VCRMM: Chapter 38 Part 2

Su Ye glanced at the time and said, “Gu Lie and the others set off earlier than us. They should’ve arrived by now.”

“Captain, do you think that after Gu Lie and the others arrive, they will send the floating car back to pick us up?” At this time, a girl whispered.

Su Ye paused. Due to the dispute over who would be captain, the relationship between him and Gu Lie was a bit strained. He couldn’t be certain if Gu Lie would consider the overall situation…

Just then, there was a loud noise from the front of the team and the train of carriages slowly stopped.

Su Ye frowned. “What’s going on up front?”

He was responsible for completing the last stage of the work and was in the last carriage. He didn’t know what was happening at the front of the train.

Once the speed of the carriage dropped to a certain extent, Su Ye comforted the other students. Then he quickly jumped out of the carriage and ran to the front of the train.

He had half a star of strength and he usually exercised very hard. His speed was much faster than ordinary people. Soon, he was at the front of the train.

“Reid, what happened?” He asked the student in charge of the front while observing the surroundings.

Reid was a brown-haired teenager with a few freckles on his face. He looked ordinary but he had a very sharp mind. He saw Su Ye and quickly pointed in front of him. “Su Ye, look over there. It seems to be Gu Lie’s floating car!”

Su Ye saw it as well. He thought it was Gu Lie and the others who arrived in town and drove back to pick them up.

Then as the carriages approached slowly, they found that the floating car was parked on the side of the road. There were no students in the car. Only the driver was crouched on the side of the road, smoking.

Su Ye frowned, jumped out of the carriage and walked over to ask the driver about the situation.

He was wearing the uniform of the Elementalist Academy and the driver recognized it. The driver didn’t dare ignore him and quickly answered, “We ran out of energy halfway. Master Gu’s group couldn’t wait and they started walking. If you continue to move forward, you should be able to catch up with them.”

Su Ye couldn’t help being stunned. Running out of energy halfway? His expression was a bit ugly as he returned to the carriage and had the carriage catch up quickly.

His Majesty said that no one could be missing!

First, let’s not talk about whether they could arrive on time or not. If something happened to these students on the road then he would bear the responsibility!

These people, especially Gu Lie’s team, were noble young men and women. Many of them might not even walk through the inner city, let alone out of the city.

Combined with the impulsive Gu Lie and Su Ye wasn’t sure if the students could be safely sent to Mercenary Town.

“Master, hurry up. We must get there before sunset.”

Su Ye looked anxious as he urged the driver.

The carriage driver waved his whip and spoke leisurely, “Don’t worry, Young Master. I will definitely deliver you before sunset. We have traveled back and forth on this road for over a decade. We are very experienced.”

Su Ye didn’t speak. He knew that these masters were experienced but they didn’t know there would be 65 more people later!

They only had 25 carriages which meant that each carriage needed to have 2 or 3 people added. Such an overload would definitely reduce the speed of the carriage. He could only pray that Gu Lie had arrived safely in town or they would be in trouble.

Hidden in the sky, Xu Sili also found this problem. He could see further than Su Ye and the others. In addition, there was the favorability system and he could see that in a place now too far away from Su Ye was a group of die-hard fan labels. In his eyes, it was particularly striking.

Xu Sili watched this scene with interest. He saw the difference between the two students with one glance.

The floating car and the interstellar beast carriages meant he could distinguish the existence of the two classes with one glance. He really didn’t want to see this difference.

Due to Niya, he discovered that some of the nobles’ bias toward commoners was very deep. The innate concept of nobility even overcame Niya’s sense of responsibility toward patients as a doctor, making him very uncomfortable. In the eyes of a doctor, there shouldn’t even be the concept of gender, let alone class.

Xu Sili didn’t want this class concept to be brought to the students, especially among the young elemental apprentices.

He said that they were a whole. If the stinky problems of nobles and civilians dared to be brought into the team and corrupt the whole atmosphere, Xu Sili wouldn’t spare them.

It would be very troublesome for him if the students were late since he gave a firm order. There couldn’t be one less person. If one was missing then they were all gone.

However, if these students didn’t experience any setbacks on the way then it wouldn’t fit his purpose of setting this task.

Perhaps in the midst of the ordeal, they would be able to enhance their relationships with each other? Wasn’t this a good opportunity?

At the same time, it was also a test of the ability of the two captains. If the two captains only had strength and no leadership then he was sorry. He would have to let the more capable take their place.

“Si Sheng, do you think they can reach Mercenary Town on time?” Xu Sili looked at the carriage team that was gradually approaching the walking team in front and couldn’t help asking.

Si Sheng glanced down and nodded. “Yes.”

“Hmm? You believe in them so much?”

“In terms of distance, there should be no problems as long as they don’t drop the ball.”

