VCRMM: Chapter 35 Part 1

In the fields, the breeze was blowing.

The green plant seedlings fluttered in the wind. Only one ridge separated them from another acre of field but it was golden and looked out of place.

Next to this fruitful farmland, the dirty Ah Sheng sat on the ridge. She held a piece of cake in her hand and nibbled on it while swinging her dangling legs.


Beside her, the yellow dog turned over and basked comfortably in the sun.

Little Asheng ate the cake and turned her head to look a short distance away. Two tall figures stood there, talking to the brother who had given her the cake to eat.

Her eyes fell first on the one with golden hair and his clothes. This big brother’s clothes were very beautiful, more beautiful than the most exquisite clothes she had ever seen. But she got them dirty…

She hadn’t completely lost consciousness when she was brought over here so she knew this big brother had carried her on his back. He might look fierce but he wasn’t angry when his clothes were dirtied by her. He should be a good man.

Little Asheng nibbled on the cake again as she followed this big brother’s gaze toward the little brother on the side with silver hair.

He also looked good. It was him who said he was going to bring her here and give her food. This little brother called Your Majesty was also a good person.

Asheng thought up to here and frowned in distress. Chamo had said that if she received favors from others, she must give something in return. However, they seemed to have come from the inner city. How could she repay them? She was so poor that she didn’t have enough to eat.

Little Asheng looked at the yellow dog next to her. He squinted his eyes and turned over, sleeping in a particularly comfortable state without any worries.

Asheng’s mouth twitched and she continued to nibble on the cake.

On the other side, there was vague conversation.

“Your Majesty, this is Black Valley.” Su Lin opened the golden rice husk, revealing the black grain inside to Xu Sili. “It just ripened today. I was just about to harvest it when you came.”

Xu Sili nodded with approval. “You did a good job. Previously, Black Valley couldn’t be planted on Escher Star but you thought of a way in just a few days.”

Su Lin scratched at his head and smiled shyly.

“It’s nothing. A powerful wood elementalist can even make plants grow in the desert. I have a long way to go.”

Su Lin looked at the fields in front of him and continued to speak.

“If I just mature one plant, it takes me two hours. I thought this efficiency was too slow so I followed the dean to Mercenary Town and borrowed two acres of land. All the seeds Your Majesty gave to me and the seeds I got from the single plant after ripening were planted. This side is farmland and next door is the forest. There is ample wood element support so it takes a lot less effort to mobilize it. The wood elements in the field are rich and the growth of the plants are greatly accelerated when I use magic to promote it. Of course, this isn’t as fast as the speed of ripening a single plant.”

The moment Su Lin talked about planting, he exuded a certain self-confidence. He spoke eloquently without his previous inferiority complex.

“It takes over three days to fully ripen the rice planted in these acres of land. The time is a bit longer but I thought about how Your Majesty needs the variation plant of the Black Valley, not the Black Valley.”

“Variation is uncontrollable so I should expand the samples and use numbers to increase the probability! Of course, this is a stupid method and the efficiency isn’t high, but I am too weak to control the variation direction of plants. If I don’t do this, I’m afraid I won’t be able to complete the task Your Majesty has given me.”

Su Lin lowered his head in shame. He no longer had the shining look from just now. He was accustomed to being a poor student and accustomed to self-denial. The matter of switching departments was perhaps the most daring thing he had ever done.

Xu Sili looked at him and casually told him, “It isn’t enough now but it might not be the case in the future. You have gained three levels in just a few days and reached half a star. This has proved your potential and there is no need to belittle yourself.”

He finally understood how Su Lin had leveled up in three days. Mobilizing the elements required magic and spirit. It was a type of training for elementalists.

Look at the rice growing on the two acres of land. They were all the result of Su Lin’s struggle for three days. It was conceivable how many times his spirit and magic had been dried up and refilled in this short time. In addition to talent, it required extraordinary perseverance.

“To tell the truth, this emperor admires you very much.” Xu Sili looked at the two acres of Black Valley and praised it. “During the time when everyone accepted the test arrangement and embarked on the road of the warrior system, only you found something was wrong and fought for it. This type of wisdom and courage is rare.”

He was able to discover the real problem and fight for his destiny and future without being dominated by other people’s thinking or blindly following the crowd. For this alone, Su Lin was much better than his peers or even many adults.

“So don’t say anything about being weak or not in the future.”

Xu Sili told him, “Su Lin, just do your best. There is the support of this emperor. Isn’t this enough to give you confidence?”

Su Lin stared at the young emperor in front of him in a daze. He never thought that one day, a humble person like him would be able to speak to such a noble emperor at such a close distance or be able to get his encouragement.

He felt some sadness but also a lot of pride. Yes, he was no worse than anyone else!

Previously, he had just gone in the wrong direction. Now he had regrouped and started again. He would prove to others that he wasn’t wrong!

It was them who was wrong, not him!

Su Lin bit his lip, took a deep breath and suppressed the rising tears. “Yes! Your Majesty, I won’t let you down.”

Su Lin wiped his eyes hard and took a deep breath. He looked at the fields in front of him and tried to bring attention back to the topic.

