VCRMM: Chapter 4

Xu Sili felt like he had been deceived. What surrendering to him, what offering loyalty to him? Everything was fake! He stomped on Si Sheng’s face severely, venting his dissatisfaction and anger. He didn’t care that Si Sheng would want to kill him after breaking free. He had almost been killed twice just now!

Xu Sili thought of something and his gaze fell on the laser g*n on the ground. He was about to lean over and pick it up when he heard a rush of footsteps outside the hall, followed by a loud bang. A few tall figures broke through the door.

The chandeliers in the hall suddenly lit up and the bright light dazzled Xu Sili’s eyes. He half-squinted as he looked at the people who rushed in through the door.

It was a group of soldiers wearing armor and holding long swords in a solemn and majestic manner. The one rushing in front was a young man in a blue uniform who had black hair and black eyes. His handsome facial features gave off a sense of familiarity.

Xu Sili blinked. Wasn’t this the chief guard, Li Zhecheng? In Game of the Gods, Li Zhecheng was one of the most popular characters. He was the childhood friend of the heroine and had saved her countless times when she was in danger. He was the loyal and gentle dog type. Xu Sili had also owned this card but he didn’t spend much time raising it. It was only at the level of two and a half stars and the strength was a lot worse compared to Si Sheng.

He looked at Li Zhecheng and frowned slightly. Then in addition to Si Sheng, the other characters from Game of the Gods were also linked to Starry Sky Age? In the real world, he had hung up before he could discuss things with the game group. Apart from some incomplete information from the forum in the future, he knew nothing about the game content and mechanics.

A sense of crisis couldn’t help filling his heart. It was easy for the unknown to bring about anxiety and fear. Perhaps he had to digest Snow Roland’s memories first.

“Your Majesty…”

As Xu Sili was thinking, the guard captain who had originally been nervous couldn’t help being stunned when he saw the scene in the hall. Even the soldiers behind him stopped. From their perspective, they saw the silver-haired young man in a loose nightgown in the magnificent hall with bare feet, one foot pressed against the side of a man’s face. As for the man lying on the ground with his hands and feet bound by a rope of light—they couldn’t see his identity but his white military uniform with gold thread…

Li Zhecheng’s pupils shrank. He had guessed the man’s identity. He looked up slightly and met the silver-haired young man’s cold eyes. Sweat oozed from his forehead and slipped down his cheeks. “This subordinate is damned. I dared to disturb Your Majesty! This subordinate will leave!”

The moment he finished speaking, he turned around as fast as he could and waved back the soldiers he brought with him. The soldiers obeyed the order and retreated outside the door like a tide. Li Zhecheng didn’t dare to stay long and also ran away.

I didn’t see anything. It is none of my business!

Li Zhecheng wasn’t too scared of the punishment of His Majesty the Emperor. The young emperor hadn’t been on the throne for long and hadn’t established his authority. Li Zhecheng and the people under his command respected the new emperor but they didn’t feel much reverence toward him.

The thing that really frightened him was the man in the military uniform lying on the ground and letting the emperor step on his face. If he was right, it should be the noble duke of the emperor, the grand duke known for his ruthlessness and the patron saint of the Roland Empire—Si Sheng!

The true power of the Roland Empire! This was such explosive news! In the middle of the night, the marshal and the new emperor actually did such a thing in the grand hall…

Li Zhecheng felt like he was finished. He interrupted the emperor’s private affair with the marshal and saw such an exciting scene! It probably wasn’t just him. Even the group of people under him wouldn’t escape punishment…

Li Zhecheng was worried but Xu Sili was speechless. This guard captain had a problem in his mind. Seeing the emperor being attacked, shouldn’t he protect the emperor right away? Xu Sili might’ve solved it himself but wasn’t it too much to run away like this?

After being disturbed, Xu Sili’s anger had eased a lot.

“Stop.” He looked at the man in the blue uniform who was about to disappear out the door and escape.

