VCRMM: Chapter 32 Part 2

The auditorium of the academy was very large and could accommodate up to 600 people. Now there were 157 students in the auditorium and there were still many vacant seats.

A group of teenagers aged 15 to 17 were grouped together in the front row of seats in the middle. Unlike the enthusiastic students in the square, they were a bit silent.

These students, like Su Lin, were all ‘poor students’ in their year. They were originally young students of the spiritual department and training in the warrior department had suppressed their growth.

Among them, the strongest were several senior students who had reached half a star. The rest were Lv 2, Lv 3 or even Lv 1.

As ‘poor students’ who had been suppressed for many years, things might’ve changed but they were more confused than excited, especially those who were about to graduate.

“Say, what do you think the teacher called us to do?” Someone whispered.

“It must be transferring us?”

“Transfer? I’m graduating next year. What is the use of transferring now? It is just a joke!”

The moment these words came out, silence fell again.

They were all at least 15 years old. The 15 or 16 year old students were okay. At least there were two or three years for them. However, the 17 or 18 year old students would graduate this year or the next.

It was difficult to make progress in such a short period of time. Moreover, they didn’t have the confidence to train in the spiritual system well. Spiritual training was very difficult.

They had long been accustomed to being suppressed and their qualifications being worse than others.

In fact, their talent was indeed inferior to others. Otherwise, they would’ve been assigned to the spiritual department when their talent was tested at the age of 5 and there would be no need to wait until now.

Therefore, even if their spiritual talent was detected, it was useless. After graduating and joining the local army, they would probably be used as warrior elementalists.

They were accustomed to the mindset of the warrior department and 10 years of training and study couldn’t be changed overnight. They didn’t have time.

Not everyone was Su Lin. Some people even felt it was better not to know they had talent in the spiritual department.

The astonishment, resentment and unwillingness of these young students who were told they were supposed to be more brilliant than they were now and should’ve had a better life, only to be delayed for many years, tormented them.

It could even be said that their outlook on life, values and even the worldview that they had built in the past were completely overturned in just a few days.

If their hearts were tough, perhaps they could come out of it quickly and seize the time to start spiritual training. If their hearts were poor then they might collapse directly and fall into depression.

“Maybe we can protest to the academy to postpone our graduation?” Someone suddenly suggested.

“Are you sure you will get to one star even if you postpone graduation?”

“How will we know if we don’t try?”

“Don’t think about it. It is impossible to postpone our graduation.”

A girl with short brown-red hair said. “My father is from the finance bureau. He said that the funds aren’t enough and it is impossible to waste additional resources on us. The academy is testing in four batches and we are the abandoned batch. We are all abandoned trash, okay?”

The moment the girl’s words came out, the atmosphere of the auditorium became a bit restless. Some people were angry, sad, depressed or had low morale.

Xu Sili walked into the auditorium and saw this scene. He was a sound elementalist and the words of these children didn’t escape his ears.

He pursed his lips and silently went up to the podium. Si Sheng, Deputy Dean Chris and the others all stayed below the podium.

The eyes of the students were attracted by the silver-haired young man who walked in. He was very beautiful.

Regardless of whether they were male or female, this was the first thought that came to mind when seeing the young man. Then they were frightened by the pressure coming from him and sat upright one by one.

The students quickly recognized the young man. They looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. Finally, they determined that they were right.

It was His Majesty the Emperor!

They might be ‘poor students’ but the training that had been engraved in their bones for a long time made them consciously stand up. They had no reason to sit in front of the royal family.

It was just that while standing up, they were confused again. It was the first time they saw such a bigshot and they didn’t know if they should salute at this moment…

“Sit down.” The young man’s clear voice was heard. It wasn’t as imposing as one might expect but the cold detachment and aura made people listen.

The students took their seats and the auditorium once again quieted down. Everyone watched the young man on the podium and they even ignored the marshal and deputy dean on the stage.

The silver-haired young man’s eyes swept over them and the purple eyes were beautiful and indifferent.

He was obviously the same age as them but the pressure coming from the young man was more powerful than the deputy dean. Even the most active students settled down at this moment and waited for the young man to speak.

Xu Sili was very satisfied. He whispered, “Do you know why this emperor has called you today?”

He didn’t introduce himself but he believed that there wasn’t a single student here who didn’t know who he was.

The auditorium was still quiet. No one spoke.

Xu Sili waited and wasn’t in a rush to say anything. He just swept his purple eyes over the students.

A depressed atmosphere and silence spread in the auditorium. Like a string, it grew tauter and tauter.

In the end, a student took the lead in breaking the silence. “Yes… is it because we were measured to have spiritual talent?”

This was a blue-haired teenager. His voice was very small but in the silent auditorium, it seemed to be magnified countless times.

A chain reaction was caused the moment he opened his mouth. All the pent-up discontent, grievances and resentment suddenly broke out.

“Your Majesty, you must be disappointed. We are all wastes, all our training is wasted!”

“Yes, the academy doesn’t care about us. The dean wants us to fend for ourselves!”

“We are just a waste of resources!”

“Just wait a few more days for the younger students to finish their tests. They are the hope of the empire.”

The students’ words of self-loathing, resentment and anger made Deputy Dean Chris and the others have ugly expressions.

The Elementalist Academy didn’t want to give up on them! It was just… there was really no staff to spare right now and specific options hadn’t been discussed.

“Woo, I’m not a waste. It clearly wasn’t my fault. I’m not lazy. I worked very hard… woo.”

At this point, someone broke down and cried. It was the girl with short brown-red hair. She buried herself in her arms and started crying.

Her crying infected the students and they gradually fell silent. They were either lost in thought or were crying with red eyes.

Xu Sili looked at the chaotic scene and his face gradually became cold. He watched them coldly.

