VCRMM: Chapter 37 Part 2

Xu Sili was stunned and looked up at Si Sheng. This person was completely without any coldness at the moment. His eyes were wet and slightly glistening with light, reminding Xu Sili of that night.

They went to Imperial City and came back. In the corridor, Si Sheng had looked at him the same way.

It was quite different from the usual cold and domineering dignity. Besides being handsome, it was also… a bit cute.

The young man’s lips pursed and he unknowingly ran his hand down his long hair. His eyes fell on this man’s chest. He saw the blue stone hanging on the chest, swinging slightly. The amplitude was very small but it was like a hit to Xu Sili’s heart.

Xu Sili thought that he was a bit strange at the moment.

He tried to ignore the strangeness in his heart. He looked away and explained, “You weren’t outside when I left my bedroom. Moreover, the entire palace is under your spiritual power. Isn’t it easy for you to find me, like just now?”

“It’s not the same.” Si Sheng’s voice was low.

Xu Sili couldn’t help frowning. “What is the difference?”

He didn’t feel it was any different. As long as he was in the palace, Si Sheng could find him and move over in a flash.

What was the difference?

Si Sheng pursed his lips and he looked at Xu Sili seriously. “Next time, you can tell me. This servant suddenly found you were gone and… I was worried.”

He was so focused and earnest. His fiery eyes made Xu Sili afraid to meet his gaze. “But you weren’t there.”

His eyes evaded. “It is safe in the palace. Even if I do encounter danger, I can summon you over.”

This skill required Si Sheng’s consent for the summoning case to succeed. Xu Sili didn’t believe that as a puppet, Si Sheng wouldn’t know about the existence of this skill.

Then he heard the man ask, “Are you really going to summon me?”

Xu Sili paused. If it was before, he hadn’t intended to use this skill because… he didn’t believe in Si Sheng and didn’t want to count on him. Yet just now, he blurted it out. Could it be that he instinctively thought… Si Sheng could be trusted? Such recognition made Xu Sili frown slightly.

Si Sheng…

His performance these days had indeed earned a bit of Xu Sili’s trust but…

He hadn’t got his revenge yet! The previous matter of stepping on his chest, holding the gun against him, using Thunder’s Wrath and almost killing him twice wasn’t over yet! He was small-minded and he held a lot of grudges!

Xu Sili pursed his lips and said, “I will if it is a last resort.”

Si Sheng looked down at him for a long time. Then Si Sheng stepped back and fell to one knee. “This servant is waiting for Your Majesty’s call at any time.”

The man spoke sincerely and solemnly, but Xu Sili didn’t know what to do. In addition to being small-minded and holding grudges, he was also amenable to coaxing. It was okay if Si Sheng was still as cold as before but now…

Xu Sili was very troubled and he spoke somewhat impatiently, “I know. Get up first.”

Si Sheng stared at him with slightly dark eyes. He didn’t say anything else. He rose silently as if covered with a haze of gloom.

Xu Sili glanced at him and suddenly felt troubled. He scratched his head as he thought of something. Then he asked, “What’s your communicator number?”

Si Sheng raised his eyes and looked at Xu Sili with surprise. He quickly reported a string of figures.

Xu Sili raised his wrist and entered the communicator number. He sent Si Sheng a message and turned off the communicator. “I’ll send you a message later. Is that okay?”

He glared at Si Sheng and spoke in a not very nice manner.

Si Sheng looked at his communicator and couldn’t help smiling slightly when he saw the smiling face the young man had sent along with the message. “This servant is looking forward to it.”

He looked at Xu Sili and replied in a warm voice.

What was he looking forward to? Xu Sili sending him a message? Xu Sili had a question mark but seeing the smile on Si Sheng’s face, this person seemed really satisfied. Xu Sili also slowly smiled.

This guy… there was nothing else Xu Sili could do.

“So what did you just do?” At this time, Xu Sili took the opportunity to pull out another thorn in his side. Si Sheng was clearly the one to leave him but he hadn’t even asked about this crime. Si Sheng had questioned him first.

The smile on Si Sheng’s face decreased a bit. He raised his eyebrow and said, “There was a small clue about the remnants of the traitors who colluded with Bewatt. This servant went to check it out but there was no special discovery.”

Xu Sili’s expression became serious. He always remembered that the night he came to this world, a maid hid in the shadows and wanted to take the opportunity to control him or kill him to create chaos.

The maid had accompanied Snow Roland for many years and was an elementalist, yet she still became a traitor. The group of lizardmen from the Bewatt Empire couldn’t be underestimated.

At the very least, the wealth they possessed was beyond the current Roland Empire. The moment money was involved, there would always be people who wavered and were willing to take risks.