Xu Sili smiled and looked down. As they were speaking, the two groups of students had met. He could see Gu Lie’s trademark red hair as he met the black-haired Su Ye. The two people didn’t get along very well…

Xu Sili touched his chin. “Okay. In any case, there is Li Zhecheng guarding them. We won’t keep watching.”

It didn’t make sense for him to personally protect this group of students as the emperor. They might be his subjects in the future.

“This is the first test for them. It is completely up to them, no matter whether they can complete it or not. Let’s go to Mercenary Town first.”

Xu Sili had no interest in continuing to watch.

The shadow leopard heard this and roared toward the sky, full of momentum. Then halfway through the roar, he suddenly got stuck. No, he couldn’t roar in case he was heard by the students below…

He listened carefully to the movement on his lower back. He didn’t hear the little emperor or his master saying anything and was secretly relieved.

The shadow leopard flapped his wings and sped up to reach Mercenary Town. It was fast and there were no obstructions in the air.

The journey was smooth and in a short time, they reached the gate of the small town. At Xu Sili’s request, the shadow leopard leaned down and finally landed in front of the small town.

Here, Xu Sili unexpectedly saw Niya.

Most of the victims affected by the three star interstellar beast’s rampage were placed in the open space outside the town. Temporary tents were set up as they waited for the town to rebuild before moving back.

At this time, the disaster relief area that was originally quiet and even a bit silent, suddenly became noisy.

“Everybody, listen up! The emperor didn’t only send elementalists to rebuild the town. He also sent a royal water healer to treat the wounded. The water healer has arrived.”

“Everybody is saved!”

A figure raised a loudspeaker and shouted to the thousands of wounded lying in the disaster relief area.

The moment he finished speaking, those who could walk dragged their injured bodies out of the tents one by one. They watched the old mayor shouting with a loudspeaker and exchanged looks.

An old woman who was hunched over walked to the old mayor on a cane. She asked in a trembling voice, “Mayor, are your words true? There is really a water healer who is coming to save us?”

“It is really true!” 

The old man shouted loudly to ensure that everyone could hear him. Currently, he was flushed with excitement and he didn’t look as stable as usual.

“Look, that is the water master’s tent. It will be set up soon!”

The mayor told the old woman with joy.

“I know that your son is from the Fire Mercenary Corps. Last time, he fought against the three star interstellar beast and was seriously injured. Now he can be saved!”

During the rampage of the three star beast, no one was killed but many were injured.

There were no serious injuries but some of them lasted a long time and were very troublesome.

For example, the son of this old woman. One of his legs was frozen by the beast. It might’ve been thawed but he had fallen unconscious and it was now in danger of amputation.

Amputation was absolutely deadly for a mercenary who needed to fight on the front lines.

Moreover, he wouldn’t be able to live like a normal person in the future. He might no longer be competent for some jobs.

This was a bad blow for a family that wasn’t wealthy. It could even be described as an extremely heavy blow.

Now the emperor wasn’t just taking care of their homes. He also understood the suffering of the wounded and sent a royal water healer over!

A water healer! The legendary water healer who was capable of making life from the bones of the dead! A water healer who could grab people from the hands of death!

Many of them had never seen an elementalist in their lives, let alone an elementalist with a very high status like a water healer.

The old mayor felt like the last few days were a dream.

“I heard that this royal water healer is the most powerful in the empire and her healing skills are famous throughout the nation!”

“Now she is coming here to Mercenary Town!”

“This is all thanks to His Majesty who saw our suffering and was compassionate to us!”

The old woman heard the mayor’s words and burst into tears.

She stared at the old mayor and said, “His Majesty… His Majesty is really a benevolent ruler! I will go back now and tell my son the good news. He will definitely be happy.”

Then she walked back on her cane.

The old mayor didn’t stop. He continued to yell at the people who walked out of the tent one after another. “For all the wounded, let the seriously injured come first. The less injured will come later. Everyone, line up!”

“Everyone has a chance. Don’t crowd!”

“Only those who cooperate with the work arrangements can get good treatment!”

The wounded were very aware.

A large number of them were mercenaries and they often worked in teams. They had been in the army before and understood the importance of obeying orders.

The originally lifeless disaster area was rejuvenated and noise rang out again.

Once Niya’s tent was set up, she walked into the tent dressed in a long white dress and a hooded cloak, surrounded by maids and guards.

Then under the organization of the old town mayor and a group of soldiers, the wounded lined up one by one to enter Niya’s tent and receive treatment.

It was obviously almost evening but Mercenary Town was full of enthusiasm and hope.

Xu Sili looked at this scene from a distance and then at the light screen in front of him. The notifications that he had new die-hard fans appeared on the screen again.

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