VCRMM: Chapter 37 Part 1


There was a quietness in the corridor.

For a long time, Xu Sili looked around. After determining that Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven were still guarding by the side and that there was no one else around, he walked toward the big yellow dog.

The big yellow dog’s body was probably a bit higher than his knees but compared with the majestic shadow leopard, this figure could be described as petite.

It looked ordinary, like a common dog in the countryside. Of course, its appearance could be regarded as pretty good in the dog world. It was a bit handsome. In particular, the pair of dark brown eyes was as special as Asheng’s sea green.

Xu Sili looked at the big yellow dog and determined that it wasn’t aggressive before crouching down in front of it.

“Ah Huang?” Xu Sili was a bit confused looking at the dog in front of him.

He had seen a big yellow dog in Mercenary Town but he hadn’t looked closely. It was just that the similarity was so high that he suddenly thought about that dog.


The yellow dog sat on the ground and cocked its head at Xu Sili. The pair of round eyes were full of spirituality.

“Is it really you?” Xu Sili blinked and tentatively held out his hand. He saw that the yellow dog didn’t mean to attack him and slowly touched the top of its head.


The yellow dog barked, its furry tail raised high and wagging from side to side. This appearance of being close to people was really pleasing to the eye.

Xu Sili had also raised a dog before. It was a golden retriever and had beautiful golden fur. Xu Sili had raised him from childhood until he died, which made Xu Sili sad for a while.

Xu Sili rubbed the dog’s head. Then after he raised his hand, he found that his hand was covered in yellow soil. He didn’t care. He just grabbed his handkerchief and wiped it clean. Then he asked with a smile, “Are you here to find Asheng?”

After asking, Xu Sili suddenly became stunned.

From Mercenary Town to the inner city, the average person had to walk two days and two nights. Not to mention, running to the palace was clearly something that an ordinary dog wouldn’t be able to do.

He looked at the big yellow dog in front of him, expression a bit heavy. He didn’t hesitate and directly used Insight.


[Race: Silver Wolf (Escher Star Ancient Beast)

Level: Lv 40

Health: 5,000/198,500

Magic: 850/75,000

Talent: Space manipulation

Negative state: Weakness (severely injured, unable to completely recover the body), sleeping (the master consciousness is in a coma. The body is controlled by the subconscious).]

Xu Sili was stunned. Fu*k! This yellow dog was actually an ancient beast on Escher Star? He was an ancient beast like the shadow leopard?

Wait… silver wolf? He stared at the dog’s yellow fur and couldn’t help feeling a bit suspicious. Could there be a mistake? Was this a silver wolf?

The body size might be small but he looked very healthy! Where did it look like he had a serious injury and weakness? Xu Sili stared blankly at the information. There was also the talent…

Space manipulation? What was this? Was it the type of space manipulation he imagined? Did the dog use this ability to run so far in a short period of time?

He looked at the tail wagging in front of him. The big yellow dog had its tongue stuck out and was laughing. He thought about it before speaking tentatively.


Then he stared at the yellow dog. The yellow dog looked around before looking at him with a cocked head. There were doubts written in his small eyes, as if he was asking, ‘What did you say?’

Xu Sili glanced at the attributes panel again. His Insight hadn’t made a mistake so far. He hesitated before standing up and saying, “Are you going to find Asheng? Come with me, I’ll take you to her.”

“Woo~” The big yellow dog shook his tail and gave a cheerful cry.

Xu Sili looked down at the big yellow dog, his eyes a bit complicated. This was an ancient beast! He seemed very powerful. Even when injured and asleep, he could still use space manipulation.

He couldn’t help the thought of taking in this dog. Then he soon pressed down this idea again.

The big yellow dog obviously had a good relationship with Asheng and… something flashed in Xu Sili’s mind—

He seemed to have heard Asheng mention Chamo? Yes. He had asked her why she was so afraid of being sold. She said Chamo told her that little girls like her were the favorite of the nobles!

It seemed that Asheng and Chamo should be in contact or Chamo was Asheng’s contracted beast. By the way, why was the dog called Ah Huang?

Xu Sili frowned. He couldn’t figure it out so he temporarily put it behind him for the time being. In any case, it wasn’t an important thing.

He looked down at the big yellow dog again. He thought about how he became dirty just touching the dog and suddenly understood.

He walked forward at a pace that was a bit faster than just now. The big yellow dog closely followed the young man. He struck out his tongue and looked left and right. Everything he saw felt novel.


Janice’s residence.

In front of the dresser, Asheng sat after taking a bath and changing into a puffy dress. She looked at the woman reflected in the mirror who was gently combing and braiding her hair. She looked at Janice with bright sea green eyes. There was a bit of joy and admiration in them.

