VCRMM Chapter 36 Part 1

Xu Sili opened the game cabin in a familiar manner and entered the virtual room.

“The Star Alliance Network welcomes you, Brother.” Xiao Wu’s cute voice was heard just like before.

Xu Sili slightly raised his eyebrow and gently smiled. “Then Xiao Wu, you don’t welcome me?”

The navigation AI paused like he couldn’t figure out the difference for a moment. After a moment of silence in the virtual room, Xiao Wu’s voice rang out again.

“Xiao Wu welcomes you, Brother.”

Xu Sili shook his head with a smile and stopped teasing the AI. He said, “Xiao Wu, open the backend of StarTune. I will look at the data of the past two days.”

“Yes, please wait a moment.”

Xu Sili leaned back against the sofa as he waited, his two arms outstretched and his legs on the coffee table. For the first time, he looked at this virtual room in a more relaxed manner.

This room wasn’t very big but it was complete in every detail.

It could be seen that the former owner’s taste was good. The decoration style was exquisite and gorgeous. It made people feel very comfortable. The old emperor would’ve enjoyed it.

Xu Sili shook his head as he thought of the holographic games he had thrown in the trash folder. All he could say was: this person knew how to play!

A white transparent screen slowly emerged in front of him.

The Roland Empire was so remote that there was only one base station funded by the Interstellar Alliance. So even if no one competed with Xu Sili for the Internet, there was a certain delay in the network speed. He didn’t know how the old emperor had played such exciting holographic games with this speed.

Xu Sili had calmed his mind after being abused by the bleak data last time. He didn’t expect to make money selling songs. He should keep his feet on the ground and look forward to Su Lin successfully growing the Snow Valley.

Moreover, after knowing the value of the Snow Valley, he felt that he could negotiate the price with the acquirer. Of course, this was on the premise that the Snow Valley was really rare in the interstellar world.

This time, the main reason he went to the Star Network was to look up the information of the Snow Valley and how it could be used in health potions.

Xu Sili glanced at the backend of StarTune.

Account balance: 5458.50.

He blinked, suspecting that he was mistaken. He looked at it again and found that—

This number was real! Oh my god!

Xu Sili had been abused last time and his mentality collapsed, so he didn’t want to care about this album. Who would’ve expected that his account balance would’ve increased so much in the past three days?

It was more than 5,000 cosmic coins. In other words, more than 5,000 people had subscribed to him?

The young man was stunned. He looked incredulous and at the same time, sad. The past him probably never thought that Xu Sili would one day be so happy with a mere 5,000 that his eyes would turn red. It was too miserable!

However, there was no harm without comparison. He was a real pauper before. The old emperor hadn’t left him a cent. He was so poor that he couldn’t even afford to buy a lottery ticket worth two cosmic coins. Now…

He had more than 5,000 cosmic coins! That number was also growing!

Xu Sili grinned in an excited manner. This might be a drop in the bucket compared with 10 million but he couldn’t stop himself from being happy!

The only way to reach a thousand miles was to accumulate steps. The 5,000 cosmic coins was his solid first step!

Xu Sili smiled and clicked on the details of the earnings, ready to see the specific situation. To his surprise, the total number of album subscribers was only 3,258. The remaining 2,000 were from single subscriptions.

Among the four original songs, Blooming had the highest number of subscriptions.

Xu Sili thought about it and felt it was reasonable. All four songs were works he had never released before. There were places that felt imperfect to him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had no other choice, he wouldn’t have chosen to publish these four semi-finished products.

Among them, Blooming was the one with the highest degree of completion. It was also the last song he wrote when he knew his life was coming to an end.

This song was different from his previous style. The creative process was actually very painful. The middle was difficult to produce but once it was completed, he could clearly feel his breakthrough. Still, it wasn’t perfect.

He didn’t want to fool the audience with this semi-finished product. He had planned to improve it slowly but he died early due to the plane crash. Now…

To be honest, he couldn’t get back his old state of mind. After coming to this world and becoming the emperor who ruled a planet, it could be said that he gradually released himself. The pressure and burden might be very heavy but in fact… he was happy!

His happiness had flown up and even if he could recall his original half-dead state of mind, the feelings weren’t so deep anymore.

All in all, the song Blooming was in the best state at present. There was no good way he could continue to improve it. Creating this type of thing required inspiration!

Now the data was giving him the best feedback. This song had the highest number of solo subscriptions! However, it was only the highest among the original songs.

He also had a non-original song, Roland’s Good Night Song that could only be charged a fee of 0.10 cosmic coins. Yet it was this song that actually earned him 1,085 cosmic coins! Did this mean that tens of thousands of people had subscribed to this song?

Xu Sili was a bit confused when he came to this conclusion. There was the advantage of small profit and quick turnover but an original song was sold for 0.25 cosmic coins. Wasn’t this difference too much?

