VCRMM: Chapter 40 Part 1

Under the guidance of Si Sheng’s spiritual strength, Xu Sili finally saw the scene on the main road.

In the dust, the large convoy rushed forward. The young boys and girls on the carriages were all wearing the black uniforms of the Elementalist Academy and they were very easy to identify.

There were 25 interstellar beast carriages. It was no more and no less, but the number of people on the carriages had changed.

The interstellar beast carriages were originally limited to five passengers but there was an average of two or three more people on each carriage. Strangely, the speed of the carriages didn’t decrease much.

From the perspective of his mental strength, Xu Sili soon noticed the reason using his enhanced ability to sense elements.

It was the wind.

He saw the blue wind elements gathered behind each carriage, pushing the carriages forward rapidly. Meanwhile, there were few wind elements in the direction they were going.

It was reducing resistance and increasing motivation. It was a clever approach.

Xu Sili glanced at the team and saw around nine wind elementalists.

Their eyes were closed and their faces were pale.

Obviously, it was hard to drive the carriage with the wind element for those who had just been tested for a spiritual talent and didn’t have time to learn how to effectively control the elements.

Yet they did their best through division of labor.

They couldn’t control the elements too finely and they chose a compromise.

Some people controlled the wind elements in front and others controlled the wind elements in the rear, letting the team get as close as possible to narrow the range.

It wasn’t fine enough but it was effective.

In addition to the wind elementalists, there were earth elementalists.

The number of earth elementalists was obviously much higher. Almost every carriage had one or two.

Their responsibility was to fill the uneven roads with the earth elements. Of course, it didn’t seem to make much difference due to their weak ability and the fast driving speed. Still, it was better than nothing.

In addition to those sitting on the carriages, Xu Sili saw dozens of people running behind the carriage.

They were basically at the fourth or fifth level of strength. It might seem very hard but they were barely keeping up with the speed of the carriages. They maintained a short distance not far away.

Xu Sili saw the two captains, Su Ye and Gu Lie.

Despite practicing in the wrong direction, they still managed to achieve half a star in strength. Their perseverance and qualifications could be seen.

Xu Sili was very pleased when he saw that they were doing their best.

After the experience this time, he didn’t think anyone would be coming with the mood of a holiday.

As he observed and pondered on it, the convoy of students had left the main road and entered the open space in front of the town’s gate. They stopped in front of a pile of tents in the disaster relief area.

The students had gray faces. The wind and sand on the main road ruined their original elegant appearance and the black uniforms couldn’t cover the dust.

In particular, the over a dozen students running at the rear were sweaty and embarrassed.

Wen Jishan stood at the entrance of the disaster relief area. He had a look of excitement and joy as he started to count the heads enthusiastically.

He was very quick and once he counted to 110, he looked a bit dumbfounded.

What was going on? Why was there even more?

Wen Jishan was a bit frightened and continued to count. Once he counted to 150, he found that there were still more people and he trembled slightly.

He forced himself to calm down and continued to count.

Then he finally found…

There were 188! It wasn’t wrong. He counted and confirmed it again. It was 188. Add Su Lin and it was 189. It was 79 more than he guessed!

This wasn’t a simple number but a lively life. They were seedlings of a spiritual elementalist!

Wen Jishan was simply excited.

However, the faces of the exhausted students were very ugly. They stared up at the sky with desperate eyes. Some even cried.

This made Wen Jishan control his expression. At the same time, he was a bit dazed.

What was going on? Why did they have this expression? Was there anything in the sky?

He couldn’t help looking up at the sky. In the dim sky, night fell and a few stars could be seen shining faintly. It was a very clear, very ordinary starry sky.

Just as Wen Jishan was feeling curious, he heard the sound of footsteps. He retracted his gaze and looked over. A black-haired teenager with red eyes was coming toward him.

The facial features and temperament felt a bit familiar.

It was a bit like Su Lin?

“Excuse me, are you Chief Administrator Wen Jishan?” The black-haired teenager held back his emotions and asked politely.

Wen Jishan looked at him and nodded.

The teenager gave him a salute. “I greet My Lord.”

Then he asked. “Excuse me… have you seen His Majesty?”

His Majesty?

Wen Jishan shook his head. He only received the message and didn’t see anyone. Then he saw the light in the black-haired teenager’s eyes dim. It was filled with an extremely heavy despair that slightly moved Wen Jishan.

Su Ye bit his lip.

He was the oldest of his teammates and the one who was about to graduate.

This opportunity was no less important to him than anyone else, not to mention that he was the captain. He held the biggest responsibility for not organizing everyone in place in time.

“Thank you… Thank you, My Lord.”

Su Ye took a deep breath. He was choked up and his body shook as he looked at his teammates who weren’t far away.

