VCRMM: Chapter 34 Part 2


[Identity: Special talent NPC

Bloodline: Human, elf

Personal level: Lv 1

Health: 2,000/5,000

Magic: 900/900

Elemental affinity: Wood

Special talents: Elemental attraction (No matter where you are, the elemental concentration within 10 meters is 100% while the wood element concentration is +150%).

Negative status: Hunger (reduction of 1 health per minute), fatigue (physical strength consumption rate +10%).]

Xu Sili saw this girl’s attributes panel and couldn’t help closing his eyes. Then he opened them to take a closer look and found…

He really didn’t get it wrong. She was an elf! This little girl had an elf bloodline!

Fu*k, was it the type of elf with pointed ears grown from the tree of life as he imagined? There were other races apart from the human race on Escher Star?

Xu Sili was a bit confused. What was the setting of this game? A hodgepodge of things?

Still, now wasn’t the time to think about this. This child had obviously fainted from hunger and was still losing health!

Based on her health recovery rate, she would be able to live for only 2,000 minutes. This was less than two days.

It was too miserable. One could even lose health because of hunger. She was going to starve to death!

Xu Sili picked up the little girl called Asheng and turned to Si Sheng. “Let’s go to Su Lin. This little girl is starving to death.”

Si Sheng glanced at the girl who was passed out and sighed. He pursed his lips and reached out to take her. “Your Majesty, you take the bamboo basket.”

Xu Sili was originally a bit confused when this person took the child. Then he heard the words and couldn’t help being stunned. “Oh.”

He picked up the bamboo basket on the ground. Then he saw Si Sheng place the girl on his back and reach out with the other hand to hug Xu Sili’s waist.

Xu Sili leaned forward obediently and waited for the familiar feeling of dizziness to come.

Then they arrived at the field at the end of the path. Looking around, it was different from the other green or growing fields. The two acres of land in front of them was already golden.

The wind blew gently and the swaying rice stalks were bent over from the fruit. He might’ve trusted Su Lin’s talent but Xu Sili was still delighted and shocked when he saw this scene in front of him.

This type of performance was really good!

He had seen photos of Black Valley before. It was definitely Black Valley planted here on the two acres of land. However, it had previously been verified that Black Valley couldn’t be planted on Escher Star.

Su Lin had overcome this problem in just a few days. Xu Sili’s trust in him hadn’t been in vain.

In the fields, a figure was busy working. Suddenly, he seemed to find something and glanced to this side.

Then the thin figure froze. The young man wearing a straw hat instantly dropped what he was doing and rushed over here.

In the middle, the teenager accidentally fell but he didn’t care if he was injured or not. He just got up, continued to run this way and finally rushed to the edge of the field.

“Your Majesty! Lord Marshal!” Su Lin shouted loudly, his dark eyes full of surprise.

Xu Sili felt kind seeing the dark hair and eyes. He nodded and smiled. “What are you doing in such a hurry? We won’t run away.”

“I… I was afraid Your Majesty and Lord Marshal have been waiting for a long time…”

Su Lin spoke shyly, his face radiant. He was completely different from the person who was in the dean’s office that day.

Xu Sili thought about business and hurriedly wondered, “Su Lin, do you have food here?”


“Yes, this child is hungry.”

Xu Sili pointed to the little girl on Si Sheng’s back. Her arms were around Si Sheng’s shoulders and were like two sticks. They were thin, small and looked very pitiful. 

It was only now that Su Lin discovered her. He quickly nodded and replied, “Yes, there is food! Your Majesty, please wait!”

Then he entered the field again, ran quickly down the path to the other side of the field, picked up a small package and rushed back.

Si Sheng also put the little girl down. Her dirty hands touched his military uniform, leaving behind traces of dust.

His back wasn’t spared. The girl had been lying on his back and it was now stained black and gray.

Xu Sili’s heart couldn’t help twitching when he realized this. It wasn’t his but…

It still hurt a bit. He liked this suit very much! He didn’t know if it could be cleaned.

Si Sheng didn’t seem too concerned. He bent down to hand the girl over to Su Lin before taking a step back and continuing to stand silently beside Xu Sili.

At this time, he seemed to perceive something and glanced sideways. His gray-blue eyes stared at the young man before his lips curved slightly, revealing a soothing smile.

He seemed to be saying, ‘Don’t care about this little thing.’

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the smiling blond man was brighter and warmer than usual.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and slowly looked away. He didn’t speak but toward Si Sheng in his heart… he revised his point of view.

Yes, this person might be a bit cruel but he was actually quite good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become Roland’s patron saint.

Of course, he didn’t know anything. If Wen Jishan was here, his jaw would’ve dropped. It was because only he knew how precious this military uniform was to Si Sheng.

Su Lin held little Asheng. He first fed her a mouthful of water before breaking off a piece of cake, soaking it in water and feeding it to her.

Asheng was obviously hungry.

Her eyes were still closed but she swallowed instinctively. After taking a few mouthfuls, she opened her eyes. She ignored all of them and grabbed the cake, gobbling it down.

