VCRMM: Chapter 33 Part 2

There was nothing else along the way. Xu Sili and Si Sheng soon arrived at Mercenary Town.

Xu Sili suddenly thought of something. “Use the passerby aura later. In addition, tell me before you jump down, okay?”

He was so scared by the incident at the Elementalist Academy that he had to be told in advance.

“This servant knows, Your Majesty.” Si Sheng spoke respectfully but his tone seemed to carry some regret.

Xu Sili couldn’t help snorting. He knew this guy wanted to make trouble!

Finally, the shadow leopard hovered over Mercenary Town and he spotted Wen Jishan at a construction site in the middle of the town.

The shadow leopard slowly lowered his height.  This time, there was the passerby aura and almost no one noticed them.

Xu Sili looked down below him.

The site was heavily populated.

He saw Dean Justin and another earth elementalist synthesizing a block of brick that was built as high as a small mountain. Some ordinary workers used these bricks to build houses on the already laid foundation.

This was the area for the brick housing. The wooden housing area on the other side was much simpler. He saw a large tree without any leaves rising from the ground before quickly falling down with a bang. There was the cooperation of a metal elementalist and the tree was cut down into the required wooden planks. There were workers on the other side who used these raw materials to build houses quickly.

Xu Sili was surprised by this scene. He originally thought that elementalists could build the houses directly. He didn’t expect them to just quickly produce the raw materials?

In that case, he didn’t have to worry about the workers running out of work in a short period of time.

“Your Majesty, this servant is going to jump.” Just then, Si Sheng opened his mouth. His voice was serious and low, yet had a bit of gentleness. “Please hold me tightly.”

Xu Sili blinked and looked at Wen Jishan and the others below. Fine, just hug. No one would pay attention to them anyway.

He held Si Sheng’s arm tightly and moved his body to the back of the shadow leopard. Then he switched to sitting sideways and placed his arms around the man’s waist.

Thump thump.

Perhaps it was because he was going to jump but Xu Sili felt his heart beating a bit fast.

Si Sheng felt the young man take the initiative to embrace him and he couldn’t help taking a deep breath to restrain the emotions in his heart.

“Your Majesty, are you ready?”

Just then, Xu Sili leaned sideways in his arms. As Si Sheng lowered his head, his lips met the young man’s forehead.

The soft touch made Si Sheng’s heart skip a beat. His body stiffened slightly and he backed away like it was an unintentional accident. He was so natural that Xu Sili didn’t pay attention despite noticing it.

“Yes, I am ready!” He tightly hugged Si Sheng’s arms, his eyes widened. He wanted to challenge himself not to close them this time.

Si Sheng hugged him and jumped off the shadow leopard’s back toward the ground. The wind was whistling in his ears. The ground quickly zoomed in before his eyes.

Finally, Xu Sili still couldn’t bear it and buried his head in Si Sheng’s chest. He didn’t want to see this terrible scene again or he might scream loudly.

This would expose them!

Si Sheng observed the reaction. In fact, he was a bit surprised that Lord God was afraid of heights but he felt that… it was cute. It was really cute that his Lord God relied on him and clung to him so tightly.

Si Sheng smiled gently as wind rose below his feet and lifted them so they fell slowly to the ground. Once they stood still, the wind scattered around.

The workers suddenly felt that a strong wind was blowing and closed their eyes slightly. Once the wind stopped, they went on working again.

No one found that there were two more figures on the site.

Xu Sili secretly opened his eyes. The moment he saw Wen Jishan just two steps away, his heart tightened. He hurriedly let go of Si Sheng and took two steps back.

He patted his clothes and tidied them. He was just about to go talk to Wen Jishan when he listened to Si Sheng’s words. “Your Majesty, wait.”

What was going on?

Xu Sili looked over and saw this man take off his right glove and extend a hand to him. He was slightly startled as he watched the long, slender fingers reach up, gently ruffling his bangs and hooking his slightly disheveled hair behind his ears.

Xu Sili wanted to avoid it. Then he inadvertently caught a glimpse of the scar on the man’s palm. It was a deep scar covered by thick sword calluses. It was much more hideous than those on the back of his hand. He was drawn to it for a while and forgot to back away.

“It’s fine, Your Majesty.” The man took back his hand and stared down at him, gray-blue eyes holding a pale shimmer. There was no more indifference or fierceness. There was only a pious tenderness.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and lowered his eyes slightly to the palm of the hand.

“This scar… can’t you get rid of it?” He asked suddenly.

