VCRMM: Chapter 38 Part 1

There was silence in the corridor. Even the wind seemed still.

Si Sheng looked down at the silver wolf in front of him. The worrying remarks he spoke to Xu Sili just now weren’t false.

The remnants of those who colluded with the Bewatt Empire were still hiding in the shadows and it was true he couldn’t guard Lord God all the time. Even if Lord God could summon him, a fight with masters would often be over in a flash. Lord God was now weak and Si Sheng didn’t want to take any risks.

The appearance of the silver wolf gave him a little inspiration. Perhaps he could enhance the protection of Lord God through contracting with an ancient beast.

This world had a ban on it. Apart from him, all the strong people were stuck at the two star power. However, the ancient beasts didn’t have this limit.

Ancient beasts generally had special abilities, just like the silver wolf in front of him. Space manipulation was a very practical skill when evading the enemy’s pursuit.

Si Sheng’s idea was simple. No one in the world was more important and more noble than Lord God. Since the ancient beast had no master, there was no reason to refuse. If he didn’t know any better…

Forces that couldn’t be controlled should be destroyed.

The aura emitted by Si Sheng was too strong. Only those who had seen the patron saint fight and sweep through thousands of enemies could understand the weight of this fierce aura. No one dared to speak.

Ah Huang’s main consciousness wasn’t awake but the animal instincts made him sense the danger. He clamped his tail, lowered his head slightly and shivered.

Si Sheng was one step ahead. He looked at Ah Huang and raised his hand slightly. He was able to form the contract spell when he heard the young man’s slightly depressed voice. “Si Sheng, that’s enough.”

Si Sheng paused. Then he turned to look at the young emperor behind him. The young man wasn’t looking at him. Xu Sili’s lips were pressed together tightly and his purple eyes were a bit unhappy.

“Janice, take Ah Huang back and wipe him clean,” he ordered in a low voice.

Janice didn’t dare move slowly and she rushed to pick up Ah Huang. She was originally a warrior elementalist. It was incredibly easy for her to pick up a dog, well, a wolf.

This time, Ah Huang didn’t resist. He was obediently held by Janice, his hairy tail tightly clamped. His head shrank back and he was terrified.

The shadow leopard glanced at him, green eyes showing a bit of disdain. September was tempted to go trouble Chamo but after seeing Si Sheng, he chose to settle down and strove to reduce his sense of existence. His master at this moment… felt very dangerous!

Xu Sili saw Janice hugging Ah Huang and said goodbye to Asheng. He saw this group of people running back to the room before retracting his gaze.

“Let’s go to Mercenary Town.” He turned and headed to the open space outside.

It was only after he took a few steps that he heard movement behind him—Si Sheng had raised his feet and followed. There was the sound of military boots stepping on the ground.

Xu Sili didn’t speak. He silently came to the yard and watched the shadow leopard lying on the ground. The leopard’s body was huge but he was extremely docile.

Rather than climbing up immediately, he turned back to look at the silent Si Sheng. The man’s eyes were slightly lowered with the hair on his forehead falling down and somewhat obscuring his eyes.

Xu Sili sighed in his heart. He pursed his lips and hesitantly lifted his hand to gently push the light blond hair out of the way.

Si Sheng was stunned. He raised his eyes to meet the young man’s purple eyes.

The young man paused before continuing to help with the bangs. In fact, this gesture was a bit intimate. Xu Sili didn’t think so much. He just felt like doing it at this moment so he did. “I know you were doing it for me.”

He took back his hand and spoke in a low voice, “If something isn’t meant to be, it is no use trying to make it happen. Besides, I can’t just casually contract with a random ancient beast. The silver wolf’s space manipulation is special but now it is so badly injured that you might have to pay a price to treat it. Like you said, he is now too weak.”

He added, “Now his mind is asleep and it is only his subconscious… who knows what type of personality his main consciousness has? September also doesn’t get along with him so it isn’t suitable.”

Xu Sili patiently explained to him. If a person was really good to himself then he would naturally remember it.

In this world, he was alone. He had no relatives and no friends. In fact, his closest relationship was with Si Sheng. It didn’t matter if Si Sheng’s kindness had an ulterior motive or not. He would accept this feeling.

Si Sheng was aware of it. The estrangement between him and Lord God seemed to have loosened a bit.

His heart throbbed. He looked at the young man in front of him and was a bit unable to restrain his mind.

“This is…” Si Sheng’s voice was slightly trembling. He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “This servant wasn’t considerate.”

Xu Sili’s lips curved slightly and he reached out to pat Si Sheng on the shoulder. “It’s fine. Just don’t be so scary in the future. I think Asheng was going to cry from fear.”

Si Sheng’s thin lips slightly pursed but he didn’t say anything to refute it.

Xu Sili explained it clearly and no longer cared about this person. He grabbed the neck of the shadow leopard and climbed onto his back.

After sitting still, he patted the leopard on the head. By the way, it was really unexpected that September could speak. Could an ancient beast talk?

Xu Sili was curious as Si Sheng jumped onto the back of the shadow leopard and sat behind him. He was accustomed to Si Sheng’s breath. At this moment, he naturally leaned into Si Sheng’s arms and found a more comfortable position for himself.

