VCRMM Chapter 36 Part 2

He sighed emotionally and cherished this rare experience. After feeling it silently, he called out to Xiao Wu again.

“Brother, Xiao Wu is at your service.” The soft and cute voice was heard but in fact, there was still a mechanical feeling to it.

Xu Sili didn’t care about this and said, “Xiao Wu, help me check the relevant information of Snow Valley as well as the type of medicines that can be made with Snow Valley. It is the type of medicine you mentioned in the information before.”

“Yes, please wait a moment, Brother.”

The StarTune platform disappeared from the light screen in front of Xu Sili and showed the word ‘Retrieving…’

“It has been retrieved. The repetition rate of the information collected this time is 99% compared to the previous collection. The duplicate information has been removed for you. Please review it.”

Xu Sili was speechless. He looked at the remaining 1% of information. It was just a few lines and had little information, but he still got a clue.

Recently, several countries tried to grow this type of Snow Valley but they had all failed. This showed that Snow Valley was really precious! This information was enough. If Snow Valley was really grown then he could bargain with the buyer.

Xu Sili felt that Su Lin’s chances were great. After all, the other countries had no elementalists. Even if there were some, there weren’t many. It wasn’t likely that there would be wood elementalists planting Snow Valley. The absence of elementalists meant the seed cultivation cycle was too long. Black Valley grew twice a year in other places.

Meanwhile on Escher Star, it could be grown in three days or even shorter! It was because he had more elementalists. This was his greatest advantage!

In the cultivation of plants, Xu Sili believed there was no one more suitable than wood elementalists. It was even rumored that wood elementalists who reached a high level could directly change the mutation direction of a seed, making an otherwise unremarkable plant extremely ferocious. Of course, this was a long time ago.

Xu Sili didn’t care about it for the time being. He just asked Xiao Wu to continue paying attention to news of the Snow Valley and health medicine before issuing a new order.

“Xiao Wu, I want to record a new song.”

“Yes, I will call up the virtual instruments for you. Please wait a moment.” Xiao Wu became quiet. Then a variety of musical instruments appeared on the light screen.

“Brother, please choose the musical instrument you want to use.”

Xu Sili had experienced it before and he was very familiar with it this time. He quickly tapped on the light screen. He clicked the confirmation button and a recording studio appeared in the virtual room. Xu Sili got up and walked in. He saw that the recording studio was full of all the instruments he had just selected.

He checked the instruments before starting the arrangement and recording. He was going to upload the song Sprouting that he had just learned today. He wanted to try to see if the song had the same effect as Roland’s Good Night Song.

Sprouting gave off a feeling that was vibrant and full of vitality. If there was any miraculous effect then it would probably inspire people, right?

Xu Sili speculated about it while feeling curious. In any case, just give it a try and see what happens. The recording this time made Xu Sili clearly feel that his strength had grown.

The last time he recorded a song, he felt it was very strenuous. Once the recording was over, he was in a daze and fell asleep the moment he went offline. Yet this time, it was quite easy. According to Xiao Wu, it should be related to the increase in his spiritual strength.

The arrangement was successfully recorded and Xu Sili officially started to sing. As he sang, he recalled the epiphany scene.

He suddenly realized something he hadn’t thought about before.

The epiphany of song skills—it should be related to whether he could experience the atmosphere and mood that fit the song?

For example, Roland’s Good Night Song. At the time, Ali sang this song for her son and the warm care of a mother was clearly conveyed through her singing.

This was the state of mind he experienced at the time, so he was attracted and sang along. It had nothing to do with how well Ali sang.

The same was true of Sprouting. In the green fields full of vitality, he felt the gentle breeze and listened to the cheerful singing of the little girl, allowing him to be easily brought into the atmosphere. It was why he could realize such a powerful skill like Sprouting.

As for the three days he had wasted before, he might’ve studied and practiced the songs very hard but he was missing the aura.

The maids who taught him to sing were very nervous when facing him so they couldn’t be expected to sing with the atmosphere of the song.

Therefore, the perception of singing skills couldn’t be forced! This thing depended on fate. The previous practice of training behind closed doors was completely wrong.

Now due to the added magic, he could sing with the atmosphere of the song even if he couldn’t return to his previous state of mind.

After knowing the problem, Xu Sili probably understood the direction he should work toward. The difficulty wasn’t small but it was better than acting blindly.

His eyes curved as he smiled, his mood bright.

The song recording soon ended. Xu Sili played it several times repeatedly. Once he felt there were no flaws, he uploaded it to StarTune. The song wasn’t included in the album but was released as a single.

The song was uploaded successfully. Xu Sili was about to try it out on the homepage to see if there was a problem. As a result, he had just refreshed when a message appeared.

[Tao Brother Who Loves Cleansing Songs: Good guy, look at what I have found!]

Xu Sili blinked before smiling. Was this guarding his song list? It allowed him to grab the first reply. He shook his head and responded casually, thanking this loyal fan for the support.

Xu Sili didn’t care about the later things. Time was almost up. He had to go back to Mercenary Town to arrange the group of students.

He didn’t know where they were now. They should’ve all headed out, right? He hoped that no one really fell behind. Otherwise, did he really have to drive everyone away? He had some measures to deal with it but it was always troublesome. Therefore, those children should be obedient and work hard to come to him!