The number of people subscribing to this song was a bit outrageous.

Xu Sili didn’t understand and clicked on the comments area to take a look. Compared with the previously deserted comments area that had only one message, today it was a lot more lively. Thousands of comments were added and it was slowly increasing.

Xu Sili glanced at the comments.

[I saved a very good album in the cleansing songs playlist. In particular, the song Blooming—struggling in despair only to finally achieve nirvana and rebirth, blossoming into the most dazzling brilliance. I really got goosebumps listening to it.]

[My friend came and said he found the seedling of a great god. I didn’t believe it before but now… I believe it! Your Majesty Roland, are you the sockpuppet of some great god?]

[I agree with the upstairs person. I think it is a bigshot but I don’t know which immortal has come down to earth.]

[Yes, his singing style is very classical. He has the style of Xu Sili, the ancient heavenly king. However, it has a different feeling. In particular, the song Blooming is very interesting.]

Xu Sili couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed when he saw his name, especially with the word ‘ancient’ added in front of him.

This feeling was too strange. Blame the game team! They had to add his songs to the game. It was clear that the two eras were so far apart. How could his songs still spread to the present and be known to everyone? The setting itself was unreasonable but he was dead and had no place to speak.

Xu Sili shook his head and no longer thought about this terrible matter. He continued to scroll down through the comments and probably understood the reason for the surge. His album had hit the cleansing songs chart yesterday.

The cleansing songs chart was all newly released album songs. It was based on short-term data growth on a merit basis and was a measure for StarTune to foster new talents and a means of promotion.

This list was updated very quickly.

It was a half a day update but this half day brought him more than 5,000 in revenue. One of the songs also had tens of thousands of people subscribed.

Then he saw the reason for the popularity of this non-original song.

[Roland’s Good Night Song, this ballad is too good to listen to!]

[Ahh, such a gentle song. I might not understand the lyrics but I get a very comfortable feeling every time I listen to it. 0.10 cosmic coins is really too cheap a price. It is completely unworthy of this song!]

[You might not believe it but His Majesty’s good night song actually cured my insomnia.]

[Yes, His Majesty Roland is too divine 5555. Only those who have lost sleep can understand this pain! From today on, His Majesty Roland is my god!]

[The good night song is really great. I went to check it. Roland seems to be a very remote and small nation. I didn’t expect it to have such great music!]

[I really hope that this song will become popular so that more people can hear it.]

Xu Sili hadn’t expected that Roland’s Good Night Song actually had such a miraculous effect!

The song’s skills could indeed hypnotize people but the recorded version uploaded to StarTune had no magic. It shouldn’t be able to hypnotize others. Perhaps a bit of a weak effect was still left?

Xu Sili couldn’t understand it but he was pleased to see that most of the discussion in the comments area was about this song. It didn’t matter if it was a black cat or a white cat. The one that made money was a good cat!

Moreover, after the number of subscribers exceeded 10,000, the fee of this song was also increased from 0.10 cosmic coins to 0.15. This might not be much but it was a good start.

If the song could really cure people who suffered from insomnia, it was only a matter of time before it became hugely popular. He believed that the cost of subscribing to this song would only increase in the future, not decrease.

Xu Sili felt a bit excited. It was hard to be unhappy with the good news today. At this time, he saw a familiar ID.

[Tao Brother Who Loves Cleansing Songs]

[Hahaha, it isn’t a waste that I guarded the comments area every day. The treasure musician I found can’t be hidden!]

[I didn’t expect to like this album so much at the beginning but the more I listen to it, the better it gets. It has been playing on a loop these days.]

[Hurry up and become popular!]

[If it isn’t popular then it won’t live up to His Majesty’s awesome stage name!]

Xu Sili smiled. This was the first listener who left a message in his comments area. The first 20 or 30 messages were also all left by this Tao Brother.

The first message where he said he would continue to pay attention to Xu Sili wasn’t just talk. Was this his first loyal audience?

Xu Sili recalled the time of his debut. He would be outwardly calm and collected in the face of his fans’ affirmation but at night, he would be so happy that he couldn’t sleep.

Later, his fame grew and he got the support of more fans. However, the original type of pure happiness wasn’t there. Now he felt that mood again.

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I Guess
I Guess
2 years ago

I wonder who that person is, Xu Sili’s first listener. Are we ever gonna learn their real name? Hmmm


2 years ago

Thank you for updating!!!!

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How many people wanna bet that it’s our dear General?

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I thought so, too. Really not sure but you can never know…

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Can I subscribe to the Good Night Song too? :’D

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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A tiny step closer to save the cosmic coins needed for the Alliance. I hope he finds one day out to creat his own skill songs, so that he won’t need to luckily listen to original songs to get them.

2 years ago

i wouldn’t be surprised if si sheng had like his own personal wifi modem installed that he uses to listen to xu sili’s music bc it reminds him of living in his home in the other game

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