VCRMM: Chapter 39 Part 2

Wen Jishan waited and once he saw the reply from the emperor, he was completely dumbfounded. My god! He had heard old Justin say that the first batch of people who took part in the test was over 3,000. There were still another 7,000 or 8,000 after. According to the ratio of 30:1, there were at least 200 or 300 more! Together, it was more than 400!

Happiness came so suddenly that Wen Jishan was completely stunned. How much wealth could be created once these children grew up, became spiritual elementalists and participated in infrastructure construction? In addition, the water healer…

He glanced at Niya’s tent. Yes, the water elementalists could be trained in this direction! The water healers had the weakest combat effectiveness but their value on the front lines was very high since they greatly reduced battle damage.

In this way, the front lines would clean up the interstellar beasts much faster. It might be possible to open up the roads to the other main cities as soon as possible.

Based on the data he received, only one-third of the road between the nearest Seizing Star City was opened up.

The interstellar beasts that filled the area between the major cities were generally around one or two star strength, with a few three stars. However, it couldn’t be forgotten that the highest level of the elementalists was only two stars.

In addition, these one and two star interstellar beasts basically were in communities. One hit could attract dozens or hundreds so it was hard to fight.

Wen Jishan thought about the front lines and shook his head a bit sadly. Just then, his communicator vibrated again.

“Niya has been given a military order. The injured residents of Mercenary Town must be healed in three days or the Chris family will be deprived of their earl title. Chief Wen, you can figure it out yourself.”

Wen Jishan read this message twice because it felt so good. He finally knew why Niya was in such a hurry.

It turned out that just like old Justin, Niya was also pitted by the emperor. She was made an example of by the emperor and even received a military order. Heh…

Depriving her of her title was almost as cruel as what he did to old Justin. If it wasn’t completed, Niya would become the sinner of her family.

At this moment, Wen Jishan was completely convinced by the emperor. Maybe the little emperor didn’t have the aura of a top leader like Si Sheng but when it came to management and the ability to drive the empire’s wealth, he was really much better than Si Sheng! For example, this hint…

Wen Jishan pushed up his glasses and his dark green eyes shone with a shrewd light.

Three days was very short. The number of wounds healed depended on Niya’s capabilities but the number of wounded she treated… wasn’t it entirely up to him?

It was the most capable who did the most work.

[Wen Jishan]: Your Majesty, if Master Niya can’t finish it in such a short time, can you give her a bit longer? After all, there are many wounded in Mercenary Town.

Xu Sili saw Wen Jishan’s reply and touched his chin. He could tell that the chief administrator had seen his hint. It was just that giving more time wouldn’t be a deterrent.

He thought about it before editing his reply. Wen Jishan waited until his communicator finally vibrated. “The time originally given to Niya is from today.”

Wen Jishan’s eyes lit up.

The word ‘originally’ was wonderfully used. It was because today was already almost over. It was equivalent to expecting Niya to heal all the wounded in two and a half days. If she couldn’t finish it, maybe the time would actually start from tomorrow.

Niya must be feeling desperate and would even be grateful to the emperor’s tolerance. There was one more day. At the rate of five minutes for a critically ill patient…

Wen Jishan smiled very unkindly. He seemed to see countless Escher coins beckoning to him. The treatment fee for a water healer was very high.

[Wen Jishan]: Your Majesty, this servant understands.

Xu Sili saw Wen Jishan’s reply and nodded with satisfaction. Even so, he was a bit worried and reminded again, “The residents of Mercenary Town rely on Chief Wen for food and clothing.”

He put away the communicator after replying. He had spoken so obviously that Wen Jishan would definitely understand. If he didn’t understand…

His ability as chief administrator might need to be reconsidered.

He put away the communicator and watched the wounded line up at the tent one by one. He saw those who were cured coming out and watched the increasing number of die-hard fan notifications and Xu Sili felt very satisfied.

The increase in die-hard fans was unexpected. His main purpose was to reduce the injury rate of the residents in town so that construction would speed up.

He believed that with Niya’s desperate efficiency, she would be able to drop the injury rate of the town’s residents to a very low level or even close to nothing in three days. It would also increase his leveling speed.

Xu Sili didn’t go far. He just walked back and forth between the wounded. There was Si Sheng’s Passerby Halo on him and almost no one paid attention to them.

He sifted through the information of the newly added die-hard fans as he walked. None of the town’s residents were elementalists but a few of them showed ‘elemental tendencies.’ This meant they could perhaps become elementalists through the training of basic methods.