Li Zhecheng was retreating with a worried look. He was just about to run out of the hall when he heard the cold voice of the young man behind him. This cold tone had no signs of cowardice at all. His Majesty was angry!

Li Zhecheng felt bitter and wanted to pretend not to hear it. He had just taken a step when he heard the young man’s voice again. “Li Zhecheng, come here.”

The tone was flat and there weren’t many emotions, but Li Zhecheng’s back slightly stiffened and he didn’t dare act rashly.

Li Zhecheng saw the soldiers look back at him and sighed. He waved his hand to let the soldiers leave before turning around and walking back with an expression like he was facing death without any fear.

He still didn’t dare to get too close and stopped at a distance that was five or six meters away. It was only at this time that he really saw the situation in the hall. There was the sunken and cracked floor tiles, the throne that had its jewels blasted and…

Bloodstains? Li Zhecheng’s heart jumped and his expression became serious and suspicious.

Seeing the chief guard wisely walk back, Xu Sili ignored him and looked down at the man on the ground. This person’s face was very hot and the temperature was slowly coming and warming his cold feet. The touch was also smooth. It seemed that this guy had good skin.

Xu Sili curled his lip and slowly took back his foot. Si Sheng’s eyes were closed as if he had fainted and there were vague lines of light flowing over his face. Xu Sili clicked his tongue as he wondered if this guy was pretending.

On the other side, Li Zhecheng was even more frightened because he saw the blood at the corners of Si Sheng’s mouth. The blood on the ground turned out to belong to Si Sheng! The powerful and majestic marshal was actually injured and also tied on the ground. Li Zhecheng lowered his head and didn’t dare look directly at the young emperor in front of him. Still, there were stormy waves in his heart and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Xu Sili didn’t know what Li Zhecheng’s brain had made up. He glanced at Si Sheng a few times before bending over to pick up the laser g*n on the ground, playing with it in his hand. The moment he touched the g*n, related memories came to mind.

Escher Star had scarce resources so there weren’t many g*ns. In particular, this was the marshal’s g*n and the configuration was top-notch. Snow Roland had been greedy for this laser g*n for a long time.

[Glorious Radium 4000]

[Description: The 10th generation laser g*n produced by the Flanders Interstellar Federation, standard equipment.

Quality: Silver

Effect: Each hit will cause 2500-3000 points of physical damage, 500-1000 points of light system damage and there is a 5% critical damage bonus.

Durability: 90

Energy: 86%

Owner: Si Sheng]

Xu Sili was a bit curious when the laser g*n’s attributes window suddenly appeared in front of him. Was he now an NPC in the game? Could all NPCs check equipment attributes and see other people’s health bars or was it just him?

Xu Sili looked at the value of the laser g*n again. Compared with Si Sheng’s one million HP, the highest attack value of 4000 seemed like a joke. However…

Xu Sili’s mind moved and his personal panel popped out.

[Snow Roland]

[Identity: NPC faction leader

Faction: Roland Empire

Age: 18 years old

Personal level: Lv 2

Distance to level up: 0/300

Health: 2480/3000

Magic: 0/600

Attributes: Physique (3), Intelligence (12), Strength (3), Spirit (12), Agility (2), Defense (2)

Elemental Affinity: Sound]

Xu Sili just glanced at it and the meaning that each attribute represented appeared in his mind. Physique represented health, intelligence represented magic, strength represented physical damage, spirit represented elemental damage and agility represented speed and evasion.

As for defense, it was damage reduction. For example, he just stepped on Si Sheng but it was judged as a miss. It was because Si Sheng’s defense was too high and the damage he caused was reduced. There was a conversion formula between the attributes and values. This wasn’t explained and he would have to explore it slowly later.