Si Sheng blinked, raising his palm and looking at it. He hadn’t expected the young man to pay attention to this. “Don’t you like it?”

He watched Xu Sili with some tension in his eyes.

Xu Sili frowned. Was it a question of whether he liked it or not? He did feel it was an eyesore but…

“It’s nothing.” He shook his head. “It’s fine to keep it.”

Si Sheng looked at this person. He just wanted to say something when Wen Jishan’s voice rang out. “Your Majesty? Si Sheng?”

Xu Sili looked over and saw Wen Jishan staring at them with wide eyes. There was an incredulous expression on his face.

Wen Jishan was really surprised. He had just finished talking to the old man Justin and was about to go to other places when he inadvertently glanced over and saw two more figures on the construction site. The weird thing was that no one else seemed to notice them.

Then he quickly regained his composure as he remembered that this type of thing seemed to have happened before. Yes, Si Sheng used to be very ghostly. At the time, he hadn’t thought about it but now he finally realized the problem. Was it possible that this was a special ability of an elementalist?

Xu Sili gave a light greeting. “Chief Wen.”

Wen Jishan was going to salute but he stopped. He didn’t want to attract the attention of others.

The moment they left the construction site and headed to the farmland planted by Su Lin, Xu Sili couldn’t help expressing his doubts.

Logically speaking, a wood elementalist might not be able to directly synthesize the wood but shouldn’t an earth elementalist be able to generate stone walls? Why did they need to make bricks piece by piece?

Wen Jishan nodded. “This was indeed the line of thinking at the beginning but the houses built weren’t stable. They were seriously skewed and couldn’t be lived in. The foundation can be built but the structure still depends on ordinary workers. Even so, the speed is much faster.”

All the raw materials were produced onsite and used onsite. It saved a lot on production and transportation time.

There were many idle residents in the small town and most of them were willing to work as long as there was enough food and money. This saved a lot.

Xu Sili listened and understood the problem. It seemed he had taken it for granted before. True knowledge came from practice and these things needed to be improved through exploration.

To the side, Si Sheng opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but he held back. In fact, these elementalists couldn’t do it because… they were too weak. If it was him doing it, he could build the house directly in place according to the design drawings. However, Lord God had said that his duty was to protect ‘him.’

Si Sheng’s lips slightly curved and he continued to follow Xu Sili silently, staring from an angle that Xu Sili didn’t notice. Si Sheng felt that no matter what, he couldn’t look enough.

Soon under the guidance of Wen Jishan, they came to the farmland outside the town.

“Su Lin’s two acres of land is at the end of the road. This servant is going to work on poverty alleviation and relief so I will leave first.”

Xu Sili nodded. Before Wen Jishan, he passed something over through the communicator.

Wen Jishan opened the video and watched it. It was a video of the young man giving a speech to students in the auditorium. Wen Jishan was a bit at a loss at first but he soon understood. His eyes lit up. “Your Majesty means… the local army?”

Xu Sili smiled tacitly at him and Wen Jishan smiled back.

“Do you know what to do?” Xu Sili wondered.

“Your Majesty, rest assured!” Wen Jishan pushed up his glasses. “This servant knows what to do!”

Xu Sili was satisfied and waved his hand to let this person leave.

Putting aside everything else, this Wen Jishan was quite reliable. Just look at the residents’ food and clothing rate. It had increased by 2% in just one day. He was a competent official.

Xu Sili walked forward in a good mood. Suddenly, he thought of something and wondered, “How did Wen Jishan become the chief administrator? Wasn’t he the owner of a dessert store before?”

Si Sheng was silent for a moment before answering, “This servant introduced him to the emperor.”

Moreover, Wen Jishan in this world… wasn’t a dessert store owner.


Xu Sili walked slowly while thinking about Si Sheng’s words. He couldn’t help feeling it was a bit weird. Just as he was about to think of something, a lively song filled with gentle joy suddenly floated over from the distance.

Xu Sili was attracted by the song and looked over. He saw a figure jumping around the lush green field, shaking the straw pole in their hand while singing a song as if no one was watching.

Listening to the cheerful song and feeling the wind blowing the smell of grass, Xu Sili couldn’t help humming along.

Unlike the good night song that was warm and stable like a mother, this song had an energetic vigor to it. It made people feel cheerful listening to it and gave birth to infinite vitality.

The moment the young man hummed the song to the end, a blue light screen slowly appeared in front of him.

[Ding~ Congratulations on understanding Escher Star’s folk song and acquiring the new skill ‘Sprouting’, intelligence +2, experience +1,000.]

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