“You must have people keep an eye on it.” Xu Sili ordered with a cold face. “Anyone who is caught will be killed with no mercy!”

They dared to commit treason and naturally had to pay the price. These people wanted to kill and harm him. For these lackeys and traitors, Xu Sili wouldn’t be soft-hearted.

Si Sheng nodded. His expression was also cold and ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. Anyone who dared to hurt Lord God would die!

The two people were still talking when a figure frantically ran out from the direction of the bathroom.

“Woof! Woof!” It was very familiar barking but the image of the yellow dog had changed.

The originally yellowish fur had been washed and showed off its original silver-gray color. He was barking but he really did have the image of a wolf. Unfortunately, his hair wasn’t completely dried and he was dripping with water.

He ran wildly and was followed by a helpless Janice. Her clothes were completely soaked and she looked embarrassed.

Si Sheng saw the creature that looked between a wolf and a dog and frowned slightly. He stepped forward in front of Xu Sili.

Ah Huang, who was running wild, became frightened by Si Sheng’s aura and hurriedly stopped. He slid forward a few meters and just barely managed to stop in front of them.

“Ah Huang, don’t disturb His Majesty!”

Janice’s angry voice rang out. She ran after the dog with two small maids by her side. Just before they got close, Ah Huang leaned down slightly and launched without hesitation—

A water attack!

Janice was splashed with water once again. Meanwhile, Xu Sili was protected by Si Sheng’s wind shield and was unscathed.

Ah Huang frantically flung the water and his fur became fluffy. He vaguely had a handsome appearance.

The dog cocked his head to look at Janice, whose anger level was building but who was unable to attack due to Xu Sili’s presence. Then he wagged his tail.

Everyone present was stunned. It was because Ah Huang’s tail moved like a knife, cutting a crack in the air. The scared Ah Huang wanted to enter the crack.

Too frightening! It was too frightening here! Catching a dog to take a bath!

“Ah Huang!” Asheng chased him.

Ah Huang looked back at her. He slightly hesitated and whined, as if saying something to her. Then he turned his head and tried to enter the crack.

Run away!

Everyone hadn’t expected that after Ah Huang entered that crack, he… didn’t disappear as expected. It was like jumping over a circle. He jumped from one side to the other, falling back to the same place and falling over due to slipping.

Ah Huang lay on the ground and was obviously a bit confused. Huh? Why couldn’t he do it?

The brown eyes were filled with doubts. Then he saw the huge paw that appeared in front of him.

Ah Huang blinked and cocked his head. Then he raised his gaze to see a black leopard countless times larger than him, standing in front of him and looking down at him.

The shadow leopard’s green eyes narrowed slightly. “Chamo, is that you?”

Ah Huang continued to be confused and let out a questioning sound.

“Oh, you’re still alive.” The shadow leopard looked at the small dog in front of him. “Your injury isn’t light. I never imagined you would have a day like this. You deserve it!”

Xu Sili was just as confused as Ah Huang.

Oh my god! Could September talk? Seeing this situation, he seemed to have a grudge against Ah Huang, no, Chamo?

He looked at the scene with some desire for gossip.

However, the shadow leopard no longer said anything to Ah Huang. He looked at Si Sheng. “Master, I came out without your summons. Please punish me.”

As he spoke, he leaned down with a respectful look.

Si Sheng frowned and ignored September. Instead, he looked at Ah Huang. He hadn’t discovered it before because Ah Huang’s aura was too weak. He thought this was just a dog which made him look away.

“A space ancient beast—a silver wolf?” He whispered.

Ah Huang sat on the ground and looked up at him. He looked pure and harmless, but there was a really stupid look on his face.

Si Sheng frowned and suddenly turned his head to look at Xu Sili., “Your Majesty, are you interested in receiving this silver wolf as your servant?”

“Eh?” Xu Sili blinked.

“If you are interested, this servant can make a contract between you and this silver wolf.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned. He stared at the dog’s bewildered face and frowned slightly. “He… seems to have been seriously injured?”

“This servant can heal him.” Si Sheng’s voice was light. “It is just a small thing.”

“He is with Asheng…”

“The silver wolf hasn’t made a contract with anyone.”

“That… can you restore the primary consciousness so I can ask him?”

Si Sheng frowned, his face cold and overbearing.

“It is an honor for the silver wolf to conclude a contract with Your Majesty. If it wasn’t his natural ability and Your Majesty’s fondness for him, this servant would never contract such a weak ancient beast for Your Majesty! If the silver wolf dares to refuse…”

Si Sheng stared at the white dog on the ground, his eyes narrowed dangerously.

The shadow leopard to the side had already revealed a smug look.

Hahaha, Chamo, you also have a day like today!

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