After understanding this, Xu Sili glanced at the attributes panel again. He had to say that it was really rubbish. Apart from intelligence and spirit, his other points were very pitiful. 3 points of physique was 3000 points of health. This couldn’t even block one shot from Si Sheng. In addition, he wasn’t in a state of full health. It was probably due to being stepped on by SI Sheng.

Xu Sili thought of this and couldn’t help recalling the thrilling moment just now. He was almost shot in the head! The more Xu Sili thought about it, the more afraid he became. Si Sheng was too strong!

One foot stepping on him had decreased health by more than 500 points. If he did it a few more times then Xu Sili would die. Not to mention, there was that skill. It decreased 500,000 health in one go. This was simply glaring at someone to kill them!

Xu Sili’s eyes fell on Si Sheng again and he couldn’t help squinting. This might be a paper man but Xu Sili had spent countless efforts and money to raise him, accompanying him for over 300 days and nights. It was false if he said he had no feelings toward this person but the premise was—

Si Sheng couldn’t hurt him or threaten his life! A boss-level powerhouse like Si Sheng was too dangerous for him. If he couldn’t control this person then he would be killed sooner or later. Perhaps he should…

Turn from passive to active and think of a way to kill him first? Xu Sili remembered seeing in the future forum that in Starry Sky Age, NPCs would really die and wouldn’t resurrect. They wouldn’t appear again.

Here, he only had one life! He finally regained a healthy body and resurrected after death. How could he die so easily? He was willing even if it meant living in a virtual game world. Yes, he wanted to live. He didn’t want to die!

The silver hair was gently blown by the night breeze and the atmosphere became a bit depressed. The purple-eyed youth stared down at the man on the ground, his face cold and his eyes flickered. Sure enough…

Let’s kill this person! Yet how to do it? This guy had such strong health and defense. Xu Sili couldn’t kill him no matter how much he wanted to.

“Your Majesty…” Li Zhecheng looked at him from the side and finally couldn’t help but speak.

Xu Sili glanced at him and pointed the g*n at Si Sheng on the ground, regardless of whether the g*n would fire or not.

“Put him…” He was about to say the prison when he thought about it again. The light rope around Si Sheng was his skill. He didn’t know if it would disappear if it got further away from him. If this skill disappeared and this abnormally strong guy was allowed to run away then he would be in big trouble.

Thus, Xu Sili changed his words. “Take him to my bedroom.”

According to the skill tip, Xu Sili could completely control Si Sheng once the light rope was absorbed into him. There would be no need to worry about Si Sheng violently hurting someone.

After Xu Sili finished talking, he didn’t stay here. The night was as cold as water. As he stepped barefoot on the floor tiles, it was icy and his warm feet became cold again. He followed the memories he received and headed in the direction of the bedroom. He took two steps but didn’t hear any movement. He couldn’t help looking back. “Guard captain?”

Li Zhecheng hurriedly removed his strange expression and responded. He bent over to lift the man on the ground. The man’s eyes were closed tightly and he probably really had lost consciousness.

Xu Sili continued to move forward. There was the surrounding scenery, the cool night breeze, the dazzling lights and the faint pain from his chest. He really couldn’t regard this place as a virtual world. Perhaps for him, this was real from now on.


Back at the palace, the guards at the door saw him and were shocked. Apparently, they were unaware that Snow Roland had left. Such alertness made Xu Sili speechless. If there was an assassin, could these NPCs really protect him?

He ignored the expressions of these men and headed straight into the bedroom. The emperor’s bedroom was luxurious and magnificent. It was decorated in classical European style. There was a sense of the vicissitudes of history but some details contained traces of future technology. For example, the communicator on his arm.

The old and new were intertwined and the contradictions were unified. The reason for this was the history of the Roland Empire.

Escher Star where the Roland Empire was located had once given birth to a very powerful, advanced magic civilization. People could use the power of elements to create all types of incredible things and skills.

On Escher Star, such people were called: Elementalists.

