VCRMM: Chapter 34 Part 1

Xu Sili was taken aback for a moment.

He had felt it a little bit after singing the whole song but once the light curtain appeared, he was still stunned. His entire body was a bit confused.

It was a real surprise!

He had spent three days studying an entire book of children’s songs. He even asked the maids to teach him Roland’s folk songs but…

It was no use! Even if he learned them and sang them without the slightest problem, it was no use! He didn’t learn a new singing skill so in the end, he had to give up on the road of leveling up by understanding songs.

Then what was the current situation? He just heard a strange folk song, felt it and hummed it together. How could he understand a new skill?

Xu Sili once again checked the message windows in front of him.

[Ding~ Congratulations on understanding Escher Star’s folk song and acquiring the new skill ‘Sprouting’, intelligence +2, experience +1,000.]

He wasn’t mistaken. This skill was a bit of a higher level than Roland’s Good Night Song.

It was because Xu Sili remembered that the good night song only added 1 point of intelligence and 500 experience points. Now it was directly doubled!


This song was called Sprouting? What type of skill would it be?

Xu Sili took a look at the skill panel.


[Type: Escher Star Folk Song

Affiliation: Sound skill

Level: Lv 1

Role: A ranged skill that can immerse the audience in the general energy of the spring breeze, gaining a vigorous, thriving state and stimulating growth.]

Xu Sili looked at the description of the song and recalled the scene just now. He really had felt such an atmosphere.

In addition…

This was actually a ranged skill?

He was delighted and couldn’t wait to read on.

[Combat effect:

1. Restore 10 points of health every second until the end of the song.

2. After listening a certain number of times, the listener’s element affinity will be slightly enhanced.

Magic consumed: 100

Current proficiency: 1/100]

Xu Sili was stunned once again. Fu*k, it was a health restoration skill! He hadn’t seen any health-related skills or potions apart from the healer’s healing techniques.

The water healer’s techniques were powerful but they required contact with the patient’s body. It obviously wasn’t suitable for use in combat.

They couldn’t fight halfway and have the opponent stop so they could restore their health, right?

Meanwhile, Sprouting’s practicality in battle was very strong! As long as they were within the range of the singing, anyone who heard it would be the target of the skill.

His mental strength could extend the range even further, allowing more people to hear his song.

However, this involved a problem.

Such a ranged skill required him to have superb control in combat.

He wasn’t a player so he didn’t have a player’s team system. In other words, the ranged skill wouldn’t distinguish between enemies or allies.

It was just like last time in Mercenary Town against the interstellar beast. He performed Roland’s Good Night Song and it wasn’t only the three star beast who was affected. The mercenaries were also controlled.

Fortunately, he later improved his spirit attribute and found a solution. His mental coverage meant he could control the targets affected by the song. Before that, the mental strength coverage was five meters. Now…

Xu Sili continued to look through the message panel.

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 8 to Lv 9, all attributes +1, free points +10]

[Ding~ Successfully launched the ranged skill ‘Sprouting’, proficiency +1.]

In just half a day, he had gained two levels!

Xu Sili was a bit excited. He added the 20 free points from leveling up to his physique and spirit. Then he looked at his personal attributes panel.

[Snow Roland]

[Personal level: Lv 9

Distance to level up: 276/1000

Health: 45,000/45,000

Magic: 1,650/1,650

Attributes: Physique (45), Intelligence (37), Strength (10), Spirit (39), Agility (9), Defense (9)

Elemental Affinity: Sound]

Xu Sili smiled with satisfaction. He now had more health than Janice!

You know, Janice was Lv 15 and the difference between them was six levels. Moreover, Janice was a warrior. In terms of physical strength, she had an advantage over the spiritual elementalists.

Now he had 5,000 more health than Janice!

The setting of gaining 10 points to allocate with every level up was too cool! Didn’t this mean… the players could crush the NPCs?

Xu Sili frowned after realizing this. He was once a player and he knew about this group of silly people very well.

Even if the boss was over 100 times stronger than them, they would dare to fight as long as the health bar was shown. It didn’t matter how powerful.

It was because they could resurrect indefinitely. To them, this was just a game. It was very ferocious!

In fact, as the ruler of the empire, Xu Sili was more worried than happy about the arrival of this group. It was because they were uncontrollable. They had amazing energy and ‘creativity.’ It was never known what this group of fools with the chuuni disease would do.

Xu Sili felt somewhat grave.

Before the game started, apart from his own strength, he needed to find a way to make the people under him stronger as well. It was better to boost even the ordinary civilians.

After learning about it, he knew that on Escher Star, all elementalists could only reach two stars, i.e. level 20.

Except for Si Sheng of course.