Si Sheng carefully held the young man and his thoughts moved. The shadow leopard received the command and once again gave birth to the shadow wings before flying into the blue sky.

Xu Sili looked at the scenery below. He had flown a few times and wasn’t as excited as before. He raised his wrist and sent a message to Janice.

Asheng was staying in the palace so it couldn’t be wasted. He would have her go to stay with Joan tonight. In any case, Joan’s palace was quite big. It would give Joan a boost in the intensity of elements and let the two kids increase their feelings.

Xu Sili sent the message and felt a bit bored. He couldn’t help looking at the shadow leopard under him. He touched the soft, short fur, thought of something and asked a question.

“September, do you know Chamo?”

The shadow leopard hadn’t expected the young man to talk to him. He paused and answered when he saw that Si Sheng didn’t react. “Yes, I would recognize that guy even if he turned gray!”

“It seems that your dispute is quite deep?” Xu Sili raised an eyebrow.

The shadow leopard was silent for a while before saying, “Something unpleasant happened and I haven’t seen him for a long time. I didn’t expect him to still be alive, but he was seriously injured and weak like this.”

At this point, he scolded the other person again. “Che, he deserves it!”

It looked like it was really deep…

Xu Sili nodded. He saw that September obviously didn’t want to mention the unpleasant past and didn’t ask detailed questions.

Just then, they flew over the inner city gate wall and entered the outer city. The slums of the outer city had remained unchanged. There were densely packed low buildings and people who were as busy as ants, moving for their survival.

Xu Sili looked a few times before retracting his gaze. They continued all the way north from the outer gate, preparing to go to Mercenary Town.

During this period, Xu Sili lowered his head and saw a long line of people moving on the only main road in the outer city. They were the apprentices of the Elementalist Academy. The team of more than 100 people seemed to have a sense of vastness.

There was more than one person and the distance was far, so it was hard to use the favorability label. Xu Sili couldn’t see where Li Zhecheng was but he knew that person wouldn’t dare resist his order. He was also originally from the Elementalist Academy and should be quite attached to these juniors.

At this time, his communicator shook. It was from Li Zhecheng.

Speak of the devil and he would appear. Previously in the palace, Xu Sili had sent a message asking about the situation of the students and now Li Zhecheng replied.

[Li Zhecheng]: Your Majesty, there is no problem for the time being. It should be possible to arrive in time.

Xu Sili looked at the team below him. It should be true that there were no problems but it was doubtful if they would arrive on time. It was getting later now and it wasn’t too early.

“Captain, do we have time?” Below, a long-haired girl sitting on a carriage pulled by a star beast was staring up at the sky with some concern.

“No problem, don’t worry.” Su Ye smiled slightly in a warm and clear manner, giving people peace of mind.

The girl was infected by his smile and calmed down. She felt the bump of the carriage and couldn’t help muttering, “Gu Lie and the others should’ve already arrived, right?”

In order to wait for the remaining students who hadn’t been tested yet and the fact that there wasn’t enough transportation, they divided into two groups.

The first group set out early, led by Vice-captain Gu Lie.

He came from a noble family and his family had money. He immediately borrowed a large floating car and pulled 60 or 70 people to go with him.

These 60 or 70 people naturally had a good relationship with Gu Lie and their family background was good. They were either from old noble families or were new nobles who had risen in recent years. The class division between the nobles and civilians actually started from the student days.

In this way, the remaining 100 or so students could only rent carriages. Not every family could afford a type of high-end consumer good like floating cars. In addition, now the Interstellar Alliance no longer assisted the Roland Empire. Even those who had money could no longer buy it.

The carriage they rode this time was pulled by an interstellar beast called the wind horse. After many years of domestication, the temperament of this interstellar beast had become very gentle and it was an important tool in urban transportation.

The speed of this wind horse wasn’t slow. It took around half a day from the inner city to Mercenary Town but it could only pull five people at a time.

They went with the students who were tested later. Combined with the first batch of students who were tested, there were a total of 188 delayed spiritual elementalists.

Deputy Dean Chris’ expression was extremely ugly when she finally got this data.

Su Ye actually felt shocked. 188 students were detected over just four age groups. Behind them were the younger students aged between 5 and 14.

It was hard to imagine how many spiritual elementalists in the empire would’ve been lost without Su Lin’s brave struggle and His Majesty’s wisdom.

Gu Lie took away a total of 65 students and there were 123 left. It would take 25 interstellar beast carriages to bring them all to Mercenary Town. It was very difficult to organize so many carriages in a short period of time.

Fortunately, His Majesty might’ve stipulated that they needed to think of their own method but he didn’t restrict them or say they couldn’t ask others for help.

Deputy Dean Chris helped them. It was just that it was the emperor’s test so she didn’t completely pave the way for them. She just gave them the contact information.

Su Ye mobilized his teammates to find all the vehicles. Everyone was racing for time, including the students who were only detected later.

They had all watched the video of the emperor’s speech. They were a group of 15 to 16 year old children. They were originally in a desperate mood but they became full of enthusiasm after watching the video.

They were going to Mercenary Town! Going to work for His Majesty!

The journey was full of dust and dirt but they were full of hope. However, they saw the sky becoming darker and everyone’s mood became more nervous and anxious.

They had to reach Mercenary Town before the sun set! Would they really make it in time?

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