Su Lin looked at her dirty little face and then glanced at the emperor. He hesitated a moment before taking out a handkerchief. He wet it with water and wanted to wipe the little girl’s face, but she dodged him warily.

She picked up the cake, got up from Su Lin’s arms and ran to the side.

“What are you going to do?” The young girl’s immature voice was heard. “Asheng doesn’t wash her face.”

Xu Sili watched her with interest. He was relieved to see her jumping around. He crouched down and looked her in the eye.

“You just fainted from hunger and we saved you. This is how you repay us?”

Asheng blinked. Her sea-green eyes were really as beautiful as an elf.

“Then… thank you Brother, little brother.”

She spoke softly before looking up at Si Sheng. “Thank you, Uncle.”

Si Sheng, “……”


Si Sheng was speechless but Xu Sili directly laughed.

To the side, Su Lin raised his hand and scratched his head. He didn’t know why His Majesty was laughing and he wasn’t sure if he should laugh along.

Little Asheng also watched Xu Sili with doubts in her big eyes.

Did she say something funny?

Xu Sili smiled and pointed at Si Sheng. “He might be a bit anxious-looking but you should still call him Brother.”


Then he would be from a generation younger than Si Sheng? That wouldn’t work. Moreover, Si Sheng wasn’t very old. He just always had a serious face and his temperament was dignified and cold. He was mature and steady.

In fact, he was only 25 years old. This was two years younger than Li Zhecheng.

Little Asheng looked between Xu Sili and Si Sheng. Then she obeyed the good advice. “Thank you, big brother.”

Si Sheng pressed his lips together and nodded indifferently. Yet in his heart, he was thinking about the young man’s words just now. He… looked anxious?

For the first time in his life, Si Sheng was concerned about his appearance.

“Asheng is very obedient.”

Xu Sili didn’t rush to get closer to the girl and instead asked with a smile, “Then tell me, where does your family live? I’ll take you back.”

Asheng heard his words and her mouth suddenly shrunk. “I have no… home. It was trampled on by a monster and I can’t live there anymore.”

Xu Sili was slightly startled. “Are you living in Mercenary Town?”

Asheng nodded.

Xu Sili was silent. It seemed she was a victim of the three star beast. “What about your family?”

The little girl shook her head. “Asheng has no family.”

“Didn’t you have a home before? Who lived with you?”

“Ah Huang. Asheng lives with Ah Huang.”

Xu Sili sighed with relief. “What about Ah Huang? Where is he?”

Rather than answering him, little Asheng made her hands into the shape of a horn and yelled in the direction of the field.

“Ah Huang— Ah Huang—”

At her cry, a bad feeling filled Xu Sili’s heart. Sure enough, it didn’t take long…

“Awoo—  awoo—”

A figure came running from the field all the way to the little girl. Then he lay on the ground and wagged his tail desperately.

Little Asheng extended her hand and gently touched his head. Then she looked at Xu Sili and seriously told him, “This is Ah Huang.”

Xu Sili looked at the big yellow dog on the ground. Yes, it should be a dog, right? (Huang= yellow)

He couldn’t help sighing at the thought. It seemed this girl was a street urchin, one with elf blood.

He thought about it for a moment before looking at her. “You should follow us first. Once we go back to town, I’ll have someone arrange a place for you to stay.”

“Are you going to catch me and sell me?” Asheng looked at Xu Sili and suddenly asked.

Xu Sili smiled. “You don’t know me but don’t you know him?”

He pointed to Si Sheng. In the Roland Empire, there shouldn’t be anyone who didn’t know Si Sheng, right?

Sure enough, little Asheng nodded. “I know. He is the patron saint. Still, does this have anything to do with you catching me for sale?”

Xu Sili was surprised. This girl was quite clever for her age. He thought she didn’t recognize them which was why she turned and ran. He didn’t expect that she did recognize them 

It seemed that Si Sheng’s face couldn’t be used everywhere.

“We won’t catch you to sell…”

Wait, this was wrong.

Xu Sili suddenly realized a problem and he glanced at the little girl’s attributes panel. In addition to her elf blood, the most special thing about her should be her special ability!

He looked at the introduction again.

[Elemental attraction (No matter where you are, the elemental concentration within 10 meters is 100% while the wood element concentration is +150%).]

The richness of the elements in the environment was especially important for low level elementalists. It was because once the richness increased, the speed of training could be greatly improved!

He had nothing here except low level elementalist apprentices! There were more than one hundred and almost two hundred on their way.

Xu Sili was worried about how to quickly improve their strength. He hadn’t expected to meet this baby Asheng!

Fortunately, he chased and stopped here. Otherwise, wouldn’t this special talent have run away?

The young man thought of this and couldn’t help making a particularly bright smile.

Asheng looked at him and wasn’t confused by his beautiful smile. Rather, she moved quietly to Ah Huang’s side.

This little brother suddenly became so terrible!

The author has something to say:

Si Sheng: Wen Jishan, I want to apply a mask.

Wen Jishan: ???

Si Sheng: I need to maintain myself. I can’t let my wife dislike me T^T

Wen Jishan: …….

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