VCRMM: Chapter 39 Part 1

In the tent, Niya was wearing a veil as she sat on a chair. She was simple and elegant without any signs of the embarrassing appearance she showed when she faced Xu Sili and Si Sheng.

The first seriously injured person was carried in. He was also a member of the Fire Mercenary Corps. The Fire Mercenary Corps were responsible for transporting the three star interstellar beast. Once something went wrong, the Fire Mercenary Corps didn’t shrink back and stood directly in front. This also led to them being the most seriously injured residents.

The first person to be carried in was undoubtedly one of the most seriously injured. In the battle, he was directly hit by the three star beast. The huge impact caused his internal organs to shatter and he had been unconscious for the past few days.

Now there was only a breath left. The medical conditions of the town were average and it was estimated that he would die if this continued.

Wen Jishan also watched from the side. He had actually been surprised when he received the message from Niya. He might be the chief administrator but he was from a civilian origin. Therefore, Niya didn’t like him very much. Rather, Niya didn’t like a lot of people. Of course, it was understandable to be condescending as a royal water healer who could snatch people from the hands of death.

Wen Jishan never thought that Niya would take the initiative to contact him and ask him to arrange the wounded. She would come over to treat the wounded in the small town. She was also pretty eager.

Fortunately, the wounded were originally centrally placed and it was convenient to dispatch them. 

From the moment she arrived in town, Niya hadn’t spoken any nonsense. She gave a few words of greeting and quickly entered the tent to start her work.

She might be showing a proud and indifferent appearance but Wen Jishan keenly saw it. She seemed to be in a hurry. This was obvious from the maids who accompanied her. What was the situation? Did something happen that he didn’t know about?

Wen Jishan pondered on it while his gaze was fixed on Niya. She might be wearing a cloak and veil so her entire body was covered tightly, but he could feel her temperament cultivated from her superior environment.

She wore a pair of lace gloves and pressed them gently on the back of the wounded man’s hands.

Everyone held their breaths. Under everyone’s eyes, there was a soft blue light. It spread from the wounded man’s hands and gradually spread over his body.

Unfortunately, the veil on her face obscured Niya’s expression. Otherwise, Wen Jishan wanted to know what type of expression she had at the moment.

After all, the one who used to not care about even the emperor was now healing commoners. Even if she wore gloves, such direct contact would make this noble lady feel uncomfortable, right? Her expression at this moment must be wonderful!

Wen Jishan thought with a bit of wickedness as his eyes fell on the seriously wounded mercenary. He was really miserable. He looked very young. It was such a serious injury. Under normal circumstances, he probably wouldn’t survive for long.

Under his gaze, the mercenary’s bloodless face recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Wen Jishan silently watched and once again felt the magic of the elementalists in his heart. It was so enviable…

He thought so and recalled what His Majesty had said before. Promoting the basic training tips to ordinary people…

Wen Jishan’s mouth twitched. He wasn’t sure if they could be trained properly but there would definitely be many people who wanted to try it! This was the opportunity!

He didn’t know who the emperor would hand it over to. The Elementalist Academy? The group of silly elementalists would probably directly expose it. It was not knowing how to use things sparingly.

Wen Jishan shook his head and felt a bit distressed. Then he thought of the speech video that His Majesty had just sent him. It had to be said that this little emperor was really inspiring. Some ideas were very spiritual.

Being assigned to the local guards was the second chance given by the empire? What about the empire’s good intentions and expectations having been betrayed? What was with there being less than 50 one star elementalists being sent to the front lines as support every year?

It was amazing!

He was in pain to hear it. This was all money! He used to waste money on these parasites every year but there was nothing he could do. This was the rule.

Destroying this rule was fighting against the whole elementalist system. He was only one person and he wasn’t an elementalist. He didn’t dare to act rashly.

Like many people, he didn’t realize that the elementalists who were placed in the local army were actually due to the empire hoping they would further improve, not for them to retire!

If this speech video was widely disseminated, it would definitely change the ideas of many people and set off a wave of frenzy in the empire.

Therefore, at the hint of the emperor, he published it on the Internet through some means under the guise of a student.

Escher Star might not be able to connect to the Star Network but the local network was developed well.

Time was still short. He needed to wait and let the video fly for a while. Still, he believed that good results would be achieved soon. After all, this speech made too much sense!

It didn’t matter what the local guards thought after hearing this. People would definitely be dissatisfied even if they didn’t directly express it. Then if there was anything to stir it up, such as…

Reform the local elementalist system!

