the Bewatt Empire?”

“The Bewatt Empire was ranked 210th in the national assessment last year.”

The lizardman empire was also ranked low but it was dozens of places higher than the Roland Empire. If there was a direct war, the Roland Empire would probably suffer heavy losses.

Xu Sili frowned and sighed.

It seemed that in the short term, the best option was to pay the Interstellar Alliance’s fees. If there was the alliance’s protection, the empire could develop a bit while waiting for the players to arrive.

“Brother, why are you sighing?”

Just then, Xiao Wu’s question was heard.

Xu Sili smiled. “It’s nothing. Let’s continue exploring.”

They had arrived on a busy street.

The street was crowded with people coming and going and it was very lively.

Everything around him was very real. Xu Sili could feel the wind and smell the fragrances floating from the surrounding stores.

If it wasn’t for people appearing and disappearing in thin air from time to time, this place would really be like reality.

The interstellar community was a bit like a virtual holographic game but it was a large-scale social game. It was said that this Star Network could also exercise and improve mental power.

There were many benefits and he just needed to explore slowly.

Just then, there was a violent whistling sound. Xu Sili looked in the direction of the sound and saw a mecha running from a distance.

This mecha ran very quickly but it looked like it was off balance as it charged straight forward.

Xu Sili was startled and instinctively retreated. However, how could he escape from a mecha that was dozens of meters tall?

He had just taken two steps when the mecha rushed in front of him and the huge foot descended.

Xu Sili’s eyes widened and his heart beat wildly.

Then he soon remembered that this was the Star Network and it probably wasn’t a big deal to be trampled on. Didn’t the people around him look very calm?

Sure enough, the next moment, the mecha’s foot fell on his head and he felt his body suddenly turn into a phantom and the huge foot passed directly through his body.

Xu Sili blinked and took a closer look at his current state.

He seemed… a bit dizzy.

Then Xiao Wu’s voice was heard in his ears.

“Warning. You were subjected to an attack from the ‘Big Cute Meow’ mecha. Protective measures have been activated and the remaining stay time has been reduced from 25 minutes to 15 minutes.”

“Please keep away from attacks as soon as possible in case you run out of time.”

Oh my god! Could it still be like this?

Xu Sili hurriedly stepped to the side but the mecha had already run away. Only the back could be seen in the distance.

Meanwhile, his body became solid again.

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