It was just that many of them were old and it was hard for them to achieve anything. For these newly added die-hard fans, especially the mercenaries, the highest personal level was Lv 5, which was half a star.

Still, their half a star strength would be inferior compared to the elementalist apprentices. After all, they couldn’t absorb or control elements. For example, Wen Jishan was an ordinary person even though he had reached Lv 5.

Xu Sili analyzed it and soon had a vague idea.

It was just as how he had to go to the Elementalist Academy for elementalist testing once he reached Lv 5 and determine his direction of development before continuing to level up. Lv 5 was a threshold.

It might be difficult but ordinary people could actually grow on their own to reach Lv 5. It was just that they might reach an end after arriving at this level. It was only when they became an elementalist that there would be infinite possibilities in the future.

Later when players entered the game, they would also need to go to the Elementalist Academy for a class transfer. This was very operational.

Xu Sili silently wrote down this discovery. This was important because it bound players to the Roland Empire in the early stages.

Players could only rely on the Elementalist Academy if they wanted to level up. Meanwhile, wasn’t he in charge of the Elementalist Academy?

Xu Sili thought about his future plans and his heart became excited.

He took down these discoveries and continued to sift through the information of the die-hard fans to see if there were any special talents like Wen Jishan or Asheng.

Unfortunately, nothing was found after searching through the dozens of newly added people. It seemed that NPCs with a special talent were still very rare. They had various special abilities and could exert huge power. He couldn’t let go of a single one.

Xu Sili finished watching the die-hard fans and turned his attention to the residents of the town.

It took 10 magic points to use Insight and he still had more than 1,000 points. He could look at many people.

Now that his spirit had improved, Xu Sili found that his magic would recover slowly even without meditation. It was just like his health. However, the recovery speed was very slow. He paid attention to it and it only increased by 10 in an hour. It was small but it was better than nothing. It also meant that this rate would increase as his spiritual value increased.

Xu Sili waited for the students while using Insight on the residents who weren’t die-hard fans, trying to find another special talent NPC.

The sun was gradually sinking to the west. It slowly hung over the sky of the mountains, rendering the sky beautiful and charming. Beauty was beauty but it also meant the sun would set soon.

Xu Sili looked at the main road outside Mercenary Town. He still couldn’t see the elementalist apprentices and there were naturally no protectors like Li Zhecheng.

Were these students going to fail?

He had wanted to give them a small test but Xu Sili still hoped in his heart that they could accomplish it. If they couldn’t complete such a small task, what about the more difficult tasks later on? There wouldn’t be any guardians like Li Zhecheng.

Xu Sili stood at the entrance of the town and silently watched the intersection of the main road. His face was calm but the disappointment in his eyes became more intense.

Finally, more than half the sun had sunk and only a small trace was left.

Wen Jishan also stood waiting at the intersection.

The video that Xu Sili gave him was edited. He didn’t know about the agreement between the emperor and the students but once he thought of the over 100 elementalists seedlings that would arrive, he inevitably looked forward to it and felt nervous. He didn’t know when they would arrive!

Finally, as Xu Sili was disappointed and Wen Jishan was expectant, the sun sank completely into the mountains and the sky became dim.

“It looks like it won’t work…” Xu Sili murmured. Just as he was about to withdraw his gaze, he abruptly heard the sound of horse hooves at the end of the road.

Xu Sili was taken aback. They really caught up?

He looked over but the distance was too far and there were too many tents and crowds in the middle. He couldn’t clearly see the distant main road.

Xu Sili didn’t bother to run over. He was the emperor. How could he rush to meet them? He had to stand where he was and wait.

He was just curious. How on earth did these students make it at the last moment? Did the newly added students also ride in the carriages? Couldn’t these carriages only hold up to five people? Adding more people would affect the speed.

Xu Sili hesitated a moment. Then he glanced sideways at Si Sheng and grabbed this person’s hand.

Si Sheng was originally staring into the distance and he couldn’t help being surprised by this action.

Lord God… took the initiative to hold his hand?

His heart was beating wildly when he heard the young man say, “Si Sheng, help me.”

Then Xu Sili extended his spiritual strength. His spiritual power detection range had been increased to 10 meters but it still wasn’t enough. He quickly reached the limit.

Si Sheng soon understood his intentions. He extended his powerful spiritual power and helped the young man see the distant scene clearly.

He saw the young man’s serious expression and then looked down at the two hands held together, his lips twitching.

He would probably never tell Lord God that he actually didn’t need physical contact to guide the spiritual strength…

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