“Xiao Wu, I’m leaving. Don’t forget about the lottery.”

He didn’t have much money now but he could at least afford the lottery! He didn’t know why but Xiao Wu didn’t respond to him this time. Xu Sili didn’t care. After speaking, he directly exited the game cabin and left the dark room.

After he left, the dark room was quiet. In the dark, the indicator lights of the game cabin lit up slightly, flashing. Xu Sili hadn’t turned off the power in order to let Xiao Wu buy the lottery tickets for him.

After a long silence, the game cabin shook slightly. Unexpectedly, it woke up from standby mode on its own. Then a beautiful melody played. The prelude passed and the voice of a young man started singing. This was actually…

It was the Sprouting that Xu Sili had just recorded.

On the external screen of the game cabin, a line of words slowly appeared.

[Sprout… ing…]

Xu Sili had no idea about this. He was still thinking about the group of students rushing to Mercenary Town and wasn’t at ease.

He hesitated before sending a message to Li Zhecheng to ask about the situation. There wasn’t an immediate response. Li Zhecheng probably hadn’t seen it yet so Xu Sili turned off the communicator and left the bedroom.

“I greet Your Majesty!”The guards shouted. Their mental outlook had changed a lot from before.

Xu Sili nodded. He didn’t see Si Sheng outside but he wasn’t surprised. This person couldn’t always protect him. As the marshal and regent appointed by the old emperor, he must have a lot of official duties to deal with.

Xu Sili was the emperor. Si Sheng played a large role in why he could be so idle these days. He couldn’t deny it. But…

The more it was like this, the less likely Xu Sili was to let him free early. Everything would be fine once he could stand on his own. He felt that this time might not be too far away.

Si Sheng wasn’t here so Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven appeared again. This time, Xu Sili saw them with one glance. Perhaps it was because his spiritual strength had become stronger but he could vaguely ‘see’ their figures.

The moment he ‘looked’ at them, the two shadows seemed to tremble and had disbelieving expressions.

Xu Sili smiled and didn’t continue to interfere with them. Instead, he raised his foot and walked toward Janice’s residence.

Little Asheng had been taken back by Janice to freshen up and she was probably ready by now.

Little Asheng was also very important. Her passive ability to increase the intensity of the elements in the environment would be of great help to his next elementalist training plan.

The child was still young. He would let her do whatever she wanted as long as elementalist trainees could stay by her side and practice. She could also follow the study.

Such good talent couldn’t be wasted. In addition, there was little Joan…

Speaking of children, Xu Sili couldn’t help thinking of his cheap brother. Apart from their one accidental encounter that night, he had never seen Joan again.

He heard from the maid that Joan was now training very hard. He even applied to stay at the academy so he didn’t waste time on the round trip.

This child was really working too hard! Should he bring Joan to Mercenary Town and let him stay with Asheng to train? It didn’t make sense not to give something good to his family.

In addition, this child was his die-hard fan. Listening to the conversation between him and the maid that day, Xu Sili felt he was quite capable.

During a time when everyone felt that a spiritual elementalist was powerful, little Joan had already learned the importance of exercise.

He was right. Once the magic ran out, the only thing they could rely on was their bodies. Perhaps once Xu Sili’s physique and spirit had improved to a certain level, he should improve his strength and agility.

Looking at the Mercenary Town panel, the construction project was still proceeding in an orderly manner. Perhaps he would once again gain one level by the end of the day.

The feeling of leveling up while lying down was really cool!

Moreover, at level 5, he had awakened Insight. This was a very practical skill. He didn’t know if level 10 would have another ruler skill?

Xu Sili was looking forward to it. He felt that this world was becoming more and more interesting!

The silver-haired young man was walking slowly along the corridor, thinking absently. As he walked, he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye and abruptly stopped.

Xu Sili frowned and looked suspiciously at the end of the corridor with a confused look. Was he mistaken? Just now, he seemed to have seen… a big yellow dog slowly walking past?

How could there be a yellow dog in the palace? He looked again but didn’t see anything.  There was also no response from Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven. Had he seen wrong?

Xu Sili shook his head and felt that he was really mistaken. He continued on, ready to find Asheng.

He didn’t notice that when he retracted his gaze, a yellow figure with a wagging tail stepped back from around the corner of the long corridor.

It looked at Xu Sili’s back and cocked its head.

This time, Xu Sili didn’t notice anything. He kept walking. Sometimes, he would encounter guards on patrol. He didn’t bother them. He just nodded at them in greeting before moving on.

However, this time Xu Sili wasn’t lost in his thoughts. Therefore, as he walked, he heard… There seemed to be footsteps behind him! It was very small. If it wasn’t for the blessing of the sound element, he might not have heard it.

Was it an assassin?  However, the guards on patrol and the two shadow guards didn’t notice anything?

Xu Sili was a bit surprised.  He didn’t look back. He just walked slowly and then… he extended his spiritual strength back! His spiritual strength detection range had increased from five meters to ten meters.

Then Xu Sili turned his head with a dumbfounded expression and met the brown eyes of a yellow dog. It looked at him in a confused manner, as if asking, ‘Why did you stop?’

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