At a glance, this setting was designed to suppress the NPCs’ strength and keep the gap between NPCs and players small.

Thus, they must be limited by something.

Perhaps after settling the 10 million alliance fee, he would have to spend some time exploring the level limit and how to break it.

This matter was also related to his own improvement.

Xu Sili thought about these things. Then he suddenly realized as he was thinking that the most important thing currently was—


Yes, how did he understand Sprouting?

It was about his future skills and it was very important!

By the time his mind returned, the bouncing figure in the field was far away from them.

He blinked and hurriedly said, “Si Sheng, take me to that kid.”

The fact was that he understood the skill might have nothing to do with the child. After all, the mother and child last time didn’t seem to be anything special.

Still, he had acquired such an important skill. He knew how to repay favors. He couldn’t owe such a big favor and act as if nothing had happened.

On the side, Si Sheng had felt the enhanced aura of the young man. In fact, it wasn’t surprising that the young man had been promoted so much in such a short time.

This world was amazing.

One could become stronger in a variety of ways, such as killing interstellar beasts, such as… killing people.

He originally thought that Lord God would go to kill interstellar beasts to recover his strength.

After all, Lord God had wanted to kill the long-eared beast only to give up for some unknown reason. Now it seemed that perhaps he had found a better way.

Si Sheng had been secretly thinking this when he heard the young man’s words and obediently stepped forward. He wrapped his strong arms around the slim waist.

He behaved naturally. Only Si Sheng knew how restrained he needed to be to suppress the throbbing of his heart.

No matter what his Lord God wanted him to do, he would do his best, even if it cost him his life.

Lord God didn’t want to reveal his identity and Si Sheng tried to cooperate.

Because… at least in this way, he would have the opportunity to get close.

Xu Sili didn’t know what was secretly going on inside this person’s heart and didn’t resist Si Sheng’s approach.

After all, he had experienced it several times before.

He felt his vision blur in front of him. Once the familiar dizziness passed, he and Si Sheng had come to the field and appeared in front of the child.

The child was around seven or eight years old. He was dirty, wearing a ragged hat and carrying a bamboo basket on his shoulder.

The small palm-sized face was covered with mud and dust so the facial features couldn’t be seen clearly. Only a pair of sea-green eyes caught Xu Sili’s gaze the moment he saw them.

They were a very special pair of eyes. They were clean and clear with the ignorance of a child, but there was no shortage of vigilance.

The child was visibly startled by their sudden appearance. He took two steps backwards and turned around to run.

This little one was quite alert.

Xu Sili took a few steps forward and reached out to grab the basket on the child’s shoulder, slowly dragging the child back.

“Don’t run. I have something to tell you,” Xu Sili said.

As a result, the child ignored him. The child took off the bamboo basket and continued to run forward.

Xu Sili looked at the child heading into the wild and sighed. He had to softly sing a song.

[Roland’s Good Night Song has been successfully launched. 100 magic has been consumed.]

To his surprise, his skill didn’t work immediately.

The child continued for two steps.

Just as Xu Sili thought it had failed, the child finally stopped. His legs softened and he sat down on the grass.

Xu Sili had started singing so he didn’t stop immediately.

He had consumed 100 magic. He should at least increase the proficiency.

The whole good night song wasn’t long. It was over in around four minutes.

[Ding~ Successfully launched the ranged skill ‘Roland’s Good Night Song’, proficiency +1.]

[Current proficiency: 4/100]

By the time the whole song was over, the child was completely lying on the grass and sleeping with his eyes closed.

Xu Sili looked at this scene and felt a bit funny.

He just wanted to repay this little guy. How had it become like this?

No matter how he looked at it, hypnotizing people directly was the behavior of a bad person.

“Si Sheng, do you think I’m too much doing this?” He couldn’t help raising his head and asking.

Si Sheng frowned before replying with certainty, “You aren’t wrong.”

Xu Sili glanced at this person and shook his head.

Why was he asking this cruel guy? If it was Si Sheng… perhaps the child would have no chance to escape!

Xu Sili no longer looked at Si Sheng and his eyes continued to fall on the child. He carefully approached and reached out to flip the child’s body over.

As a result, the child’s hat was accidentally pulled off.

Silver-gray hair fell down to just around shoulder length.

Xu Sili blinked. He hadn’t expected this child to be a little girl. Through the dirt on her face, beautiful features could vaguely be seen.

She would probably be pretty when washed clean.

No wonder why she had run when she saw them. She probably thought they were bad people.

He patted her on the face and tried to wake her up.

The child was very thin and there wasn’t much meat on her face. Xu Sili frowned and called out to her, but she didn’t wake up.

There wasn’t anything wrong, was there?

Xu Sili was a bit uneasy and hurriedly used Insight.

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I Guess
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