There would definitely be public support. The number of elementalists was small compared to the empire as a whole.

Moreover, some elementalists themselves might support it. For example, he believed that the elementalists struggling on the front lines and the academy teaching them would definitely support this reform.

At this thought, Wen Jishan smiled. He was very much looking forward to that moment!

Just then, Niya took back her hand. The mercenary who had been lying on the hospital bed opened his eyes and looked around in confusion.

“It is no longer a big deal. Just rest for a day or two.” Niya spoke casually. “Next.”

This was so fast! Wasn’t it only five minutes? A person who was seriously injured and going to die soon was healed straight away. It was worthy of being the water healer who could bargain with death.

Wen Jishan once again sighed. He saw someone else being carried in and didn’t continue to watch. He was very busy!

“Lady Niya is busy. I won’t bother you anymore.” Wen Jishan said with a smile before exiting Niya’s tent.

There was a long line outside. The moment the first seriously injured patient who was healed came out of the tent, all those who saw it cheered.

It was one thing to hear it and another thing to see it with their own eyes. It was amazing. A person who was so badly injured and dying went in for a while and came out on his own! He was still weak but it was much better than when he was carried in.

“Son, you will really be saved!” The old woman who had questioned the mayor held her son and exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

The young mercenary also recovered from his shock and disbelief. His face was full of joy and excitement.

He didn’t say anything. He just wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and stared at the tent with a warm glow in his eyes. Meanwhile, an even greater sense of belonging to the empire rose in his heart.

His Majesty saw them and didn’t give up on them…

Currently, there were many people who thought like him.

Wen Jishan saw it and his eyes flashed. In his heart, he had a much higher opinion of the little emperor.

He lifted his foot, ready to go to Su Lin’s side.

After giving the boy two acres, he didn’t care about the boy. As a result, Su Lin sent him a message saying that the two acres of land had a good harvest and if he could arrange for someone to harvest it tomorrow afternoon.

He thought this boy was just bragging. Su Lin might be an elementalist but Wen Jishan heard he didn’t even have the strength of half a star. He had also just transferred to the spiritual system.

In short, he was very weak!

Now he was telling Wen Jishan that he planted two acres of grain in three days? Wen Jishan didn’t believe it so he planned to see it with his own eyes.

He had only taken two steps when his communicator rang. His incoming messages and calls were all given special notes. The moment the sound was heard, he knew it was from the little emperor.

Wen Jishan raised an eyebrow and quickly opened the message to check it.

Huh? The first batch of transfer students tested by the Elementalist Academy were coming to Mercenary Town? They would arrive this evening and he should arrange accommodation for them?

Wen Jishan touched his chin and was a bit excited. They were just like Su Lin. They were seedlings of spiritual elementalists! They might not go to the front lines but they shone in the cause of building the empire. Wen Jishan had no doubts about this after seeing Dean Justin and their efficiency in building houses. It was really powerful!

By the way, how many apprentices would there be? He had watched the speech video but the students weren’t shown in it. He didn’t know how many people there were. Listening to the response, there must be more than a dozen voices.

Wen Jishan thought about it and sent a reply to Xu Sili.

On the other side, Xu Sili stood not far away and glanced at the message.

[Wen Jishan]: Your Majesty, can this servant know the approximate number of students in this group? This way, this servant can have someone make arrangements.

Xu Sili cocked his head. After thinking about it, he laughed and edited the reply. “You guess.”

Wen Jishan was a bit speechless at these words. Wasn’t His Majesty being a bit too boring? He hesitated before deliberately reporting a higher number.

[Wen Jishan]: 50?

“Guess again.”

[Wen Jishan]: More or less.

“Not enough.”

Wen Jishan sucked in a breath. In fact, his psychological expectations were around 30. After all, this was the current number of spiritual elementalist students in the entire Elementalist Academy. But… It turned out to be more than the number he deliberately doubled!

Was the emperor trying to fool him? He thought about it and carefully reported a number.

[Wen Jishan]: Then 80?

This was three or four times. It shouldn’t be more than this? However…

“Not enough.”

It wasn’t enough? Wen Jishan’s heart beat wildly. Surely it wasn’t possible? He swallowed as he typed and deleted. He struggled for a while before finally reporting another number.

[Wen Jishan]: 110?

Xu Sili couldn’t help laughing as he saw Wen Jishan take a long time to input before finally reporting a number. He thought about it and replied, “Well, almost.”

There were 157 plus those detected later. It should be no more than 200 which was almost the same as 100. He didn’t lie.

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