They were mysterious and powerful and were deeply supported and loved. After spreading the brilliance of elemental magic all over the planet, the elementalists set their sights on alien planets. Elementalists set foot in the stars. They wandered between various planets and started to explore and study the starry sky for thousands of years.

After unremitting efforts, around 100 years ago, Escher Star where elementalists originated passed the audit and officially became a member of the Interstellar Alliance, recognized by the other member states. Escher Star was full of national power after joining the Interstellar Alliance and was on the verge of great unification as their development pace sped up again.

Unfortunately, before the great unification could happen, Escher ushered in the disaster of extinction. Around 10 years after joining the Interstellar Alliance, a natural disaster struck and countless nations were wiped out in the catastrophe. In the end, only the most powerful Roland Empire survived.

Escher Star’s level of civilization plummeted after that. They didn’t return to a primitive society but they were undoubtedly far behind other fast developing civilizations. Moreover, after the natural disaster, Escher Star was occupied by countless interstellar beasts. It became the poorest and most dangerous area in the Interstellar Alliance.

Thankfully, the running around of countless elementalists meant that Escher Star wasn’t expelled from the Interstellar Alliance. Instead, they received assistance from the alliance. This allowed the badly damaged Roland Empire to survive and became the owner of the planet.

However, the Roland Empire didn’t rise again. After a hundred years of ups and downs, the elementalists who were originally from Escher Star either grew old or joined other interstellar forces. Now Escher had completely declined.

To make matters worse, their old neighbor, the Bewatt Empire, coveted them. If he really couldn’t pay the Interstellar Alliance’s fee and get their protection, it might not be far from the destruction of this civilization.

Xu Sili looked around the room, endured the faint pain as he thought back on the memories he had received. This was Snow Roland’s understanding of the world and it was helping him quickly sort out the situation.

Behind him, Li Zhecheng hesitated a bit. Still, he carried this person and carefully followed the emperor into his bedroom. Hearing the movement, Xu Sili collected himself. He soothed his headache while orderly lightly, “Put him down. You can go.”

As a young master, he was accustomed to giving orders. He didn’t get stage fright after taking the role of the little emperor.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Li Zhecheng responded with respect. He went to the side, gently placed Si Sheng on a chair by the window and adjusted the posture so that Si Sheng could sit more comfortably.

Regardless of the situation, Si Sheng was the patron saint of the Roland Empire. Without him, the imperial city would’ve been broken by the interstellar beasts three years ago. Li Zhecheng was willing to do more for this person if it was within his means.

Xu Sili curled his lips and didn’t bother to care about this person. He took the Radium 4000 and walked to the edge of the bed to sit down. He was a shooting enthusiast. If he had time, he would go to the shooting range to play. Now he was touching this laser g*n and it was like a child who got a new toy. As for the owner Si Sheng? It didn’t matter. Si Sheng was now his prisoner, let alone his things.

Xu Sili thought of Si Sheng and glanced at the window. He saw that the guard captain still hadn’t left and frowned slightly before driving this person out. This guy was too unreliable and he was an eyesore here.

Li Zhecheng didn’t dare stay longer. He respectfully withdrew from the emperor’s palace. He came out to the corridor and glared at the guards at the door. He warned them to be more vigilant and not to make any more mistakes. Then he returned to the hall, ready to look at the traces of the scene again.


In the empty and deserted palace, there was only Xu Sili and the tied-up Si Sheng. Xu Sili sat down on the edge of the bed, relaxing slightly as he let out a sigh of relief.

From the plane crash and turning into a star to falling from the sky, becoming the emperor of the game world, encountering a crisis and surviving death—everything happened too fast. Looking back on it now, it felt like a dream. Nevertheless, Xu Sili clearly knew that this was real and not his imagination. Now there were many problems waiting for him to solve.

He was just ready to go look at Si Sheng’s situation when he caught a glimpse of his feet hanging off the bed. He could vaguely see the dirt on his soles. This sticky feeling caused a faint trace of disgust to appear in his eyes.

