VCRMM Chapter 35 Part 2

The teenager ran back to the field, holding the rice and carefully identifying the plants one by one. He nodded with satisfaction before soon frowning again.

Um, Su Lin seemed to only be 16 years old and he wasn’t an adult yet… Still, couldn’t a 16 year old go to work in reality? In this way, the rare guilty conscience was left behind by him. At most… give Su Lin more subsidies!

Xu Sili smiled gently. Then he turned back to Si Sheng and the smile on his face faded. This guy…

He always felt Si Sheng was looking at him weirdly. It wasn’t right!

Si Sheng’s lips curved slightly and he seemed to want to say something. Then he suddenly paused.

Xu Sili also lowered his head tacitly. It wasn’t known when little Asheng had come to their side. She was looking up at them quietly, very well behaved.

 Xu Sili thought about this little girl.

She had the bloodline of the elves and possessed such a strong passive skill, elemental attraction. In addition, her own talent couldn’t be underestimated.

She was just level 1 but she had 5,000 health and 900 magic. This meant she already had 5 points in physique and 18 in intelligence.

Her spirit attribute also wasn’t low because when he sang the good night song, she wasn’t immediately controlled. She struggled to take a few steps before falling.

She was young but she had a lot of potential!

“Is the cake finished?” Xu Sili reached out and touched the top of her head. The little girl’s body was dirty but her hair was quite clean. It was a beautiful silver-gray and slightly shimmered in the sunlight.

“Yes.” Asheng looked at them with a pair of round sea-green eyes. Her cuteness couldn’t be hidden even if her face was stained with mud. She asked, “Are you going to leave?”

Xu Sili paused. The visit to Mercenary Town to inspect things did indeed seem to be completed. He looked at the communicator. There was still some time until evening. What should he do next?

He lowered his eyes and looked at the little girl. Suddenly, he smiled. “Yes. Would you like to go with us?”

Little Asheng thought about it before nodding.

Xu Sili was just feeling surprised when he heard her say seriously, “Thank you brothers for the good food. I will go back with you and work for you to pay it back. However, you can’t sell me.”

Xu Sili blinked. He crouched down to look at the little girl and asked gently, “Why are you so worried about being sold?”

The Roland Empire might still have nobles but slavery had been abolished after the hundred years of natural disasters.

There might be some fish that slipped through the net but it was impossible to blatantly buy and sell people. Once discovered, the punishment was very heavy.

Asheng placed her fingers together for a long time before answering, “Your Majesty is a good person. I can tell you. Chamo said that nobles like little girls like me. If they see my face, the bad guys will grab me and sell me to nobles for a lot of money.”

Xu Sili smiled at her innocent tone. He didn’t ask who Chamo was but asked instead, “So you aren’t afraid of us now?”

Asheng thought about it and nodded. “You don’t seem to be short of money.”

Xu Sili was amused and seriously told her, “Yes, I am the richest person in the entire empire. If you follow me, you don’t have to worry about being sold to a nobleman. No nobleman would dare to do so. Would you like to follow me?”

He hesitated for a moment. “If you help me work, I’ll give you delicious food. You can live in a big house and someone will take care of you, okay?”

Asheng pressed her lips together, not tempted by his words. Rather, she carefully confirmed it. “Your Majesty brother, are you lying to me?”

Xu Sili raised an eyebrow. He wanted to say he never lied but in the end, he couldn’t say it. Sometimes white lies were still needed. He answered in a relaxed manner, “Is there any benefit for me if I lie to you?”

Little Asheng watched him carefully. She felt the pure and warm breath from his body and finally nodded. “Yes, I’ll go back with you and work for you.”

“Haha, okay.” Xu Sili thought this little girl was really funny. He rubbed her head and told her, “If you behave well, I’ll make you a princess. This way, no one will dare to bully you in the future and you don’t have to starve.”

“Princess…” Little Asheng murmured, a small smile appearing on her dirty little face. “Okay, Asheng wants to be a princess.”

The look in her eyes made Xu Sili recall the sight of her jumping around in the field, singing the folk song with joy and cuteness.

This was the little doll who could sing Sprouting. It was too healing when she smiled.

At this time, little Asheng went to Si Sheng. Xu Sili was a bit curious. Wasn’t this little girl afraid of Si Sheng? He was so fierce!

In fact, Asheng was really scared. She squeezed her fingers together and politely told the indifferent Si Sheng, “Patron saint brother, I’m sorry I dirtied your clothes. I… I don’t know how to wash clothes but I can work and buy you another one.”

Si Sheng looked down at her. He had come to this strange world four years ago and dedicated himself to guarding the Roland Empire. He allowed this crumbling nation to last to this day and became the patron saint of the population.