They already knew the result but they couldn’t help looking forward to it.

They looked forward to His Majesty giving them another chance.

They tried really hard to rush over. Who would’ve thought that the lack of energy in the floating vehicle would cause a series of problems afterwards?

Su Ye met their looks of hope. After a long hesitation, he shook his head with great difficulty and watched the hopeful eyes dim.

Just then, a red-haired teenager came out in front of everyone. Under the gazes of all the students, Gu Lie bent down hard and spoke in a crying voice, “I’m sorry, it is all my fault!”

If he hadn’t tried to fight for the limelight and urged the driver to send them early, the driver would’ve been able to replenish the energy and they wouldn’t have been forced to stop halfway.

Later, Su Ye caught up. If it wasn’t for their carriages, Gu Lie would probably still be on the way here with over 60 people.

Even so, they were late. His Majesty told him that if someone was left behind or came late, all of them would have to leave…

Everybody was ruined by him…

It was all because of him!

Gu Lie’s waist was bent very low. He was only 15 years old and never had a moment like this. He felt like the whole sky had collapsed and darkness was before his eyes.

He didn’t dare look up out of fear of seeing his classmate’s blame-filled and criticizing eyes.

“I’m half responsible for this.”

Just then, a gentle voice was heard from beside him.

Gu Lie was startled. He glanced sideways and found that a figure had moved beside him. Rather than looking at him, Su Ye stood side by side with him and received the gazes of all the students.

“I am the captain and I agreed with Gu Lie’s suggestion. I didn’t expect the energy issue and I should’ve thought of alternatives in advance to deal with emergencies. I didn’t do so and that made everyone lose this opportunity. I… I’m sorry!”

Gu Lie stared at Su Ye blankly, intense emotions flashing in his eyes. He opened his mouth but finally failed to say anything.

He saw Su Ye bend down and he also bent down again.

Only this time, he felt that the pressure on his body seemed lighter. It wasn’t as crushing and desperate as it was just now.

“It’s not the captain’s fault. You did a good job.” A girl smiled strongly.

Others followed suit.

“Yes, if it wasn’t for the captain’s idea, we might still be on the road.”

“Even if it doesn’t work this time, we can still practice in the local army. We can only continue to work hard and improve ourselves. It’s fine…”

“However, will His Majesty be disappointed in us?” At this time, a boy with blue hair spoke. “I thought… this time, I can finally stop being a salted fish and make those who once looked down on me regret it…”

These words caused the relieved atmosphere to stagnate again.

Everyone was silent. They sat in the night breeze where the temperature was gradually decreasing and no one moved.

Wen Jishan frowned deeply with confusion as he heard the words of the students. Was there something he didn’t know about?

In the distance, Xu Sili saw it was almost time and withdrew his spiritual power. At the same time, he let go of Si Sheng’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

Rather than walking toward these students, he turned around and headed back into the town.

Si Sheng followed. He looked down at his hand and inevitably felt a bit lost. Then he soon recovered his mind.

He stared at the young man’s back and his lips curved up in a small arc. In any case… there would be a chance in the future.

Xu Sili had no idea about what Si Sheng was thinking and was busy sending a message to Wen Jishan.

On the other side, Wen Jishan heard the sound of his communicator. He knew it was sent by the emperor and hurriedly glanced at it.

“I will give the students to you.”

It was a simple sentence and nothing was explained.

Wen Jishan hesitated for a moment. Rather than asking in the reply, he directly questioned the depressed students.

The black-haired teenager gave him the answer.

Wen Jishan combined it with the message he just received and probably understood what was going on. He stared at the group of children speechlessly.

Yes, the oldest one was 18 and the youngest was 15. It was true that they were a group of children, so that they would be so innocent and simple. But…

His Majesty seemed to be only 18, right? Was there such a large gap between people? These students believed what His Majesty said so easily?

Wen Jishan thought this in his heart while gently pushing up his glasses. “Are you the captain?”

“Yes, my name is Su Ye,” Su Ye respectfully answered.

Wen Jishan glanced at him with surprise, wondering if this teenager had any relationship with Su Lin?

Of course, he didn’t say it.

“Okay, gather everyone here first.” He pointed to an empty space. “Park the carriages over there. Don’t block the road.”

Su Ye might be gentle but he had a tenacious side.

He had just barely calmed down his emotions. Now he heard Wen Jishan’s words and couldn’t help apologizing. “I’ll arrange it straight away. I’m sorry to give you trouble.”

It wasn’t really good to stay here.

Currently, there were many people in the disaster relief area watching them. It was so embarrassing that he didn’t want to be watched.

“Everyone, cheer up and get out of the carriages first!”

Under Su Ye’s command, all the students got out of the carriages one after another and gathered in the open space designated by Wen Jishan.

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