Gradually, some students found something strange. They stopped crying and looked at the young monarch on the platform.

It happened one by one and soon, everyone was afraid to make a sound. They just looked up at the young man, silently shedding tears.

It was only when Xu Sili saw that they were almost done that he finally opened his mouth. “Are you crying?”

He looked at this group of half-grown children and gently frowned.

“What qualifications do you have to cry? Even if you have gone the wrong way, at least you have become elementalists. The Roland Empire has tens of thousands of ordinary people and in the army, there are hundreds of thousands of ordinary soldiers fighting on the front lines. Many of them are your parents and your elders. They are ordinary people without any special abilities. They shed their blood to kill the enemy and use their flesh to stop the interstellar beasts, creating a peaceful and tranquil environment for you, just so you can become decadent and cry at the slightest setback?”

The young man’s words were loud and clear.

The students, who had just been crying due to resentment and grievances, felt ashamed. Some raised their sleeves to dry their tears while some listened intently.

“Do you think that you stop training after graduating from university? Do you think that the empire stipulates that elementalists below one star aren’t allowed to go to the battlefield, so you can only go to the local army for retirement?”

Most of the students were stunned by the words.

Not stopping… after going to the local army? This was an idea that the vast majority of people had.

They were a group of hot-blooded teenagers and were thinking about going to the front lines to fight against the interstellar beasts. However, they were below one star and could only be assigned to the local army.

There was no mistake, it was a penal sentence.

It was because very few people had transferred from the local army to the front lines. It wasn’t wrong to say that going to the local army was like retirement.

The local army had no dangerous tasks and it was hard for them to continue being promoted. There were few opportunities.

“If you have such an idea then it is dead wrong, dead wrong!”

At this time, the little emperor spoke coldly.

“Think about it with the wisdom of your spiritual talent. Aren’t you better than the hundreds of thousands of ordinary soldiers on the front lines, even if you aren’t one star elementalists? Letting them stand in front while the strong ones remain in the rear? Don’t you think this is ridiculous?”

His voice echoed through the auditorium, shaking the eardrums of the students and their young hearts.

Yes, why?

 They might not have a star level but they were much more powerful than ordinary people.

 Why leave them behind?

“This is the second opportunity the empire is giving you!” Xu Sili declared.

“Stay in the local army and improve your strength in a stable enough environment, eventually growing to a one star elementalist that can change the situation and support the front lines! However, it is clear that the good intentions of the empire have been betrayed.”

The last sentence was light but it was like a sharp sword that pierced the hearts of the students as well as the teachers.

Even Deputy Dean Chris was shocked. It was because… she had the same idea. She was more favorable toward the children who graduated with the strength of one star. Was she wrong with her educational philosophy?

“Every year, hundreds of elementalists graduate from the academy and only around 100 of them reach the one star standard. The rest are assigned to the various local armies.” Xu Sili continued. “So who knows how many elementalists travel from local armies to the front lines for support every year?”

The students exchanged looks while the teachers who knew the data were uncomfortable.

Xu Sili didn’t keep them in suspense. “This emperor will tell you directly. The number of such elementalists every year is less than 50!”

It was clearly not a problem of these students but they all lowered their heads in shame as they listened to the emperor’s disappointed words. It was because they had the same idea as their predecessors. After all, they had been brought up this way.

In the local army, there was no danger and no heavy tasks. It was a stable and well paid job. Among the students, some of their parents even hoped they would stay in the local army and not take risks in the front lines. They should live safely in the rear.

Therefore, very few of them thought this was the second chance given by the empire.

“Of course, it is a bit early to tell you about this.” Xu Sili added. He mentioned this to the students just for the sake of the reform of the local army, giving them a preventative shot in advance.

He might not be afraid of opposition but he had to stand on the moral high ground first. Today’s speech was a good opportunity.

It wasn’t just the elementalists of the local army. He wanted to let the entire nation know that the empire had given the elementalists two opportunities but they didn’t cherish them.

Therefore, the empire might not allow it anymore. If they had a conscience and a sense of shame, they should cooperate with the reform. If they dared to resist, they would be drowned by the spittle of people all over the nation.

“Now, cheer up for the emperor!”

Xu Sili looked at the over 100 students. They were related to his next expansion plan and they couldn’t be abandoned.

The students were alerted in this way and weren’t as angry and resentful as before. One by one, they sat upright.

They still had hope and a second chance. Even if they arrived at the local army, the students could continue to train. The academy might’ve abandoned them but the empire and His Majesty were different.

These innocent children didn’t know they had no other choice.

However, Xu Sili didn’t puncture their hopes. He said, “I believe you should know about Dean Justin’s reconstruction of Mercenary Town.”

It wasn’t a secret. It was broadcasted live and it was estimated that people all over the country knew about it.

“Manpower is needed there. Your classmate Su Lin is also there. He is completing a task for this emperor but he can’t do it alone.”

Xu Sili looked at the teenagers whose eyes had lit up with a gentle smile.

“I want to ask you. Are you willing to go there to help? This emperor has no way to promise that you will improve quickly. It depends on your efforts and fortune. Still, you will receive the guidance of the top spiritual elementalists there and the opportunity to train! It will be very hard. If you want to break through the cocoon and become a butterfly, it must be accompanied by sweat and tears. Now tell me, are you willing to go?”

The group of teenagers looked at each other and saw the light of hope in their eyes. They were very quick to reach a consensus. They once again stood up and gave a solemn oath to the young emperor on the platform.

“We swear to follow Your Majesty to death!”

The author has something to say:

Si Sheng: My wife is so handsome ⊙▽⊙

Xu Sili: Your green tea is brewed well!

Si Sheng: (/▽\*)

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