However, his heart was cold. He didn’t care about anyone and no one could make him give them a look. For him, the world was dark and had no color. He had lived like the walking dead for four years.

Now Lord God was here.

Si Sheng’s gaze moved toward the young man crouched down next to the little girl. He was also looking at Si Sheng, a faint smile on the elf-like beautiful face.

“Si Sheng, you have no friends and no partners… aren’t you lonely?” In his ears, the words that Lord God had told him in the past were heard.

Lord God had favored him in every way. It wasn’t just the priceless gifts. It was the basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter, as well as interpersonal relationships.

Every time he went to the battlefield to fight, Lord God would always arrange his teammates, even if he had become strong enough to stand alone and sweep through all the enemies.

Lord God would also arrange for him to visit a neighbor’s house, whispering in his ear to introduce new teammates to him, doing things that were strange and… very warm.

Due to Lord God, his world had light again.

—Whether it was before or now.

Si Sheng saw the slight smile on Xu Sili’s face and his lips gently curled up. The cold and hard facial lines softened.

If this is what you want, I will do it for you no matter what. As long as you can always look at me, always… let me stay by your side.

Xu Sili was stunned. His heart was inexplicably touched by the way Si Sheng looked at him. Then under his gaze, Si Sheng looked at little Asheng again. He said softly, “The clothes on my body are the only ones in the world. There won’t be any substitutes.”

The man’s expression was casual, not warm. Still, at least it wasn’t cold as it was before.

Asheng lowered her head and spoke with difficulty, “I’m sorry…”


Si Sheng’s voice was heard again. “You don’t have to apologize.”

Asheng raised her head.

She saw the patron saint brother’s gloved hand gently press to the dirty clothes before pulling away as if he grabbed something. His movements were full of rhythmic beauty.

Then she saw…

The dirty gray marks turned into yellow spots of light. They fell off the fabric and dissipated into the air. The beautiful snow-white military suit was spotless, like it was brand new.

Little Asheng stared with wide eyes. This patron saint brother… could do magic!

Xu Sili was also a bit surprised. Fuck, he could still play like this? Those light spots were earth elements? Si Sheng’s earth manipulation was too awesome!

Si Sheng’s expression was still casual like he had done a trivial thing. To him, this was indeed trivial.

He told Asheng, “It’s fine.”

Then Si Sheng reached out and pressed his hand to the top of the child’s head. He lifted his hand into the air and made the same pulling action. It was still so elegant and full of rhythmic beauty.

Then as Xu Sili and Asheng looked confused, Asheng became— directly submerged in yellow light spots!

Of course, this was from the perspective of an elementalist. In the eyes of ordinary people, she…

Following Si Sheng’s movements, Asheng instantly became clean. She was like pink jade carved with an angelic little face. It finally saw the day again.

She had exquisite facial features, white skin that was slightly pale and a pair of spectacular sea-green eyes. She was indeed a beautiful little girl.

It was just that she was staring with her mouth open at this moment. It destroyed the beauty and made her look a bit silly. Of course, it was still cute.

Si Sheng saw her surprised look and thought about it. “The earth element can run into your mouth.”

Asheng jumped in shock. She hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands, a look of horror on her face.

Pfft! The surprised Xu Sili was directly amused. Why were these two people so funny? No, Si Sheng’s ability was very practical! A super decontamination ability!

He laughed for a while before bending over to pick up the clean little girl. Then he instructed Si Sheng, “Go. Let’s go back to the palace first.”

In any case, there was time to change Asheng’s clothes and come back. She might be clean but the little girl still didn’t look good in her tattered clothes.

He wasn’t someone who treated his subordinates badly, let alone such a small child.

Si Sheng saw the smile on the young man’s face and his gray-blue eyes were gentle. He nodded and replied, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

He waved his hand and the space was torn apart. The shadow leopard jumped out again.

At Asheng’s continuously shocked expression, they took her onto the back of the shadow leopard who flew into the sky and soon disappeared.

In the fields, Su Lin was focused on distinguishing the rice and didn’t know anything.

Meanwhile, the yellow dog on the ridge rolled over again and sensed something. He opened his eyes and looked around with a puzzled face, but the little girl was no longer visible…

They returned safely to the palace.

Xu Sili handed Asheng to Janice, who had bright eyes. Then he shut Si Sheng out the door and returned to his bedroom.

He walked straight to the wall, passed the identity verification and entered the dark room.

He was ready to go to the Star Network to check for more detailed information on Snow Valley. He would also see how the songs were doing on StarTune.

Three days…

He didn’t know if anything had changed.

The author has something to say:

Si Sheng: Wife, am I very powerful?

Xu Sili: It’s okay.

Si Sheng: \(≧▽≦)/

TL: Btw, I wrote up how I got into translating and a list of all the novels I’ve translated. If you’re interested, you can read it here.

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