“Your Majesty, I read the information on Snow Valley. It is a type of rice that comes from Black Valley but it is snow-white all over. It is said that the food made from this grain has the power to quickly restore strength and energy. Snow Valley is amazing. If it can be planted then it will definitely be very useful. Moreover, I saw in the literature that some pharmacists have used this Snow Valley to make a very magical medicine. Even people who are on the verge of death can recover most of their vitality in a short period of time after taking this medicine. It is a very effective means of preserving their lives.”

Xu Sili listened to these words and his heart moved.

This… wasn’t it health medicine?

He hadn’t carefully read the information about Black Valley before. It was Xiao Wu who helped him sort it out and then he had passed it on to Li Zhecheng to give to Su Lin. Unexpectedly, this Snow Valley was actually the raw material for making health medicine? 

In this way, it was understandable why the information publisher was willing to offer the price of 100,000 cosmic coins to buy it. This Snow Valley that could make health medicine should be precious and rare in the universe.

“In fact, I’ve seen similar potions in the library before.” Then he heard Su Lin speak again. “It was a hundred years ago.”

The teenager looked at the field with a bit of light shining in his dark eyes.

“It was a glorious era. At that time, there were many more elementalists than now. They created countless wonderful things. This type of medicine to restore life is one of them. However, the prescription has long been lost and there is no such thing as an elemental pharmacist now. So I was thinking, can we develop this type of magical medicine like the previous elementalists? If there is such a medicine, can the casualty rate of the front lines be reduced?”

At this point, Su Lin looked at Xu Sili, his eyes glowing. “Your Majesty, you want to grow the Snow Valley to develop this medicine, right?”

Xu Sili paused. The truth was…

He was going to sell it to make money for the alliance fee!

Of course, this couldn’t be told to the child in case it discouraged him. He nodded and said inexplicably, “This is one of the reasons. This emperor is pleased that you can think so deeply. It is difficult but I hope you can think of it as a race against time and finish it quickly.”

It was best to grow it in one month, no, 25 days. He looked at Su Lin and emphasized, “You know, people are injured on the front lines every day and there are victims every day. If this medicine comes out even one day earlier then their lives will be guaranteed one day earlier.”

Su Lin had red eyes when he heard this. He was only 16 years old and suddenly felt that the burden on his shoulders was very heavy, but he was full of strength.

Yes, the soldiers on the front lines were waiting! They needed this medicine! He might not be on the front lines but who said he wasn’t fighting? Even in the rear, he wasn’t a parasite who wasn’t contributing!

Su Lin felt his blood boiling at the thought.

There’s nothing wrong with that, what he’s doing is important, he has to cultivate the snow valley earlier!

Snow Valley was the key to the development of the medicine. It was only when Snow Valley was grown that this medicine had the possibility of being successfully developed!

“Your Majesty, you’re right! I will do my best to grow the Snow Valley as soon as possible!” Su Lin declared solemnly.

Xu Sili smiled and patted the young man’s thin shoulders. “Very good. Just have this determination and momentum! In addition, you aren’t alone.”

He added, “Tonight, if there are no accidents, Su Ye will bring over one hundred students to Mercenary Town. Like you, they are spiritual elementalists who have been delayed by the testing. Many of them are talented in the wood system. I remember Su Ye is as well. They are all your classmates and will accompany you here for a while.”

The young emperor stared at the golden rice fields in front of him and spoke very seriously, “You might not understand but I am telling you clearly that you are making history. The future of the empire must have you and it is a rich and colorful future!”

“Your Majesty…” Su Lin clenched his fists. His voice was choked up but his eyes were firmer than ever.

Behind Xu Sili, Si Sheng stared at Su Lin. He thought, ‘Perhaps if Lord God tells this boy to die, this boy will do it without hesitation.’

Then his eyes shifted to the little emperor. The young man stood in the afternoon sun but he shone more than the sun. Right now, his entire body was shining like a star and there was a different type of charm.

His gray-blue eyes flickered slightly as Si Sheng stared at the young man deeply. It was as if he wanted to engrave this person in his eyes, as if to imprint this person deep in his heart. He felt it was great to be able to guard the Lord God like this, watching him become strong again…

Xu Sili felt something and looked back into Si Sheng’s focused eyes. His heart jumped slightly.

The two people stared at each other, neither one avoiding the other’s gaze.

Finally, Xu Sili frowned and retracted his gaze in a slightly strange manner. He pursed his lips and looked back at Su Lin like nothing had happened. “Do you know Su Ye?”

“Yes, he is my brother.”

Xu Sili blinked. No wonder why he thought the two of them looked like each other. He hadn’t expected them to really be brothers.

“Then once he comes, you can relax a bit.” He spoke absent-mindedly.

Su Lin smiled shyly. He had calmed down his emotions and wanted to ask a question. “Your Majesty, if there is any unnecessary Black Valley, can it be given to the people of the town? I heard that Administrator Wen is helping the civilians who can’t eat enough. I.. I also want to make a bit of a contribution.”

Xu Sili praised him. “Of course. However, you must ensure that it doesn’t affect the growth of Snow Valley.”

Su Lin hurriedly waved his hand. “Your Majesty, don’t worry. I will never delay the work!”

“Yes, then you can contact Wen Jishan yourself.”

Xu Sili sent Wen Jishan’s communication number over and let the boy go back to work.

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Zo Arai
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