Asheng could feel Janice’s love for her. She had been wandering around, uprooted since she was a child. She seldom felt such warmth.

Sometimes she would feel envious when she saw children her age being taken care of by their parents. However, she was just a wild child that no one wanted. She didn’t have a mother or a father.

“Young Lady Asheng, what do you think of this? Do you like it?” Janice tied her hair and looked at the silver-haired and green-eyed girl in the mirror who was like a doll, affection overflowing from her words.

Janice had always liked children. Besides, Asheng was so cute! Her elven blood meant her facial features were as perfect as a painting.

Little Asheng nodded. She actually thought the clothes she was wearing were cumbersome but since Janice liked them so much, it didn’t matter if she wore them to make Janice happy.

She said seriously, “I’m not a young lady. I have to work for His Majesty brother. You can call me Asheng.”

Janice laughed and nodded. “Yes, Asheng. Are you hungry? I have pastries here.”

She took out a box of pastries from the cabinet, placing it on the dresser and moving it to the small child.

“Is it all for me?” Asheng confirmed.

“Yes.” Janice nodded and touched the thin face with some heartache. “Asheng, you can eat as much as you want. His Majesty told me to take good care of you.”

Asheng grinned. Then she stretched out two small hands. She grabbed a few pieces of pastry and wanted to stuff them in her pockets, only to find the tutu skirt had no pockets.

Janice sensed her intention. Rather than saying anything, she took out a small cloth pouch from the drawer and handed it over. “Use this.”

Little Asheng smiled at her. “Thank you, Janice.”

She finished politely and reached out for the cloth bag, filling it with the pastries one by one.

Janice saw this and finally couldn’t help saying, “Asheng, you don’t need to save it. I have a lot. Tell me whenever you want to eat.”

“Yes!” Asheng nodded energetically but she still put most of the cakes in the cloth bag, leaving only two for herself. She held the pastry and nibbled on it like a small squirrel.

Janice smiled seeing her like this. She went to pour a cup of tea, letting Asheng eat slowly.

Asheng soon finished eating the two pastries. Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps outside the door. At the same time, the voice of a maid was heard. “I greet Your Majesty.”

Janice heard a voice and hurried out. She saw the emperor standing in the corridor, motioning for the little maid to excuse herself and hurried over. “Your Majesty, why are you here?”

Xu Sili looked at her and smiled. “I’m looking for Asheng.”

Janice disagreed. “You should call us. How can you come here in person?”

Xu Sili ignored her and looked at Janice’s little tail who had followed her. Asheng wore a tutu dress and really did look like a little princess. However, at this moment, the little girl’s eyes weren’t on him.

“Ah Huang!” Asheng ran over happily.

The big dog shook his tail. Nevertheless, he issued a whining sound like he was complaining about something.

“I didn’t leave you behind.” Asheng touched the dog’s head and showed him the small cloth pouch. “Look, this is for you!”

The big yellow dog immediately cheered up and whimpered in a begging manner.

Xu Sili shook his head and looked at Janice. “Take this silly dog away and wash him. He is so dirty!”

Janice took the lead and spoke to Asheng. Then the two of them led the yellow dog to the bathroom. The yellow dog didn’t know what he was going to face next. He followed in a happy manner.

Xu Sili looked at the dog and smiled. This stupid look was very similar to his big golden retriever.

“Your Majesty.”

He was feeling a bit emotional when a male voice was heard. Xu Sili’s heart jumped. He looked over and found that Si Sheng was standing beside him. A pair of gray-blue eyes were looking at him.

Xu Sili’s eyes widened slightly and his heart jumped with shock.

“You… when did you come?” He questioned and even felt a bit shocked.

Si Sheng pursed his lips and looked in the direction where Janice and the others left. He replied with no expression on his face. “I just arrived.”

Xu Sili calmed down his heartbeat. He looked at the cold side profile of the man’s face. He vaguely felt that this man seemed to be in a bad mood and couldn’t help finding it a bit strange.

He squinted and followed Si Sheng’s gaze to the end of the corridor. There was a moment of silence. Then Xu Sili couldn’t help wondering, “What’s wrong with you?”

Si Sheng didn’t answer immediately. The wind blew his golden hair and fluttered gently. He seemed to be angry but the cold and indifferent air was soon replaced by a bit of loss.

Just when Xu Sili thought he wouldn’t get an answer, the man looked at him. The beautiful gray-blue eyes focused on him with a bit of grievance. “This servant thought Your Majesty had gone alone. You left this servant again.”

The man’s voice was slightly accusatory.

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