Xu Sili hesitated before raising his left hand and calling the maid on the communicator. Before long, the maid Janice followed his instructions and walked in with two maids. The unconscious Si Sheng was hidden in the shadows. They didn’t find him and came to Xu Sili, saluting respectfully.

“I greet Your Majesty.” Janice had red hair and red eyes. In Snow Roland’s memories, she was a strict and disciplined woman who had been by his side since he was a child. She was like a mother to him.

At this moment, she took the hot water from a maid’s hands and bent down beside Xu Sili’s feet like she wanted to wash his feet. Xu Sili retracted his feet and sat cross-legged on the bed. “No, put it down and go out.”

Janice stood up obediently but before leaving, she hesitated again. Her red eyes glanced at Xu Sili with a hint of sadness and despair. The other two maids looked at her doubtfully.

“Mary, Jenna, you go back to your room first,” Janice whispered to them. Once they left, she closed the door, came to Xu Sili and knelt on the ground. Xu Sili stared at her in a confused manner.

“Your Majesty.” The woman lay on the ground and spoke in a mournful voice, “I am afraid that I can’t follow you. I will no longer be able to take care of you. I hope Your Majesty will stay well!”

Xu Sili was reminded of something at her words. Snow Roland was planning to leave tomorrow. Arnauton had allowed him to bring some people and Janice was one of the people he wanted to take with him.

Xu Sili sighed. Looking at Snow Roland’s memories, he could actually understand this person’s thoughts. Like him, Snow Roland was the third born. He had an older brother and sister ahead of him. Then three years ago, interstellar beasts invaded and they both died in that disaster.

Therefore, after the old emperor died of illness, he was driven to inherit the throne. He might’ve been a prince but Snow Roland wasn’t favored and even had a hard time. The old emperor was muddle-headed and brutal. He didn’t give Snow Roland any love or teach him anything. In addition, he spent extravagantly and squandered the treasury before he died.

It was an interstellar empire but it couldn’t even afford the alliance fee of 10 million cosmic coins. Thus, it would face an alien invasion in a month. It was natural for Snow Roland to choose that he didn’t want to do it.

Now this mess was thrown at Xu Sili’s head. What else could Xu Sili do? Hand over the planet to someone? That was impossible. First, let’s not mention that after the game was launched, Escher Star was the novice village and would welcome a group of immortal players. The development that could be achieved after that…

For himself, once the game was launched, his oldest brother and second brother should come in to see him. His parents should also come as well, right? According to the information seen on the future forum, Snow Roland died a month before the first closed beta of Starry Sky Age. This should be referring to tonight.

In other words, the first closed beta would start in a month and there would be real people coming into the game to find him. They were probably the Xu family!

Xu Sili’s heart jumped wildly. That’s right. He could still see his parents and brothers. He could reunite with them in the game. This time, he must live well and not make them sad and disappointed like it was stated in the future forum.

Thus, Escher Star absolutely couldn’t be lost! It was only here as the emperor Snow Roland that he could be quickly found by them.

His purple eyes shone slightly with hope and expectations. The silver-haired young man looked at the maid in front of him, grinning gently. His smile was brilliant.

The moment Si Sheng woke up from his unconscious state, he opened his eyes and saw this scene.

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Small theater:

Cub Si: My wife looks good | ( ̄3 ̄)|

Xu Bao: Bah!

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Then the NPC Snow died unjustly! Yeah a coward but he ultimately didn’t deserve death. I’ll deduct ML’s IQ.

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Plot armor getting thicker and thicker. Couldn’t have it any better :/

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Thank you for your hard work!

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HAHAHAHA, it’s quite interesting that XS and SS wouldn’t get along at first. Even if Xs has favourable feelings at first, even he still wouldn’t appreciate nearly having been killed twice, and even had the thought of taking precautions to eliminate him… And honestly, SS kinda seserved it XD